She knew she could struggle;
But she had the choice to  sparkle.

She knew she could beat herself up;
But she had the choice to praise herself up.

She knew she could hide the scar;
But she had the choice to be the star.

She knew she could not avoid the existence of pain;
But she had the choice to believe in the existence of gain.

She knew she could give up;
But she had the choice to act up.

She knew she could keep waiting;
But she had the choice to keep walking.

She knew she could loose hope;
But she had the choice to still cope.

She knew she could keep lingering on;
But she had the choice to keep sprinkling on.

She knew she could cry again;
But she had the choice to try again.

She knew she could fade away;
But she had the choice to run away.

She knew she could live with her roommate;
But she had the choice to find her soulmate.

She knew she could keep waiting;
But she had the choice to keep walking.

She knew she had the choice;
And so, She chose to walk away.
She had the choice.
comprising several works -

Intro -     Seas of Tyme
Chapter - 1  Bent and Broken
Chapter - 2  In Sorrowe Wepte
Chapter - 3  Beyonde Alle Dreams
Chapter - 4  Thru Deepeste Nyghte

Seas of Tyme

'neathe starrye skyes
warre doth rage
crosse the seas of tyme
yet thereupon
this battle-fielde
two heartes

Chapter 1

Bent and Broken

he stumbles
'pon the rocky pathe
in armour
bent and brokenne
his journeye to
bryghte sylvarre-mere
lyfe's hoppe
'pon his shoulders

peeringe deep within
the sylvar-mere
he casts about
darke eyes
a starlit ebon sea
reflekt the meres'
great power

his burninge gaze
losst farre beyonde
these earthly planes
we ken
in darke despaire
forsakes him-selffe
lyfes hoppe
not yet

in anger rages
defiant hope
alle left
this man to gyffe
fromme ebon seas
his tears do flowe
an' pours his lyfe
into the mere

Chapter 2

In Sorrowe Weppte

she walkes alone
the moonelesse pathe
within herr shielde
of stonne
herr journeye to
darke shadowe-mere
herr brighteste hoppe

peeringe deepe within
darke watterse depthes
in searche
of alle lyfes hoppe
greene eyes
an oceanse soffte embrayce
the darke-meres power

herr burninge gayze
losste farre beyonde
these earthly planes
we ken
in darke despaire
reklaymes herr-selffe
lyfe's hoppe
keppte fromme herr stille

in sorrowe weppte
alle lyfes lasste hoppe
alle leffte
faire maide to gyffe
fromme emeralde seas
herr teares do flowwe
darke shadowe-mere...

Chapter 3

Beyonde Alle Dreams

starre-lit skye
herr sylvan voyce
in songe
is softlye raised
for alle lyfes
forsaken hoppe
for hoppe within despaire

when beyonde alle dreams
an' shattered realmze
faire maidens voyce
is hearde...

...her tears
falle softly
into these ebon depths
their sylvar lyghte
reflect within
the darkness of mine-selfe
i must responde
for lyfe
for love
for alle mine owne
lostte soulze

reachinge out within
these darkeste depthes
beyonde alle hoppes dezyre
her gentle touche
at once perceived
in this hour....

then fromme
the darke-mere's
surface rose
ten thousande soulze
once lostte
black swordze uphelde
in armoured fists
'pon steedes of ebon-lyghte

in silence watched
wi' somber awe
beside the roilinge mere
faire maiden broughte
unto herr feete
fell knights
before herr

in silente rayze
of dawninge lyghte
herr slyvan voyce 'tis raised
black swordze
on sylvarre shieldes
do crashe
in honor of herr daye

within ten thousand
sylvarre helmze
losste voices
lift in songe
to winne the lyghte
of dawne's laste daye
'pon the battlegrounde...

Chapter 4

Thru Deepeste Nyghte

theye ryde to warre
'pon sylvarre steedse
armour gleaminge
wi' sunnes' lasste raye

charginge fulle
'gainste nyghtes darke-lords
to wynne the lyghte
of dawnes bryghte raye

an' warre doth rage
thru deepeste nyghte
cross battle-fieldes
of bloode
foule daemons falle
'fore their myghte;
true heartes,
to meete the sunne

an' who woulde lyffe
musste see the dawne
an' feele the kisse
of sunne's bryghte raye...

- finis - .
for Kristi Raye

i created chapter 1 & 3 to tie them all together -
perhaps i should not have...  u tell me.
Star light, star bright,
Twinkling with a neon sight,
How I love thy brilliant light,
And marvel in your twinkling might.

Shooting star, longing sigh,
Flying through a misty sky,
How I love thy wondrous why,
And stay along ‘till you draw nigh.

I wish I may, I wish I might,
I wish to understand your plight.
How I love thy marvelous height,
And hope you’ll stay throughout the night.

Flying fast, flying high,
Right before my very eye.
How I love thy heart’s imply,
But hate to have to say goodbye.

Stars can be seen everywhere, whether it be in the sky or in a loved one's eye.
Hold dear to your heart the Vespertine Star.
From my Kingdom of Dreams, I know where you are.
Down below where love's fickle as well as dishonest.
I hold dear the star as well as our promise.

For under the moon, you rest under a blanket.
And with soul-warming moonlight brings you here tranquil.
In a meadow of summer, we no longer repress
the love that we have. We're free to express!

For it was under the Vespertine Star that we both swore
That our souls will meet nightly in the moonlight's lore...
Funny how when you listen to instrumental music that words would just flow through you.
You mistake her for a star in the sky
But oh my dear,
She is the whole universe.
When 2 stars collide
Something magical happens,
A new star is born
BC Jaime Mar 8
the night brings
with its glittering sky
cricket choir
lightning bug

The light breeze
wakes the sleeping palm
the orb weaver
spins its lacework

A cat sits
tail wrapped
sniffing the dew
of the night-blooming jasmine

In the center
eyes closed
deep breath in
slow breath out

legs one under
the other hands
to the side
eye open

He soars above
the chirping chorus
the solitary cat
above the weaver

Over the palm
with the lightning bug
the scent of jasmine
ignites his aura

He is one
with the stars
He soars
© BC Jaime 2018 || IG: @b.c.Jaime

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
Solaces Mar 5
Endless shadow... Endless shade.. There was nothing more but dusk and forgotten day..  For millions of years it was dark beyond dark.  It was our peace and their end.  But all it took was a spark.  A small spark 1000 years ago.  Today that spark became a ray of light.  It cut through all of our darkness in an instant.  And their it stood.  A being made of nothing but pure light.  It shined and shined forever in all directions.  We could not stop it.  It pushed us all away..  Across the universe and in to another.  The light then brought color and life to whatever it touched.  This being of light however only had so much time to shine.  It later died out as our darkness took back over.  Or so we thought.  Its near endless light still travels today across the cosmos.  Creating more light in its wake.  This being that shined that day is called a star.  Now they are all over the universe. And forever will be. Because we thought nothing could ever break our darkness. But all it took was a spark.
The sun is born.
BC Jaime Mar 4
starlight tumbles bright
winter leaves fall from the trees
the bear cannot sleep
© BC Jaime 2018 || IG: @B.C.Jaime

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
Mowey Mar 3
why do you feel so alive
why do you not want to die
all caught up in life
like thousand years can get by
say i'm running out of time
when i want to run out of life
everyone's the same at some point
to the point you can't rely
thinking that nothing works for myself
in times of everyone's triumph
trying to see through your new eyes
sparkling like a faraway star
that has long been killed by time
and soon will lose its life
just as no one remembers
well, to my surprise i'm staring at
my reflection,
i was the one who bore the light
the first two lines were just spontaneous questions in my mind until it delved into a quicksand of pessimism
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