Dust Song Jan 24

Light and joy, wind, and passion, sweet amber grain and intricate whispers arrayed atop your  brow bringing glory to you to your handsome face and something yes something I remember from so long ago dangles in between the strands. I long to touch it, to wrap it in my fingers and hold it to my lips to breathe in this faded thing that rest amidst the curls this that is so hard to place. Ive seen it in my mothers face and have cried for it in fervent prayer It is as a memory, a scent, a feeling,  a gripping command for happiness intense but also quiet and vague. It is love and so much more it is where I sleep it is where I dream, it is a waive that washes up upon the beaches of my pillow. I lost myself in it bound between it's feathers, yes lost but not unreachable you have only to pull me down in to your lips and there is where I will be forever conquered between the two

It truly is the sweetest thing
A soft Caress
A light brush of skin
A Tender kiss that melts into a smile
Such a firm Desire I have
For that of Gentle Love

IrieSide 5d

Contemplating meaning
       known paths seceding
into an abyss
       of what could be

You have hands of fire.
They dance and flicker and dodge
and when they touch mine,
I feel them burn with a deep passion
and see dark moments
where your fingertips linger
on my cheek, drying my tears
without a word.
You'll pull me close to you,
swift as a firefly,
and those hands will burn
on my back, my shoulders,
traces of ash being swept
along my skin.
You'll look at me with vertigo eyes
and hold my face in your burning hands.

~~ Thaw me. ~~
Makula Hala Apr 7

Within the creases that
outline your eyes,
I can see
traces of the things
that have made you smile.
In the hearty whistle
that is the gunshot of your laugh,
I can taste the places you have lived.
In the wrinkles
in the palms of your hands,
I can feel
the happy you have
tried to spread in the world.
In the sighs
that you whisper at night,
I hear your successes,
the dreams you have lived,
your setbacks reconciled
before the close of the day.
The scent of your skin
emits hope
and all that is good
and peaceful.
The dust
and tatters in your clothing
bear witness
to your honest attempts
to stay true to you.
The gentle strength
with which you hold me
at night,
screams promises
of your intentions
and the tales
of your own past bruises.
My mind searches for these words
so I can tell you in my way
that my soul sees you.
I see where you've been,
what you will do -
I see your errors as well as your winnings.
I see your flaws as well as your excellence.
I hear the shame in your voice
when you admit a mistake.
But my soul,
it still cries out for  you.
Despite anything you've done,
I see you,
and I love you.

Zan Balmore Apr 1

You caught my gaze
from across the room
The way your phone
cuts your face
with a light
You're beautiful

Would I ever leave you?
No. I could not quiet
the gray ghosts
that would haunt me.
Would I ever leave you?
Oh, would I consign my
soul into a
deathless state?
I would not.

The only gentle sound is shared.

thank you for showing me what it means to be loved
the softness in your voice
allows the birds to build nests in your lungs
and whatever you say
comes up in birdsong

Sleep sings a sweet lullaby,
whispering tender words
cushioning the erratic thoughts within my head.

Sleep sings a sweet lullaby,
resting a gentle hand on my thundering heart.
Be still my love.

Sleep sings a soft tune,
that coils itself around my fingertips
Gracing them with a numbing pain.

Sleep sings a soft tune,
that stills my heart until the beat becomes a
thud of the past.

Sleep is gentle and welcomes me to
The life thereafter.

Sleep is sweet, soft and gentle -
Waking up is not an option.

This is a poem taken from my Creative Writing portfolio ' Time is of the essence '
Sean Scribbles Mar 28

Let the morning rain fall
And pat your head
As softly as if I were there


Splat, goes the teardrops down her freckled face
I hate to know that I'm the one who caused her all this pain
I might as well have held the gun and shot it in her chest
The pain might've been lessened if I'd cared much less

Recall the day
My smoke eyes laid
Onto her violet orbs
Recall the way
I begged her stay
Despite my side of war

Enemy camp is where she lived but I payed that no mind
Instead I snuck into her heart, promised that she'd be fine
I grasped onto her soul with a gentle loving hand
Soon we shared our bodies as a woman and a man

She disappeared without a trace not leaving me a clue
I found her again but to my shock, her stomach clearly grew

She found out my past and knew which side I took upon the war
My darling cried and with dark eyes said, I wasn't good for her

All because of the difference in sides, a daughter I would never see
I, a soldier of Lustful Broken: She, the Queen of Loved Purity

She's right, I'm just a soldier boy
Who's bought by women as a play toy
But her, despite my solider boy ways
Gave me a dream for a future someday

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