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Lane O Sep 8
Your eyes, full of stars
A sea of constellations
You are my heaven
V Aug 25

A roadmap of our galaxy,
Intricately placed to create the Orion belt
introduces  the --
Taurus and Draco.

Discovered: given
Names and epithets that act as
bandages of history and hope;
pillars of the past, broken and shattered;
not only good memories do the constellations hold.

A roadmap millenniums aged
and still cryptic, enigmatic.
There for the fall of the Roman Empire:
A witness of the fallen bodies and cracked glass
human hearts of Auschwitz.

Constellations: surrounded by onyx, stars doctoring the constellations,
creating stories -- undiscovered and renewed.

A galaxy of muted midnights, murky blues,
darkened purples, vibrancy and life present one day,
muted and cloaked in obsidian
The next.
Molly Sea Aug 8
Little friend,
I want to build from words a pair of hands
To send them through the miles of night
And lift you somewhere safe

You belong in a raft full of blankets
Hanging among the stars
The milky moon ripples on the surface of the midnight blue
You hear her sighing as she drifts to sleep

Keep this cloak of stars around your shoulders
Little bear and the sea goat and the winged horse
They soothe your worries as they brush your cheeks

Little friend, be soft till morning
And when you fall back into the onslaught
Carry this night, infinity of space and time
To temper the unrelenting light
Sandoval Jul 28
He’s lived within me
he’s been locked inside
the sporadic freckles
of my skin all along.
Please don’t
beg me to look at you;
for you have always
been the reassuring wind
that’s surrounded me;
but he, he is the eternal
night sky.
And could you not tell my love?
how the dimming
constellations in these
eyes of mine will always
mourn their home..

Could you not tell my love..
ItxNotTrixh Jul 17
she's drawing constellations
with the memories in her head
trying to trace them back
back to where it all began
Was it the first star off north ?
or the just right of Sirius ?
or was it the day she stormed out
and hid in the bathroom stall
tears like lava hitting the pale marble floor the way the rain was pounding on the pavement outside
wishing the clouds would go away and the year-long storm would cease ?

or maybe she's just thinking too much ? not thinking enough ? how can she think the right amount when time is endless and she's lost to infinity ?

she tries to line it up but there’s too many threads and she’s split at the end and now
she’s just back where she began
back to the silence
back to the night
back to lining up the constellations of memories
in her head.
not my usual style... trying something different b/c im feeling different today :/
Chris Saitta Jun 15
The soul has as its sextant the ribs opened wide,
The heart its compass in fluid circuitous diatribe,
When each to zone the geometry of Greek sky  
With its powdery fabulism of centaurs and jars
From Aesop’s wine of words, the untimeliness
Of sundials to Charybdis’s bloom of giant watery eyes.

To know oceans by the dry riverbed of my pulse,
To scale only as high as the sparrow’s tomb of my heart.
Charybdis is one of two sea monsters (Scylla being the other) in Greek mythology.  Aesop relayed this myth as well.
jee Jun 10
you stitch me together with moon cotton;

stardust stuck between the threads.

you sew up my raw wounds

with your favorite constellations.

when I’m hurting,

you kiss my head

and intertwine the planets with my hair;

a daisy chain of celestial bodies.

you lay me down among the ghost town of rocket ships

and dead stars

and you whisper.

“darling,” you say,

“andromeda’s got nothing on you.”
her eyes only reflect moonlight and exploding stars. part two of the andromeda series.
Warming Her Pearls
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth

Warming her pearls, her *******
gleam like constellations.
Her belly is a bit rotund ...
she might have stepped out of a Rubens.

Published by Erosha, The Eclectic Muse, Muse Apprentice Guild, Nisqually Delta Review, Erbacce, Poetry Life & Times and Brief Poems. Keywords/Tags: warming, pearls, bath, *******, constellations, belly, rotund, Rubens, mrbsex, body, art, painting, ******, erotica, ****, ******, naked, flesh
Erian Rose May 21
He'd give her the constellations
bound amid every flower
to hold her close
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