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Sydney 4h
I am a dove
Caught by hunters
Let me go
Let me show myself
Let me fly
In the dark sky
I'm not a raven
Black and covered with lies
But a dove
Pure and truthful
Let me fly
I can show you
With all my might
What's inside
Wings pure
That fly in a soft glide
Let me fly
In the dark sky
Let me fly
She just wished
that she could fly
she could just
grow wings
and soar high
above her problems
and her life
fly away to
a place that
took her away
swim through the sky

dreaming of flight
wanting to escape
finding my wings
seamless shapes

limitless reach
stretch above my head
galactic needle
pulling infinite thread

field of pyramids
I'm twenty feet tall
stumbling to find
the end of it all

the house I knew
twisted somehow
and all the rooms
are locked away now

the college campus
that I once roamed
with elevators broken
construction postponed

looking through the floor
glass beneath my shoes
wearing a skirt
afraid of the view

someone I've never met
capturing my heart
sweeping me off my feet
are they real or not?

the roots of any dream
might never be found
but none of them are real
no matter how profound.
Nikolette Oct 12
If only i were a paper plane,
I'd fly away;
Into the unknown, where life awaits

But sadly I'm no close
To a paper plane I suppose,
But I can still fly away
On a rocket ship one day

Or I can simply fold my page,
Then aim it through the window
And there goes my paper plane;
Into the unknown.
Diobimma Oct 9
What I fear the most is loosing myself in someone.
Giving them my air.
I'm at verge of that.
It leaves me breathless.
It's pathetic trust me.
I'm always open minded.
Nobody wants that these days.
People's words have hurt me
Mine have reciprocated.
I'm not perfect.
But in cause to please who I love,
I work towards perfection.
That's not the life I want anymore. Even peace comes from within.
I should First Love Myself.
Yes you should Fly.
I'm unapologetic for the people I've hurt.
Even love hurts sometimes.
I've had my share.
It's the start of something new.
I'm glad to share it with you.
Jas Oct 9
My ears and my mind focus on the cicadas
Their cries erupt from their bellies in chorus
The sound of rubber sweeping the asphalt, townsmen racing across the bridge to escape the water.
The sunset was beautiful
hues of pink, orange and warm peach stretching across the horizon -
I watched the sky live minute after minute in the water's reflection, and I wanted to fly in that world
To be at peace in the depth until the glow of heaven's light reveals me in the reflection,
To jump in and leave the docks above me.
S R Mats Oct 8
We climb the stars
Make honey in our hearts

Mad as a jackrabbit
We leap into dark holes

Walk among winged creatures
Quiver in our skins

And swear that we can fly
Feather-light on love alone
(Love can make us act crazy and think that we have superpowers!)
rig f laurel Oct 5
a flash of darkness cuts the sky gray;
the rain paints a trail so slight of smoke,
and gone: in the beat of a scaled heart.
inside the cave there is a storm outside:
the beast: regal, amongst crushing rocks;
the night: celebrating an absence.
time will ease the return of the fire;
turn a watered down death into life.
gods reborn astride the dragon: fly!
Traveler Sep 30
And there I was hanging
Eternity beneath my feet
One handed white knuckle
One tight grip on reality

And so I wonder where
My strength comes from
And who will catch me
When I lose my grip

I never knew I could fly.
Traveler Tim
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