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DT Jul 15
His eyes
Reminded me of forest
Mysterious yet beautiful
Soft but dangerous
The hues
that brought me
back to life
and I'm slowly falling into his emerald eyes
Poetic T Jun 12
Origin of life's hues,
wading through times
Her hair was a rainbow of

Every strand empathy of natures
                             yearning to grow.
Maturing  beyond the seed,
                                   reaching higher.
Rings  showing the marriage of
                                         life and growth.

Vitality was her yearning
for everything
             was her breath.
Mother to all that that walked
                          upon her creation.
what I love about sunsets is their decisions on a whim
I see You in leaves.
A light side contrasts the dark.
Bringing joy with Hue.
Poetic T May 20
Incandescent hues flutter around me,
          as nightfall's beauty graces
my  every sight.

This silhouette, a partner of illumination,
          still feeling the days touch even
                   though set beneath eventide.

Looking up the moonlight bathes
           my thoughts,

                                     and I'm at peace.
Poetic T Apr 23
Borderline hues shatter upon the
                        of sullen gullied pools..

Where the refraction of utopia shines,
  the *** is deceitful and tarnished.

As every prism of reverence disperses.
                    Heaven is a shard of falsehood
cutting into the sky...

Perceptions see an aura-borealis.
                 But woven with the beauty
is the curse of fallen angels..

For all who stared upon the glare
         were severed from sight...

Dilating upon the sorrow of
           written words etched in eyelids.

The world was beauty, and you blinded it..
       Now we will scratch every word inward.

See the error of your ways, and walk as before.
Poetic T Apr 10
I find the allure of burgundy hues,
          not one for the corpse of grapes,


squeezed of every essence of life...

But the allure haemorrhaging forth..

I could be buried within this collage of
And when I dig myself from it,
I would  paint,
                                seeing  a picture of vigour.

Not the outline that others see ,
                its chalk lined on the canvass.

Its not deceased,

                           this moment has only just breathed.
my fav colour is red
Clear the mind
with forms of breath control
Vibrations emanate
Serpent flows in swirls
It curls around the centre line
Seven points along the spine
From base to crown
Varied hues are queued
where energy is key
Use the force
to elevate your qi
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Tiana Jan 20
Brighter than the stars in night,
Yet darker than the fright
Your smile is as breathtaking
as the aurora's of North side;
Hues of love
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