A God of peace and rest is within us all
that is why we have to heed sleep's call.
On a daily basis that is usually at night
we tend to fall asleep devoid of any light.

In that unconscious darkness of our soul
we find true rest and peace playing a role
in everyone's existence no matter who it is
a likeness of that sought as heavenly bliss.

It's an unconscious union with our Source
of which most people aren't aware of course.
Throughout our lives this discipline we keep
being an imperative need to get some sleep.

No creature can ever ignore it for too long
as its force is overwhelming and so strong.
It's a universal call for everything to return
back to where it came from that we discern.

It really couldn't be any other way unless
we get to experience a state beyond stress
that may come about when one is awake
in tune with a higher energy and it betake.

There are some higher dimensions of existence
that can be experienced without any resistance.
We just have to seek and find the secret place,
that is hidden inside us all, with Divine Grace.

Written late 2017.

Oh death, you merciless master of the dark underground
Have you no conscious perimeter when you roll call?
Oh death, you heartless master of the great beyond
Does your job description involves making nice people fall ?
Why do you always take the best and leave us grieving?
Your only job is to waste beautiful souls and break hearts
A part of our existence as man mortal by God's reckoning .

Oh death, thy cold and frail hands often takes our dearest
Maybe it's God's will to call home the very best among us
Taking them beyond the starry constellations for eternal rest
Where their souls will ride atop a beautiful golden horse
How long will you cause us pains for your selfish gains ?
Most times you separate us from those we deeply love
Does it please you to silence us and pull hell's curtains ?
Oh death, from us thy grey hands have taken a white dove .

It doesn't matter this happened years ago..Inspired by the passing of the girl I promised to go back to someday...I met her tombstone..RIP Lovetee

Im not angry,  but what am i?
Looking in the mirror wondering whose on the other side? You seem full of passion that you cannot hide. Then i think to myself come meet me so every morning you dont have to force yourself to greet me we can live in unison!!

Just some Spontaneous poetry about not truly knowing yourself!!

David Bojay Nov 2017

black kendrick lamar hoodie
white tall tee
creamy vest
batman sweater with a zipper on the side
grey northface jacket
different (styles)

expressed on a tuesday morning

living in a rainbow

it's good to be a little "rainbow"

Sylkie Smoothie Nov 2017

A White paper flower for your paper crane
one drawn from the ground the other raised to the sky
Brighter than the snow
Liighter than the air
Hope floats
As hope grows
Message from beyond
The crane and the flower still exist
In memory and thought
But most of all,
eternally in spirit.
Pictures in the windows
A nod from the stars
Paper flowers smile up
At paper cranes


President Donald Trump
Believes himself to be
A godking
Like the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.
He believes
That he will be
The last president
Of the United States.
He will leave eventually  office,
But he thinks that his  regime will last forever.
Though I know that Trump has hist Fascist Groupies
Who would love to  to make love to him
Just once in their lives,
I'm preparing for day
When he
As well as everything he stands for
Will fade into Oblivion
By planting the seeds
For a more sensible,
Sustainable future
Even if I never witness
The day when these seedlings grow
To maturity.

Svode Oct 2017

What is there when we all are gone?
What use comes from the greed-possessed wealth,
other than to please our current existence?

What hotel room will the rich reside in?
When they are in the land above,
and where among them will the poor men lay?

What was there for us to know?
When history reaped what it had sown,
and learnt it's lesson: only to forget again.

What is there beyond today?
A figment of time, life and space,
or an investment into the unknown place?

Life is the worst thing to have happened to me,
yet it is the best in every degree,
because without it I wouldn't be pondering the idea.

This love,
This love I feel for You...
I feel,
And I feel it's so new...

Beyond the rising sun,
I see the endless space...
I see you smiling there,
Behind that veil of lace...

This feeling,
This feeling that I get...
I know,
And I know it's so true...

My HP Poem #1671
©Atul Kaushal

Ambrosia is not the essence of why
Joy is found in the limit
You only cry when you look at the clock
And you wonder if this is it
The century before us
Is millennia to what it means
The life beyond is not up for discuss
We'll only see them as dreams

Stars in the sky dare you continue to shine?
Brighten the desert space they long forgot.
Abused by city lights that reflect grand outlines.
But upon forests and lakes no man has bought
Your skirted auroras I wish to be mine,
A better world you hold, we have long sought

In dreams the night that takes us away from here,
And we fly to a place that thrives not a fear.

© Molly Shore

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