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Beckie Davies Apr 19
My mother gave me her figure
My father gave me his eyes
I gave myself an out and commited suicide
Taking them both by surprise
i took them by surprise
I give up anger
Face my fears
Surprise my body
With feelings of happiness
And yet sadness still prevails
Filled with disgust
I despise
With my faint heart
I'm consumed once more
By the very bitter emotions i tried to over shadow
Bitter emotions of anger, fear sadness destroy one true sweet emotion which is happiness
ris Feb 22
Before there was you, this day made me blue
It was a constant reminder of a love that wasn’t true
But things suddenly changed on that one day I asked
“What day should we celebrate, and raise you a glass?”

I let out a laugh from utter disbelief
“I was born on the day that you look forward to the least”
I smiled at the fact that it was easy to remember
Suddenly that day became a little bit better

I found myself giddy, happy, and ecstatic
For you made this day no longer that tragic
Of course I am grateful; you replaced a bad memory
But I am most grateful for your sincerity

Along with sincerity, you brought comfort and care
Things I never thought one could just possibly bear
I was afraid to trust you, but you never faltered
No matter my wrongs, you were always still there

I am most grateful for you, yes that is true
You made this day bright, and no longer blue
If one day I am able to just show you what I see
I’d make you see how wonderful and precious you are to me

I wish words were enough to express every thought
But no matter how I try, they just simply can not
So let me just say this one final thing
Thank you for being you and all the joy that you bring
For an unexpected friend I will always be grateful for
Paul Butters Feb 21
Brevity bangs

Paul Butters

© PB 19\2\2021.
Kept this on the chocks for a few days.....
Truly truly I love
Lovingly I hug
I am living
A **** life
Not real
****'s life
Be wise
Be my wife
Truly truly I love
Lovingly I hug
I am living
A **** life
Not real
****'s life
Be wise
Be my wife
Get surprise
Of your life
Happy forever
In life
Truly truly I love
Lovingly I hug
Succumb to the attraction,
And you just might find
The greatest marvel the
World failed to define.
I have been losing you
At every moment in life
Everytime we talk
I take it to be the last
It ain't a surprise
That we stopped again
It would be a shock
If we manage to
Continue for long
JL Dec 2020
Sleep is someone who never
comes when invited.
Just when least expected
she Springs a surprise.
Katelynn Nov 2020
You are my serendipity
You are the one who entered my life unexpected
Guns blazing
It was like you fought your way
Without even lifting a finger

You are amazing
In the way with one touch
I can feel your love
Crackling like electricity
As it shoots from my body
Just pure breathtaking love

You are beautiful
Even when you think it least
Because you see the least
I see the sparkle in your eye
When we look at each other at night
Even with it pitch black
I can still see your eyes
Shining open to my heart

Darlings you are more than you think
From the kindness of your heart
To the softness of your touch
You able to calm the strongest storm
With just the slightest hug
You my dear are truly lovely

For it was you
Who taught me love again
That it could exist
That it could be healthy
That love could be shared even to the meanest of people
But still take no ****
And that is why I love again

You are my serendipity
Full of love and warmed
Unexpected but greatly welcomed
I love you with all of my heart
And I can’t wait for what lurks ahead

For you
My love is eternal

You twatt waffle <3
I’m going to be honest. I wrote this poem one of the first times I got high and I don’t even remember writing this. I do know however the feeling behind this. This unfiltered/unedited poem is about my love. He came into my life so unexpectedly but I wouldn’t change that for the world. I love you Cyan Sus <3
Sakura Oct 2020
When I open a door with  eyes closed it always take me by surprises
I either fall down in a deep pit or i fly high in the sky
I might not know
Until i open the door
Until i open my eyes
But I wonder....
I wonder..
Would i be able to open the door with my eyes wide open
Would i be able to take a step ahead with my eyes wide open
Would i be able to enjoy those surprises
Would i be able to know if  i were going to fall down or fly high
Would i be able to know what do i like more
Whether it's falling down or flying high
I might not know
Until i .......
Until i take first step
if i am scared to open the door
I close my eyes
Open the door
Don't step back
Go ahead and enjoy the surprises life has to offer me
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