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Nigdaw 7d
the surprise attack
is always a great play
feigning love interest
like the pitbull never wags it's tail
all the time waiting for a fight
for no other reason
than to let it all go
Aseel Sep 15
I don’t remember
The last time I felt
The last time I opened
My eyes so wide
I don’t remember
The last time I tried
Something new
Or I wondered how
Or I wondered who
I don’t remember the last time
I played hide and seek
Counting to five
Or The last time I **** a breath
And Felt alive
I don’t remember who I am.
Bhill Jul 31
Talk about timing
Without it, we would be late
Late to everything

Who wants to be late
Do you desire to be late
That's what timing is

Be on time today
Surprise everyone you know
It will surprise you

Brian Hill - 2019 # 191
Do any of you out there have a problem with this...?
Jule Jul 28
Ash was there, filling each groove -
Making it impossible as a space to use.
I searched for a device to clear my vice,
But could only see ones with others lips on their device.
Come to find, this one is mine!
But as I turned to clear the ash once near,
My gaze caught me by surprise.
The ash was clear!
We could settle here,
But there was one point I felt insight.
I could’ve used a device from another -
To clear the ash once near.
But I searched and waited to find my own,
And my patience brought me here.
Carl D'Souza Jul 23
When I think I 'know'
I stop asking questions,
I stop discovering
what an unknown Destiny
is bringing surprisingly
in the present-moment.
Tom Atkins May 31
Another cup of coffee.
I need to wake up.
The night’s dreaming has left me


to be alive.

It’s not the first time.
Not at all.
I’ve lived in the nightmarish dark
far too long,
far too often.
I am experienced in blindness,
swinging my sword at ghosts,
shieldless save for God.
Each day new wounds bleed.
Each day new wounds heal.

And so here I am.
A decade and more later,
a collector of scars,
a strange sort of warrior,
living in the half light.
I am in a good place in my life. That amazes me more than you can know.

imtooawake May 13
You are standing in front of her
not really knowing what to say.
She has cheated on you.
It shouldn't have happened to you.
You were giving her everything
expecting nothing at all.
But it was not enough.
And now she is standing in front of you.
And now the death is standing in front of you.
Did you know when you woke today
that I would fall in love with you?
That your eyes would be seductive
sirens attracting me to you?

When you delicately opened
your lips at dawn to breathe, did you
know that first breath would draw me in
to your heart and deep love for you?

How many times were you to smile,
not knowing how much I’d love you?
Were you truly that unaware
that pure beauty is to see you?

How many years have passed till now,
my eyes waiting to behold you?
Did you know this moment would come,
searching for beauty, I’d find you?
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