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She is December
as cold as winter
as hot as summer
she is love
she is all I remember
she is a splinter
in my heart
Laura Feb 12
"Don't you want to make it work?"
I asked
Tears in my eyes
Begging you to stay
Clutching your hand
In desperation
My heart quivering
Fearing the answer
You might give

Nothing ever hurt me
As much as you saying
You didn't
You were done

The cold swept in
And took me away
Far far
From you
Because next to you
I was getting
Frost bite

No longer smitten
Just ******
And frost bitten
it was December
do you remember
cause I do
you make me so happy
you make me feel so very alive
it is incredible
it is inevitable
our love
is like a dove
so pure and beautiful
you make me feel full
i love you
12-20-18 <3 Emilee
Laura Feb 5
You left me again
For good this time
On a December day
That was icy and cold
Sweet and snowy
Shortly after Christmas
As I clutched your hand
And tried to ask
For your heart
For you to stay
For another chance

I still wait
For a text
Or a call
Every day
I pray
That you'll want me
Again one day
But I don't think
You're coming back
Like you did before
I don't think
You love me
Like you once did
If you do
At all

Because on that day
That December day
The weather wasn't
The only thing
Cold and icy
Your heart
Gave the weather
A run for its money
As you
Ripped mine
Out of my chest
Z Feb 1
i caught feelings
i stare at the ceiling, i say i was wrong
i say i was wrong

you were confused
you had nothing to lose, not for long

another December i won't remember
the embers are gone

still, we meet in passing, all the heat, the thrashing
you look at me like you want what i'm on
a o karenin Jan 21
ten days into january
but my soul already
ache for the
softness and warmth of
december; to be cradled
again in his arms
an art
stand in
Miami deco
by January
dry she'd
be very
warm with
canary yellow
sneakers ran
the heart
of the
sun yet
poolside in
orange jubilee
that ork├┐
would retire
at noon
a girl in the middle
Jarwell Jan 8
Icy iron the wind felt.
Cheeks of rose
On everyones face
And scarfs like sunlight
One everyones neck.

Houses like lamps
Covered with stars of night
And smiles and laughters
On everyones face.
Pete King Jan 6
The winter sky saluted me,
As I let my mind rest into daydream.
A brief moment of beautiful pause
To create faces in the clouds.

It was then that I realised
That just the sight of your face,
Soothed all the burns upon my skin
From all the time I've tried to cleanse myself
With the isolation that so often erodes me.

The air was cold, my lips were blue;
But still, I couldn't fault the view.
Nab Karbela Jan 4
December last year was so damped and fogged
But this year sun bright like I am in the middle of spring

Are December always a month of emotion,
A road to drown in delicate-delusion
As a rose drink poisoning poison
Realize I give so much attention to the thing I can't hold forever
Instead my wish is "never say never"

Anywhere this all gonna lead us to,
I just wanna let you remember my words
You are amazing and God sent you
To be my muse, you revoluted my world

What should be prepare for a goodbye
Is there even good in a bye?
And what about December next year and after
Shall I fake my heart remember?

My Kee,
hope I understand you as you understood me

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