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Seanathon Sep 16
One day words will buy me a steak dinner.
Instead of me buying them another glass of wine.
And as I'm stareing Into
space suddenly I begin to see reflections of a world
In truth I never really knew that I've never ever felt a part of and even more so since Helen passed
I also see Reflections of my childhood that now seem like another world away a million years
Almost like another person It Is said man born of woman has but a short time to
but can't agree for It seems a million year's since I
began to crawl and even longer since I first
My first words probably being mom and dad all washed with the passing of time
So man born of woman lives but a short time I can't agree for I have lived a million years
For when It time for me to go there will be no regret on my part for life without my wife Is no life at
Nylee May 23
The perfect has
more than million years to come
Till then let us learn
from all the mistakes we have become
We are far from done
And we already carry this big burden
Nova May 14
You can rest now,
don’t worry.
We’ll be okay.

Because of you
we survived;
we get to see another day.

You did so well,
there’s no doubt,
but I wish you were still here.

A hero’s death
is always sad,
but yours brought a million tears.
Rodium Tek Apr 11
I don't really have much to say
I just want to have a poem of the day
But don't expect me to write something good
If you would rather read something else, you should

But it doesn't matter how hard I try
Nothing I write will be good anyways
But I don't care, I'm not gonna lie
Because I probably won't come back here for days
If you don't know, this is still a joke
Erian Apr 1
Is there even a point?
We're just an atom compared to a million worlds..
If I go..
Will anyone bother to care?
My energy will still be there..
Johnny walker Feb 25
Awoke to the sun beautiful
this morning the kind of day one feels alive admittedly
still a sense of losing emptiness but somewhat
less than winter
I suppose days like these It's that I want to live for the both of us Helen would not want me sitting around
moaning but to get out there live for Her
Go some of the places we went together just to sit and remember all the fun things she loved to do and to think back to days at seaside those Ice creams
dinky doughnuts and of cause
But just to Imagine she In the sat beside me which I'm sure she still Is giving Instruction how to drive all those things at the time might seemed annoying I'd
have all back
complaint because I loved her so much never stop missing her one In a million a real rare gem priceless
Helen was like rare Gem priceless one In a million there will never be another
Em Feb 12
The saying is always
"A thousand times yes."

But a million is so much more.
someone date me
gabrielle Feb 8
if i have hundreds of eyes
i would only gaze at you

if i have billions of hope
i would continue to hope that you'll love me too
if i have thousands of hands
i wouldn't let you go

that is if i would have the chance to hold you
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