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There was
we made dark.
There was
we made ****.
There was
we made cold.
There was
we made bad.
There was
we made hate.
Let us always be
and take the bad things
Think about it, there really is no dark, is it s word that we made up for when there is no light. And it is the same for the others.
snowflakes burn on the cheeks
filtering the clad of trees
with grey nostalgia underneath,

Mother said, "let's make
a scarf with those wings"
the commodity out of necessity

for the weather only permits
threads of white, to rest
as supine angel ghosts

remain like chalk pictures
of suns and dreams yet to be
on the street which colors fade

for she walks, with
a spool of feathers on her neck
wondering why,

she couldn't fly like everybody else.
winter doesn't come in our part of the world, only rain or ashes cloud our skies.
Even with
the warm water
running over me, I still
feel c o l d.
I'm not sure why this is;
perhaps it's something
I've been
t o l d.
I guess some of my poems are made up in the shower :)
i have such a warm family,
such a warm heart,
such a warm jumper,
such a warm bed,
but this house is just so cold right now.
home doesn’t feel like home right now...
i’m struggling a bit with feeling at home in my own home.
i don’t feel happy here, but that’s my problem to figure out.
Natasha 5d
every time I see you,
I fall in love with you again.

your high cheekbones,
to the dark curls tumbling down your forehead.

from the sparkle in your eyes,
and the warmth of your smile.

your arms that have carried me hundreds of miles,
thy spirit within, the one of a child.

you make me crazy,
you make me loved
you make me wild.
The title is of a cutesy little chillpop song heh
He reminds me of what that song feels like
Like late spring during sunset, with all of the pretty smelling flowers.
The year he was gone was the one year I didn't smell them.
I hope to smell them this year, with him by my side once again.
If you loved her, like darkness,
you have always loved her since,
and if you loved her like light,
then she had steered you from your sins.
I think this poem is for those who've loved, maybe.
wren 7d
You always hold me
Your big hand wrapped in my tiny one
our eyes meeting softly
meaningless words filling our mouths
smiles beneath our blanket
i wish You’d always pull me to You, Moon
The ***** souls, when paired with one another, there is
a flight of the cold
a transfer of the warmth
and the creation of the healed

The unbroken minor chord
that rings into eternity
We are one, we are forever and ever one
seekai Feb 9
Walking hand in hand on the beach
Our footprints in the sand
The cool summer wind that breathes
It’s life across the land.

I see the summer memories
That float by in my eyes
I feel the taste of happiness blow
As I stare up at the skies

Summer has held many great things.
Parties, silly fun.
But one thing I won’t forget
Is our time in the sun.

I feel warm when I’m next
To you. Walking side by side.
On this beach as we relive the times
Where we all laughed and cried.

It’s summer that gave us this
I'll remember that when you go
I’ll hold your hand and keep you close
But you’ll leave one day, I know.

So I reach the end of the *****
The water lapping at our feet
The summer thoughts that now fly by
Oh, they’re good but bittersweet.

The summer has now reached an end
But I need you by my side.
Too late, you’re gone.
Walked back into the tide.
this was the first proper poem that I wrote when I was younger, and sparks the beginning of my passion for writing. it's personal, filled with memories and written just after one of the most memorable summers of my life.
Loving you is addictive,
I try to stop but I only find myself loving you the more,
worst of all if I get mad at you.
I stick strongly with fear of ever losing you.
If time is all we need then I give my life's time...
I am crazy about you.
And every letter of the words the spells your name.
I might avoid talking to you.
But I always repeat conversation of us in my head.
Modified with each word snitch I love you and I need you.
If I could I will...
love you till the end of time.
And as time has no end,
I'll love you till my last breathe...
If you are my prison cell, don't ever release me.
I am addicted to you.
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