The first mist you meet
You'll meet the guardians of the river,
The second mist you meet
You'll meet the clouds from oceans far,
The third mist you meet
Be prepared to meet your maker
For the final mist may send you
Back to river, or to star.

10.15.17 Inktober Prompt: Mysterious
Rules: No edits allowed.

Stars light up the sky
Showing that they're the brightest
Skies that filled with mysterious things
Showing that the world is more than earth

I never thought that there are more things that i should discover
A galaxy that never been traveled before
I never thought that it's going to be endless

But your heart for sure
Is more wider than the galaxies

Yet, more mysterious.

16/10/2017 | 18:19 | Indonesia

[You] are the whisper
giving me a hope
I never want to end.

[You] are my wish
                         ­     falling
    ­     my lucky penny
in that old glass jar.

[You] are my heart
touching me deep
with such tenderness.

[You] are the shine
the word of your promise
a faithful love tune.

[You] are my sun
                       ­ light,
                      stay in my heart
forever shining bright.

Mims 5d

Hard, cold, shiny, black, fear,

Anakin went to Vader

Young, boyish, charm,

To dark,


Control the galaxy

By fear
You have to be
Hard shiny
No room for


This is coping mechanism
Ex machina

Giving me excuses
Because I already know the reasons




The young boy
With hopes and dreams spills out
From a
heavy breathing

I know him
Beyond the mask
The bruised
Almost corpse
That conceals the beautiful brain

Shifts occasionally

It's you
It's always been you
You just got lost along the way.

Maybe it was the sandpeople's fault,
Maybe it was me,
But I'm just going to blame Padme,
Because that's easy.
Adrian 6d

I will re


the  s  t  a  r  s

to spell out your

n    a     m    e

So the universe is aware

that you are

m    i     n    e


As I sat next to you
We looked up and saw a shooting star
And I wished,
I wished for the feel of your head resting against my neck
To become fluent in the language of your eyes
As the night went on
I noticed your head resting against his neck
Whilst becoming fluent in the language of each other’s eyes
But maybe it is worth the suffering
To see the one you love
Find their own light.

LJ Chaplin Oct 5

I was promised the stars,
And so, without hesitation,
I looked to the sky
In search for the perfect one.

I scanned every inch,
Eager eyes flicking
Through a catalogue
Of constellations,

Then I found it,
A celestial beauty
Somewhere between
Orion's Belt and beyond.

Lost Boy Oct 3

She was like the moon, and I the stars
For sometimes she'd disappear
Behind the black clouds
And sometimes
I would do the same.
But the moments we'd share
Together in the sky
People would gather around
To watch us in awe.

And we'd still be there
When we couldn't be seen
So close together
Yet millions of miles apart.

For she was the moon
Constant, beautiful
And I was the stars
That lived and died
Just to be reborn in her wake

Shofi Ahmed Oct 3

The first light,
Time and again painted
by thousand and one sunrises.
But vanishes in a twilight.
Millions of stars witness
it was swarthy black.
Still, the night gets
the Moon in the dark.

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