Gentle waves reflect
Star undimmed guiding my path
Still as Winter ends
Haiku for my father who passed away
Lyn-Purcell Jun 14
~ ⭐ ~
                               thin bamboo
                             paper lanterns

     high up
     touch the sky
     give light to my

are lessons                        
in our failures                      

chase the    
light   in   life  
dare  to run  and

                                         face with the
                                           candle that burns

that the    
lights will guide  
you    to the  right  

your eyes                                        
Let your heart                                        
be   the    tender                                          

your scars
with your pride
Each have special

                                         ­  such big fears              
                                           of times ahead              

the life
of my words
and my lanterns

your life's                
true meaning                
don't be afraid                  

~ ⭐ ~
These Lantern poems are super fun and now, it's slight addictive!
These Lanterns light words of life which I hope will brighten someone's day.
One of my many dreams is to attend a Lantern festival in Asia, specifically Japan and China. I've always wanted to go.
There's something so magical, something enchanting about watching lanterns float away. A beautiful sight.
Life has many lanterns. Be in awe!
It'll show you the way.

Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Gray Jun 13
Boys and girls please gather around,
For today I’ll show you the new coolest thing in town.

This new thing is something that I am very proud to introduce,
Because today i am here to show you how to properly drink apple juice!

Now now, I bet you’re all think I am being cheesy,
Because drinking apple juice is something that’s incredibly easy.

Please settle down and allow me to declare,
That you have been doing it all wrong for awhile now, I swear!

I bet y’all just simply pour the apple juice in a boring old glass.
I’ve gotta say I’d give that way a pass.

The way that’s “normal” is obviously lame.
And if you think it’s fun then I’ll put you to shame.

In order to properly drink apple juice,
You must first go locate the Magic Moose.

Who is this Magic Moose i bet you’re currently wondering,
Well, the Magic Moose is a creature that’s extremely thundering.

Once you find him, you’ll be a step closer to finding your desired fruit,
But next you have to challenge him and ending the most perplexing dispute.

“What member of Magic Moose’s family is vegan?”
To save you some future trouble, the answer is Meghan.

The next step is- wait wait! Where are you all going?
Come on, don’t you want this amazing information that i'm bestowing?

Oh great. Now i'm talking to myself.
How come no one even listens to an intelligent elf?
Penny Rhode Jun 1
Sound asleep i’m carried by your light
Not a mouse squeaks this far in night
Peaceful wind, and steady breath
With your guiding hand, I fear no threat
Mr. moon in your light guide me this night

Graceful footsteps, and braided hair
On this night, roaring fire and smoke filled air
Take my hand and lead this dance
Quickly before the Sun takes her first glance
Mr. moon in your light guide me this night

The starry sky and your smiling face
My smile brightens looking into space
Morning sun to close and dreary
Your fading grin paints me weary
Mr moon in your light guide me this night

With sleepy eyes your light carries me back
Your eyes close quick as mine, so the sun doesn’t lack
Mr moon in your light guide me this night
Tom May 9
What happens when the wind blows?
I feel as though nobody knows
Is it the trees pausing to breathe
Or a body taking its leave?

What happens when the wind blows?
As the night draws in, it only grows
Showing the path as a guiding light
Only a passenger to its daily fight

What happens when the wind blows?
I will follow wherever it goes.
Tiana Marie May 2
I'm ready to surrender
and let you captain the boat.
I'm tired of all the struggles
and barely staying afloat.

I've learned through all my trials
that you know what is best.
I give you all my worries
and now I'll finally rest.

Here it is; just take it.
My whole life is now yours.
I've battled for so long now
and I know you have the cure.

My every breath belongs to you
and I give you every stride.
There's only one thing that I ask:
that you will be my guide.
Bobcat Apr 26
If you're not careful you can get lost in the woods of your mind.
My piece of advice would be to bring with you a guide.

Someone to hold your hand and walk you through.
So that if something is lurking you have someone to hold onto.

Make sure the person you bring is trustworthy.
That they'll stick around when it starts to get scary.

Things go bump in the night and more-so in these woods.
Those are your demons and often misunderstood.

They won't hurt you, no not even a scratch.
But they'll turn you against yourself, watch and sit back.

Don't bring a weapon, no don't even try to strike.
You'll end up cutting your wrists with the blade of your own knife.

If you have to go alone because you're left with no choice.
Clinch your fists, close your eyes and follow your own voice.

Please heed my lecture as I've been there before.
I've gotten myself so lost that I still can't find the door.
Amy Apr 15
The garden

Flowers are growing in the mud of my soul
The aches turned to pleasures
The bruises turned to birds
Path once overgrown
Now pruned
The dust and debris
Swept away
By a lost sweeping brush
Forgotten in the corner
Until you shone your light
And the tools
Were found again
Ginger R Apr 4
Dreaming of something else
Trying to find myself
I know I've lost my way
But I can't find the day

I need someone to help me
I need someone to guide me

But I don't see a friendly face
Among this human race
I strain to see the stars
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