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Mrs Timetable Nov 2023
Something about the light of day
Going away
Makes me yearn for
Something more
Puzzled what it could be
Those minutes maybe?
Already missing the warmth
Your smile gives
Filling a heavenly void
I just saw you yesterday
But now you aren't here
Why do you break my
Fragile heart
Every day?
Please dont go
I wish for once
You would turn around
And see my sadness
There is a tense relationship between the warmth and a cold void- Comment contributed
(Collab on the title)
Mathieu Aug 2023
Your warmth brought me the courage to face my fears.

Your embrace brought me to tears.
Brant Jul 2023
You move without grace
or ease of temperament,
But your soul is light with air,
Devilish and warm
Man Jun 2023
Scalding my palm
On her rosy skin.
We are young, with a love that's warm
In it's infancy; honest, open, and giving.
I burn for her,
A wildfire of desire
With no forests' end.

I yearn to be the
One she does, when
She learns to love again.
Celine Ngo Jun 2023
my anchor when i’m drifting out at sea
bringing me down to earth when i fly too high in the clouds and forget to leave
someone who accepts me as I am, flaws and ADHD
yet you’re still able to see my potential i hid underneath

my favourite and sacred novel i’d never want to lose
with meaning beyond the surface, metaphysical, spiritual, and so divine
not stereotypical or ordinary, not one about vices like drugs and *****
so darling, let’s have our past, present, and future intertwine

my sunshine illuminating the best in me
rays so warm that everyone can’t help but smile even if you’re far away
but even the sun can be obscured on gloomy days, so as your moon i’ll reflect your sunshine back so we can be a brighter we
i want to be by your side for the rest of our days

my rock by the riverside of a forest,
one that i can always return to
the soft and warm fire in my heart
that burns no matter if we’re together or apart

my guiding light showing me the way
taking things slow and steady
when other boys i’ve known just want to play
november 2021
Simran Guwalani May 2023
As comes the night
And the stars shine
We sit in our balcony
And switch on the fairy lights.
We talk all night long
And maybe banter in between,
A smile playing on our lips
Never seeming to disappear
Yet remaining unseen.
It's relatively cold
But we don't feel the chill,
Because our hearts are warm
And our eyes so bright,
That would dim even the moonlight.
I S A A C Apr 2023
lizard on warm rocks
an artist in their paint-speckled smock
the wind carrying fallen flowers
jade eyes meet brown
chastity belt unbound
hours upon hours
spent in between the sheets
delicate, delectable, free
vanessa marie Apr 2023
waking up to the birds chirping
the sun peeking through the trees
there really is no better feeling
than that of a soft spring breeze
I'm not Anne Mar 2023
You always had that spark that would keep me warm.
But fire is dangerous, even if you don't play with it.
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