Don't you think I should die?
In my opinion, it is the easiest way to fly
Without no need to buy
Or attempt to defy
There is simply no need to try
You'll help the world's supply
You just need to apply
Yourself to end your cry
And no one will sigh
Because there is no ally
No one knows if this is a brutal truth or a sweet sweet lie
So with no hesitation, roll the die
And let's see you fly
A single life so worthless, that poor fly,
Sooner than its timely moment to die,
As commanded by my unnerving will,
Its incompetent life I chose to kill.

Put more simply, for disturbing my peace,
Its feeble and destitute life I ceased.
Yet my bloodstained hands always remained clean,
Once crimeful killing had become routine.

What almighty and sinful God am I
For unsparingly judging who must die
By my sword, without remorse or regret,
The slaughtered fly under my gavel, I forget.

An evil power from no source or spring
Springs power in me like a maddened King.
A poem portraying the inhuman and the inhumane,
Like a fly, I am capture too easily and quickly by the beauty of others...

Their web traps my gullible mind... and cages in my withering body... they couldn't choose another...

My vibrational screams of mine only caused their monster within to awaken....

Their eyes filled with delight in the blood dripping pain they'll cause, their fangs break in....

Finally... their scheme is revealed through their venom, and slowly... life is sucked out of me...

Senses betray me... as I am dropped from the laced-up web kingdom... dry and lifeless...but I can still see

I was caught in your web once...but when I come back... I swear I won't get caught in it again...

Sadly... I must always remind my self that we are fools... And we all can be deceived and be fooled and fall short...

It's so easy to get caught up in people, with their kindness, knowledge... but we must remember they are human...And they will fail you... and they will mess up...

The Fly can represent anyone... Anyone who looks up to someone, someone who is high in the knowledge of Christ, Spirituality off the charts... or anything

The Web represents us easily getting caught up in the glory and positive "they could do no wrong" mind set...

The Spider represents the sinner that they still are... They will make mistakes, however, for those who get too wrapped up in the web, see it as a BIG DISBELIEF. They are shocked and CRUSHED and DESTROYED AND HURT....

So this is why we shouldn't make others seem like they are higher then all of us, we can't lift them up too high... nor think of them as almost perfect... because it will crush us.... it's not bad to look up to someone however... There is a limit, and sometimes it will cause us to look down on our selves...

The falling of the fly represents the the looking down on one's self from looking at someone as more superior, OR it can represent the BROKENNESS  in love and trust....

The blame depends on the situation. Sometimes the spider may be innocent and the fly is guilty for it's thoughts

or the spider can be guilty for and the fly is innocent...

So...who is innocent in your story?
savvy 3d
we fly.
we are free.
we are the sky.
our hearts will soar higher.
our thoughts will drift even deeper.
our dreams will become our wanted reality.
we remember the fireflies that lighted our path.
Don't take for granted the good times in life. Cherish all that you experience. Never forget your loved ones and show them that you care for them.
Sam 3d
A caterpillar
Scared of the world.
Going through
The same routine.
Eating and
Always in
The same place.

The caterpillar
And begins
To stray.
Becoming more.

A chrysalis
Around the
Brave caterpillar
It needs time
To sleep
To dream
Before the big change.

A broken chrysalis.
A butterfly
Spreads its
New wings.
To fly
To live.
I created this poem as a kind of metaphor for myself. I used to be very anxious about getting outside of my comfort zone, but I am now spreading my wings and becoming more.
Blake 7d
Oh, how the fuzzy dragon walks, down to the river he goes.
There he finds a boy, feet dipped in the cool stream.
He's crying.
"What's wrong, boy?" the dragon asks.
"I have lost my way."
"Maybe I can help you find it again."
The boy hops on his back.
The dragon spreads his wings, to find a problem:
They are too small and feeble to carry the weight of this skinny boy.
He shakes the boy off,
and flies away.
The second you close your eyes
Is the second you see the light
The light that takes you through the night
And the time you get ready for flight,

You lift your heart to the skies
As other souls fly by,
And everything becomes bright
A never ending heavenly sight,

It stands before you
The open gate way
To a never ending life
Awaiting you without a strife,

Everything pleasing
And your birth renewed,
You join the flying souls
And escape drowning holes.
Tiana Marie Mar 11
I remember when I could sing
unafraid of how I sound.
I remember when I could fly
unafraid of the hard ground.

I remember when I could walk
unafraid of where'd I go.
I remember when I could speak up
unafraid of the word "no."

I remember when I could dream
unafraid of the real truth.
I remember when I was a little girl
filled with innocent youth.
I was given a set of wings
huge, strong and powerful
but I've never used it
to fly and soar
and feel the breeze
above the sun kissed sea
with cotton candy clouds
all around me
never even tried
never even dared

Sometimes I wonder
wether these were given to me
as a gift to cherish
     a blessing to own
or a curse to carry
     a burden for all my life to bear

And I wonder what it
would feel like
to be free
to fly like the others do
if only I weren't
too afraid to try
too afraid to dare

I sometimes try to take
a leap of faith
but as soon as I reach the edge
I feel the mighty wind
I beheld the depth
I see the drop
I hear death
I get nauseous
I pull back
I tuck my wings in
and shut it nice and tight

Maybe what I need is something
that would push me
but it would be nicer
if  it would pull me
taking me with it
in the fall and teach me
how to fly
you'll know what i'm talking about in here ;)
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