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Riya 7d
you know all of it
all of my worries
and my thoughts..
I could never
surprise you..
because after all
you've been
in my heart
for a while.
and I
can't deny
that I wish
for you
to be here
by my side
but I know
that I'll have
to wait
a little longer..
to see your face,
to hear your voice,
to be in your arms
so close.

I can't wait
to finally
be with

for my ***.. <3
Zack Ripley Jul 2019
As the world turns, a fire burns.
And as that fire burns, another one dies.
As the world turns, a baby cries.
But this should come as no surprise
Every day, the earth spins around and around.
And it'll still be spinning long after we move underground.
As far as we know, this is the only life we've got.
So don't be afraid to live for yourself.
Go ahead. Take your shot
Ylzm Apr 16
The familiar and well trodden
Walked over each and every day
Yet they still surprise and bewilder
Not so much that stones moved
Or grass grows blue or pigs fly
But the eyes of the soul renewed
Like a newborn child's first sight
Seeing the world fresh and anew
In every step you walked the walk.
I embrace the coming moment,
Open it to the surprise of the present.
The gift of life wrapped in the eternity of now.
Traveler Mar 31
I suffer from a surprise left
The never ending fight
All I saw was black  tights
I only loose it late at night
I guess I never got back up
From life's patented upper cut
Year's I've spent in somatic  extreme
I surrendered to my unconsciousness
    Now life is but a dream
Or is it a meme?
Traveler Tim
Gabriel burnS Mar 16
Of all the natural elements, the most savage one has always been, the element of surprise...
We are the ones who are done for
the recycled youth as we are known
it's pretty sad, I know
But believe me
We are born for something more
something big, something from folklore

I know it sounds strange coming from me
A highschool dropout with no college degree
But believe me
we are here and we can see
We can see the changing times
We can see the tension rise
We can see the shifting paradigm
we get it and it's almost time
Almost time for the great surprise

So get up and take your sweet time
but please, stay true and stay aligned
For it is almost wartime.
Created by me on January 3rd, 2020
There are some things
one shouldn't learn—
some candles need
to burn hot:
like surprise and beauty
when the birds sing.
Empress Asa Mar 9
Two weeks before the days..
The days that I really don't know what kind of things could happens..
The things that I don't even imagine that..

May the day will be the good day..
Hope everything is well..
Wish I got the gifts from heaven..
Adrian Mar 3
They do!
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