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(seven years later) xoxo
You have nothing to apologize for--

Not to me..
not to anyone.

It is me that crosses the line--  over and over
again,  just by the way that I talk to you.
I regret nothing.
I take nothing back.
I did what I had to do once I saw the quality
of heart and soul that is on the inside of you.
I asked for nothing throughout the years..

I just yapped alot.

But nothing I ever said,  was not
and is not,   true.
You are every single part
of every single bit of it, young dream

   That.. and so much more.
I could have said so much more.
That is the quality of heart and spirit
                           that you have in you.
I should have said more

But the beautiful lyrics  of your songs
say that I have said enough--
That I have done what it has taken
to finally get the wonderful view
that the Universe  has of you--

    imprinted onto the insides
    of those beautiful eyelids of yours.❤

Since when was it Beethoven's fault
that he elected to allow his heart  to bring out
into the light of day, the heavenly music

that his rare and gifted spirit, so beautifully felt

There is no law against feeling, sweet-one..
And it is not a sin, to choose to believe..

In yourself;
..and in your deeply-Loved place
within this deeply-aching Universe.


..Nor is it an offence to want to dream, my beautiful friend;
And so you apologize to no one, you absolutely beautiful girl.
No one..

We were all meant to shine.. as children do.
#excellence; pursued
It's funny how people say for others
"Don't judge a book by its cover".
Honey, I've read the whole series -
I still want my refund,
Believe me, that story never got interesting nor pretty.
It was comfort when you're feeling down,
It was home when no one else was around,
It was fun, when you needed a good time to laugh.

Why I want a refund you'd ask?
The magic forest isn't just pretty fairies and unicorns, right?
So was this book.
Cover ain't pretty, but we don't judge it - we give it a try.
Yet, under all the magic,
there's something scary, that could make you lose your pride.
Ugly witches, goblins, trolls,
but isn't the forest also their home?
Story can't always be bright,
But when the dark consumes all the light,
the book is no longer your anchor.
The pages contain ungly spells that make you feel like you're reading something else.
One of the trolls probably tried to trick me - he succeeded.
Can't believe once I've said this book was everything I needed.

Could be the troll,
could be the narrator,
could be just me,
but the comforting fairy tale,
is no longer what it used to be.

And I believe you feel the same way as me,
as this was our first and last journey,
cause the story got way too ugly so we both decided that it's just not worth it.

So, you see, I didn't judge it before,
nor will I do it now.
Yet, I'd like to bring it all back,
wishing I've never read that series nor reach its finale.
We don't judge, we live on with the disappointment.
dycarus Jun 19
you whispered to me,
"want to see magic?"
i kissed your ears,
"like this?"
you kissed my eyes,
"like this"
Saudia R Jun 6
I'm enjoying every moment of my magic

Such is the magic of my moment
There is so much to you that when you finally lose your way to being found, there is nothing left but to be grateful for the magic that is you in a world born of weaponized sadness. Be magic. Be magic for you.
Steve Page May 27
His name is Magic -
not because of the wand,
the battered pointed hat,
or his habit of not letting dragons pass,
but because, time and time again,
he was there when needed
and did what was required
to make life go a little smoother.
- Magic.
Some friends are just magic

Jesus, kid.

I had unspoken hopes  and expectations
when I first met and started talking to you..
but I had no idea just how incredible   your
responding heart would become.
I guess, in truth.. I knew it all along--
anyone as defiant and pissy as you were
is only that way because of a "**** the world"
form of a really deep self-love..
(tho I'm sure you want to punch me in the face for saying that.)

Everything about every single thing you have done
and responded to concerning things I have said to you
or written about you throughout the years
can only come through a brilliant mind's  
own self-understanding--  
that it deserves,  and in its core form..  expects..
nothing less than the best  that the Universe
                can bring forth, for you.
You have fought it within the residual insanity
that tells you that are unworthy..

or too "bad" inside..

or whatever, kiddo..  
but the greater, truer side of you  knows

                            and has always known.

Someone  long ago.. when you were little, tried hard
to smother away the beautiful view of it all in you,
But your Dad fought heroically hard for you so that  the view
that is now becoming more and more fully yours
would not be stifled to a place  beyond retrieve.
When I first came across you in all of your
"little troublemaker-queen of HP", glory,  I saw
what your father had so wonderfully done on your behalf
in what I immediately felt had been preserved in you..
                         even in all of your pissy, wildness.

Unfortunately, he could not stay, and you were left in shards..
devastated to the core..
now that the brokenhearted-champion  of your
nearly-broken spirit was suddenly gone forever.
I still through it all, could immediately feel what he had
done for you..  and I fought hard from day one
to help you get every single part of that back in you..

And now, here you are.  You are beautiful, Arlo.
              You are forever Yrlo. xoxo


"And I’ve lost track
Of all the time I’ve wanted him back"
You have become his perfect dream, young lady xo ❤️

Sweet, sweet morning aroma,
A daily gift many know well
Rich dark grains trickling down
From Ground Black Gold early in the day
Captured in the palm of the filter
Sweet water, heated just right
Turns the grounds in to Black Gold, liquid delight.

Anxious addict waiting for the fix
As the black magic weaves its spell
Desperate, hand clutch the cup
Straight to the lips,
love ....
and peace abide
Trembling hands,
and gain rest

A new day has begun,
Good morning to you all
My mother said Good Morning, I replied not good until I have y coffee
am i ee May 9
the moon started
calling to me
from out
of my deep slumber.

whispering silently,

'come on out,
visit with me
just for a bit,
sit with me for a spell.'

she said.

had to get up,
out from under my warm covers,
out from my warm bed,

to step outside ,
to commune with her again.  

in this quiet,still
this silent, part of this night.  

Just me,
and the moon,
this glorious cold night!
Such relief from the inane activity
of ‘civilized’ suburbia)
shayla ennis May 6
Darkened clouds turn souls red.
Sorrow filled eyes become like blackened sea.
Cries of pain are that of souls lost to the forgotten.

Surrounded by shadows that creep through mist.
Find yourself within woods of ancient creation.
Creatures of darkness do rome here be weary of your footing.

Blood of mortal,blood of beast mingling as one.
Ancient right, time has come.
The path of new life, old to young.

Power abound, magic is the source.
Beast be the maker.
Blood is the key.
Date may 6,2022
By Scarlet rose
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