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izzn Sep 23
In spring, I'd blossom for you
Like dandelions, I'd stay fragile for you to care
Like dandelions, I'd dispersed myself out of thin air
just to be one with the same molecules you'd breathe

In summer, I'd stay warm for you
Like the sun, I'd bask in you 'till I'm tanned
Like the sun, I'd capture that golden smile
and let it burn in the deepest part of my mind

In autumn, I'd fall for you
Like leaves, you're the ground I'd surrender myself to
Like leaves, yellow, orange, red,
Those are colours of my cheeks when you stare at me like that

In winter, I'd blanket you with my love
Like a hot chocolate, I'd melt in your eyes
Like a hot chocolate, I'd indulge in your heart's decadency,
let it savour every bits and pieces of me

It's the seasons of love
My love for you will never change,
it will always remain the same
and I will love you again and again.
for when I finally find this kind of love,
I would write a whole collection of poems about it
mary liles Aug 23
in november i stopped dancing
december, singing
january, laughing
february, smiling
and so i shall continue
for you left me in october
and i’ve never been the same
Anna Jul 16
Was middle of october,
looking more like a december dawn,
I started to think if I shouldn't,
just camuflate my sanity
to not go insane by the time you were gone,
tu es parti en octobre.
Jenny Ochoa Jul 8
I found out I was expecting...
I wasn't sure how to feel...
At first it was a bit concerning....
and then it felt extremely surreal...

I found out I was expecting....
I was later filled with pure joy....
for I knew soon I'd hear a little heart pitter pattering....
and then pondered at the question, little girl or little boy?.....

I found out I was expecting...…
Our hearts were made complete....
Seeing our little jelly bean quickly growing....
and waiting anxiously for December so we can finally meet!....
Karen Lee Jun 19
sea waves blue, smooth as a silk sheet are
gently lapped by chilly December air
my skin prickles as the air leaves
goosebumps on my bare arms. i try to
ignore them as the frosty gale bites into my clothless skin.

boats are tethered to shore, no longer
roaming far at sea, they have a home at least
though only temporary, but a safe sanctuary. i wonder
where the people are, perhaps safe and warm and cozy
in the comfort of their fireplaces and families.

i lay down on the barren grass,  now mere stubs that too
***** my skin, they were once lively and green under the shade of a once blooming tree,
now limbless and leafless,
a mere trunk of wood that stands stubbornly on a patch of forgotten ****.

as nighttime falls the boat lights come on, setting patches
of deep blue ablaze, like a fire it spreads and spreads until
you can no longer see the depths of aquamarine,
and maybe just maybe pretend to yourself that they
never even existed.

maybe grass needs to be barren before spring brings shrubs and
trees decapitated before they can bloom again,
maybe matches need to be lit
and places burnt to ashes
before the past can fall away like a brittle husk.

I look up to the cloud-filled sky, blue dotted with specks of white and
perhaps there is no heaven beyond those clouds,
no god near welcoming doors, and
if all prayers are just a shout into the empty void
then perhaps all we can do is
You are the snowflake —
In the buoyant afternoon
Where you fade away — still, when I look at you,
Pure like a waterfall.

It crashes
The sound — the continuous wave
Where the water's steep falls
And down
And deep
And beneath.

You are the snowflake —
In the crisp of December
Where you,
turns into
A delicate sixfold symmetry.

Where you were as remarkable
As white
And bright — just like the brisk — where the coldness,
Can be the warmth.

In every season
There's you — different from time to time;
Still, when I look at you,
You are as graceful,
For the weather — forecasted — bluer than the usual;

And when I look at you,
You will always be,
The snowflake that melts
In the sunny afternoon — and a delicate sixfold symmetry
In the winter of December.
...and when I look at you, you will always be the snowflake that melts, that transforms, as white, as clearest among the rest.
Nylee May 22
We fell in love with the October
It rained on us
We drowned in the feeling
Wind chimes tings
But December left us cold
With summer heat wave to follow
Once Upon a Frozen Star
by Michael R. Burch

Oh, was it in this dark-Decembered world
we walked among the moonbeam-shadowed fields
and did not know ourselves for weight of snow
upon our laden parkas? White as sheets,
as spectral-white as ghosts, with clawlike hands
****** deep into our pockets, holding what
we thought were tickets home: what did we know
of anything that night? Were we deceived
by moonlight making shadows of gaunt trees
that loomed like fiends between us, by the songs
of owls like phantoms hooting: Who? Who? Who?

And if that night I looked and smiled at you
a little out of tenderness . . . or kissed
the wet salt from your lips, or took your hand,
so cold inside your parka . . . if I wished
upon a frozen star . . .  that I could give
you something of myself to keep you warm . . .
yet something still not love . . . if I embraced
the contours of your face with one stiff glove . . .

How could I know the years would strip away
the soft flesh from your face, that time would flay
your heart of consolation, that my words
would break like ice between us, till the void
of words became eternal? Oh, my love,
I never knew. I never knew at all,
that anything so vast could curl so small.

Originally published by Nisqually Delta Review. Keywords/Tags: blank verse, winter, December, snow, white, ghosts, parka, frozen, star, warm, warmth, tenderness, glove, ice
The most beautiful sight
Fresh snow laid on pavement
Delightfully pure
Sweeping your face and skin
A breath of fresh air
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