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Alexis 3d
safe inside soft shades
a cotton candy caress
dissolved to darkness

crisp chills come creeping
goosebumps gather on my skin
stars scream in the sky

i'll call it a night
lying lonely, hit the lights
somber 'til sunrise
Yaya 5d
I want to wake with you each day,
until I rise no more,
with every sunrise shared,
more beautiful than the one before.

I want to wake with you each day,
so you’re the first thing that I see,
and hear the first sweet birdsong
with you laying right next to me.

I want to wake with you each day,
with our bodies intertwined,
so that you will know I’m yours,
and I, that you are mine.
He is the sunrise over the black hills
He is the feeling from which my soul spills

He is the beating of my heart
He is the pain of being apart

He is my song
He is where I belong

He is amica mea
Because my bean is the best bean
Late night musings and a warm cup of tea
Adoring artworks and thinking about thee
As I welcome the sunrays softly greeting goodmorning
The birds chirping, oh what a beautiful timing

A light drizzle upon the break of daylight
This is just what I need, I feel the universe smile
And in moments like this I'm in euphoria
In little things, my tiny dreams, this is love - nothing but amazing.
Shofi Ahmed Nov 26
The sun is not
    for one day.
       The same sunrise
          is new every day!
Maxim Keyfman Nov 24
well then the light goes out
all lanterns fade out
and far and near
no more fireflies

oh that's all over here
end of sunset and sunrise
all cranes fly away
in all fogs and seas

John White Nov 23
The world is still,
its colours depleted,
vague and waiting,
for that first light
to break the horizon,
for that first warmth
to settle
on the grass.

I close my eyes,
and open my mind
and let
that first deep breath
wash over me.
Its invitation
is like no other.
I'm reborn,
ready to try again,
to take that first step
one more time,
that this time
I'll succeed.
She Writes Nov 23
I awoke to a sunrise so beautiful
Monet himself dare not
Attempt to capture its beauty
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