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Bleed it out
Cut out the tongue
These words are stronger
Like the pen and paper

Drag me out
Beat me down
This ritual of silence
Won't be the final death

You are the cancer
I am the nature to take back
The truth.
Hold me down
I'll guide your hand

In the end
You'll find your hell with me
This ritual of hatred
Will bathe you in the liea
You always wanted to believe

Bleed it out
Take away these words
Rites of the dead language
Will bring your empire crumbling
To the ground.

This ritual of truth
Will be the end of you

About the Georgia Guidestones and the death of magik
verus 2d
warm fingers swift and smoothly
in the air, I watch the words
come undone in front of us,
they splatter sweetly onto the page.
you hand me the paper and
my crooked fingers curl around it,
your magic lingers, stains the tips.
the words continue a flow as
you thread, into my mind labyrinth
through the holes on my cloak and
I watch, baffled, the golden streams
falling with care on and in-to my skin.
if magic is that which nature can-not fathom;
your words as alien as the meaning befallen
every-time your fingers cross'd mine.
the smooth current of energy from a beloved writer's soul
preston 2d
Selmhem Naise

Keep writing
about the
because your way of
describing it
is a description all its own.

In the magic of your words
you are able to somehow make
the intangible almost feel
as though it can become tangible.

And for myself-- It takes all
I have to keep from being
drawn-in too deeply into
your words. I do best
by letting the words
all but destroy me; so
that there's not a lot left of me
(my-destructive side)  to
bring itself to the table.

The destruction I feel-  there's
an immediate tearing down of

and an instantaneous building up
of hope and celebration--

    the true  deeper side of me
    absolutely digs that ****.
Ya true story.

I watch you
Strumming with grace
Integrity in all you do

The sounds you create
Setting the pace
Vibrations run through

One look at your eyes
Magic rings true
Hans Ho 6d
This is a magic boot
It’s really magic

if I am bored it takes me to my playground
If I am happy the boot is happy too
if l am sad the boot will make me  happy
A child's smile
A cup of tea
A walk in the woods
A fleeting sense of serenity
An eruption of joy
A magic moment
in the labyrinth
of our existence
emily Oct 19
Last night you made me feel alive,
For the first time in forever.
But not the kind of alive that she made me feel—
Because she made me feel like the world
in which we live in is enchanted,
When I touched her I believed in magic,
And I finally understood what it meant
To feel infinite at the hands of another soul.
I kissed her dizzy on the bathroom floor and an unnamed heaven was discovered in her lips.
Poetry Art Oct 18
what if love
isnt just really
meant for people

should we stop loving
or continue to chase
that magical feeling
you get do decide.
Peter Balkus Oct 17
Magic carpet
made of the Autumn leaves
takes me up
to the place I would rather be.
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