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Nigdaw 2d
problems problems problems
we all look for answers
in sunsets
the smile of a stranger
mind altering substances
the therapists bill
but it's just ******* life man
you can't expect to go
from sun up to sunset
cruising like a jet
you're bound to crash sometimes
you need to see the earth
as a friend
somewhere to land
spend some time
just staring at the sky
wishing you could fly again
and you will
when the thermals are right
to lift your spirit heavenward
but be careful what you wish for
the heavens are full
of shooting stars
grace Jun 7
It’s been four months since the sun last shown.
Since I last said goodnight.
The stars twinkle,
And the lamplights are an illusion.

Sometimes, I can pretend that it’s the same.
Sometimes, I remember that the sun is also a star.
The stars I see now are just a bit further away;
They don’t shine as bright.

I want to get on a rocket ship
And fly far far away.
I want to forget about this sun and its tragedy.
I will find a new sun

The new sun will shine brighter.
The flowers will grow taller.
The world it shines on will be more beautiful.
I will say good morning again.
Raven Feels Apr 19
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, what if I am a runaway not willing to remember???:]

possibility on a flying swing

maybe the moods maybe the winds

on my mind scarred on miles so pure so delicate

crumbling with the soon to forget forever drowned

don't know how far that red prison would grant me a benefit

lions scratching the waves of my pride

miss thirteen on lights of glory

fading on forest thorns and wilds before me

not even sure if you and me whispered in that stupid dark seen

                                                          ­                               ------ravenfeels
Mark Wanless Apr 16
the fly carcass stuck
on wall ten years monument
to a life will lived
i just like it
She Writes Apr 16
I do not need to be saved
I am the knight in my fairy tale

If I fall
It will be off a cliff of mountains I scaled alone

If I crash
It will be in the waves of my own ocean

If I float
It will be on the boat I built with my hands

And when I fly
It will be with the wings I forged myself
I sit and write a poetry
For the day I should it be.
Seeing people come and go
From my corner of the window.

I always sleep in there,
The dream I get in my mind
Like a fairy tales,
That I'd to find.

Oh, the sun burns my blood
And became a fire,
A flame get me to shoot
And around me hire.

Take me fly in sky!
No wings did I use to play!
The wind brings me so high
And I can see you more bright.

Oh, the world I used to be lived
In the beautiful things I always see
At the rainy days it brings me a belief
For more time to be the character in my fantasy.
Indonesia, 16th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
LC Apr 15
it let the bird fly,
learn, grow, change.
but when the bird falls,
stays the same, decays,
a thrill climbs up our bones
as the crack of the wishbone
echoes in our expectant ears
like a loud, resounding gong -
as our supposed fate awaits.
#escapril day 14!
I catch the dust
Flying it up on the paper
Getting throw to be fast
Let it go then after

I draw my feel
Being good on the sketch book
Painting its to be so real
But nobody wants to look

I see myself
In the middle of the sky
Trying to go down
And never try to fly
Indonesia, 14th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Wings extended to its farthest
The soft wind under me
Lifting my wings higher
The tips gently dipping into the sea
Creating clear crystalline ripples
Being free is all I desire
I lift my wing and dive in
Aiming for the fishes fin
I go straight for the win
The chances of me getting out is thin
But I took the chance
Without a second glance
Being in the water holds me in a deathly trance
But to freedom, I must fight
Back to the light
And into my flight
Mohit Ramola Apr 9
Confidence is my armour
Optimism is my saviour
I wander in the darkness
And kiss the silence
Don't tear my wings
Don't force me the rings
Even if I get thrashed
I will land into my saviour's arms
My armour would be holding my palms
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