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neth jones May 19
sunrise                                                      ­   ­                                       
first optic pins toe-tipping play across the meadow
wind bends the forrest fringe west away
the trees adverse to receive
priestly daylight
after all the  
during a most
competitive and predatory
brevity homework - personification
Leah Carr Mar 23
Sunset pink
And sunrise red
God, will you please take away
All that's happening in my head?
Allesha Eman Mar 8
All I can think about
Are the things we would do
If I had moved the mountains
That buried you
I pieced you back together
With shrapnel from the glass
Stained with the pigment
From under my eyes  
Restless from this rustling wind
Anxious and bitter cold
I feel like the whistle
That rings in your ear
As you lay there
Under the weight
Of broken words  
Trying to forget the sunrise
That looms too close
With your sleep captive
In its marmalade palm
The early summer breeze gusts past my skin
A smile rises on my lips
I gaze at you
The warm, orange sunrise eclipses your face
and tints your rosy cheeks
Oh, how mesmerizing, you are

I gently squeeze your hand,
caressing your skin
A silent oath to cherish you for eternity
Your finger twitches in my grasp,
earning a small flinch from me
My head swings down at you
The amber sky and clouds drift past
in the glaze of your distant eyes
Along with my restored smile,
a faint, reassured sigh emits from my nose
Four years later, your little quirks still bewitch me

Enchant me

Captivate me

Seagull’s squawks echo in the sky as they glide past the terrain
Freezing cyan waves of ocean suddenly wash around our legs,
pulling the tawny sands with it
You’ve always adored the beach
Hence, our presence here today
A surprise outing for the fourth anniversary of knowing you
Four years you’ve graced me with
the astonishing, enchanting entity that is,

Since our initial encounter,
our paths were forevermore entwined,
in the manner in which, you simply can not mention one,
without mentioning the other
My lips slide over my teeth
I stare at your figure between my knees
Your outstretched, limp arms gradually sink in the damp sands
Your dull irises absently watch the golden orb rising in the sky
Your essence bubbles from your mouth
I take my thumb, wiping it away

As my final gift to your ethereal soul,
your red sands will spill from your form
in beautiful tendrils of crimson
And just as the yellow dunes,
destined to eternal the lands
neth jones Dec 2021
a heartness of light displays ;
in initial tinting
   the morning
dunked in the thirst
         from the passing night

the fight we experience
   in darkness seems

once exposed
wincing in the maturing sunlight
     a wedded weight is removed
[a heartness of light
scattershot through my peel
there was the warren of night
there was my overactive medicine whorl
then the cold roam of it
barely shared
seems so shallow
no-man and wide
lifted ; i part from darkness
the merciful hint of the morning]

[a heartness of light
beads the mongrel nature
of the sweating jungle
beds the bleeding
of clever trade
and foreign warfare
new growth
will always gloat over]
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2021
The day on a high
reaches the peak
over the pyramid.
Shrouded in twilight
now tucked in light
pushes the envelope.
The whole panache of stars
came out in the pitch dark.
The North Star is on the way
oh do me a favour
I will tell you why.

Veil the angle of dawn
in the black shades of the night.
There are dark caves
even inside the pyramid
scientists, trained eyes
yet to tread on that way.

Put on it only an instance of your kohl
the daylight is already a burnt mole.
Light in the wrap in the night
your muslin veiled silken moonlight
is enough to find the tuberose’s earth.

If the tucked away sun crops up
once again over the morning’s rose petals.
Again it will dive deep into the angle
after an angle in the black hole of the night.
A far cry from the glowing firefly
eyeing blindfolded behind the moon
perfectly beyond every looking star.
Until the master arts in silk black finds the true pencil
not in visualising but catching the views of the sunrise
through the lens of the rose pollens’ kohl-eyes.
Ashley Kay Nov 2021
Refractive nature
Marigold trapped
Between lines of
Pink, the hills
Hold their weight
To the ether
tethered by
exhalations, dry
breath cracks
Barriers of soil
Grains swell in
stillness beneath  
Morning light
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