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I’m older now
The world is your enemy
I never used to be that way
The sandpits’ empty,
Mornings back up on the days

no more questions
Answers lead me on, led me astray
no more questions
The answers were poor anyway

it’s slowing up
the exteriors flaking
Badly painted
Nights face the day

I’ve got no more questions
The answers were poor anyway
Natalie Aug 5
Trade winds blow backwards
My mind reels
Insight in insight

Thirdhand apocrypha
Melting all the time
Icebergs within icebergs
Alienpoet Jul 27
I love you beyond the life I lead
beyond daydreams I had as a child
beyond this cage of bone
and the words I pray
I love you beyond

Beyond the earth which houses my body
Beyond the demons of desperation
Beyond belief and believing
beyond the sands of time
I love you beyond

Beyond hands which desire your touch
Beyond the music which sings out
Beyond my eyes which gaze
beyond all my doubts
I love you beyond

In the blackest hope I will find you
and I grasp your hand
Sit with you and make you understand
I love you beyond.
Melody Mann Jun 24
Beyond the eye can see is where my beloved waits for me,
Amid my despair he guides me everywhere,
Casted into this realm of mortality I dance with my sins,
Seeking to cleanse my accounts and embark on the journey within,
I sit in prayer,
I uplift in meditation,
I transcend the arbitrary.
Melody Mann Jun 24
When hope simmers down and despair sets in,
Look up.
See beyond the clouds,
Past the sunlight,
Into the abyss,
And receive the abundance that lies above,
The universe loves you,
You're here for a reason,
Embrace your individuality.
Alienpoet Jun 14
From birth until death we ply our trade
pulling anger and frustration to enslave,
save our fixation on the withering winters grave...
where we buried summer
and found our calloused hands warming on a fire
we spent hours forming in history’s funeral pyre.

If we could see above the suffering
and the internet buffering
if we could hold eternity in our hearts
and not let it get torn apart

we would see beyond the frogs well
and believe in heaven and not in hell
Reem Apr 13
Beyond the duality of thought, one thing still remains,
The one beyond hurt.
Love won't hurt, it's quite literally the opposite.
But we've all experienced hurt in the process of love in some way.
Well for the universe's sake shall I say love attempts.

Within any slight toxicity of the lack of eloquence in loving comes a burning passion.
This passion is what drives, the one that supposedly 'blinds'.
Such a passion is found in whomever falls in love using such an inadequate manner.

The passion that taught us collectively hurt.
I do say love but do take it, I dare not to speak of all kinds of love.
The pink strands in her black hair turned into dark violet
and her leather suite changed into a shirt of white linen..

the last chapter had begun
The veil between the world became translucent
being lifted far to early:
Beyond the veil - the long cold road to eternerty
                      that nobody wants to walk
  Right into the void
                        where nothing can remain                    
      no white light at the end of the tunnel....
      no welcome from anybody....

Just a fading whisper about her.... into dark violet - leather to linen...

                Echoing - dying  -
                                                         ­       Infinite Void

                              as if she had never existed

                                            nothing but
                                         DARK OBLIVION
a bit darker poem this time
*this does not apply for animals - animals go to the rainbow bridge !*
Stoic- who is stoic?
A human is stoic
Do you want to be stoic?
I want to be stoic
Is it worth it?
Yes- it’s well worth it.

But-Do you want to be stoic?
Yes- I do want to be stoic
Have you worked for it?
You mean WORK for it.

Now- I have worked for it
So-Is it worth it?
Yes- it’s well worth it.
Turning in bed throughout the night
Pestered by demons
Didn't invite
The last thing wanna do is face my pain
It's the only subject boiling on my brain
You said not to worry and stress without cause
Know no other way of coping with my flaws
Is it easy for everyone else to show themselves love?
Self- loathing drags me down and I cannot rise above
First doubt creeps in like 5 o'clock shadows
Insults that start small and then grow
On mind like frost coating a thin layer of ground
Freezing to the insecurity to which I am bound
Last night's insomnia paints bags under eyes
Circles so deep and dark they can't even be disguised
I eat up lies you dish out like I haven't been fed in weeks
Hungry because gut never finds the nourishment it seeks
The distractions I consume to fill the void only render me more hollow
Skeleton becomes a nest of pity in which I choose to wallow
Fears bloom faster than blossoming flowers
Watered by teardrops that pour out in showers
Within bones
The middle where marrow should be
Instead filled with stones
Inside skin a storm is raging complete with lightning and thunder
Perished as teardrops poured
Presently pain pulls me under
I quickly surrender to rain clouds in the sky
Working to save my soul
Guess it is time to accept that in this universe some forces are beyond my control
I wish i could choose who i love
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