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solEmn oaSis Oct 2023
I try and tried to read every Rhyme of that kind
for my tired spare tire was trolling in my mind
because I just got hooked by a puzzling word not just that Easy to find
beyond that little title is like a chime, that for me seems an Essay to bind

7 days ago or even more than not a long way to go
24 hours hit and run and ruin my ego doing the lego
I'll be loving reading your right and wity poetic words of wisdom
I'd rather either be your stalker or a Wanna Be r y n with seldom

somewhere in any Comment
Somehow eerie way i meant
through constructions of your concrete days work of art
though I had been deeply fallen unto a crate Shallow Chart

~ ~
! ! !
( /_. )
. . .

I might be coming back always good in here
a night or two consecutive days I can dare
triangle with exclamation that joints without a Dot of Doubt
terrible width of auction catch points to washout lot of bout

going once
going twice
going trice

rolling dice ...

🎲 🎲 🎲 🎲 🎲🎲🎲


yesterday is friday the 13th
yesteryears maybe seventh
decade of the eight wonders of the world 🌎
cascade daily five capital of deary word 🅿️

Oct . 14 Saturday 2023
hello idol ryn ...
once again ...ur thoughts
in a way of spoken words feels my self digging your feelings behind infinity and beyond of what's really in it with your two stanzas of extravaganza...
and so.. I am so inspired to inscribed my syllables from my weirdest reaction in this very moment and I want it to be ...
the way it used to be ❤️🎵©️
Mark Wanless Sep 2023
i've gone beyond the
threshold of eternity
her i am again
Man Jul 2023
Continuity and infinity,
Why they have to be
Is beyond me.
The end of all things, I
Wish I were lucky enough to see.
But more than that,
I wish I were free.
Omarcito Jun 2022
Monday mornings are always easy.

Monday mornings bring a breeze South
Of The East,
Of The West.

Its caressing the exposed skin
of my flaky neck
like the lead cannon from Atlantis,

Flying for the grasp
Of the cactus from San Pedro
That provides mescaline to the tribes
Nearby, that pray to its being as The Messenger

The West. Beyond the horizon,

Like the jack rabbit, eroding, with a tube
Sock in the vestibule over The Dungeon That Sings,

Sideway neighbors to the uvula. If seen that way.
                  Beyond, the continual rings of                             Agorapho-

                                                      ­                                              bia,
Challenging anxious mind,
With ideas
Of how it be the, not the seal in yestereen's heels.

Monday mornings
Are always easy.
BlackWhite Nov 2021

                              One crossed your mind,
                                Is thinking of you too?

                                           Is it True?
Probably people are connected spiritually, Just a though!
Draginja Knezi Oct 2021
in the lust of the dust
past the lust and the just
past the fast and the last
the remorse the of course
past the cast
in the break
in mistake
is the trust
Nat Aug 2021
Trade winds blow backwards
My mind reels
Insight in insight

Thirdhand apocrypha
Melting all the time
Icebergs within icebergs
Alienpoet Jul 2021
I love you beyond the life I lead
beyond daydreams I had as a child
beyond this cage of bone
and the words I pray
I love you beyond

Beyond the earth which houses my body
Beyond the demons of desperation
Beyond belief and believing
beyond the sands of time
I love you beyond

Beyond hands which desire your touch
Beyond the music which sings out
Beyond my eyes which gaze
beyond all my doubts
I love you beyond

In the blackest hope I will find you
and I grasp your hand
Sit with you and make you understand
I love you beyond.
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