A Knock at the door before it enters my room. It let it self in and makes my personal space it’s room.
“What are you” I ask.
No reply.
Wings on its back so it must fly.
Is it injured.
To my surprise.
It reply’s “I am your confidence, your love and your compassion. Help me fly again.”
I look at my reflection. To find I am my insecurities.
I swallow the pills...
Something died within me
I’ve got a hunch that we maybe can fly
I’ve got a notion to outreach the sky
I think that we’ve got this
We’ll be like rain
Just fall down
Drown the world below
We could die
Young enough to maybe build us a bridge
Travel somewhere beyond the boundaries Here
Storm the tower
Tumble the walls down
Stand on the mountain peak
Scream “here we are!”
We can fly in the sky, or we can freefall like the rain. Either way, we're in control of our destiny.
Geanna 5d
Fly birdies, fly. We'll fly real high. we'll soar through the sky.
~ G.P.O
If you get the hidden message then you're most likely another broken soul
           myself   to
             be able      to

live, you              
must learn how          
to FLY - First Love            

I'm                          ­                  
all for                                          
aiding the                                          
self - love, respect                                        

No                                                             ­             
longer                                             ­                             
will I prove                                                            ­                
myself to any                                                              ­            
one                                                             ­               

is  only                          
proving that I                          

              hold dear
                valued more  than

                               ­                              Love
                                                         ­    self-esteem
                                                     ­         belief, kindness
                                                        ­      trust

              myself  to  
             ­  be able      to

spread my                      
wings  to  fly                      
alo­ne    and     yet                      

Sweet                                                            ­                  
lantern                                       ­                                     
I   ask   you                                                              ­              
to keep moving                                                           ­               
up                                                              ­            
put up
your proud flag
     Let       it      proudly

Some sweet words from me to you.
If anyone's in need of some words of self-love, I hope these help.
I too am on that journey of self-growth, love and respect when I was feeling like I was going to self-destruct. I'm starting to make peace with myself, slowly but steadily.
I'm a young girl with an old soul who loves and treasures cheap thrills.
Like going to the parks, sitting by the pond, lay under the trees...
Things that people take for granted.
You need to FLY - First, love YOU!
Much love, guys.
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Excuse me, Good sir
Excuse me, Kind Lady
But a piece of me is gone
Have you seen it lately?
I can't describe shape
Nor for
Nor feel
Without it I'm lost
No steering
No wheel
Perhaps you have it some
Though not quite like mine
Everyone has it
To avoid dark decline
The darkness is friendly
Now that I've lost it
I don't like it
Yet I do
Bittersweet like dark chocolate
But wait
There it goes
How it's flown so far
To catch up to it
I must collapse like a star
I guess then they'll see
I guess then they'll know
What happens when you lose
The untouched part of your soul
Hunt your soul down
Emilie Jun 15
You stay low to the ground
Afraid to move, to make a sound
Why let gravity pull you down?
Look behind you my dear...

You have wings

Wings of mercy that can carry you high
Over burdens, like dark clouds in the sky
Tell me, haven't you always longed to fly?
Just look my dear, you have wings

Once you take flight you will finally see light
The darkness is real, but there's no need to fright
The Son will surely destroy the dark night
He gave you your wings
So take courage
Take flight!
God's forgiveness lifts our burden of sin and gives us wings of mercy
emnabee Jun 14
He’s crafty,
so distracting.
Plays hard to get
then attacks me.

So sly.
He sees me coming,
dives and pirouettes.
He wants to save his puny life.
I want to squash him dead.
Maddening thing.
I'm not a man who understands,
In fact, I fail all the time.
But there's peace in the pond.
I stare,
I shouldn't dare.
I hate to offend.
I'm a mortal man.
Yet still I gaze upon her unbroken soul.
She greets me with calming breath so soft.
Eternal bliss in her blue loft.
It's calm.
She welcomes me home.
There's peace in the pond.
I don't want to leave her;
Too many wonders unseen.
Her invisible hands caressing lush green.
Her mighty soft breath tingling me.
So here's to peace in the pond:
Fly, my angel,
To wonders unseen.
Fly, my angel,
May your Heaven stay free.
There's peace in the pond
Asiah Jun 11
Confined by the walls that protect me.
Confined by the walls of society.
I wish i could just fly.
Spread my wings and go wherever they can carry me.
A pretty bird only needs a push to leave.
But what if it's never pushed?
Always stuck with a burden of being the best and never feeling like it
Truly and Just Simply
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