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Alexis D Cruz Oct 11
I flew into the sun once and it was beautiful.
He filled me with a warmth like I've never known before.
So great was this warmth, I only wanted to draw closer.

Wherever he went, his light shone and lit up every crevice and place eventually freeing my heart from its dark tomb.

I can say that I truly loved the sun and would dread each night he went away.

You see, the sun was so captivating, he caught the eye of many and they, too, fell in love with the sun.
He was aware of his beauty so he used it to his advantage.
During the day, he'd stay, frolic and play until the dark would make herself known.
This is when he'd leave to be with the one he loved, the one he couldn't live without.

And so is the lesson I learned the hard way…
Never fly too close to the sun for you will get burned.
Eleanor Oct 11
scared to fall,
but more scared
of never flying,
so i sit at the edge
and wait.
i need to be more okay with letting myself fail every so often.
Nylee Oct 10
The night is here
Sleep is away.
I count the bats
Fly away.
A feather light,
A feather dark,
A feathered sight,
Like a hawk,
Who's the night,
Who's a lot,
For fish or fry,
Here it's cry,
A shriek of brave,
A shriek of grave,
A flutter of danger,
A flutter of passerby,
A flock alone,
Together be,
Shape of V,
They see,
From high above,
A hawk,
A seagull,
A dove.
A crow sees you,
But you don't know,
Perching quiet,
They sit a row,
Then the caw,
Look around,
They saw,
Now you see,
On the house,
On the tree,
Lined up,
On a line,
Along the ground,
Nibble and hop,
Hear a sound,
Then they stop,
See something,
Fly away,
But they all come back,
One of these days.
Blurry Vision Sep 27
I'll fly high,
I'll soar,
I'll feel it in my soul,
I'll love,
I'll dance,
I'll feel fingers trace my sun soaked skin,
I'll feel lips on mine,
I'll thrive in darkness,
I'll thrive under pastel lights,
I'll celebrate,
I'll live,
I'll finally find happiness in what I value the most.
m h John Sep 25
packing for a change
to float off
into a different place

luggage tags & duffle bags
i’ll see you soon

flying off into the sky
to live with you in the clouds
my goodbyes have been final
and my bags have been checked

see you soon
so we can fly together
into the moon
c Sep 23
Mr. Spider
You’ve caught me in your web again
I’m sorry I haven’t learned
From past mistakes

It’s my own fault
That my wings are damaged

I have a passion
For flying into things too fast
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