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Iska Sep 19
I am a wandering soul, I know not where I go. My goal is not In the ending nor is it whence I came. my destiny is in the now as I dance between these plains.

I wander with the wishes and chase the petals and leaves, but no matter how far I meander, my roots will follow me.

Breathe in deep and spread your roots to the edges of the universe, in this way everywhere you go becomes home

No matter how far you go, those roots will guide you home
Prachi Sep 5
Someone asked me,
Who is a teacher?
A pathway to degree?
Or holds a position deeper!

‘Union of multiple roles’, I said,
Is a teacher’s true identity;
One who enlightens the road ahead,
Assisting selflessly which is a rarity.

Playing a huge role in our upbringing,
And giving us a constant support;
Teachers were there motivating,
In the times we felt lost.

They teach us the art of life;
Losing sleep for other’s child,
New and innovative ways they devise;
It is incomparable what they provide.

The ones who are always well-wishing
Steering to right path and escorting;
They instill a passion for learning,
Student’s success is their earning.
Respect for all the teachers inspiring and supporting students.
When choosing a new course
And you’re not sure where to start
Call upon a faithful guide
Your energy of heart

Your heart - it speaks the truth
And will make your fear depart
So always lean towards love
With the energy of heart

When life weighs upon you
And you’re feeling pulled apart
Healing can come quickly
Through your energy of heart

Your heart - it shows the path
And will help - to you - impart
Ask then - to be full of love
With the energy of heart
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You can rely upon your "Energy of Heart" to guide you in helpful and creative paths! Read this poem and let the words impact your day and your life. The initial idea came from my friend Rikka as she talked about how we are made of love. Then I gained more inspiration from a favorite scripture.

Trust your energy of heart. Connect with your energy of heart.
Aleka Aug 27
Dear Shiny Star,
Guiding me from above.
There are millions like you,
but none are as bright.

Dear Shiny Star,
So far away from here.
I stretch my arm to touch you,
but I never seem to reach you.

Dear Shiny Star
Do my pleas fall into deaf ears?
Will you ever embrace me into your light,
and take me away from here?

Dear Shiny Star,
We will finally be together.
May our light fade into one,
now that my end is near.
Seth Hollis Aug 9
Though I step so blindly
Who better to guide me
No longer is life frightening
No longer will I spite thee
My words I will carefully sow
I'll trudge through the battles I'll know
I'll know and live
In the love that you give
For you are my friend
Forever and wherever I go.
My commemoration
Savio Fonseca Jul 12
She guided My Hands,
so I could paint Her Canvas.
It was in the City of Rome,
that I lay on Her Campus.
The Night was Young,
as I held My Precious Treasure.
We started on a Journey,
in search for a little Pleasure.
We crawled into Bed,
in the same old Fashion.
Our Heartbeats arose,
pouring out Our Passion.
Our Midnight Romance,
had a Delicious Taste.
As My Lips ran down,
Her Beautiful Waist.
E Jul 9
I am alone
Quiet roads and broken trees
Are standing like mourners
I am alone
No family or friends to guide me
No one is there
I am lonely
I wish someone
Was there
I am alone
And I am lonely
SGP Jun 26
Where would you go?

If I were to tell you it will all end
the minute you
close your eyes
take a breath
it's gone
taken away.

Open your eyes
its not the only place

There is more out there
don't be deceived by the lies,
the map in your mind,
is all a trap.

The road ahead is an open terrain
nothing compared to what
is in your head.

They feed you the truth
but whose truth
what is true and what is false
in a world damaged by their cause.

Don't be fooled and open your eyes
Escape from the lies that they tell.
Find your own way.

All I can say is
Father, the teacher
Stories, lectures, instructions
A cherished life guide
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