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An autumn moon
lighting up the purple sky -
along with lesser lights
watching as I lost my mind.

All the stars were in her eyes -
every cosmic cluster
glimmering, dimming,
then falling into the night.

Constellations poured
from her pretty face.
Recklessly, they’d crash -
splashing on the ground,
then were gone without a trace.

Her tender hand consoled
the pieces left of me..
and I just knew the falling stars
would be the death of me.
Wordfood for gazers
Lyrical Dream Sep 27
she wasn't his world.

no, to him, she was so much more.

her heart was the sun,
shining on even the darkest of days
and bathing the world in its gentle warmth

her eyes were the sky,
deeper and more infinite than the sea
and bluer than the finest sapphire

her cheeks were the constellations,
dotted with dark freckles like stars
against her rosy skin

and she was the universe,

the universe and infinity,

infinity and everything beautiful between the tips of its star-speckled wings

she wasn't just his world,
she was his everything.
Starry Sep 9
As I look
At the constellations
After a bad day
I see the patterns in the sky
I real that
Everything is
Going to be OK.
she was not the sun
nor the brightest star

she was the quiet, unassuming moon;
gentle gleaming light that tumbled
through my window sill,

silver strands of mercury woven
through her starshine hair
that beamed

just as bright
as anything else in
this galaxy
Apparel of starry nights and twilight,
Tracing constellations among flushing nebular scarlet,
Eyes like stellar heavens on the sleepless idle nights.
Myka Sep 3
There are stars in your eyes.
Galaxies, constellations.
Cassiopeia here.
Aquarius on your fingertips.
Andromeda in your palms.
Your heartbeat sounds like home
Your laughter reflects the crescents of the moon.
And your flustered cheeks are a haze of stardust and memories.
Good ones, the kind that you want to remember and never forget.
You are made up of every beautiful.
Starry Aug 26
When I sit on
the front deck of my
One September evening
I see
Seven moths
Fly up and form
What looked like
The Big dipper
Starry Aug 25
In the desert
Of khazhstan
A shamaness
Calls up the great Dipper
To raise the dead ancestors
To bring down the monguls
But only ended up with a fire flower
Starry Aug 25
The flowers
Of fire blossom
In full bloom
As the great Dipper
Nurishes them
As the burn
White hot
What a summer's night.
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