on my sheets
and in my clothes

warm on my neck
and on my lips

soft on my skin
and cold at my hips

ever-present and lingering
on my soul that you
hold so gently
in the palms of your hands --

so delicately.

I would be amiss
Iffen I were to dismiss
What a seemless bliss

What a lie is this
To pretend that I don't miss
Our soft and gentle....

Silence on my lips
Though my heart's Gaurd lay remiss
A good man's premiss

My soul beckons, "Bis"
I guess what I'm saying is
Wonderful was our....

Zan Balmore Jul 4

Save my life
        It's nothing but wasted.
Pull aside
     the green, leaden curtain.
Of envy, it fills my
            every move with deadened motion.
          Come inside, won't you?
Save my life
From        a c c i d e n t a l        hurt
        From despair too
   Carelessly placed to
Be on       p u r p o s e.

What if it was?
Would you trust me?
Enough to relax,
eyes rolled back?
I don't promise much,
and I can't promise
a soft place where
and when I drop you.

              I'll d r o p you.

Be gentle with my heart
It's fragile
Be careful with your words
The voices in my head do enough damage
Be kind with your actions
I've already hurt myself too many times

Inka Brooke Jun 23

long eyelashes rest delicately on flushed cheeks
midnight hair cascades over his face
Blue eyes collide with brown
your soft lips grazing against mine

Wrap your arms around me
and trace circles
along my spine
with the soft skin
on your strumming hand.

~~ Peace, at last. ~~

Your soft words
Echoed into my body
Now tucked away into
My memory
Those words a safe keeping of mine
Locked away by your hard kiss
And gentle touch

natalie May 22

sing me to sleep with gem colored eyes,
your soft lullabies hushing my cries.

the gentle white feathers of a snow colored dove,
are as your arms wrapped around me with love.

i feel you with the morning sun,
together we can be as one.

i feel so complete with you.
Paul May 19

soft, small penumbra
gently joining light with dark
how fearless you are

the edge of a shadow is its penumbra, where light and dark mingle and formlessness can be observed.
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