Logan D 1d
Ah, her
I'll spare her name for the sake of mystery
But this feeling that is stirred up is quite real
I'm pretty shook, I can't deal

Where do I start?
Her eyes, of course
Eyes as calming as the ocean tides
They pull at mine, drawing me in
Making me want to be by her side
Dark brown, making me melt like brownies

Hair like fire
Beautifully gleaming in the sunset
Wavy curls, waving at my heart
Capturing me in a trance
Oh, she makes me want to dance

That smile
More beautiful than the Nile
Her laugh is a soothing melody
Kissing her lips seems to be my remedy

Oh how I wish I could with her
To show her how much she is worth
Worth more than what she's been told
By both young and old
Worth more than how men look at her

She is a precious keepsake
A woman to cherish
One to take to the lake
And listen to her favorite songs

Her whole being is a song
A sweet melody that lifts my spirits
All day long
...mushy stuff
The mornings are when my forlorn mind f l o o d s.
The sea rises; high tide engulfs me.
Gentle caresses, interlocked fingers as we lay in the gentle breeze.
My stomach swoons. I'm weak in my knees.
Sensuous sonnets stream through my mind as I roll around,
lost in my sheets as the day breaks.
Waves break.
"It was Sappho who first called Eros "bittersweet."
A wise woman indeed, that Greek.
I breathe in the memory of your l i p s,
your h i p s,
your s k i n,
your s o u n d s.
I'm in a hammock,
caught between the s e x u a l tension,
and deep r e l a x a t i o n.
The quiet gentle way she says she l o v e s me.
Where is she, my l o s t lover?
I've got a fever; I'm a hot-headed b e l i e v e r.
Grasping smoke,
my mind floats back to her embrace as
the waves lap against o u r feet at the shore...
mi amor.
Her gaze sustains me.
Her nose buried in my neck.
I savor, though I'm no savior.
I am love.
I am patient, like the sand sinking around us.
I adore you, my Beloved, J'adore.
A gorgeous love, i m p o s s i b l e to ignore.
Your natural curls, in the wind they b l o w.
I don't need to explain, because you already k n o w.
I stood on the shore line gazing,
The vastness of the sky overwhelmed  my senses,
The horizon beyond was etched sardine silver,
At a distance I could hear the sweet song of the sea.
Rollers of waves dashed the sand,
Rippling gently beneath my feet,
Tickling my toes entangled in seaweed.
I gazed around in silence,
The  ambience was serene and magical.
Then I realised,
The calm, soothing sea,
Beneath me,
I savoured its indefinable beauty,
Let its vastness seep into my thoughts,
The memory of it I shall always carry.
I always knew we lived on the eastern side of the Indian Ocean but had never seen it.That day was the first time we visited the coast.
When the waves come crashing over you...and the saltwater fills your mouth.

When you've turned like a towel in the washer of life...and your thought is nowhere to be found.

When it seems almost hopeless to surface again. As your fall was predestined from birth.

In these moments find self in the memory of WHY...as each wave knows its place on the earth.
When you fall, get up. Its what we humans do.
dina 7d
you were my lighthouse
out on the sea
you were my lighthouse
calling for me

you were my lighthouse
out on the bluff
you were my lighthouse
when times were rough

when the waves mercilessly crashed
up onto my sides
and pulled me down under,
deep beneath the tides

you were my lighthouse
standing true and tall
you were my lighthouse
with me through it all
we all need a lighthouse in life :,)
s Jun 10
I dreamt of cold shores
and prayer beads, breathing in
waves of warm sun.
a streetlight flickers as above
it the stars flicker, too
and below it someone's bic lighter
flickers. he flings a cigarette butt
into the storm drain.
whoever lives in the sewers
must feel awfully lonely right now.
someone's headlight is out:
an illegal asymmetry, a trick
enforced by the galleons of punk photons,
defined by waves (or particles) to ride upon
like the waves of sound that travel back and forth
between two angry motorists just laid off from work.
a new cigarette is pulled. what is this man blowing
away from his self and out towards the maybeinfinite undying
universe of unbearable light
sprinkling on him like rain that suddenly hits
a warm hornet-infested day?
Amanda Jun 6
Her powerful grace, and her torrent of waves-
They collapse me onto my scarred knees,
bearing my head down low, submerging it beneath the surface.
She somehow willingly heals my past scars, and as she does,
gives me a warning that future ones may hurt just the same.
With bated breath, my mouth breaches the barrier, and I tell her that as long as I don't drown alone, I'm willing to take the risk.
Let the soft waves
rock you to sleep
before they crash
Let the foam
wrap it's advice around you
(it sticks around for a while)
claw through the sand
when it's said and done
when you come to
scallop edged waves, you could watch them for hours
the salt cleanses, washes wounds clean
(it may take a while)
Are you there yet?
Are you aware yet?
Is your reflection as it was before?
How does this ripple effect you?
Salted air, open the eyes
Fill the lungs with newness
Let the sun dry you
Let the rays hug you
in your new beginnings.
You alchemist  turning grayslate days
into luminescent jade

You tempestuous temptress
with voice of thunder and lightning eyes

Your skin sparkles sun and stars
painting peace on our scars

We swim in your moon
trembling in your silver climax

We sleep beside you by night
your abundance sates our days

We dash and flash and storm
you caress and touch and transform

The wisdom of your vastness
reaches us in waves

Oh you liquid goddess
leap into our souls

and make us whole  

Written - 5-24-2003
Author's Note: Written after a two week campout/retreat on the shores of Lake Whitney in north central Texas - May 2003.
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