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Poolza 1d
My Morning Star
How bright you are!

You wake me from my never-ending slumber
My Shiny Morning Star

You help me get through the days of sorrow
My Helpful Morning Star

You make my mourning a little better
My Caring Morning Star

You tell me how I have to eat
My Blissful Morning Star

You tell me that I should go outside
My Worried Morning Star

You convince me to keep going forward
My Scared Morning Star

You tell me not to end it all
My Only Morning Star
in months past

at this time, i'd be

laying on my roof

watching the stars

listening to you

talking with you.

a younger me

wished for such nights

the older me

wishes she could have back

the hours of sleep she lost

"make a wish"

me to you,

you to me

i thought you were my dream come true

but i could have wished for anything in the world

and i still would have gotten

at night i mourn

for the shooting stars

that we saw

all those wishes


wishing for each other

and i wonder

if i had never told you

all the things i wished for

would they have

just maybe

come true?

but i think the constellations

agreed, as they

watched us fall

we were always destined to crash and burn
two stars
represents we

the small one
is me

the other one is you
together with me

two stars
seen fully

close but yet
very far, we see

are we ?

my love, so close
(to you)
but stopped to see

that the other one
wouldn't love me
see me, the star..
who stopped its journey
who is very far even from what we see
very far to the other one, the star
who doesn't love me
c 6d
Moments in each piece of light
Stars that face my fears at night
Wishing you still held me tight
“Wish I may, wish I might”
The night, awash in mystery,
the sky pulsating into oblivion,
as the heart blushes beneath the pale moon;
how many kisses did it take
before the stars became jealous enough
to write our names into their infinite book of lies?
when you gazed up at the stars
i felt you thinking of me
all these stars twinkle for you
yet i'm the one that caught your eye

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
The stars were the only sparks of the fire which devoured my soul

If those sparks went out, there would be nothing left in the sky but dead stars and my dead eyes
Hence nothing remains but my regrets
Euphie Jan 15
If I had a thousand wishes,
I would only ask for you.
gabrielle Jan 15
when i was one...
on the pool of stars.
but all that human
can see
is a single star
that turns out to be me.

when you are the moon
i've seen you again
after a long time
and in the pitch black sky

at last
we were together
the moon
and a star
finally, together

far still
but enough closer
for you to see me

i look up,
oh isn't that my love
just close to you
but won't ever
reach you
that only tiny shining star you see with the moon
it was my love getting closer to whom i love
but took a rest, a forever rest
and now it won;t reach it's destination
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