Known and unknown
Charted and uncharted
Land and sea
One built to the ocean line
The other untouched and free
One made with patterns
Design and corners
The other is shapeless
Natural and irregular
The free form border that washes to and fro
And goes deep as death
Yet holds more life than me
Untouched and unscathed
It can never be owned by man
And he who tries to make his mark
Will have it washed away with the sand

Copyright Barry Pietrantonio

I am the embodiment of your life
the shoulders of your deep sadness
the wrapped arms of your burden
the warmth of your coldness
the breath of your sighs

the atmosphere
when you are near
to be living again

I'll sing my song for you
just for you with that refrain
in the midst of the night
will you not be so sad again

the rivers are overflowing
it's still monsoon-time, baby
where will we go with all these liquid
no scrupules, I'll fix it

I'll read you a poetry sublime
about the poet who writes about food
who never be hungry again
never have a grind
man unkind
to break or crush the notes

please do never forget
I am the bottom of your bed
the handle of your doors
the candle of your fires
I am the embodiment
of your desires....

Copyright Protected

Just for YOU
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ with love, Sylvia
AD. Wednesday 6th Sept.2017 - a Repost from Poetfreak in 2014. Created for my love. Inspired by the atmosphere,
@8.48 hrs.AM West-European Time.

When Sunset comes,

She floats above me,
But she is so far away I can never
Bring her into my world.

She only exists in my dreams.
She lives in Heaven,
In a beautiful dream world of her own.

How can I embrace her Soul,
And be with her in this place?

A ghost floating in my memories,
An Angel in a dream who my heart aches for.

How can I be with her?
I pray to God for only a moment in time,
To tell her I love her; I miss her, and we will be together soon.

I cry, to God
I want to die; my life is nothing,
Without holding my Angel in my arms,

I know as long as I live on earth,
I'll never hold another beautiful Soul,

I think of walking across a bridge,
Being hit by a cannon ball,
Less than a second, leaving this world,

But it will leave me cursed,
Cursed in Hell, living without her forever,

My true love,
Who, I miss more than anyone.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Tri-Be - A Farewell in Heaven MV (Love Letter OST)[ENGSUB + Romanization + Hangul]
Mike Virgl Aug 15

Just when I forget
Pushing it from vision
I see a picture


Staring out a window
Nigel Finn Jul 22

If there were no edge,
Would you follow me in-
To oblivion?

In response to Molly's haiku -Ends of the Earth
J Jul 3

Love without reason,
And to love beyond reason;
The most potent drug,
Most lethal poison.

If you see a hawk
on a bough at field's edge
beyond the corner you should have turned
maybe it's a sign to go on.

Such as during an improvisation on
Flamingo or I've Got You Under My Skin
you play in the wrong key or mode completely
maybe it's a sign to go on, in the wrong key.

Or when my sons cry not wanting
to be alone, I'm upstairs writing
or just enjoying trees in every direction
it too may be a sign to go on alone.

No metaphor will tell it
Although I convince myself within the moment
That it will last

That the clouds above my head
The howling wind which I adore
The summer rain and the glorious morn
Will indeed last

But they never do

Because no metaphor can contain
Or stretch it over the canvas to fit
Or even begin to properly paint
This representation known as you

You simply are, as simply is
Beyond the metaphor
Within the shadow of a moonlit truth

The best happens...when you stop thinking about it. And just say it. As it is. True.

Buckets have been the only thing helping me drain my eyes that are full of tears

I almost hate the sight of running faucets
Running scared into my only closet

where the only peace I get is the darkest sleep

Years of tears drained into buckets from my eyes
almost feels like I'm never dry inside, please hold me so I can have peace of mind.

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