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Oh moonchild,
it is safe now,
Unfold your layers till you discover the stardust and ecstasy residing within.

You are but a speck in the creation of life,
born of constellations your mind cannot fathom,
existing parallel to each equinox awaited,
although the vast is mystified and serene,
remember oh moonchild,
you are deserving of the radiance you shine onto others.

Unfold your layers and look inward for there you will find,
the glories the skies contain confide the very heart which you thought benign.
Van Gogh’s The Starry Night
Is full of color and fright

It gives you the rush of a feeling,
The rush of no return
You can see where the mind split and fell
Through the cracks of the earth

The indigo lines and the yellow circles
Van Gogh’s The Starry Night
Nought 3d
You were the sun;
Bright, warm,
Destined to destroy the Earth.
And that, I suppose, just happened to be me
- Nought

A kiss under stars
is the greatest place to be
For they are our sparks

Hard to believe we're in March! Time is really flying by.
This one is just a small haiku for my journey.
Something I've always dream to have, haha!
It's a girlish dream of mine but a dream none the less ☺💜
I'll hold onto it though, in a better time and when I'm in a much better place.
Please stay safe and well all, everyone! You and your families!
Much love,
Lyn ***
Rea 6d
what if after all this time
i still want to slow dance in the dark?
with trembling fingers and pinching high heels.
to feel light behind my eyelids,
knowing it doesn't come from the outside,
but from within.
purple, rolling storm clouds.
stars on hardwood floors.
so let's dance in a moonlit room, darling.
once there was a guy
who made a girl his star

too afraid to lose her
too afraid she'll go

walking nowhere, holding her hand
asking if she'll stay forever

she just looked at him and said
yes, until my last breath, my love

the night sky is shining so bright
as he pointed his gun on her

good night my brightest star, he said.
i'll meet you in your dreams tonight
Payton Feb 24
Vibrant streaks of green and blue and violet twist in your eyes, like a
beautiful galaxy and I want nothing more than to catch each shooting star and leave my wishes on your lips.
I'm not sure that this is a poem but rather a pretty thought. It was written in 2016.
Jason Feb 23

You are a
meteor shower
destroyed by your
own bombardment
shattered upon
the jagged crags
torn apart by
the scarred face of
the lifeless planet
you created

© 02/23/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

There is some fire to this one, but it's not meant as a hate poem. My point is that sometimes we are the planet, sometimes we are the meteor shower. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy of mutually assured destruction. :)
Dali Feb 20
A brightness steps into the room
Bringing blessings and joy to everyone she knew
A bright floor, star decoration on my roof
You are
A precious jewel
As the meaning of your name and what I see
A pleasure to many
Even your silence is a healing to every wound
To the dead ones
Nor to people sinking in blue
Soul burning with sweetness
A laugh even in the hurt
A hope even in the fall
Is it just me?
Nor everyone is fascinating by everything you do
Why words are harder when I try to write about you
Or a meaning or two
Of how you mean to me even if I was  blue
Just remember this a single glimpse of what I feel/received
From you
I am sorry I didn't mentioned how my heart flutter when someone mentioned your name
I love you but you already knew this is nothing new.
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