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alupa Aug 30
There's coldness all around me
Everything is so far away
Light years of empty space
Between you and me
And I'm burning up my soul
Just to feel a little warmer
Burning up my soul
So you might see me from over there
Might see the flickering fire
Of my broken soul
I'm losing myself
I'm drowning
All alone in the middle of an ocean of coldness
I'm losing
But I don't care no more
So I pour another glass of gasoline
Into my burning soul
Anna Alycia Aug 24
the stone that I grabbed had broken,
and I had lost something which was priceless.
words that left in my mind unspoken,
and they said that I was heartless.

the stone couldn't be fixed again,
and I had lost my magical light.
everything was over as nothing could regain,
I regreted that I didn't hold it tight.

finding my hopes in the dark,
but no light to show me the way.
I wanted something which could spark,
but all the stones were far away.

the stone once was my star,
but now it becomes my scar.
Healer Aug 19
There you are knocking at my heart,
I don't know when it started
Maybe centuries or was it yesterday?
Unknowingly I was being coloured by you.
I am unaware of my first wish but now my time flows through you.

There you are knocking at my heart,
I am already afraid of the cold days without you.
Are you a dream? Maybe a mirage?
Because like a lie I am clinging to you.

There's this book in my hands,
it's cold, even the ending is sad.
I am not insane to smile or read to a sad story.
But strangely, I keep opening you up.

I keep reading it page by page,
like I would touch the moon.
In between the visible lines
like there's a secret prayer just for me.

Now I am weeping willow, but I can't close it.
Even though this story is like the thousand others,
But I secretly keep wishing to
the broken stars and dried wishing well,
Maybe this one will end differently.
the evening star
flickered like a beacon
on night's ink black sea
Captain Trips Aug 18
You were like a star
I could wish upon you,
but you're always too far
Ylzm Aug 11
The greater the revelation the deeper the mystery
The closer to the light the dimmer and further it is
But compelled and captive, propelled not by will
Accelerating into the void, a star amongst many
Each and all inexorably to be our very own Destiny
c Aug 10
There's just something romantic about cornfields and 3am
Maybe it’s just the optimist inside of me
But the stars are shining so bright tonight, don’t you think?
They are so bright, the sky is so clear,
and I can feel your hand pressed against my side,
attached like a name
Maybe you’re afraid of the cold too

It was cloudy, the light on the edge of the horizon
Polluting the stars, they weren’t that bright
I feel you pull my body away from me
It’s so strange to feel warm, to feel anything
You embrace the cold

I cannot save you anymore than I can avoid becoming
The same sky I stare at

The breeze dances across my stomach as you bring me closer
Eyes staring into a cold sky
As you listen to me ramble on
About where the big dipper should be
If the stars were bright enough to see it
Shofi Ahmed Aug 5
Eyes of the stars are
on the wings of the fireflies.
Guess who is marching
in the moonlit night?
The moon rows down
on to the river.

Has the Huri squeezed
out of the gem packed
tight door of paradise?
Basked out on the gripping
bank of the Sal Sabila River,
only to spill a heady perfume
drop down on the stunned
awestruck silhouetted night?

The eve has long gone far
to wear a khol of this
mesmeric shady contour!
No one, not even you
will want to miss the peak.
Where it all begins with
the tuberoses riding the wind.
There's still a part of you that lingers in me; a myth I haunt  and the ghost of every story I make.  

The traces of my brokenness
are the lure of lullabies
As I am chasing shadows on the crowd
they're coming after you under the moonlight.

What was the best thing for being a sunshine if you are a star that night can only have?
As I  look to the sky
Through the depths
Of the night
I  see you shining
In your own right
For you are
A Shining Star

Then when I  wish
Hope or Dream
Even experience reality
I know exactly
Where you are
Dear Shining Star
You Witness Me

My every breath
That I  take
Showing how
I partake
In a sense
Of being struck
Star Stuck
By your  Love!

Debra Lea Ryan
My Heart Today!
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