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out of nowhere
flowers dancing
windy night
air crisp chilly
super blood wolf moonlight
offering brilliance
flicker twinkle spark
dreams are flying
mesmerizing eyes in the distance
peddles melting away
imaginary heat radiating
being blasted
mirage of photons
tickle all senses
magical cloak
hiding the source
that is you
For you
To open yourself
To breathe
The aura,
The resounding
That magic
Does exist
It will be magic.
If he can
wash away
my scars
on my body
with his love.
ASH 3d
My fingers orchestrated their way on the keyboard,
Words came out from a different realm,
Thoughts came out from a different realm.
My writing has never been planned
My mind knits and sews its phrases all the way out,
And it never ceases to surprise me
I always end up knotted asking myself:
Did I really write that?
Did these thoughts, these words roam my mind before now?
But at the same time, this amuses me
It makes me discover the unfolded parts of my brain
The dark corners of my memories.
It’s like retrieving a bunch of dusted books from the upper shelf.
It is always a new world that rejuvenates endlessly …
© 2019 Ameed Shehayeb All Rights Reserved
My mind, madness
Overpowered by rhyme,
But no reason
Just emotions embedded
Beneath my surface
Exuding words
Written, not spoken
Dreaming in syllables
Replaying rhythm
Piecing poetry together
From what most keep hidden

© JL Smith
Cosmic Mother Our Queen Of Life,
Give Us Strength To Stride Through Strife,
Cleanse The Way When Night Won't Fall,
Give Us Grace When We Want It All.

Holy Jesters Making Mockery Of Our Pain,
The Sky May Look Green To A Man With No Brain,
The Grief & Compassion These Animals Fein,
Don't Listen To Closely 'Cause Sentiment Stains.

The Truth Is Shown In Their Disdain,
We're Made To Give So They Can Gain,
Have You Not Seen This Political Game,
Divided So Broadly When We're All The Same.

Cosmic Mother Bring Us A New Day,
Let All The Angry Wastage Waste Away,
All Of The Awe In This World It Can Stay,
But Take Out The Trash & To That We Will Pray.
Harry Roberts - Cosmic Mother
JL Smith Jan 15
And if your patience grows short
How winter's snow
Awaits fall's last leaf
How the blackbird's song
Serenades only after our sleep
And every flower blossoms
In its own time
When you least expect it
Love arrives

© JL Smith
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