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Sillva 4d
There are phrases that I cannot explain when I speak to you.
Maybe it's  just a thought or maybe I've gone soft.
Like the clouds thinking its cotton candy, passed memories made  

Tears that
made Rain.

Roses I met indeed,
but let here rose peddles leading my scents to other messes.
My passion became no more an made the seas quiet.
Juliet WAS the name for all my lovers.
Juliet WAS only a costume to hide there names.
An empire I created with flirts
But it BURSTED -
out into flames
an became my worse nightmares
an my worst pains.
Trying to cover the sun with just a finger
Blindly out shined by it's own beauty.
A Mystery
Where misery has chased me,
An started to become Happy endings.
Errors paint my screen beneath the dark
Unworthy to ever press spellcheck.

Maybe is a curse of ur endless beauty
or has my eyes seen through  your purity.
A world of matters
Where I have dissolved my pasted.
To tell my thoughts that they have never forgotten you.
An say opportunities come rarely,  an let me be your overcoat when NightFalls.
                                          Yours Truly
Becca 7d
watch the ball of fire
slowly trickle into the rubble
as the young lady’s
smile turns upside down
her crystals lay so peacefully
upon her cauldron shelf
the book in which her spells lay
is magic like the stars
the candles are dancing with fire
around the a big book
watch the ball of fire
fly above the rubble
spitting fireworks
into smoke
and her frown into a smile
Ellison Nov 6
It is magic; pure pleasant purple-dotted
Oddities in the reflecting pool of our imaginations
Yet is it so absurd to believe in a second in time
Where words mean something and love and rhyme?

I ponder in a candy land upon a sleepy pink hill
And floating one-eyed people tumble around and spill
Out the words that make them real and who they are
But you and I should rise beyond and float amongst the stars.
For the pages of hearts and wet mouths cry
And the cotton-clothed blanket lets us warm and dry
So can’t we simply stay in our warmth so long at peace?
I never want the enchanted feeling of your being to ever cease.
To hold her hand pressed
to my face, so smooth
her touch, so gentle her
passionate kiss, softness of
her lips
To lay down with her body
wrapped around mine, the
tingling sensation of skin
against skin
I'll never experience again
So strong was our love that
Helens memories will carry
me through, of the beautiful
time we surely
Remembering making love to Helen
memorise hope to carry me
candles light up her room
it smells like herbs
and flowers

fall is her favorite season
she enjoys the rain
while dancing trough the woods

she's one with nature and the sun
but in love with the moon
everyone's terrified of her
Nathalie Nov 4
Your fire is your gift

It calls you to act

With boldness at times

You may be reticent

To do so…

Your fire is that

Flame in your heart

That knows when to

Stir magic and create…

For those that deeply

Feel your warmth

They are changed by

Your spark and blaze

Your glow illuminates

Your shine adorns

Your flare expresses

And  when unleashed

Awakens and lights the way

Hannah thomas Oct 31
I am fire and brimstone
paint me witch
and burn me with your insecurities
Hang me high on a limb
let me be a warning
tell them what becomes
of little girls with big ideas
with loud mouths
and unusual expressions
show them what it means
to be creative
how to paint with innocent blood
and call it justice
Wipe us out as quick as you can
Recognize us by the magic inside
or the devil you see in our smiles
drive us out before there are more of us

But there will always be more of us
For most of us still live in the shadows
Still fear for our lives
But oh, us courageous few
stubborn with pride in our quirks
will never die.
Try as you might,
slaughtering us by the dozens,
we will remain an unwavering memory
an example for those in the shadows
ready to come out and take our place.
Syv Elena Nov 1
On this night
Where the air is cold
And the moon is bright
I ask Luna to bless this item
Bless it with her lovely light

Whenever I wear this item
There wil be a witch in sight
A magical being
Who happens to pass the stranger's side

When I wear this item
People will secretly know
That instead of approaching me
I'd rather be left alone

Thank you Luna
For your blessings and more

Thank you Luna
'Tis you I truly adore
Since I am a witch who follows the goddess Luna I like to include her in my spells and rituals. This is a glamour I made for my new lipstick.
JL Smith Oct 30
For some time now
You've been watching
As I walk along the edge
Wondering if I'll fall blindly
Questioning if I'll trust again

You know well
How my heart split in two
Please don't subject its mending pieces
To experiencing déjà vu

I now sit upon the ledge
Feet dangling for your view
Will or won't you catch me
As I allow myself to be loved by you

© JL Smith
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