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nighttime phantoms of birds swoop low through the breeze,
greeting bats with sweet melodies and mingling in the trees.
not only do their songs tingle the ears of few,
but they are gone with the moon and the mid-morning dew.
misty nights and mornings are so perfect. ever since i started working the morning shift that starts at 6am, i can really appreciate the sunrise
Marion 2d
Daylights were so much
than expensive goldbars
with your arms securing my chest
in the twenty-fifth of May
covered with comfy bedsheets
and you as my everyday scenery,
my healthy breakfast,
my vitamin A.

But nightfalls were so much
unaware than missed shooting stars
in clouded firmament
with your eyes refused to stay
growing cherry blossoms
as I hope that your feet
became regretful
for stepping to the nothingness
to the process of forgeting
until to the complete unknown

— marion.
I used to
chase the sun.
I feared the sunset
and the darkness
that would prevail.
I didn't think the horizon
could be more beautiful
until I found my moon
that is you.
We spent the night finding the perfect spot.
Only to be too distracted by the conversation,
To notice the sunrise was behind us.
We'll do better next time..
Bhill May 14
I see the sunrise
nature never disappoints
such a simple act

Brian Hill - 2020 # 134
Watching beautiful things will make this year be just a bit better...
CallMeVenus May 12
tequila sunrise
tequila before sunrise
The Pint of a Groggy Moat

“If writers wrote as carelessly as some people talk, then adhasdh asdglaseuyt[bn[ pasdlgkhasdfasdf.”
― Lemony Snicket

There are 2 mornings of types
How I wake up:
1, the glorious morning seeps in my being and
fills me with light for the day.
2, the mornious gloring beeps in my ceiling and
tilts me with fight for delay.

This morning was the second type.
Betty May 4
Sunrise on a fat contented morning


Melted colours brushed across a waking sky

The place where rainbows come to die

Recycled as a new day dawning
A simple poem about the sunrise
Peyton L May 3
You belong somewhere wholly different-
somewhere tranquil and calm

where the lights aren't harsh
where the breeze is cool and warm
you belong where the air
tastes fresh and clean,
where mountain tops
break against the sunrise
and your hands can touch
all the softness of nature.

Where green is the color of everything
and your laugh mixes with birdsong
where you smile and a beam
of sunlight hits your face
and lights and warms you
where you know only love
and peace and happiness.

Where there is no fear,
no concept of pain
where every color is brighter,
every song is chillingly sung
and every day is good.

You belong to
the earth and her nature,
you belong to the ridges and peaks
and the branches of trees,
you belong to soft mossy ground
and sun-warmed pebbles,
you belong to everything beautiful
you belong to everything beautiful.
about The Girl
You know
      you love her
when her calls
    feels like the sunrise
entering through your windows
       and her voice
is the alarm clock to your soul
      whenever you sleep
with an aching heart
    from missing her
Darling behind the pretty face
  what more can you offer
when you're already
one of the best things
    in life
has to give
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