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I look up at the sky and see the moon,
Shining bright, like a lonely balloon.
The stars try to convince the moon to be happy.
But the moon’s salty tears slowly fill up the sea.
Flip flops I toss,
Little sand between the toes,
The sea beckons,
As I slip into the ocean.
Taste the salt water,
The sun on my shoulder,
Salty air,
On my face and hair.
Waves crash and roll,
Soothes my soul,
My spirit flies,
Life at the beach is a bliss.
Lizzie Feb 1

**** your curly brown hair    That my fingers would get tangled in.

**** your chocolatey brown eyes     That my soul would get lost in.

**** your rose tinted cheeks                  That you hated but I adored.

**** your warm deep voice                          That soothed my anxiety.

**** your beautiful vocabulary       That made my heart skip a beat.

**** your green jacket                                   That fit me like a blanket.

**** your elitist music taste                             That I secretly enjoyed.

**** the way you held me                            And made me feel loved.

**** the way you kissed me                               Soft and passionately.

**** the way you left me                          Wordlessly out of nowhere.

AND **** THE WAY YOU ****** ME

Honestly, just *******.
Avery Dec 2018
Gee thanks for your thoughts
But do you really know
The battles I've fought
The numbers I've lost
All while saying 'I'm Fine'
What a lie
What if the ocean is the tears of all the heartbroken lovers.••••
What if the reason it’s so salty, is because that’s the only way the eyes could interpret such pain•••

A walk in my head•

What if?
Stark Dec 2018
Pained expression on your face
Grimacing as you return your gaze to meet mine
It physically hurts for you to talk to me
A stark reminder
Of what you’ve lost

Everything is open
Like a gaping wound
All the cards have been revealed
And you let the grief engulf you

Falling backwards into the crushing sea
Waves cascading
Salty--for the tears that you have shed
falling into the sea of grief
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2018
Fine with how you rolled the dice,
Mr. Gambler---
For I, unknowingly
have stopped gambling around with your game.

One day,
you'll sigh of my name
and I won't even bother
recalling your shady game.
Mr. Gambler is such a bothersome. Feeling called upon?
Joseph Lochki Oct 2018
I got a couple of things to say
That I feel would clear
All that fog that hangs
Inside my head
and makes it
so hard to
But if I open my mouth
All the mist will
Come out
And I won't see
the truth.
Shadow Dragon Aug 2018
Salty skin,
bare, burnt, buttery
and brutally BBQ'ed.

Amused by laying under
the rose-white parcel
decorated by green, blue and yellow.

Silver stars
beneath the blue lagoon
swallowing long limbs.

Appealing dry lips
consuming drops of shine,
kissed by the breeze.

Bathing beauty,
shy, sunny
and summoning sandy stares.
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