jas 2d
watching the sunrise with you
a true beginning of each day
its radiance danced on our skin
goose bumps travel from the tips of our body warming inch by inch into our hearts,
warm bodied and full of life
its your love that drives me insane
day by day
my heart glows into my aura that shines on the outside
much like the sun
clever 3d
I'll find a way to escape this, too.
Whether it takes me until the sunrise.
Whether it takes me until I'm at the end.
I find a way to circumvent your feelings.
I know you've got your heart set on love,
But I have to say, I'd really prefer your trust.
mt 3d
i don't really know what it feels like to be in love but i think the clouds look nice about an hour before sunset when it seems like everything is submerged underneath a blanket of cotton
or maybe in the morning, when the sky is so blue but the clouds are so sad and so soft like the froth that sits on top of my soda in the summertime when its hot
or right before a sunset when the clouds are dripping gold and the sky seems to soak up all of their honey, honey like the bottles tucked away in the pantry, honey like the eyes of the curly haired boy living across the street
and i sit and watch how beautiful the sky is from the sweet-smelling sheets of my bed or the lonely window in my classroom or the passenger seat of my mother's car and think of how beautiful it must be to be in love
Amanda 3d
I wake up and barely move my body
From my curled up guarded position
Strong struggles bully me into
A difficult state of submission

Our bed is somewhat unhospitable
I feel my welcome is outworn
I whisper to my forlorn pillow
"Have sympathy, for I am torn."

Gazing at morning's wrinkled sheets
My brain ceases to dream shining sights
Breathing the broken scenery in
Tears wash away fear silence invites

Pain is a mat to welcome tall waves
A home laced with stress waiting to be explored
Walls condemned to live in a quiet calamity
Vibrant hues hung along halls in a hoard

I glimpse a small strand of light intertwining
With the unspeakable darkness shadowing my eyes
Willingly taking each wound life inflicts
Love slowly overtakes the pain with every sunrise
Time does heal all wounds. Slowly but eventually.
Ella 5d
It's hard to find the sunrise when you're a storm
Hard to find anything in the dark
Even harder to transform

It's hard to stop swimming when you know there's a shark
Waiting for more blood
But you were my spark

I was drowning in a flash flood
Not really trying
You pulled me up, dragged me out of the mud

I felt like dying
Straight to the point
But now, I feel like flying

I'm terrified to disappoint
I want to be the best for you

You are my only one
My checkpoint.
Heidi Franke Apr 14
A Hero's face rises above the
bandage on his head.
Why do men need this sort of hero?
An innocent.
A flower of spring.
Do you not see the sunrise each morning?
Where is your lost soul?
In the ages of history,
learn thee not?
The face of a young boy, wrapped in a white body bag, killed from fighting in Syria from the WhiteHelmet's twitter page.
III Apr 12
It's so much more
Than the daffodil sunrise
Exhaling puffed purple trails of smokey
Cotton ball clouds
Reflected across the stitches
Of your hazel-green iris
That captures my attention so,
And refuses to return
My breath you've stolen.
The sun takes it's time
each morning
to stretch it's rays
over the vast land
Take your time with me
Wrap me in your arms
Explore what I have to offer
We've got many sunrises to go through...
KM Hanslik Apr 7
You tell me that
I am capable, and I've never
fallen apart to the sound of something so beautiful
as those words; I've never fallen apart
to anything as gentle as
We should tear this empire down, because empires
can't survive in the new world; we should build
a city and nest it in the middle of here and now,
we should run away with the wolves chasing
our heels and our faces turned
toward the sunrise, like a promise to
return when we are old and our legs
have carried us to all the places our youth
so desperately sought.
We'll return with the autumn wind when it turns
the leaves red like our intertwined blood;
the seasons breathe life into
our hands and smiles, and maybe we, too,
shall come to pass, but I think that it will be okay if I die
in all the places our youth so loved;
I think I will be okay if I die
by your side.
A Apr 4
Everything is grey,
The sunrise is so muted,
Drowning everything,
It cannot be disputed,
Everything is grey.

Everything is grey,
No happiness, no strife,
My hands, my thoughts,
My dreams, my life,
Everything is grey.

I watch from a place far away,
A silent, lonely visitor,
I don't like to stay,
Because, because, because,
Everything is grey.
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