Umi 11h

I gently ask to see your loving gaze
So that it can set my calm soul ablaze
Yes, you're cheering me up in such simple ways!

True love unfolds like a rose
Which you expose, to the delicate morning light

And even if you say, you don't want a blazing sun...But a twinkling sttar...
Can't you see that I am a star which radiating its light just for you ?
So hun, see through the burning rays of my love
And shine...
This is one of the wishes of mine ~ ♡

~ Umi

Dani 1d

I wish I could crumble away into stardust.
Become one with the universe again.
Let the voids and supernovas consume me.
I hope I am reborn again.
Into something better than I could ever hope to be.

You are neither accidental
nor a figment of imagination
but rather a tangible star
in this 89th constellation.

The sky we're standing on is a
thoughtfully tangled tapestry
with each of us set at an angle
to achieve a planned geometry.

Though you're made of stardust
you may not see your light reflect
but if you stop defying the dark
the dots will never connect.

There is much chaos, with stars
colliding, exploding, all around
but you can bring back order
that we lost and never found.

We are all counting on you
to help us hold the line
thus, you mustn't fade away
Shine! Shine! Shine! Shine!


We all came from the same source
Be it the sea, the sky or falling with the rain
All developing on the same course
Growing where nature always finds its way

Whether you’re white, black or a different taint from the sun
Why can’t we just live in peace and all be as one
The wars we fight get us nowhere in life
As when were we told that battles and scars were for the right

From boys and girls onto men and the older woman
Living life has its ups and downs as this has already been proven
The easy ride is made up in movies and dreams
At some point we all lose our heads and run out of steam

Even the son of creation had his own backstabber
Your one of the boys until something comes along better
Sway to the left on this good path we now stroll
Judas so be it, many more good souls to enrol

So, who do we trust from this pool of now millions
Your own father and son, the choice can be minimal
Even your family can have its own non-dependencies
It’s a hard slog this life when we all have our emergencies

If the one is really is out there, and you feel you have found
Then keep them wrapped up, close to your side but not too tightly bound
We all need our freedom but not to stray that far
The universe is a mighty big place, keep them safe, treat them with love and make sure you hold onto that star


Kawa Dec 6

What if I told you,

Every star represented a human being,  
In this vast space of eternal darkness,
It is we that are lighting up the sky, 
And it is together we are doing it,
Shining hand in hand, quietly and peacefully, while the whole universe is smiling at us.

Between you
And me
There is magnet
You are a star
I am a planet.

-- Eleanor

Britney Lyn Dec 5

The sky tonight is grey, starless, and a little foggy; just like me.

Akash Mandal Dec 5

I don't need a pole star to find my way home
I've found the true north
in the moving direction of her shoes.

I don't need a bell jar to hide away my reality
I've escaped into surrealism
while travelling through her tattoos.

I don't need a sermon about the gospel truth,
I've heard it from the holy angels
when they sang along to her Blues.

I don't need a bourbon to keep my desires warm,
I've tasted the fire of the eternal sun
in the dying embers of her muse.

Steve Page Dec 5

Michael said to Gabriel
You know the old man's tetchy,
have you got your shit together?
Have you got your choir ready?

Gabriel said, just butt out
Have you got that star in place?
I don't see it in the sky yet,
have you booked the allotted space?

By the time the magi notice
and start their journey west
the party will be over,
so I think it would be best
if you tell him they'll come later,
that the vibe will work far better
if we just go with the shepherds
and have the kings come later.

Mickey was a little miffed,
but he knew that Gabe was right.
He'd been distracted with the detail
to ensure the star was bright.

So he went and told the boss
that it really made more sense,
cos once Jesus was a toddler
he'd enjoy the frankincense.

Angels have a lot on their plates. Readers of the New Testament estimate that the 3 wise men came to Bethlehem a couple of years after the shepherds.  This is based on King Herod ordering that all children under 2 be slaughtered which he based on when the star first appeared.
ThatCheesyMe Dec 5

"Like the ocean untameable and sedulous, flowing with torrential glistening glacial bliss. Like the ocean I fall and rise, I boil and simmer, tequila in fiery sunrise. Like the ocean I rage and shine, I churn in folly, pain and paroxysm sublime.
I am the ocean, but I kiss the sky", said She.

"Isn't That Wondrous? If you are the ocean, I'm the sky. I'm that sun who drowns into you everyday kissing your horizon; whose colours fade into you at the rosy sunset, then I break the horizon as moon and my beams float upon your waves on a crystalline night when the shooting stars flame out across the heaven", said Me.

And when I got cheesy
She said, "She's in your heart she's in your soul, some cheesy lines for when you grow old. You'll love the cheese it's your best friend...
I forget the lines that I'm parodying XD you enjoy your cheese"

"She is the blood in my veins, Good Night!" I only could say.

Continuing the thread
She wished me Good Night like
"Do bring me all your dreams, all your dreams. The songs of your heart as my memory in your thoughts evokes sweet melodies.
Good night ❤️"

In the morning
"Would you like our heartbeats to converse.
I'll hold you close, bones to bones, flesh to flesh.
You shall have all my dreams all my thoughts,
All my morns and all the birds singing in my knots.
Good Morning ❤
Cant think of anymore than that right now
My toothbrush hangs to my mouth..LOL!"

I hope She'll reply when she'll wake up.

Isn't She Incredibly Talented?
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