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A grain of sand on the beach, a puff of air in space.
Carried on the waves, drifting further out. Reaching.
Until the stars align in it's destination.
It's in orbit of what it travels so far to reach.
Carried by attraction, unknown that the smallest decimal-
Rewrites the whole system in unforeseeable ways.

Magic is real.
We used to go to bed listening to fairytales
Hearing about princesses and dragons
Unreachable dreams and fake heroes

We welcome warm winters only after cold summers
For I remember admiring the shiny moon
Contemplating ruins
And admiring autumn's vulnerability

Growing from bittersweetness
Accepting pain as an energy
Finding hopes in every step
Maybe now greyness is the miracle I need
sometimes my problems feel so big
like they'll just about swallow me up
but sitting among the sycamore trees
makes me feel like i'm good enough

i can tell the trees all my secrets
whisper them into the bark
the leaves and the branches won't tell on me
even after the forest gets dark

the forest is filled with magic
a quiet magic most cannot see
i hope that the power residing here
also has a home in me.
Ken Pepiton Oct 11
the eretz was without ideation
at the mo
ment alation cre
ation mental poing

some thing hap-pening here,
pretty clear,
this is that still small, voice,
after all we've said we've done, said
was apt to hap after may
was given the the reader, in terms,
only unbelieving for real,
can reset.

--- ol country boy, did you never sing
sweep over my spirit

for ever, I pray, in phathomless billows
bubbling foam singing harmony
with the oldest three

olives around my table, in the trade
edition of
Turkey Day, Nihilo Holy Day
Before Black Friday.

Foreseeing a nap in my future,
and imagining all the fuss has blown over.
Or is fussing with if gravity works
or interest can be paid with attention.

Every ad a usurer sends earns wechat credit for
being exposed to the ad in more than 20 percent
of you shape-resolving systems
logos setting.

We are paid to pay attention that's the pitch,
it'll make us all rich.
toying with chips and old mac hardrives
you light a match,
i fall in love.
just like magic.
my favorite memory of you by far.
Your Aura baby
It's pure magic
I swear you
Can make anything happen

When I'm down
You flip my frown

When raining
you reveal the sun

When I'm bored
You create fun

Look at all the good
Your magic has done.
Her ability to flip negative vibes is like magic.
bhu Oct 6
They say, everything happens for a reason
Believed you to be everything, until I became the reason
A reason, with dreams of autumn season.

Fall if you must, to rise from the dust
Scathed but Strong, like a burning tong
Humming to self your warm song.

There is sun somewhere, look around
The light never leaves, even as darkness surrounds
Finding light is tough, but creating one makes you Profound
My reason in ME, thus I found.
In the autumn leaves they play
The little fairies dance all day
Tinting the trees, the ferns and fonds
Painting the fall with their wings and wands
Before the ponds turn to icy glass
Please hold this fall moment slowly past
© LadyRavenhill 2019
You were

You hold
The same

You are
You were

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Selfcare ||Dignity
john Sep 28
it's in the ring now,
but the modern way is reckless.
oblivion is nearing ever closer,
you're just like me:
the greatest magic trick ever seen.
let's disappear together.

nothing's real.
that's just how i feel.
it's all coming on now.
i can't stop listening to the voice
inside my head
telling me not to sleep,
but to go to bed.
shock paralysis dissolves into my mind,
streets walk through the night.
tell me where you are.

oh, what a beautiful hollow part of me
I see.
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