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Solaces 1d
The oceans here..
The rivers inside of them..
Blue universe with green lifelines..
White statues made by fallen angels..
The lake house that floated on the lake..
On green and blue waters..
Dreams of shadows and light..
The songs sung by everything..
Sung in reverse and forward..
Streams of light mist in the night..
Heaven shines forever here..
The inside of a star..
The star you have become..
For others to gaze upon..
Where you become a sun..
In someone else's sky...............................
GOD BLESS............................
We see heaven more times than we know...
he is the light
i see in the sky
while laying on a sandy blanket
at the beach
in the night.

he is the yellow and white
twinkle in space
that i wish to float in.

he is the radiant glimmer
of joy and love
you dont need a telescope to see
[if youre lucky]

he is my starboy.
and i want to be his stargirl.
Your face has been splattered with freckles all over.
I look at you and I'm staring up at a star filled sky, yet to be mapped out.
I give a name to the constellation on the bridge of your nose.
I give a name to the cluster of freckles on your eyelid.
I map the sky out and give everything names and I name them all after me.
Nyx 4d
They say
if you fold a thousand paper stars
It'll make your wish come true
But it seems no matter
How many I fold
I'm still unable to be beside you

I'll fold them gently
Full of colors so bright
Softly and patiently
Till they are perfect and right

I wish and I hope
With all of my might
Though its seemed I'm lost
Within the dark of the night

Lucky stars
Made from paper
Strips with written meanings
Delicately placed within a glass bottle
Filled with my heartfelt feelings

Folding and bending
Changing the paper at will
To form a fragile little star
Let this small insignificant thing
Give me reason to move on
Allow it to give me faith to believe
To believe in this delusional dream
There is a myth that if you fold a thousand lucky stars it'll make your wish come true
S Rose 4d
They say true happiness
Is like the sun,
Rising—a lark, masking the dark.

Perhaps, but such joy is fleeting…

What’s lasting emotion?
Star in black sky,
Content with flight, through spectral night.
We were once seventeen,
When everything is at its finest
With our first taste of champagne but
We prefer lemonade instead;
and our
Bodies with so many hormones,
o shit!
To learn we are naively in love;
with some boy who outwits you.
We play
Video games and eat too much.
The finest seventeen days were when we gave our fears a beating.
After two music festivals,
we would walk around the hills,
and then go to beach where we would talk in the cafes in the evenings.
At night,
we would be in her house with the windows open,
and the stars bright,
and after that we would say goodnight.

It'll all end in April.

We were once seventeen,
When everything was at is finest.
Inspired by Rimbaud’s poem Novel.
I was a kid when I looked up at the sky
I was a kid when I pointed my finger at that star
I was a kid when I made that solemn vow that night
I was just a little kid with a big dream
A small body with a huge energy
I was innocent but my eyes were a mystery
All that was flashing through my mind was success
I was feeling a twinge of envy for those TV superstars
I was praying to god help me confess
Until that day when courage filled my heart
And my lips finally whispered my plan
Mama, I do remember that look in your eyes,
That surge of anxiety you felt,
That lack of confidence you had in me,
Those questions written on your face,
Would I be able to survive?
Would I make it alive?
Papa, I still think about what you wanted me to be,
An open-minded child with a brighter destiny,
You were standing still like a silent hill,
It smashed my hope but it didn’t tear my faith apart
I was running through blurry woods
Looking for the right door
To take me where I thought I belong,
Yes I made it that time
Mother father, drew that smile but it was obviously fake
I wasn’t ready to quit
I was fully aware, it was my journey,
I swore that I would be the pride of my family
I ignored my adventuring youth and work hard for the glory
I endured the pain and aches in order to write my story
After everything I’ve done, here I am,
Felt like my fingertips are barely touching my childhood star
But visibly, it ain’t my Betelgeuse supernova
I’m swimming in an ocean of doubts
Still wondering if this is really what I chose
Day by day I keep questioning myself
Did I make a mistake?
Those people who have been walking just half of my path
Are already holding their shooting stars
Shining like a diamond
Just tell me who’s to blame?
Give me just one answer, why I’m stuck here going nowhere?
I’ve got a million queries choking me
I tried to run away but they keep following me
As soon as I blink my eyelids, I see my dreams fly away
Every day they price my talent but still underrated
You say it’s not my fault so tell me why I can’t keep moving on?
My future is covered by those heavy clouds
So what could happen if I lost myself in the middle of this road?
What if I fall down and live like a forgotten shadow?
I’m completely lost but I’m not strong enough to start over
Maybe I should come through this shit until my life’s nightmare winds up
Would I be able to see the light at the end of this show?
Or maybe die midway with an extensive regret?
My Betelgeuse Supernova, is a poem adaptation of a short story written by Rose Bleue, We both worked together for this project, I proudly had the honor to choose the title of this piece, this prose poem talks about a childhood dream that I referred to a Betelgeuse star, and how after many years of hardships, hard work and fights, that dream can't reach the climax of its climb, that I described as a "Betelgeuse supernova" because astronomically that star is supposed to explode and to cause a supernova but no one knows when or how , and this is what happened with that kid's dream who's waiting for his supernova." ― PYG's Whisper

"As a writer of the main story “My Betelgeuse Supernova” this has always been my dream to help the readers out there to express their feelings about those who try to achieve their dreams. I know many readers want to catch them but talent isn’t enough to catch your childhood star.
From my personal experience I always dreamed to be someone who can express emotions using my voice. I’m working very hard to get there, and at the moment, I’m one step near to what I’m looking for but the closer I get to my dream the more I’m getting confused. Is this the right path? Is this what I really want? Until today I still can’t find the correct answer. But I realized something important, everything we see is not as good as we’re expecting.
To be honest I hesitated and thought a lot before writing this but thanks to PYG’s support in terms of emotion I bravely made this tough decision to write this story. I would like to say thank you to PYG’s Whisper and her team for make one of my dreams become true. I’m inexperienced in lot of terms but they're helping me with a lot of things. I believe that writing and poetry are both connected as one and I know PYG’s poetic spirit will deliver a deeper meaning of my story.
I hope that my collaboration with PYG’s Whisper will inspire you and help you ease your tension."
― Rose Bleue
Even in a stygian
cloudy night
I'll search for
A single flickering
And with its
Shadowy glare
I'll find a
radiant star
That would
Make you
Wish and hope
That everything
Will be alright
If not today
Then tomorrow
I'm sure
You expected me to be a star,
But when I became the sun,
You shielded yourself from me.
hypotheses Sep 12
the dark pool
of nothingness
consumes me, swallows me,
my body burns me, destroys me,
my very essence,
devours me, destroys me,
bit by bit.

will others see me,
as i give my last burst of life
i am only a speck of dust
amid my million kin
i will soon be
obliterated into oblivion
into nothing but dust
and specks of rock

so folks,
when you wish upon a star
remember that
stars die too,
and so will you
but when you do,
what would you say
in that
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