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There’s nothing like a frosty winter morning,
when the sky has had enough
of trying to look nice and welcoming
for you today,
but instead decided to take the day off
and retreat under the soft grey fluff of a blanket, and you too,
have done the same, in a show of comraderie,
cracking the window open just enough
to feel each other’s breath
across the zipping air
that won’t stop fussing
or biting off the skin on your right thumb.

There’s nothing like such a morning
when a bottomless pit of steaming hot coffee isn’t enough, though your heart-rate
is through the roof, but you pretend that’s good
for you, as if it’s pumping blood and heating up
your insides.

A morning when the requirement to stay inside
is no longer a discomfort but an opportunity –
for some calm piano tunes,
just like the wind
converging then diverging,  
to serenade you in the background, while your rough
cold hands, stretch out in their familiar spider web
but this time in a slower
motion stretch
and take you to the keyboard once again,
because there’s nothing like it on a frosty, freezing, gloomy winter  
Morning like this.
Erian Rose May 2020
frosty crystals clung to
light shows on windowsills
they ran faster than their hands
could touch
on the run from racing time
streams of comfort left
rainy roads bare
to them,
nothing on earth compared
Erian Rose May 2020
Her eyes blossom of frosty summers
kissed in gentle storms
of cocoa and honey
Lily Priest Mar 2020
Glassy morn
Glimmer at me
Fill my lungs
With freshest air
Delightful and dewy
Mark me with your
Cold sun
And breathe
My breath
To clouds.
Words' Worth Aug 2019
Cutting my life shorter than I can relate
Without adding my life to a leaden girl
To the road of life that carries her weight
Caught by the cut shores that make the islands
Look placid and righteous like snow stealing my friends for snowmen
Jewels in the eye of the sky, and there’s something in the news
There is the news, and I read it too in the snowflakes currently flying out
I take me time with both, and cause I unwind unabated
From the blue of the dazed clouds sleeping in curl
That make me seem shorter in this vast space turn in and out
Finding it’s true humility, if I could just keep quiet about it
They say heaven can wait, and hell draws the drapes
I took the road less travelled
That has made all the difference
Leah Barton Jun 2019
Look at you with your snowman eyes
They'd easily burn if they weren't so cold
I suppose you can only have black in your sky
When what you see with is made of coal

What can you hold with your kindled hands?
Fingers entwined with a matchstick touch
Discarded from a dying branch
Holding the frost that you love so much

You really are a wintery lad
With your salvation scarf and your carrot nose
If you weren't so cheery you'd be quite sad
Left out all night alone in the cold

When springtime rears its pretty head
Heating the rooftops one by one
Well frosty, you're as good as dead
And the people will wonder where you've gone
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
On this frosty morning
the dew-jewelled shimmering grass
calls me to immortalise my naked footprints
on its sparkling green carpet.

The mural needs to be perfect,  
    it says!
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2018
A frosty evening
Grasping onto moonlight
Never releasing hold

The snow breathes
Quakes gently back and forth
Rocking the earth to sleep

The fog scampers in
Blanketing the clammy air
Then abandoning it's call

The wind barks through the night
Until day breaches
Unwritten contracts broken
I wrote this a long time ago, i was in middle school so about 10 years ago. I do like it but it is very vague in its essence.
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