Not a hint on how to start
A tad drunk, thoughts fell apart
Not a word from worthless tongue
Even if this brain was wrung

Half-asleep and frozen rain
Caffeine running on my vein
It dawned like the rising sun
I love thee; life has begun

Goddess of great compassion
Such pleasant disposition
Just a question, I prithee;
Can you love a fool like me?

Can you love me, despite my flaws?
Dead sure, I am not a lost cause!
So, when I am healed and made whole,
Will you embrace my longing soul?

Not a hint on how to end,
Or what message I will send
You stole my eyes, and heart, too
I devote myself to you

"WUI" or "Writing Under the Influence"

The wild in your laughter
is something I wish I could catch
and put in a jar
to sip from on a rainy day.
The Earth comes alive in your eyes
when your mouth inhales the air
and sends magic to my ears
when you sing.
Your hair flies freely
when the wind kisses your face
and your cheeks flush
with the warmth I know
you keep guarded in your heart
like an innocent prisoner
who has not yet given up hope.
I hum at a frequency
only you can hear from across the room,
and our connection is one
to be envied by anyone nearby.
Your soul is remarkable,
unable to be matched
by anything I've ever encountered.
You're my favorite book,
one I could read a thousand times
because it is the only thing
that has understood me
at the turn of every page.
You are my best win,
my favorite piece of poetry,
on my toughest day,
you are one mirror
that I know I can look into
to see the real truth.
You are my best friend,
the warmest blanket.
You are the tallest tree,
always reaching for the sky.
And when your leaves fall,
I feel like confetti surrounds me.
Every distance that separates us
makes me feel closer to you.
Time means nothing
because you're always with me,
like I hope you know I'm always with you.
You bring me peace when I am tangled,
wake me up when I am numb.
You are the sand to my sea,
the cloud to my rain.
I am not empty with you around,
you're my last dollar,
the gallon of fuel
that gets me to the gas station.
The Ramen in the cabinet
a day before payday.
I look to you for reassurance
when I don't think I can trust myself
or anyone else.
I'm the plant in need of water,
and you're the sun to help me grow.

ashattack 5d

my love, he enjoys the springtime.
the butterflies / they follow him
like dogs on a leash, cover him

they make him a crown from their
beating wings, like hearts upon
his head. he begs for deliverance.

only the butterflies hear his
whispering words to gods / he
hopes will hear / but he forgets

yet again / that he is a god himself
made of everything / they have ever
known. he is substance and lack of it.

i envy him with his hands of grace
his tongue / of lace instead of knives.
he asks for liberation but he liberates

my soul into worlds / unknown
filled with golden feathers and halos.
my blood runs thick / his runs thicker

with soft hair that / turns golden in
the sun, he shines as bright
as anything / i’ve ever known

brighter than the halos of the angels
filled with colors that could best
the boldest / painters, he is a painting

in motion / this i know
he is art come alive and dancing
through the clouds and heavens

to reside in the sun, where holiness
runs free like children in the street
and i hope he is never forgotten

like how he has forgotten all
that he was and should be, like
he has forgotten / someone like me.

a tale of love lost

If we were stars then my dear you'd shine the brightest
You give off magnetic energy,
The type people can't help but gravitate towards
Each collision creates a supernova of colours and,
Oh, my dear, it truly is a beautiful sight
To watch you explode, causing a ripple effect that can be felt for miles
As you pull people in closer it's like they have no choice
You are chaos personified and nothing can escape your wake
I have long since given up trying

Star BG 7d

I took an idea like a seed
nourishing it inside heart.
Planted it deep with love,
and readied self for its creation.

Feeding with trust and grand resolve,
seedling expanded with every breath,

Sending compassion and loving smiles
allowed flower to grow delicately.

Vibrations of light moved with wind
from heart to floret,
from scent to nose.    

The notion flourished spreading like weeds in field
to anchor near and wide.

The idea for peace on earth
became a blossoming flower
springing up everywhere.
Love sprouted in hearts
and all began to live in harmony.

Passing through space
In your glittery tail,
my beloved shooting star,
flying as a matched pair
since the last horizon,
We pass milky nebula.
And to my surprise
I saw a bright star
One I swear I’ve seen before
Speeding through the
Purple space dust.
Words never spoken
We traveled on,
As we always do,
but now I know
my twin star
was never really you.

Rachel Procopio Apr 21

I was going to buy you a star from the sky
But man doesn't own the universe
So they're all for you
Every last glimmer
Every last speck
Is for you

Written on 4/16/17
Jorge Palileo Apr 21

Clinquant stars shied away from her splendor
Harrowing nightmares banished from my sleep
Rambunctious, my soul singing in tenor
Illicit smile, this heart is hers to keep
Sophrosyne; she's the envy of many
Tall tales, myths, legends; all insufficient
Intellect complements her high beauty
Nay nebular thoughts, for she is sapient
Eclipsed behind her eyes; wondrous kindness
Morning zephyr at the end of winter
Allure that cured this poet's mad blindness
Roused the humour in this foolish jester
I wished her joy, from the very first sight
End may come; she's the source of my delight

Yule 5d

my precious star in the night
I love those glint in your eyes
the dreams that you've now achieved
please hold that tight
never lose sight
of what fueled that spark

the night I saw you, I swear I fell
as if I'm a shooting star shot across galaxies
but I could never hold such blinding light
as much of what you hold in your very eyes

please, my love, never loose that glimmer
as mine is fading, you're my only hope

I dream that even if millenials pass
these eyes will see the same star
of what made her wish on stars in the first place

I hope that I can hold on to you the same
please, my love I beg
as if I'm holding onto my last breath

this is my only wish upon a star
that whatever you may be
that even if you stand out
among thousands of galaxies
never change your pure glow
my love, don't be blinded
for what may bring you
to your downfall
please, I believe
I put my faith onto yours
even that time may pass
your light may still reach
my heart the same as that night

I know someday you'll get used to the fame ; but I'm hoping you will still stay the same


I thought of h⋆shi whilst making this. After I read the message I got from my friend. Jem, your message was just overwhelming... That really hit me thus the creation of this poem.

⋆ a poem for svt, our precious stars.
sunprincess Apr 16

So close to earth
yet, unbelievably far
our chosen star

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