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the most vibrant hues tremble
at the explosions of beauty that blur my sight
when your body is on mine
and i am all at once convinced
that all i need to survive
is your touch
your love
and the stars you throw into my sky
nova 5d
The sun fights to stay above the horizon, but longs to sink beyond the hills and the trees to bid the world around us good night.
One by one, stars become visible in the quickly darkening sky, eventually forming constellations that weave themselves into the universe.
They tell stories, legends, myths: Orion and his loyal dog, Canis; Apollo's messenger, Corvus; Draco, the fearsome dragon.
None of them can pull the same feelings from me as you do.
You're warm, soft, silent; your body is flush against mine with your head against mine and your hand rests on my stomach.
It's late, and my parents have both texted me multiple times.
"Where are you?"
"Are you safe?"
"Young lady, if you stay out too late again that cell phone is gone"
I should go home. I should be home.
I should be parked in my driveway and walking in the front door.
The only problem is that right now, in this perfect moment,
I feel more at home in your arms than I ever have anywhere.
Pyrrha Mar 4
While we sit underneath the shadowy blanket of the night
counting stars and naming all the constellations
sipping wine and forgetting time
I can't help the jealousy that flows into me
as you get drunk off wine instead of me
how I wish I could intoxicate you with myself
It isn't until I part my eyes from those dazzling twinkling lights
that I see your gaze is on me
rather than the endless sky
Johnny walker Feb 26
Nothing more beautiful than a clear night laid wrapped In a sleeping bag with your sweetheart gazing upon
the darkened night
All those amazing star lightings up the Inky black sky laid there picking out Identifying the constellations the occasional shooting star out the corner if your
Sometimes an aeroplane crossing beneath the stars  holiday jets people going away or perhaps returning then to fall asleep whilst watching the
Nothing like laying In a sleeping bag under the stars picking out all the constellations and falling to sleep with your sweetheart
Kennedy Roth Feb 23
Secured in his arms,
Reality fades into a dream,
One she hopes to never wake from.

Seduced by the feel of his skin,
like melatonin to an insomniac,
His touch being the only solution.

Threaded among the moonlight,
Constellations carefully etched across the sky,
Their destiny mapped out in front of their eyes.

She runs her hands down his back, entranced entirely by him.
His intentions, entranced entirely by her fragile physique.

Her urges take over,
Losing control again,
Distracted by warped illusions,
Failing to remember,
The future she’s been unable to escape.

Fooled by his caress,
The stars fall out of foucs,
Causing the drugs to lose effect.
Arianna Feb 25
A strange thing happened tonight:

Tearing free from his diamond chains,
Cygnus' wings coated the stars with jade and honey,
ripping the Milky Way to threads
in the panic of a caged bird spurned by Freedom;

Pegasus, too, broke his fetters:
wings unhinged, arching for flight,
Galloping over the rooftops as I watched
from my little window
at the world outside quaking with the thunder of hooves and wings.
If the sky ever DID fall, I guess the constellations would want to evacuate... Oh wait. We're marooned on a rock in the sky too... :-0
last night i stayed up
until the stars lost their warmth
until the constellations rearanged
until the moon departed back into the galaxy
just thinking about you
the night sky is clearing but im still awake
Talis Ren Feb 13
oh try i did
to build up walls
dig canyons and
tear down bridges

but you strayed from exile
again and again
because there’s no
breaking up constellations

it’s a pesky little thing
the way it pulls at
the little things
and makes nebulas
of you
the only thing that puts me to rest
is knowing that we are looking up at the same constellations
and sitting underneath the same moon
you, me, the moon, and the stars
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