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dailythoughts Feb 15
I like the kind of intimacy we share

so gentle

in no rush

taking our time to be


it's sweet & playful

I don't know what plans God has for me but I am glad that I experienced such a feeling
Achilles Jan 4
come now, little creature, curl up and let me surround you
let me sink warmth into your tired bones.
come now, little creature, let me sing you a lullaby
let my love for you grow.
come now, little creature, sleep now and get some rest
morning will come harshly if you will not lay down your head.
Tomorrow, little creature, it all starts up again
grasp for the small things that bring warmth to shrivelled hearts of men.
LC Sep 2021
The rose caressed my fingers.
"he loves me, he loves me not."
My eyes could only see red.
"he loves me, he loves me not."
Ready to peel the sweet bud -
"he loves me, he loves me not."

His gentle fingers grazed mine.
"I love you, I love you so."
His eyes were milk chocolates.
"I love you, I love you so."
The petals clung to the rose.
"I love you, I love you so."
Norman Crane Sep 2021
summer lingers on
september on and on and
gone /   chill of october dawn:
pink frost, dew, warm bed, me, you
          —till the alarm clock turns on.
Sindi Jun 2021
On a ferry
Feels so lovely
Feels so calm
Gently it rocks like it will take forever
Before you know
You are asleep
And the tour guide is waking you up to get off the ferry
© Sindi Kalumba
Akta Agarwal May 2021
Am waiting for the right time to come
Waiting to open up the biggest secret of my heart
I have waited till now
days passed, months passed and I patiently waited for the year
but now may be the right tine came to open up my dear
it's hard to share your pain and happiness with someone
y can able to share this with only someone special
and you came in my life and became my someone special
I didn't fall in love
I have rises in love more day by day
Its not an intentional love
It's just happened
But yes it's my sweet and gentle love
May be my wait is over
but now again my wait have started
and from now am waiting for your answer my dear love.
Love is so gentle and you can wait for it forever
Melody Mann Apr 2021
You are integral to the functioning of this universe,
You hold merit in your pursuit and ambitions,
Be present with your body and still your mind,
You are capable of overcoming even the worst hurdles life has to offer,
This too shall pass,
Be patient with yourself.
LC Apr 2021
she wanted to paint over
the marks on her face
to create a blank canvas
so their eyes would not
drill holes into her pores.
but before she could paint,
two arms wrapped around her,
slowly turning her around.
her eyes were downcast
as he kissed her every mark.
"I love your constellations.
Please don't hide them,"
he gently whispered.
she pulled him closer,
leaning back onto the counter.
the brush fell to the ground
as they savored their sweet love.
#escapril day 25!
Gem Palomar Apr 2021
I do not have to meet you
so I can say that you're beautiful.
I know that you are,
and I know that you are gentle,
I know that you are kind,
welcoming, and forgiving.

I do not know but one day,
maybe I'll meet you on a busy day
as a patient or as a doctor,
or maybe on a warm Saturday,
as you call my name
written on a venti frappuccino.

All these uncertainties
will eventually lead me to that one moment
where I can say, "it makes sense now."
Why I had to hold the wrong hands,
why I had to lie in wrong rooms.

One day, I'll wake up and look,
there's the warmest smile in the world,
with the softest eyes and gentlest touch.
And he'll be angry at me sometimes,
but never disrespectful, never violent.

I will hold on to the many years
that I will spend not knowing you.
Until then, I will let everything
to not make sense yet,
and ready myself for the perfect moment.
one day, I will read my poems to you.
Olivia V Apr 2021
if i consider each day as a moment
and each moment part of a continuum,
the fear of time has no hold on me
for it becomes akin to my breath.
each second flows on from the one,
the many, that came before this one,
and I am swept up in how gentle
a passing life can be.
so long as I do not try
to hold onto time too tightly
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