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on Stage
a peacock of makeup  
the comedian
bating thunderous uproar
knighting fury
turning humour over the belfries
of the overcharged assemblage

he fouls with them
utilizing his vile material
putting together ideas that no brain wants scribe
you create yourself
your twist at his bidding)
you become broken down and ******
applied apart by his gagging speech
and his splintering costumes of mood

the comedian builds from this
until rage
and ruptures of relief

a berserk laughter is result
kettled in the mob reaction
a collective convulsion
a need
more than a mirth
japes dressed in death
have foraged a credible rebirth

his soldiers attired
he has seized his corps of souls
his Mad recruits of Chaos
the comedian pulls out a plastic toy Sabre  
and directs the revulsion
(the Grand Prank)
in a charge against
the wealthy neighbours
(with a deviant tap upon each left shoulder)
B D Caissie Sep 10
On this stage called life, the sunrises the audience to their feet and the sunset steals the show...

the more you're attached to your narration of life,
the more you are missing the comprehension;
which indeed can't ever be contained or explained.
we are the derivative of energies and ****** up chunk of proteins, which doesn't want to be a part of anything else but you. '

you're the biggest cover to keep and you're the biggest secret to reveal, to not the very world but very self of yours.'
that's the fixture you do with narration, you never hold it; you give up on it but what you can learn is the comprehension.
Lovely Nobody Jun 12
my life was like a rope walk
a thin rope of sanity I walked on
and below was a thousand feet Valley of depression,
you miss a step ,you never come back.
struggling to balance myself ,
and then I met you .
the saviour ,
like the albatross
who came to save the ancient mariner.
you came into my life and with you came hope.
the rope beneath my feet widened ,
widened to become a plank.
and as you grew closer,
the plank became solid ground.
the valley started to disappear
and the fear melted down.
now I could risk missing steps,
enjoying the grass and the tiny falls.
it felt like never before ,
and there was no turning back.
but I realised, on the ground I wasn't alone .
not just mine,
but you had saved a zillion lives .
but that didn't matter now .
they all loved you and so did I .
so we all pledged :
to help you, to love you forever
and that anything that gets to you
have to first get through us .
we all are debtors of your love
and we will pay back by standing by you .
you are the nation of our happiness
and we are your A.R.M.Y.

saranghae BTS
thank you for being In our lives for 6 years .
BTS, not just a boyband to us ARMYs, but our inspiration ........our source of happiness

S Bharat Jun 1
The Stage

I love his lines;

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women
Merely players."

And he outshines.

I hereby write on a page,
"Where are all men and women?
Bygone years?"

S. Bharat
Johnny walker May 20
Since my lady has left
this life passed on to another place far beyond no fears of anything In
life do I have for nothing  bothers me

No unpaid bills that arrive In the post no treats at my door no fears do have for nothing  bother's me not anymore for It's to Helen
that I care
There's nothing In life no
Government threats were one time I would have feared all but through my loss I have
to the outside world for nothing can hurt me my wife Is all that
matters and  she still takes
centre stage over
pa3que May 15
on the edge of an apron,
border above,
hands bleed out the natron,
of thee, flies a dove.

a candlelight’s beam,
a trapdoor below,
the words to one seem,
for other to know.

soft natron in voice,
the labyrinth backstage,
out heart peaks a choice,
trapped in a black cage.

hearts bleed out to tears,
such glory they’ve seen,
eyes brighten of flares,
thee treasure, so keen.

a bow of the taking,
brown feathers as prop,
out wings lads were aiding,
necks tied with a strop.
My face is caked
With pigment, baked
In glaring lights, and I,
Can't wait.

My stomach churns,
Is coursing through my veins,
but then

"5 minutes!"
Someone shouts, my head
perks up immeditely
And when

They beckon fervently
For me
And I cannot contain
My glee

Step out onto polished wood
Look out into the aisles
See faces staring up at you,
You're here to make them smile

I have the power to make them laugh,
To make them shout or cry,
And my nervousness is gone now that
I know their hearts are mine.
Alternate title: I'm a dramatic ***** ;))
I'm child of the sun.
And moon is my father.
The stars are my sisters and brothers.
The Earth is my stage.
;))) hahaha something like this
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