Dear Star,
You're a complicated fart
Fuck your wonder libraries

Every day she plants the starseeds
that grow into wishing flowers,
their petals fall down to the earth
and we call them meteor showers.

We beseech the celestial wanderers
and when our words reach her ears,
she makes all our biddings come true,
but each one is stained by her tears.

She yearned for one to call her own
in her garden above the clouds,
but to think of herself and not of the world,
her duty is disavowed.

And so the lonely Starwarden
only smiled on us from above.
She could not keep the wish of another
just because she wished for love.

Up in the sky
Deep in the stars
There is a place
so far;
A place beyond space,
A place beyond time;
Being lost in your eyes
is the only way to find.

The stars
grew heavy
from the wishes
that they carried

Until one starry night
they rained
on me
giving me
a sky of

the word i used to describe you was always beautiful
and my thoughts haven't changed much
you're still beautiful, inside and out
from the bridge of your nose to the way you laugh at everything

but now i've realized that beautiful does not equal healthy
the words you spit and the glint in your eyes may be beautiful,
but they're harmful as well

a shooting star is beautiful
but i wouldn't want to be near when it falls
and that's why i can't stay close to you

In a starry-starry night
you tell to look up at the sky
and then I realise

the star that shines the most
is the one by my side.

rose 1d

Don't go so fast
You forget to look at the stars

IDK I just fall in love with the nooks and crannies of the world and wish more people would notice them

<   ☆   >

I'm a ship
Upon the ocean
Pressed and frought
On every side
I'm distracted
By emotion
Drawn and pulled
By every tide

I have beams
Splintered and broken
I have mainsails
Ripped and torn
Never hearing
Your words spoken
I am weakened
And forlorn

I've been put through
Greatest trials
Storms I've made
With my own hands
I have sailed
A million miles
And been beached
On shifting sands

Then, at last,
In desperation
I looked unto skies above
There a Star was
In position
It was God's
Redeeming Love!

For a while I
Followed closely
Where'er the light led
Then distracted
My own boasting
Turned my helm
Yes, turned my head

I could n'er have
Heard the singing
Of the Star
So sweet and high
For the siren song
Was clinging
To my ears and
To my eyes!

Then I saw them!
Rocks so jagged!
The benighted
Siren's realm!
I saw whirlpools
Waves so ragged!
And I fought to
Turn my helm!

There in fervent
I sent up a tearful prayer!
That's when Grace
Became my bastion
I was rescued
Then and there!

Now I set my
Golden sextant
To the Star I know is True
I will follow
Never exit
The Guiding Light I found
In You

Though I have
My certain troubles
It's a better life by far!
I do not steer by Polaris
But by my own


(C) 7/14/2017

Sung to the melody of the old hymn
"Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing"

I've been pressing in to God as never before. He has been showing me areas of my life that need immediate change. I've been obeying Him... finally. What we endure to bring about positive change is sometimes excruciating. But in the end it's easier. Certainly a better fate than crashing on the rocks! It's a narrow path through VERY stormy seas. But there's always a break in the clouds... where Jesus stands, arms wide open for any who have eyes to see.


♡♡♡ LOVE YOU ALL ♡♡♡

Daydreams of selfish worth
You’re by my side till then
I’m hit by surprise
The chemical waves have changed

This is for sure a medical coma
Did you decide to run away?
Is it simply a fear of mine?
That I would fall from sight

But you’re a star in this void
Space is small without you
Time is slow without you
And this signal is wearing thin

Command the option of choice
I’ll act quite unaffected
But who’s gonna walk me to the morning
Who’s gonna listen to my head

I’m always on my phone
Please give me a ring
If you ever need to talk
Or with me just listen to the rain

What a daydream of selfish worth

Her eyes were like
stars in a clouded sky
at midnight

She felt like
she wasn't bright enough

But he was in love
with her moonlight.

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