Abhi 1d

You and I have fantasised
About too many golden sunrises
And yet we always sleep through dawn
Always wake up seconds too late
When grandeur has faded into familiarity

Our bodies are bruised
From all the invisible rocks we have hurled at each other
Our lungs tired from breathing toxic air
Our ankles sore from dragging chains
My fingers are covered in papercuts
From the edge in your voice

We have handcuffed each other
And put leashes around our necks
Confining each other to this birdcage house
Afraid to be the one that has to watch
The other fly free

Yesterday I tried to find the movie stub
From our first date
And instead found my pockets
Stuffed with fist-fulls of receipts
For things neither of us bought

Like the black hole in our bed
That occupies centre stage in our polka dot bedsheets
It swallows the words we speak
And refuses to let them echo
How many conversations have we drowned
With alcohol and tears
How many keys have we thrown away
To lie in a mound ten feet tall
Keys that could have opened the doors
To our secret stash of confessions and apologies
That could have saved us
On the nights that you wrap your arms around me
I can feel your body curving along the edge of the hole
Trying not to fall through
Determined to maintain miles between us
Even though I can feel your breath on my neck

Our living room is covered with pictures of strangers
Because we are afraid of stapling our own faces to the walls
Afraid of calling this prison a home
Afraid of making what had started out as temporary
A permanent affair
So instead we crawl from day to day
Skipping each sunrise as it comes

amalia 1d

I don’t really know how much I love you today
but I was so sure you’re the one I love yesterday

I’m not really sure what makes me love you this much
but I swear I’m tired

Let me rest my heart on the white coat float on the quite river,
Please don’t you ever touch the water again it is already quiet enough for me to sleep.

Thank you, thank you for taking me to the roller coaster, it was fun yet scary, wasn’t it?
I know it wasn’t that scary for you,
cause you’re the one that created the road
and me, I am the victim of your goddamn roller coaster taking high giving stomach a beautiful butterfly just to drop it harder,

I saw you laughing you saw me puking, that was a very cruel of you.

I knew it from the start,
I saw you coming,
I saw the sunrise coming,
It was warm and embraced me all day
for just a one day
before the storm coming,
the sunrise left me without any permission,
left me with this cold.

I told myself how fool I am to think that the sunrise will stay forever.

My hands reached out to them,
Always pleading,
My heart cried, all for them,
Always bleeding.
But my eyes were shut,
They couldn’t see that
it was me who was hurt.
Hurt, deeper than I thought I ever could be,
But there was no one, ever for me.
People came in and went by,
And I sat there singing lullabies.

Lullabies, telling the tales of
Friendships turned into hatred,
Of loves lost to the fated.
Tears shedding, as my cry deceases,
I put myself back into pieces.
Days went by since I last saw the sun,
But the love for them was never really undone.
Today, when I sit here beside the sunrise,
I see myself in the skies.
Leaning onto the window,
I sing some lullabies,
And this time, they are of
New love found and the beautiful sunshine.

sophia 4d

the morning star swells
as i live another day
still in love with him

with glints so bright
this morn the sun's happy orb did rise
with glints so bright
bedazzling of a shining light
was to an eye fine in surprise
its radiance nice to apprise
with glints so bright

Sun 7d

I feel you in my favorite songs
     I meet you in the sidewalks
    people passing by
holding hands

I see you
      in moonbeam’s shine
         I miss you in the
           dawn's sunrise

I dance with you
       under the silver glow of moon
            You are the lyrical poetry
                 spellbind all of me

         Your eyes are so wonderfully wild
            I love to get lost with all of my mind
       You make me smile
with the touch of endless hope

I embrace my
      empty yet placid thoughts
        with the colors of sunsets
             Idiosyncrasies match
On the roads
        Standing with the
               pounding heart    
                    for the cherished

                             ­ Dawn to Dusk

Poetic T Sep 12

Woven unto the reflection of majestic mirages
as the sun awakens to the nights fading upon
the landscape bowing elegantly out.

For within the other reflections are withheld
as a new beauty is seen in the furrows of moonlight.
As when sunrise awakens the slumbering world.

Reflections of self are collected in pools of deliberation
for is one not better at seeing the flaws incorporated
within a reflection and seeing that not everything's perfect.

The sun rises and we see unto ourselves what was obscured
with the dimness. But light gives us refection on things
not seen and we see the reality of so many sunrises.

Kaylee H Sep 12

As the sun rises
Engulfing the land
Enveloping all in its premises
Shedding its light upon all who stand

But there's still something
Present at day's forenoon
That's there lingering
Overlooking the skies is the moon

Even as the sky is lit
The moon isn't fazed
Like light at the end of a pit
It is always there, not outgazed

Unless forced or shaded
It is always strong-willed
Never fully distorted or completely faded
The moon, it is titled

Leading us to the ends of the earth
Always there for us
At night's birth
And through the day just as marvelous

You're there with me before noon
You're living with me through noon  
You're pushing through with me after noon  
You are my lingering moon

Need help...  with titling this.
I also wish that I could've done better with this poem. I am trying to get better... But I feel like I am stuck.
Lunar Love Sep 7

"i'm awakened.
you're like the early sun
whose light touches every corner,
even the darkest parts of me."

two years were just a numbered period,
until we recalled
every memory that
warmed our minds.

"sometimes i may seem like a daydream;
a mirage you're afraid to come close to,
in fear of me disappearing
despite the hour of noontide."

lyrics were just words,
until we discovered
every meaning behind them that
reached out to us.

"i'm never afraid of coming close to you.
why would i be afraid of home,
when that's the place
where my day begins and ends?"

melodies were just sounds,
until we heard
every note that
voiced whenever speech failed.

"some have left
by the sunset;
will you stay
for the sunrise?"

the sun was just a day star
until we saw
its glow that
reflected off a silver mirror in the night.

"yes, i will stay.
through the sunsets
and the sunrises,
i'll be here to watch it all."

my day was just a day
until you came in
and became it.

a poem for DAY6's 2nd anniversary.
titled after their song, My Day.
some may have been here from sunrise,
some from midday,
and some might leave at sunset,
but just so you know, DAY6,
you'll always be our day.
Crystal Freda Aug 31

Lanterns in the sky
swirling its direction to sunrise.
Golden flowers glisten by
bringing a sweet surprise.

Blue, tottering oceans
turn yellow from the sun.
Making such amazing motions
entering together as one.

Rising, steep mountains
gesture below the sunrise.
Sheer, rich canyons
below the lantern skies.

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