Danielle May 8
The shadows grab at my frayed heart
Reaching forth their cold hands
To pull me towards the coldness
Towards despair
Towards the darkness
Desperately I cling  
Cling to the edge
Cling to the small gleam of hope just beyond the horizon
Beyond my reach
I look back down at the darkness, at the cold dark abyss
And felt a part of me call out to the shadows
And heard them call back.
I almost let go, but I saw you in all your beautiful glory
Smiling at me from beyond the ages and beyond time
So I clung harder to the edge and to the hope still beyond the horizon
I looked at my pale, white hands and felt the sharp edges of rock cut into them
Cut into me
And I saw and felt the warm, red blood flow thickly from them
My life’s blood falling into the nothingness below
I looked above the edge one more time looking, reaching, for the strength to pull myself from this nightmare, this hell
Instead the moon’s pale silver light appeared above me
I smiled and looking up at the moon I let go of the edge
Let go of the pain,
Of the sadness,
Of the hate and anger,
Of the hurt,
I let go.
Down I fell not towards the darkness,
But towards the light
Upon a golden beam of light stood an angel.
Clothed in a flowing black robe and black feathers,
of softness and fragility .
There he was waiting for me, within his dark light.
The Angel of death
Of life
Of mercy
The angel of hope and love.
I landed gently next to him upon the golden light,
And looked with wonderment
Upon his graceful black wings
With a small smile he stretched out a hand towards me.
I took it and was immediately wrapped within his warm embrace
As he rose into the air with me in his arms, a feather of pure black fell and brushed my cheek and a true smile illuminated my face.
Now at long last my torn and frayed heart could mend.
This was the first poem that I wrote that was powerful. I wrote it for an assignment back in high school. Then later when we were given an assignment to try and get our poems published I chose this one. Amazingly it did get published and has since been very near and dear to me heart. I hope that people enjoy it here even though it's an older poem of mine.
ShowYouLove Apr 22

Look beyond the surface to see the deeper beauty
Look beyond the act to find a sense of duty
Look beyond the words to see the message they contain
Look beyond the fear and see that I still remain
Look beyond the weakness to see the strength within
Look beyond the death to see where life begins
Look beyond the sound to feel the timeless melody
Look beyond the healing to know the one true remedy
Look beyond the noise to the inmost quiet prayer
Look beyond your helping to find out why you care
Look beyond what you see with your eyes
Look with your mind and soul and heart
Look outside and see the morning sun rise
Look and see what was there from the start
Look beyond blind hate and rage to see the time for love
Look beyond yourself and fix your eyes on things above
Look beyond the cross to see the bridge it made
Look beyond the suffering to see the cost was paid
Look beyond the body and blood to the redeeming sacrifice
Look beyond the anger and do something nice
Look beyond your own little world to find a bigger place
Look beyond apology to see forgiveness and grace
George Krokos Apr 16
It's better late than never
to tell me how you feel
though it seemed that forever
our love to last was real.

To remember all those times
when we were together
is to hide our loveless crimes
Pure Love had to sever.

On the spur of that moment
which now has come to pass
by love's ill-fated foment
causing such an impasse.

If we both had the courage
to look into our heart
so as not to encourage
each other to depart.

But love cannot be denied
what its seeking to find
a union which was espied
before it became blind.

From within its depth rises
that feeling to express
devoid of compromises
with True Love none the less.

Could there ever really be
a love that's so sublime -
beyond what most people see
which comes from the Divine?

In the flash of an instant
when someone least expects
Grace bestows Love to supplant
what less love it detects.
Written Nov. 2017
Lora H A Apr 13
In the silence of the night
translating is a skill.
That keeps you
aware of stranger´s rudeness.

When I ask,
Did I lost my home?
I mean,
Did I lost myself?

People´s looks,
feels like an island of winter sun.
That makes me dream
about the freedom of wander.

There is no place more lonely
than paradise.
I walked carefully
to avoid myself.

Roaming the world
has been my escape.
I guess I have been tired for a very long time....
maybe it was the first time  I decided....
that I did not want to live anymore.....
or the next....
or the other few times i thought about it
but didn't do anything about it.

I am practically a big ball walking
with all these things weighing me down
and dragging me to accept and go underneath
it kills me yet still....
I am still here, stuck...
caught in the middle and not going anywhere

I would give anything to wake up,
break free.... start over..
clean slate and all..
all these memories and feelings
only remind me of who I am
why I should not be here anymore....
no where feels like home enough for me to want to stay....
isn't it weird that at this age?
I do not crave anywhere and no one I know?

Yet that is it...
I'm a blank canvas
empty....yet too full of white.
it tears me apart every day
not knowing which person I will be when....
I'm scared of being....
I am tired....
Dare not to betray,
a poet/poetess
are good in their words
When, and how
to use.
When to stop.

How to make you, levitate
How to let, free fall

They might,
beautify you, above angels.
They might,
promise, sincere words

You may not understand,
their language,
beyond love.

Because, they
live inside their words
World of imagination
beyond this horizon.

search freedom.

They are,
too deep
too much.
Genre: Fiction
Theme: If I am a Poet, if i fall in love.

Silently, I leaped beyond
And just the dull raccoon,
Who stole the kernel as it played
In garden, yet was gone.

'T was the latter sunlight,
'T was the man today,
That when the bashful voice came in
The creature escaped away.
Dark surrounds the sun
even when it spread its light
the moment its gone
it makes its presence known
Though the sun reaches million miles
but the darkness is far beyond
will it conquer it?
no book
get an pin
poke him
wathc him spin
concentrated looks

we know
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