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Enigma Sep 4
Success never came without critique & hate
No matter friend or foe, they'll close down their gate.
The smile will turn into a smirk
The eyes will change into a lurk
Some may even walk on to the other side
But that's when you'll know you're doing it right
Your light maybe blinding to some
and some may even turn to ash
but don't give heed to the glare,
whispers and oh the gnash.

Dance on your victory, you've made them so proud,
the ones who love you; so bring down the shroud;
of darkness and dullness & shout out to call,
your strength and beauty that some may appal.
Cause' you are a diamond that shines oh so bright,
but some may not see it,
so why don't you guide.
Cause' you've got it right
So stand tall with pride
Cause' you are the light
and you shine so bright.

Feel free to express your thoughts.
Meghan Young Aug 20
Fading away from things I loved once
It's a blur
My heart still beats
Yet I feel dead.
Is this how life is suppose to be?
I don't know why I'm here.
What's my purpose?
I'm lost, confused, scared.
Someone just guide me
I can't guide myself anymore.
I will die fast if I keep going alone.
Send help.
Simra Sadaf Aug 15
gone with the night,
my guiding light,
I know I will see you again,
but this time, in another's eyes.
You're my everything
My all seeing light
Even though it's dark
You guide me through the night

The phases of the moon
The shadows on our face
We dance in the lunar light
While our hearts race

Holding each other close
Closer than can be
I love you tonight my darling
I hope you can love me
Phi Kenzie Aug 12
Git tha fuck outta’ hea

There’s no set way to elate
it’s all relative
we know that

(Thanks Einstein)

What makes you happy
make it a noun
persons places things

‘Being happy makes me happy’
is an acceptably weak answer
what makes my face glow?
have a reason
hold onto it’s grip
You remind me of the ocean,
a great sea ruled by the moon;
with calms before the storms,
the tides guide your mood
I've lived on your shores long enough to know your signs
bri Jul 20
Where I stand
I hold no one's hand

                                                           but I am not alone
                                                           ­I feel you all around

             your spirit guides me
             & teaches me the way
Anne Jul 12
i stood in the fortress of your love
to guide and protect you
from being blue,
to keep you safe
from being strafed
by all the lines you have encountered
and at the end of the war
you stood far
with another girl
and never looked back
at the girl who wore black
who protected
and collected
all of your broken parts
and kept it inside her heart.
I present to you all Heart from the War
Pagan Paul Jul 3
Thrown into an event,
temptation wearing a smile,
as you fall into the void
behind my pale blue eyes,
a willing traveller
through gateways of adventure.

And you stumble through
to mystery, unknowable puzzles,
a Pandora's box of imagery,
bound and enslaved,
to dream, reality, memory,
bedecked with lucid hallucination.

The intensely dark and hollow,
the bright lights hot shine,
all swirl in symbiosis,
dazzling and confusing your view,
assaulting your quiet feelings
with butterflies and nausea.

And you sink enthralled,
appalled, intoxicated,
as thoughts, desires, pictures,
flash before your eyes unbidden,
products of inertia
from the depths of my mind.

© Pagan Paul (02/07/18)
Someone once said they'd like to take a peek into my bi-polar psychedelic washing machine mind.
Despite the Govt. Health Warning and exclusion zone.
But ... if I am the guide, then the journey begins ... are you scared?
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