I’m not beautiful in the ways the world wants me to be
A creation far from what you’ve seen before.
Wide nose with full lips,
brown skin and wide hips.
Internal scars from being beaten and torn,
external scars from changing through seasons.
With a gap in my teeth and confidence in my walk
I defy what has been described as the epitome of beauty.
That brand
didn’t matter at all

The home it was housed in however
was a palace to bask in

Stand it upright
hop from the bed

Crawl in aloft
put a soft blue blanket on top
sit back, watch as it captures all your thoughts
You’ve hardened me
And every silver bullet
you’ve lodged into my heart,
I’ve plucked out,
Enduring the pain
And built myself an armor
Out of your betrayal.

And You are not a Phoenix.
Your tears
Will not heal
the open wounds
you have caused
With your trifling talons.
Love is a collision of infinities
A profusion of profound
And mesmerizing feelings
Which defies all tangible
And transcendental extremities
And ignites a furore
Of compelling desires
And insatiable cravings
Which is able to make a mortal  
shiver unexpectedly
in sweltering heat
As well as dance bare chested
In a biting weather
Fueled by the warmth
Of its sheer ecstasy
I guess it's a part
of God's grand scheme
To make us believe
That magic
Still exists
They say there are three types of love, but respectfully I disagree.
How can someone count, what one constantly bleeds?
Can you imagine love so simple, like counting to three?

Love is losing control, love is setting free, love is giving a stranger your seat.
Love is breathless, love is bold, love is sharing a blanket in the cold.
Love is pure, love is tragic, love is unintentional magic.
Love cannot be stopped or contained. It just constantly happens.

Love evaporates and falls from the clouds. It sneaks up on you when you don't want to be found. It is a force that knows no bounds.

Love gets you out of bed, and helps you fall asleep. Love is always present even as you dream.
Work in progress
ph 4d
Like desert birds circling
bones picked-clean, you
keep hanging around here
like I’ve got something to offer.

Let me tell you, I’m all out of magic.
You bled me dry and though
I love you, I can no longer
be in love with you.

I’ve only enough embers
to keep myself warm these days.
A shriveled husk, the remnants
of a past flame are what
I am to you now.
I can be nothing more.
Lets be intimate
Lost in each other's bodies
Love, sex, and magic
A genie came to me in my sleep
And asked me what I wanted most in the world
In my heartbroken drunken sense,
I said "look into my heart and see"
"A broken girl with broken dreams", he replayed

He said he'd give me the man I need
But when you came, you were a wish come true
You wore your heart on your sleeve
And tucked your insecurities behind your ears to show off your grin

"I like you", you shyed
Like a little boy confessing his love
"Love" was a strong word so your heart chose what it could handle

"I like you", your lips curled into themselves, nervously quivering
Your arms were extended out to take all of me in

It broke my heart
I tucked my heart under my matress and danced with my insecurities
I could never love someone like you
I could never bear to lose someone like you

You belonged among the stars.
So that anyone could look into you.
Your heart, your soul, and your beauty.
someone as illustrious and radiant as you
should light someone else's skies

The genie gave me what I wanted
But I see now I don't deserve it
He had played the best game of trickery
And that was betting your heart on me
He loved me too well. I couldn't play the genie's game.
The closest thing, I've personally seen, to the truth
is that I am fortunate just for the walls and the roof.

Everyone in the United States loves to masturbate
as they all try in vain to dissuade their innate guilt.

How much a better person will I become for
all of this good that I have done?

Corporations buy lakes to upsell life like
William Gibson thought they might.

Where is the sunset in flame through the eyes
of a younger Ridley Scott like we saw?

Let's start a fire in the heart of the woods.
Everyone will ignite, equally ugly.
Dance through the night with me.

What's your strain?
Would you care for some LSD?
We could die at any time, obviously,
So why not live up to the destiny
Implied by the monarchy?

Peasantry, peasantry.
Nihilistic pleasantry.
Peasantry, peasantry.

I used to think I was
Selesnya, Boros, or
Azorius, but now
I know that I'm a Jesuit--
Or something?
And so belong to House Dimir
Or to the Cult of Rakdos.

Peasantry, peasantry.
Nihilistic pleasantry.
The Rose is under the jar,
A fungus lurks within.
The Beast is corroding slowly,
No magic can help him.

Beauty is locked in prison,
The key to Happiness lost.
The castle lies forgotten,
The memories left to rot.

Yes, no magic will save him.
His destiny writ in stone.
The Beauty lies within him,
Imprisoned and Forlorn.
Inspired from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Though it's a simple piece of work, I do believe it's quite implicit in a profound way. I hope you like it.
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