J 5d

At the break of dawn
When tempests and tides subside
I will remain here
Bask in sunrise, awaiting;
Elusive silver lining

My first attempt to write a tanka. Constructive criticisms are welcome. :)
Nicole Eden Aug 9

I watched the sun set tonight
above the crashing waves.
The ocean was at an all time high
I heard its heartbeat,
telling me,
there's no such better moment
as now.
Soak it up
The ocean isn't everywhere
The ocean
is one of the greatest things our world contains
I cannot explain the mini fireworks
that the ocean brings
at each different time of the day.
has its own

It's 5:54 a.m. and the hot salty water bashes against the sand.
Now, the first cars emerge from the night-time lights.
I see a couple,
Him white shirt
Her black shirt
Looking like tourists,
They have the same desoriented expression as I do.

Couple blocks away I watch the red neon
Blinking from the distance,
Next thing I know I'm traveling through
                    each yellow light
                    each window
                    every spit of sea foam
                    every palm tree,

On top of another hotel
I found a room with lights on, yet
No one seems to be dazzling
                         in the dark
Gazing the horizon and the dark sea
All by himself...
                                        ...besides this hopeless fool
                                        waiting for the sunrise

Benidorm, Spain
august 3, 2017
6:07 a.m.
Lunar Love Jul 30

Our eyes
may not have reached
nor have our hands touched
yet you still managed
to reach
and to touch
my heart

I don't believe
in love
at first sight
I do believe
in love
at first

and I know
this kind
of first love will

Day6, you are My Day.

the road gathers itself like a drained old woman,
hunched over rags, beneath the gloomy crag,
sintering as it nears the beach,
worn out through time, impoverished
it has become reflective in the chittering half-light.
Eviscerated by the pawing waves,
contradictory cracks like entrails, hanging out
crushed into solitude , it redefines its continuous retreat.
In the reductive shade
it circumvents the cove, its tarmac withered,
a battered host to foreign weeds.

Sunrise chides the posturing sky, the sulking universal remnants
vanishing in the fenestrated glare. In the near distance, air unravels,
the moving storm exhaling slips of cloud
rapidly swarming like furious flecks of phlegm-sneezed out in perpetuity
between heat and cold.  
The road lies entombed beneath a scree, tumbledown stones and dust.
Ramblers and cars have sought and found
an alternative route. The moistened rubble creaks
as liquid gathers in its shifting heart, crawling out in rivulets-the rain
descending like spit,
emolliating the countryside, shifting dollops of fetid mud,
enveloping like a furious aneurysm.

Sea and land entrenched in conflict,
a war of attrition always won by seas, unleashing energy
of mindful apocalypse in the manner of a gentle sigh.
The gaping abscess of scarred promontories tottering
like feverish drunks. The mouthed obscenities of carnivorous
birds radiates throughout the cove pinpointing local
drownings encrusted with salt. Sea upon sea impose themselves
enviously on rampant shorelines feasting on sand and rock. Never ending!
Plunging ever forward like a barren plough, receding, only to
re-site its casual fury-implosion upon explosion.

The road in its sullen retreat
stumbles through narrow valleys speckled
with gloom; trees with yellow flowers
blooming in crinkled shadows,
deer leaping through high-standing grass, mincing
between tall thin trees. Loping down
into the cities, it becomes a tousled high street full
of immigrants, all yearning for the sea.

Lunar Love Jul 22

then i thought of you
reaching me
a pale glow
held by slender hands
morning's breath
of dew and dont's
in leaving me alone
and leaving me lonely
looking up at you
is only what i can do

to day6;
i believe in all of your existence
with all of my heart

A Jul 19

I want to be just like the sun.

Because after it sets,
it rises.

And I, too, will rise.

you are strong; you are the sun.

And it’s coming.
It’s going to come around.
The night is getting shorter
and our attentions' getting narrower.
The moon is getting brighter.
The eastern’s presence is getting closer.

And we’ll search and search
in cup of gold seas.
And we’ll search and search
in camel sand dunes;
in moments all alone
with aplomb, long gone
Ancient crews.

Then the coming
Glaring sunrise.
They’ll see us and hate us.
But mostly they’ll have
unwavering awe, respect, and fear of us.

Alec Jul 15

The day awakens
And so do you.
The sun, not yet risen
The sky a darkened hue,
Crisp fresh morning air
The chill reviving you.
Outside your bedroom window,
Air fogging up the glass,
Eyes spotting glints behind pine trees
But gone within a flash.
Opening up the barrier
Wind howling in your ears
Bushes rustle while leaves toss about the wind.
Sparkling grass, wet from morning dew
The birds begin to chirp
Signaling others to speak too.
The sun begins to rise,
Sky turning orange, red, purple, and blue
Up over the mountains
With light shining through.
Every drop becomes a diamond
Their goal is to woo.
To draw you outside,
To greet them with smiles,
So come out the door and explore for awhile.

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