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When the sun sets on
A concrete horizon
Full of skyscrapers and promise
I think of you
And all of it turns to stardust
In the clear night sky
Only you can do that
I'm not sure whom I thought of when I wrote this. I guess need a connection in my life.
Abbyss 2d
Music for the soul
Music for the body
Oh what more it is than merely a hobby

Notes strung together as stitches for a heart
A lasso for our capture so we'll never be apart
Boundless medication all for your choosing
Take what delights you, in this there's no losing

Let the waves flow over, replacing thoughts
with a powerful passion for this welcome onslaught
Let the melodious stream come flooding in
Altering your system, drowning your inner scream

Music for the weary
Music for the joyous
Oh how i give thanks that it's always among us
lua Apr 29
my words
might wash up
against your shore
in torn up shreds
each scribbled letter faded
obscured by time
obscured by rippling waves
that thrash and tear
each piece left vague
dowsed in mystery
and a lingering
a longing
to be read

next time
i'll be mature enough
to put them in a bottle.
Maha Apr 29
like the tides
I push and pull,
scream and shout,
my strength washes ashore,
shining in the sun,
glistening amongst the rocks
grab it,
quickly now
before the tide comes back in to wash this beach clean
hurry now
before the current carries it away
never knowing where it might wash up again.
about me
Brumous Apr 29
I float without meaning,
just my head in the clouds
I'm stressing myself out,
just; to have recognition
that I can do something meaningful
and to distract me from the eyes of envy
that kills me slowly, oh so slowly
Even though I am far younger
then most people here
I long for the talents they have
because I am surrounded
by people
whose talents greater than I have
I take a scroll every day;
and see them
I don't like it;
it's okay
"It's alright,"
Since that's what
I always say
I feel like a fragment;
either reused as
something greater
want to
disappear without
trace; and memories of
the sea along with the sky;
that lacks
its own sense
a weird

I tried writing a poem using one word in mind.
I also tried making it look like a transverse wave.
Melody Mann Apr 27
Push and pull forevermore as you bend to the moon's will,
Enter effortlessly into life's oasis as you heed the universe and its call,
You are a reservoir of potential and abundance,
Flow courageously at your own stride,
For this too shall pass.
They had
once been here
before, beyond
the light years still
in the calm silence
of the dreamscape
of indigo and blue,
where came the
oceans of hearts
fracturing the
fabric of the
to create
and see none
other than
each other,
in the hour
of the midnight
realm, others
passing by
are silhouettes
in time and
ghosts painted
in their dream
of tidal eyes
upon each
other, wave  
on wave,
skin on skin,  
the breath
of one
into the
voice of
a blue
in soft
from the
on the
in gentle
rising to
the night
sky as
as the
are returning
to the night,
as starseeds
of many,
amidst the
the lovers,
whom are
adrift in
(Little note: I was inspired by the title of Nicola Yoon's book
for my title, it is a book I dearly love.)
Po Apr 20
Every second as the world orbits the sun
You build yourself up and then crash
Turning yourself back into foam so another replica can replace you

People love and cherish you
They watch and hope for you to arrive

Yet I would rather have a steady pool of water

I do not seek for your restless, uneasy, savage green rollercoaster
You are not my higher power; my gravity; my way of life

You are a nice story, lesson, and image for people to adore  

Yet I am not one of those people:
I am not a water person
I am not a believer in your life jacket saving ways

I respect how hard you work to recollect broken pieces and turn them into sea glass; a beautiful and gentle masterpiece  

So yes, sometimes I will dip my feet into your world; but your current is not strong enough to pull me in
Your foam is not white and bubbly enough to intrigue me
Nor your great animals that swim about and rely on you for life
I am me
You are you

Maybe crossing paths isn't the best option, but I'll wait and watch your waves crash from afar
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