Just to last to a brand-new sunrise
That’s all I ask of me
Just to last to another sunrise
Find out what victory means

Just to last to another sunrise
That’s all I ask of me
Just to gain a stop on this great ride
Towards the victory I seek

I need to last until sunrise
I need the sun to see
That I’m more than my nightly low cries
No more will they define me

I’m fighting for my sunrise
For my last chance to see
A life beyond this shadow
A smile just for me

Just to last to another sunrise
Just to say without forced luck
Good morning, Peaceful Sunrise
Good night, Tearful Dusk
Just to last to another sunrise...
The sun begins to rise,
Shining regret on a grown man's cries.
He knows he's irresponsible.
He wraps around the pole of knowledge-all.
There's a child who says
"I tried".
Regret on one shoulder,
Regret on the other.
A new day to bear new lies.
The ledge looks ever so tempting...
too tempting
The sunrise is here...clouds come and go, lazily, rain and thunder pounds intermittantly, but the sun comes back. A new sun, brighter and stronger. The night has made its way through but dawn prevails. The shadows still threaten to creep back in but I know the sun will too.
i’m chasing the horizon
or a butterfly
it’s such a waste of time
having you on my mind
the more the sun shines
the more shadows there are
in my life
I walk down the empty streets
Right before the sun rises,
Dark shades disappear,
Baby blue hope
Cracks the never ending horizon.
I breath spring flowers
and shy gold-backed sunbeams.
I dance with the wind
and I race with the clouds.
I am not afraid of my shadow,
I am not a stranger in my own mind.
Sit beside me love,
on this grassy knoll
lean your head on my shoulder
and watch the sunrise.
Lily Jun 4
Look out,and see an ascending sun.
Her light dancing upon frosty blades of grass.
As dawn breaks and fog parts;
surrendering to a fleeting warmth.
A valley where once was a heart, now lives only light.
The rising sun is revealing of many things; new beginnings, eagerness, optimism, zest for life.

Unlike a sunset; the symbolic attribute of a sunrise is centered around a hopeful beginning rather than a happy ending.

Sunsets, are for the reflective, the romantic.  
Sunrises, are for the awakened, the passionate.
Those who do everything with love,
rather than everything for love.

Look out and ask yourself, what you can make
of this beautiful life TODAY?

A morning; for decisions to be made,
dreams to be put in motion, spirits to awaken,
hearts to open.
I wish to see the way your eyes beam before the morning sun.
Rest my hand in the small of your back,
pull you closer for the day’s first kiss.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful?
Your head lay just beneath my chin, snuggled up close.
So close strands of your hair get trapped in my beard,
tips of wild ones tickle my nose.

Beautiful it would be,
to feel the warmth of your hand lying gently on my chest;
the tip of your middle finger tracing tail feathers of a phoenix.
Increasing vibrations of my heart.

Simply gorgeous, your smile.
I wonder how it looks during sunrise after a full moon.

Can you see it too?
Me running my fingers through your hair,
gently working through tangles while you tell me about your day.

It could be so sweet,
blasting jams by big bands while dancing in the stars.
You ask to hear ghost stories about my tattoos and scars.

You say you feel it too?
A desire to be close and place your hands in mine.
Waiting for the moment you touch your lips to my collar bone.

Imagine you and me.
Wrapped in one another,
stretching moments between time and space.

Just think of how easy it would be.
I’ll fall for you while you fall for me.
LexiSully Jun 4
Trees team up to block her,
Attempting to soak up all her marigold rays,
Swaying in her light,
Jealous of the way she shone;
Yet grateful for the warmth.
LexiSully Jun 4
Sunrises are God’s finger paintings,
A new masterpiece everyday,
That make even the birds smile.
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