Giacomo 1d

We all are sinners
We all make mistake
We all love each other
For the love of music.
That life is one
And only us
Will set the path
For a full brightful youth
Set the road
For the new beginning.

Madison 5d

They asked me what it was like
To be in love with him.

I told them it was like
Watching the sunrise
Every morning-
It happens all the time,
But it will always be beautiful to me.

another old one I found...
Star BG 6d

As sunrises my eyes open
my heart expands.
to feel its energy filter into heart.

As sunsets my eyes watch
my moment expands,
to feel gratitude for the skies magnificence.

As moon rises my eyes see
a grand view expands of universe
to feel safe and never alone.

StarBG © 2017

inspired by Cheryl topic of sunrise
Donna Jones Jun 10

O marmalade sky
God buttered you so lovely
You made breakfast soar

Sunrise and breakfast :)
Rebecca Yong Jun 9

a warm orange spills
over the dark sky's edges
a new day begins

the birds are singing
in their nests of dew-dropped leaves
a gentle breeze blows

bright light floods the land
the world around me awakes
time to face the day

It’s that Southern Gospel
that Northern Revival
from the sunrise to the sunset, dusk to dawn.

First on the right then to the left, up and down
it’s a rhythmic tone, tuned to tune your heart

plucking that picking string
twang in that twilight night
how it feels oh so right

      this little light

sing that Gospel song
in that bright blue moonlight
   all night long!

Hear me sing
see me dance
let me laugh
    and shout out loud!

its that Sunrise Service,
that beach day baptism,
its that old hymnal message that never dies

never,   ever dies
that old old story of the righteous and the holy
that oh so sweet story of the Bethlehem baby born and raised.

He live to die so that I could die to live.
They call him good, I call him Lord
They call him teacher, I call him Savior
They call him Jesus, I call him King

Rosa Jun 6

Blossoms fall from air
Each one a dying sunrise
Is the world ending?

Let's just say it's an acquired taste.
Torsten Tim Jun 5

In the top most window of an old oversized house, there is a boy looking out…

I leaked my emotions through the familiar window as I watched this slow motion explosion of layered light brightly engulf the sky.

The room itself a simple place, where I’d come years earlier in emergency of a bad dream or scary thought. Now itself becoming a bad dream of a memory, stale with regrets and unhappiness.

That’s the thing, this house is nothing but things, of which I’ve been surrounded by my entire life. Moving from room to room as the memories and anger build up just enough to wreck the room before moving onto the next. An unexplained murder of compressed claustrophobic anger and depression of a tortured mind.

Mariaa Jun 5

The prettiest colours of the sky are in the morning between five and six.

The prettiest colours are on my cheeks when you touch my lips.

Keep on touching and paint all of me because I'm a blanc canvas and I dont want to be.

This is the message I want to send to you

I haven't met you

but I know I will soon.

LolaPark Jun 1

Things will change when...
             the sun rises on the West.

Part of a poem I haven't started yet.
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