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Nimisha Rana Dec 2018
The weather is desirable
The black sky is mesmerizing me,
The wind blowing outside,
Is curiously calling me,
Come outside ND feel the rainy weather

Let the droplets of Nature
turn u r desire feather,

Make the moment,
Something remember...

Let yourself outside nd feel the rain,
Let Your feet to top nd dance once again,
Nd Making u r worries  to stop,

Let the wings of desire to fly...
Let yourself high,
Nd feel life worthwhile......
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Pyrrha 5d
You were born with wings
Not to live life in a cage
But to fly, to soar
Haiku's are so easy, I've been experimenting
In a world of imperfections
When she was supposed to walk
She decided to stop listening
And she said
“I will just crawl.”

Nobody understood her motives
Not a soul wanted to ask
She felt safe in her habitat
Surrounded by her dreams
Embracing her own thoughts

Who could understand her?
Who could make her grow?
A boy with a face of an angel
Met her and felt in love
Her heart started beating
She wanted to run

It was then she started walking
The love she felt made her stronger
The boy, by her side, was hoping
She would run and follow him
To another place... no wonder!

Love is so magical
Love is miraculous
She started to run,
Reaching the boy’s hand
Feeling their heart becoming one

In this world of imperfections
She found a boy she wasn’t looking for
Crawling and running for love
No one could believe it,
She was missing her true love

As a new day approaches
They decided to fly away
Because the world they made together
It was perfect in every way.
A HelloPoetry participant gave me those three words. This is the result.
Mercia 7d
Under my skin
Cyan blood flowing through my body, sending my heart on a drumming quest for a feeling
A feeling that wants to escape through my knife tattooed wrist
We fall in love and hurt one another.
We live with hidden emotions.
We live with a camouflage hiding scars from the human satellite,called eyes.
Falling in Tim Kuilmine, creating a comfy home for the lovers of solitude

I fell into this safe haven, knowing that no one dared to enter the world of the hurt
Until life sent a Prodigy into my hollow life
He was the moon on my sleepless nights
He was the sun shining on my cloudy day
He is the rain that kisses me on a beautiful stormy day
This Prodigy came into my my life like a feather causing mass destruction

I hated this Prodigy who took me out the comfort of my hole
Who made me laugh when depression clawed under my skin pleading to be released through my wrists
He caused a hail storm of emotion when he hugged me
Here today gone tomorrow i chanted
But he was here today and tomorrow
He made me stop giving the demon a path to dance from my mind to paper
I started seeing stars after months of solitude and clouds
Prodigy became VY Canis Majoris.
Greek Gods never understood him for he was sent to save Proxima Centauri

My love for him as my depression turned into insecurity
But he saved me
For now
This poem is a poem that is still being edited. There are a few things you need to know before reading the poem.
When a colour is described/said, it will be given in the photo negative form. The poem is a mixture of love and self-diagnosed depression. Names are never mentioned in the poem. This might be the whole poem, or just the intro. (As i said it is under editing). This poem was written at 3am and is inspired by a wattpad book called Saving Everest. If you dont know the names of the stars please google it
Mercia 7d
Ever wished to be a bird
Travel around the world with no need of being told the beauty of places
As you reach your vulnerable stage, everyone is there
Words of protection promised
Words of eternal love tattooed on the heart
Everyone showing you what you can become
Each gift possess the piece of freedom they lost
As you reach your fledgling  stage
Your need to travel grows stronger
You start feeling the rope of life place itself on your neck
Life whispers
Promises are easily broken
Tattoos fade
You are not who they want you to be
Forced to fly but fear of rejection from the wind creeps under your wings
Everyday , pushed closer to the edge
Every push tightens the rope
Your need to travel disappears
Your need to survive becomes important
No longer wanting to travel
Seeking a way to fly away
Every attempt made when not being pushed tightens the rope
The rope feels amazing as you suffocate try to please all
The twigs stabbing your feet as you forever on edge
Welcome to the stage of learning to fly
At last the wind shouts fly my child
The higher you go the tighter the rope
Your heart breaks it's armour as you reach the top of the tree
Your iris turning white as the joy is too much to handle
As breathing can not be done
You fall
That moment of freedom is what we search for but we never remove the rope that society and family made.
Fly little bird
But first free yourself
Storm Albertyn Sep 2017
"You shine so bright, in darkest night,
When no one else would try.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
Where there's no more need to cry.

For beauty can't compare to you,
And neither could the Earth.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
So take off, for what its worth.

You whisper now, a quiet attempt,
To stop the salty tears.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
To getaway from all your fears.

You place your hand upon my cheek,
And gently rub the skin.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
Let your afterlife begin.

Teary eyes, and rosey cheeks,
Your smiles could never fail.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
On the tears in which you sail.

I look at you and now I know,
That darling you are home.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
Cause its **** when I'm alone..."
I am sad Π^Π
Storm Albertyn Sep 2017
"Some days I wish I were a bird,
To fly through heaven's gate.
To visit you everyday,
Not daring to be late.

But my wings haven't began to grow,
My soul is not yet clear.
I watched you fly, into the sky,
As you watched me shed a tear.

I miss you here on Earth,
Where more people sort to know.
That God is one for picking best,
Why I'M here and YOU had to go.


Just, please say something funny,
Please say something kind.
Cause the sadness is overwhelming,
As its running through my mind.

There's not a day to go by,
Where your arms can hold me dear.
I wished for just a simple hush,
Your voice is all I hear.

You hope for me to be strong,
For all of us feel sorrow.
But hope, my dear, will bear today,
Our strength saved for tomorrow..."
I'm sad Π^Π
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