Shofi Ahmed Aug 2017
The day is quiet
is given to the sun.
Pop in the night
every miniute
is people's time.

I look up in the sky
but missing a star.
Maybe it's lurking
in the sweet breeze.
You will be the sun, and I the moon.
I will reflect the light, the shine that shines from you.
I so close but you so far, almost just a distant star.
When you apper I will leave, but I still see your light, still reflecting your shine.
In between us the earth, that we both see, for this we both care.
The earth, the love and without us it would not be there.
In a sky of stars, I cannot take my eyes of you. I cannot exist, cannot fight without your light.

Inspired by TSPoetry
The epitome on the show
is more than a dream turned true.
A timeless beauty stitched on the stone.
The first impression catches the eyeballs
it did for every star in the sky for every age
something remains forever a new Taj Mahal.
Reach out like the branches of a tree reaching towards the sky
Towards the heavens … Towards the light
Feel the stroke of the sun on your face
Stretch as far as you can … Reach for the farthest star
For when you retrieve you will descend to where you’re meant to be
Written by Sean Achilleos 15 July 2018©
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If a star should fall tonight, you'd be my wish
And if another star should follow, you'd still be my wish
Najihah 4d
I'm in my room,
Looking for the star,
You're looking at.

We're under the same sky
But different place.
Remember when we said
We're gonna paint the sky with prussian blue?

I was so excited that I bought a new canvas and paints
I saw you at the shop with a girl
But still,
I waited and waited for you
Under that damn place we love to hang out
You didn't show up

So, I used the red colour
To paint the sky
And for a few minutes after that,
You showed up.
You asked me why red?
So I said,
it represents my bleeding heart.
Well, thus is my third poems. I just don't know whom I'm writting this for hahaha
I was sitting in front of the steering wheel again
It was very dark outside
The night was back
But without stars in the sky
Many stars are hiding behind the clouds
But this one star was not hiding
She showed herself
She was not afraid
Because she knows
That all stars in the sky
Beautify the empty night.
RBWhite 4d
You are my shining star,
The one I reach for in sleepless nights,
You are my lovely light,
A tender warm in times of war,
Is this thought that keeps my heart beating,
In one hundred years I learned to love you,
And it will take an eternity to let you go,
You look at me with eyes closed and a pure soul,
And now its time to go,
Go back to my tree of white branches and plump fruits,
Wait for me once again,
For I'll be spreading my wings in abandon,
Searching for freedom forever.
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