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Starry Aug 14
One December day
Out side of Moscow
A darkly dress and ragged clown
Her body like a rag doll
Cries in the hope for the
Return of spring
izzn Jul 28
In the heat of this summer
that feels like a December,
My coffee tastes sweeter
through these salty briny tears.
A simple thought
Can explain a complex emotion
But, silence explains everything
Except, the sunflowers
How many flies buzzed round you innocent of your grime, while you cursed the heavens of the rail-
road and your flower soul?
Tiny music of your soul beckons me,
The winter blues fade into nothing,
A glimpse of summer in december.
A poem I promised to write Helen In life that
I never got round to writting sadly till after
the poor girl had
That first poem I wrote which thought at the time to be my one and only
turned from poem to
My dream one day to have someone sing It as tribute to my wife the poem that turned song Is titled
The Last Christmas
this was the very last Christmas Helen would ever see as for me I can
never celebrate
ever again 23rd December
2017 where It all ended for me
24th December chucked out the tree lights and
Never again a Christmas tree lights or decorations
no Christmas collaboration
will I do anymore all ended for me 23rd Of December 2017
renée May 26
Wipe your eyes, my baby
Marlboro and shotgun casings
Pound piano keys and feel it in your bones, this fear you’re facing
Because Debussy can’t take away the sound through unsubstantial apartment wall spacing
Of neighbors screaming, growing skill in the use of debasing words
We’re growing sage to burn alongside the memory of heart-breaking firsts
That didn’t bring any fulfillment or remaining seconds and thirds
We are witches, searching for potions to provoke hard spells
To forget these troubles which were heard from the mouthpiece of hell
Our black cats and crooked hats don’t hide the fact
That these highs don’t last
And soon we will remember why we left yesterday’s December behind
Ice crackling softly in window panes becomes enough to remind us why—
These things don’t leave the solitary, unhinged mind
When there’s nothing else to replace what was once chased
On agonizing below-zero winter days
So wipe your eyes, my baby
Wipe your eyes
This won’t heal, not like the bullet wound and cigarette addiction
That you always lose
(And somehow manage to re-find).
Bellissima May 13
I ride through tunnels of death.
The tracks are our veins,
bending and branching
through dark holes
in our corpses.
mjad Mar 25
I don't like mustaches and you remembered
You kept it till last December
When you knew you'd see me one last time
You dropped out of highschool for an extra dime
My friends say you're not good for me
And I understand
A dropout and the girl with the principal as her biggest fan
But I live for the moments we have together
From Subway dates to running home in bad weather
My friends don't get how happy I am
How I understand that you aren't a good guy, but not a bad man
You have a warrant out for your arrest
But I sometimes fail my tests
We all have our bad things, we regret and don't flaunt
But you are not one of mine, and I'm of yours I hope not
A bad analogy I understand, but take a moment to see what you can
He's a sweetheart and a charmer for sure
But he loves me for me and that's pure
I dont get guys like that much if at all these days
And I know he means good intentions in all of his ways
As bad as they may be
And my friends remind me
We mustn't judge a book from the cover
Simple as can be
Kasti Mar 14
quietly reserved, these 31 days back away
from the fray of the other 343
each with their own characteristics,
and mine being much more introverted
A frigid 31 days
A warm 31 days
A frigid but warm time
We go through it and take it for granted
But those 31 days
never go away
as they stay the same for me
I find my way
In 31 days
as my love awaits me
I find a day
of those 31 days
to treasure and cherish the most
the 21st day
most important to me
will always bring me back home.
LWZ Feb 23
You remind me of the changing leaves in November.
The shine and glitter on the snow mid December.
The soft pound and beat of buckets of rain,
becoming prepared for the blooming in May.

Every single day has not always been a moment to cherish, but without you by my side I would certainly perish.

You’re the shining warm sun on my face in July, and the clear blue ocean which continuously whisks by.

Most days I easily take this for granted,
yet others it’s as if my soul simply demands it.

An intensity that can last a lifetime my feelings for you evolve past one night-shine.
There’s a sharpness in the clouds as the sky turns grey, you’re the moon in dark hours when I go astray.

The malleable Earth to its rigid core,
I find you all around me, within the depths out of reach.
Forever more.
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