Waking up to sweet lilac rays
The tingling sensation that carresses
My nostrils

I awaken, but my head is chained
To my bed

In solitude my body rests
But when it's solemn it rots
Under the lilac morning sun

Angie S Nov 10

the sky sprawled out across the atmosphere
the sun melted into a rich, bursting orange
and then into a deep, mellow lavender
clouds like sharp strokes on a canvas
drifted so slowly they
seemed to be suspended onto that artwork

from my vantage point,
having exhausted myself in study and in loneliness,
that sky seemed to knock on my heart's door
and leak into what cracks i had sustained
yesterday's despair seemed so far away in that moment
for once i admired the present for
what a gift that sight had been

for such an array of beauty
i had no words to describe
but after giving it some thought
i feel your name would fit it best

**happy 100th poem on hello poetry to me!** i have been on this website for... 3 years now? and i have finally reached this milestone. my enthusiasm for poetry has only increased since i joined this website, and i am really looking forward to the next 100 poems! what an exciting day...

let me know if the last stanza fits well with the rest of the poem? i wrote it with the intention of connecting the sunset with love, but it seems like a sudden jump of themes to throw it in at the very last line. as always, i appreciate feedback on all my poetry! :)

i learned to "be here now"

What is all this blather about dawn
And the lies about loving sunrise?
There is very little fun going on.
It doesn’t it make me wealthy and wise.
It’s often cold except in summer.
It’s still mostly dark, not quite light.
Stumbling around is a bummer,
And, in my opinion, it’s not right.

What the heck is wrong with bed,
Letting the whole world get up first
Enjoying more dreams in my head,
Before experiencing morning thirst?
Why can’t I let the winos rise up
And move away from my doorstep
Before I try to find my getup
And take my outside first step?

Unless I make it at home, no good
Food is offered in American diners.
They sell no roughage, as they should.
They think health food is for whiners.
Nothing green, not much but meat
Mostly on offer is coffee and sugar;
Fried, and starchy stuff on the street.
Finding food besides that is a booger.

So, no thanks, I much prefer to stay
With dreams of retirement in my head
Until later on in the bright light of day
Snuggled, sleeping in my comfy bed.
I don’t want to wake while it’s still dark.
There is nothing much of dawn I like.
Joggers go on and run in the park.
All of you early risers: go take a hike.

Angie S Nov 5

with the break of dawn
     i feel hunger following my sleep
arrives the warmth of the sun
     and the warmth of fresh breakfast
beside me is an indentation in the bed
     following its scent i linger on sugar
your scent still lingers in the blankets
     its irresistable; i'm hooked on this flavor
i hear your footsteps like shy murmurs
     sweet blueberries and soft muffin bread
lifting my eyes to meet yours finally
     i find solace in its simple beauties
you are my sunrise my dear
     the day is not complete without you

today's prompt was "blueberry muffins"! i tried something a bit different with this poem; there's more than one way to read it!

hmm. what i would give to nibble on a blueberry muffin.
Eni Hasanaj Oct 28

Leafs falling down
Dancing with the wind
Their motion to the ground reminds me of him

Autumn rainy skies
Best describe his eyes
To me ,still,my perfect sunrise.

Svode Oct 21

I watched the sun rise today.
It welcomed me and made me allay,
but it's not the best sight I've seen anyway,
that title goes to you.

I gazed at the sunset today.
I witnessed the light's dwindling rays,
but it's not the best sight I've seen anyway,
that title goes to you.

I witnessed the late night today.
I noticed the stars; they made me say,
"It's not the best sight I've seen anyway,
that title goes to you."

The sun was bright, and so were you,
The sun came down, and so did you,
Now, the night is as cold as you,
Ever since you went away.

On every leaf the sun’s rays gently plays.
Upon the mornings dawning
the birds chirp
and the curtains rise,
to allow the light to bathe
my tired eye’s.

© 2017 By Amanda Shelton

loser Oct 11

six AM
on the road

the sky is screaming purple
and cars speeding
and headlights leaving trails
of orange tears

the air tastes like

and i lost my glasses this morning
mosaic mosaic
in the backseat
on century roads

like we're high
like we're high

can't see
past my the back of my hand
don't know
don't know

what to think
when I'm not driving
past it all
but I'm so slow
so dead

might as well forget

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