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Luna Jay Jan 16
We all have some darkness,
But we all still have some light.
In the midst of trying to find ourselves,
We lost the endeavoring plight.
The day is too dull,
So we live in the night.
Fading the colors of this
White, bright life.
Corey Dec 2018
In stark starlessness
you crawl your way
from dusk to dawn
lingering in the morning blues.

Your own hues
transform from warm
to cool, arriving
just before white.

And your light,
provided by your lover
shines down as if your own;
as if you were alone.
Joy Nov 2018
The blue iris melts its petals
like the teary wax
on the musky walls of the lavender candle.

The butterfly crunches its yellow,
crisp thin wings like translucent scales
followed by the crashing echo in the mirror walls of the corridor.

The heat in the air blares in turquoise
somersaulting between the
invisible layers of humidity and oxygen
sticking to the skin like midday sunrays.
B Elizabeth G Oct 2018
You breathed tenderness
Into my bones
With pumpkin spice kisses
And waves of sunshine,
Leaking through locked fingertips.
And for moments, gone too soon,
We were one hue;
Red and orange in deep tones
Making music
With the rhythm of every inhale
and ex.
A symphonic masterpiece.
Gabriel Bonney Aug 2018
My favorite color is you.

Up until our eyes met,
I think it would be tedious to answer such a question.
Just...I didn't really have a favorite color anymore,
but I did when I was a kid,
and back then, that color was green.
It's a color that reminds me of when nothing really mattered,
of the woods my companions and I would get lost in as children,
and yet, somehow,
we would always make it back just in time for dinner,
lead by our mothers' voice.
It reminds me of my brother and the adventures we would have--
even on rainy days, how we would pack our bags and run away from home
to within the clutter of our room.
It brings me back to my childhood
and who I was as a kid
worry-less, carefree, and wild
barefoot and standing tall
in the unknown the world had to offer.

As a child,
I waded my way across the shallow stream,
a roaring sea beneath my feet.
I was carried by my parents,
my feet merely skimming the still waters,
and my head never left the sky.
But at some point
I wanted to climb down off their shoulders
and reach out my hand--
just to know what the water felt like.
Now I'm older,
growing just as fast as the hues around me.
Maybe a little slower.
These tints and tinges pasten
and I become a part of the culture
this world has to offer.

But I find the same wild of my youth
in your eyes;
the same wilderness I long to live in again
when our glance meets.
I recognize the child I miss so much
in your joyful nature.
I recall who I was as an adolescent
in your insouciant colors.
I see the me I wish I am,
the me I was,
the me I want to be
in those lively eyes
in your giddy smile
in that lighthearted laugh.
I see the person I might become,
no longer overwhelmed and beaten down by the many hues,
if only you choose to take the colors
from your palette
and apply them to my canvas.
And I'll try not to tinge your
painting of frisky complexions
too much.
K N Brown Jul 2018
I paint with vibrant hues

in hopes the immense colors

will stain my hands

and seep into my soul


the tints always dull into shades

and I reverse to the nothingness
n e o Jul 2018
he was blue.
     the hue of sadness.
          the hue of coldness.

                          she was yellow.
          the shade of happiness.
     the shade of joy.

he was dull.
     she was bright.

and they were the perfect marriage of day and night.
Anne Scintilla May 2018
Oh, how the sunset boasts
of beauty and majestic hues tinted
for which everything its finger touches
like a king, greater than Midas could ever be
boastful as it resurrects, humbly
opening another dawn.

And there lies the moon
settling between the brilliance
of the days to and had come, without
a shroud of pride - the sun's magnificence
shares half the credit to the lamp
which waits in the dark.
we are all people, built by the fragments of others we decided to keep. don't forget of those who made us who we are.

cheers to a new week and more updates to come!
thank you for reading.
Simra Sadaf May 2018
standing under the ethereal glow
of twilight hues,
i forget all my blues,
searching for the right words to tell,
for I do not know which is more beautiful,
or the view.
Yan F Apr 2018
The colors combine,
When I'm with you.
I see red,
In love...
I see green,
In life...
And every morning,
A sea of blue---

Cause when I
Close my eyes:
I see a rainbow...

In disguise---

And as they open:
Like blood.
Like disgust.

And a world...
Far and wide---
But empty---
---without you.
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