Kyte 9h
The thing about you,
is that you are magical.

I'm sure it's in your eyes.
They are bewitched.

I tried not to lose myself in them, but I cannot.
It's in the way you blink,
and in the way to open them so big
that an ocean would feel at lost in them.

You know they have powers
and you walk around through life regardless,
recklessly enchanting everyone around you.
I wrote about you
When we were only 10
But you acted older than that
A hastily made rhyme it was
About how you caught me
Hidden behind your shelf
In those unfair games of hide and seek
We used to play
I wrote about you
When we were 16
Trying to wade through life
In those years of youthful adolescence
When you had a growth spurt
And your beard began to grow in patches
A not so hastily made rhyme it was
About the way your lips curled
when you smiled
And why my heart raced
when you passed me by
I wrote about you
When we were 20
You were still a confused mess
But partied as if
There was no tomorrow ahead
A free verse it was
About how much I craved
To trace your contours
And kiss those furrows between your brows
As you slept and I stared
Then covered you with a blanket
I remember we were freezing that night
We are 25 now
And I still write about you
More than half of my diary entries
Are filled by thoughts of you
The way you blink your eyes
The way you shake your head
Your random compliments
That make me blush and look away
The goosebumps that I get
When your hand brushes against mine
The embers of the setting sun
That I see in your eyes
I've been watching and waiting for you
But you still don't have a clue
How can you be so oblivious
To a yearning so profound
Help me believe in magic
give me a hint or sign
Let me witness a miracle
I've been searching all my life
I want to write and write and write,
until the urge no longer bites.
When will that ever be?
These solemn, solitary nights
nag at me with their necessities.

Nothing is so magical
as the ability to endure
these emotions by one's own.
When I am alone,
I can delight in the quiet glee
that I share with no one but me.

Let me be,
as I dance under my own personal marquee.

It's here that I am most free,
don't you see?
You crown my realm
with real fairy dust
from a land afar.

I’m coming
where the bees sing
and you read poetry
while I cry.

Unicorn tears
of magic reign
forever while the sun shines.
When the rain falls
you float.
Magical passion fire rages can you feel me do you want it you know you do you want to reach in and pull that fire to your body lick it with your bare hands rub it all over your body fill it's hot wet soft caress have it lick you tenderly passionately within the passion there's a fire that rages yet there's a coldness that rages inside your eyes where did you go where have you been do you know me do I know you not anymore not anymore
© Jennifer Delong 4/2/2018
I never knew strength until it's all I had left
Stripped of everyone and everything; a victim of theft

I never knew strength until I was visited by death
Pleaded with God until His hand helped me catch my breath

I never knew strength until I faced myself
Staring in the mirror, buried by emotions I felt

I never knew strength until I chose to move on
Acknowledging my future is brighter now that you're gone

I never knew strength until I loved thyself
Standing firm in my convictions while accepting help

I've witnessed my strength; I no longer doubt
But in time I'll learn, I'm capable of much more inside and out

© JL Smith
               'neath onyx skies
                           crystal balls
                                     filled with
    ­                                                   of
                       golden chalices
                                                to hold
                                           the wine
                                 of illusion
                                       spiders spinning
             whose gossamer
                      capture tales
             ­                                    kings
                       ­                                      castles
                   ­                            princesses ~
                                 wizard wands
the night sky's
                              rearranging stars
                                               into patterns
                                                        ­   to be read
                                                as words ~
                            cryptic languages
         ­               clouded
   ­                                       within
                   and samurai
seek the key
                 while dragons
                  ­                                   flames
                                                          ­ of  passion
                                                    ­     into
                                      the cauldron
                              that lights
                     the banks
of a river
              of dreams
                        cliffs rise
                                along the edge
                                     casting shadows
                            that plunge deep
                         to nightmares
                 hearts climb
and fall again
                   caught by
                                      the jagged edges
                                                           ­     of love
                                                  and bitter
           ­              climb and fall
                                        by incantations
                   the moon
If I called
Would you come running?

If I had one too many
Would you stop my world from spinning?

If I revealed my mess
Would you claim it as your own?

If I had lost my way
Would you save me from wandering alone?

If I needed to escape
Would you drive me for miles?

If my pain wouldn't cease
Would you incite a smile?

If I wanted to give up
Would you encourage me to endure?

If I felt uneasy and afraid
Would you protect and secure?

If I told you it's hard for me to trust
Would you risk a chance?

If I told you I'm a little hopelessly romantic
Would you tell me you fell in love at first glance?

© JL Smith
JL Smith Apr 14
This is for those of you who
Sit with me in silence

Or for those of you who
See within me the courage of a lion

This is for those loved ones who
Feel pride observing my journey

And for those of you who
Extend a hand when my waters turn murky

This is for your loyalty
After everyone walks away

Or for your persistence
When I push, but you choose to stay

This is for those of you who
Lift my spirit and inspire laughter

And for those who
Answer my questions before I can ask them

I'm grateful for these moments
And your acceptance that I'm human

Yet, somehow you still believe I'm super
Maybe these boots and cape aren't an illusion

© JL Smith
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