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What avails of this sidereal year?
If not my love with me ever.

What if the flowers spread and disperse?
Even they make the earth paradise.

What though sweetest your incessant loving be?
If now you're receding from me.

What lies behind your heart to reside far?
To me it seems all, you rift through the clouds like a lone star.
Is it a gentle pride?
It’s your fallacy my beautiful bride!

Afraid of your restless youth and irresistible trait,
I am drawn so close to you; so no one can drift us apart.
My thoughts in your mind should often come across
A timeless true love in your mind brighter than luminous stars
That you never forget.

Playing hot and cold never dishearten the resolute.
Give and take in love is an enchanted gift
Never drift away from true love otherwise pain will grow in rift.

Where have you been all this while?
Your sweet incessant love beguile.

Setting moon besets, between us flitting moments
Wretchedness came upon in disappointments.
The days, the moments and the years all unfetched begone.
All this time, our feelings had never lain dormant and forlorn
There you dear staring at me willingly,
Yet looking upon your grace continually.
Aditya Roy Nov 6
Sun's flames
Burning bright
Like Jupiter's
Dance Of gaseous fluids,
Valiance of the lightest blue
of a reasonable red
Carves cerulean into my
Deadly release
from my colorless possessions
Like firecrackers
As I concave
in the helium nucleus
But, hey it's chemistry

I take on a star's life
In the interstices of intergalactic expedition
Probably fluorescent green and yellowish-orange
A supergiant in the existence
Dimming in the future
I feel my death bringing
Believing in
Touching skies
That are opal
Like the world
My change
A black hole
That says "Hello"
A brilliant dimension
To whole new world
In a parallel universe
Mass of Jupiter exceeds all the planets. Near the asteroid belt seemingly colorful in a variety of patterns. It expresses fluid dynamics in frenetic variety in the keeping with the expanse of the universe. The quantum physics of science make us realize predictability in a parallel universe is just a matter questionable unpredictability. We can pretend that life is easy but when reborn, a set of rules forces us to work towards understanding each other. That makes us awkward as a new generation. Reborn to relive our mistakes. Extremely awkward isn't it. Struggling with our thoughts just to say "Hello" to our loved ones. Like black holes in a parallel universe vacillating between absorbing stars or learning from them. Parallel or not we all have matter and that makes life. In a parallel universes, we would expect the different axes to be in unscientific spatial arrangement. As a black hole, has a ton of mysteries leaving the singularity as an enigma and point horizon as a conclusion of all the arrangements of time. Past- the time that once was, Present- the time that stays, Future- time that has gone away with Destiny.
In similarity, I suppose that people can have awkward moments fitting in this world and expressing their desires and thoughts alike their needs and wants. But a black hole as a single purpose after a star dies it is to create space for the universe occupied by light and not-to-mention gases.
Ray Ross Nov 4
Dear star, dear gift in my life,
You make my world brighter,
And you are a blessing.
You make me happy,
And lord,
I hope I never lose you.
Your eyes have this shine
That I swear I've never seen
In anyone's eyes before.
I make sure to remember
That your smile has dimples,
That look more like lines
Down your cheeks,
To your chin.
I trace the lines of your chest,
And you notice me smiling.
And lord,
I hope I never lose you.
Becca Nov 3
the moon cries like milk over stars,
the sun cries like fire over me
Skye Nov 2
let me be the sun that shines overhead,
giving you bright mornings,
and warm feelings

let me be the moon that lights up the night sky
guiding you through the dark,
hoping you'd find the right path

let me be the stars that fills up the night
twinkling in a numerable distance,
keeping your wishes within

let me give everything you deserve.
everything and more.
everything and all.
everything. just for you.
everything is nothing if it's for you.
Özcan Sh Nov 1
She was
So quiet
So lonely
So beautiful

She loved to dance
Between the stars
Her bright smile
Lighted up the night

Her wonderful eyes
Broke the lock in my heart

I stayed in her moonlight and
I felt love for the first time.

What a unforgettable night.
She stole from the sky,
I made her eyes fixed on mine!
One celestial fling.
Özcan Sh Oct 29
A girl with beautiful eyes
She had a sweet warm smile
In my eyes was she
The brightest star
In this cold night.
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