Love is gentle. Love is quite,
Like any distant star.
Love is beauty. Love is music,
Soothing as night winds are.

Love is patient and unselfish
Divine, true, neutral, fair
Love is ageless and immortal
Lost love is just somewhere.

And the heart that love abandoned
Nurses a tender scar
Softly stabbing, and yet still sweetly soothing
Just like the night winds are.

Lyn-Purcell Dec 2017

Listen as the willows weep
Silvern rain and wounds are deep
Secrets words are put to bed
Where there are many tears to shed

Poem from my journal.
Leila Shearer Jul 2016

Feather light touch,
Your skin pressed against
the arch of my back,
Smooth curve of hips
Grasped tight,
Whispered moans
Escape lips of silk.

Oh darling,
Love me tonight.


Lyn-Purcell Nov 2017

               from the spice of wrath
                          answering with a gentle tongue

Daisy Marrow Nov 2017

It's the morning once again.
I feel the sun on my skin as it shines in.
The sound of today's birds are chirping inside my head.
I can feel your breath on my neck.
I soak in the moment,
because the world is so quiet at this time.
We're the only one's alive right now,
I'm so glad you're mine.

So open up the windows as it starts to rain.
Let the rain calm you.
Let my touch soothe you.
No need to think about the day and the hours,
just let them linger.
Let your stress melt in our heat,
as we lay next to each other
filling all the gaps.
I can not tell a lie,
this is my paradise.

sweet ridicule Nov 2017

Fingers small this is the part of
Falling in Love that does not hurt
grab my hand for a second
(mine are cold as always)
tracing fingers I know you are
Because I am boiling
and there is nothing to be done other than to
and act unaware
you pretend to not see me dancing
the way I can dance when I am free
moving hips and legs and arms like melted sugar and heat
you pretend to look away
coffee dripping down my throat
all my books are stained and a bit torn
I am not gentle with books or bags or clothes

But oh
I am so gentle with living and you

here we go
vanzilla Nov 2017

She said she was an untamed storm,
—a lost soul in an unending whirlwind.
Or maybe a mess.
Broken. Shattered. Falling.

She said she was a curse,
—a throb that would never let go.
Or maybe a sting.
A bite. A wound. A burn.

You tremble; you fear that
I’ll give up because
you are a chaos, and eventually
I can see that in you.

But then in a flick of my lips, I always knew.

Though my bones will crumble in pain,
I’ll embrace that storm in you.

Though my soul will bleed and cry,
I’ll kiss that curse goodbye.

Warm. Sweet. Gentle.
I always see you beautiful after the storm;
Tranquil after the pain.
And more than perfect
in my arms.

Sanny Nov 2017

Like a gentle summer breeze he is touching my face.

So soft and warm.

Playing with my hair and kissing my skin.

I breathe him in, a hint of coconut.

He's everywhere, my summer air.

Even through the coldest nights he comforts me.

To remind me.

He's always there.

Olympia Nov 2017

here and now i have your hair tangled in my fingers
that soft warm embrace that keeps pulling me in
i dont bother stopping this feeling because i know you
i know all the emotions we went through before
i know all the mixed drinks we shared in between
long ago when a dishwasher could clean our dirty souls
way back when love was so uncomplicated and gentle
gentle like the way you look at me when its raining
careless like when the fire is burning bright and its cold outside
keep on coming closer
each time i see more of your eyes
each time i wonder how you got me to my knees
but i honestly dont care about that anymore
because words build prisons and i am a captive to you
forever more

lostboy Nov 2017

I want to see a grown man cry.
Mother doesn’t approve of a psychology course.
Hatred to swallow only to erupt again.
To see all sides of that person
But no one knew.

You can grow like a tree;
Tall and strong,
Old and wise,
But a tree doesn’t go anywhere.
Alpha and Omega,
The vastness of space.
Your life will come to an end;
Don’t let it go to waste.

I give you a smile;
Genuine warmth.
Look at those around you,
Must you curse them?
Instead love them.

A needle can sew,
But it can also prick.
Use that wisely,
Be gentle I say,
Put it to good use.

reel it in. look at it. get it out.
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