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Slime-God May 9
My mind ebbs and flows
Torn between the sun and moon
I long for eclipse
Some of us fall in love too easy
mica Apr 22
let’s drift apart as quickly as we got along
like the waves across the shore
it is but a fleeting moment
leaving nothing but a dampened sand
to remind that we have met once in a lifetime
met a friend just to become strangers…
You crashed in like a wave
out of the blue
and swept me completely,
Submerged in your loveliness
I shyly outgrew
my fear of sinking.
Spellbound by confetti of aquamarine,
I don’t know what to do.
Hero in the making,
Unwittingly waltz me into spindrift.
vanessa marie Apr 12
i went to the market today
i bought myself a fresh bundle
not of your favourites, but of mine
of yellow and blue with green stems

tonight i will fill the mason jar fresh
with water and petals floating alongside
and i will watch as the petals drop
one by one i save them, dried

tomorrow i will go to the market
i will walk to the water and smile
i will skip rocks on the shore
and wash the waves soak the stones

i will keep those petals in a jar
those of green and yellow and blue
i will remember their place in my jar
i will always remember you
Wild splashes of beaming

Azure brushing back and forth

Tottering briskly on granite rocks

Enlightening excitement to our eyes

Radiance of teal drops sprinkle salt

Follicles misting up the atmosphere

Activating a rushing rippling of waves

Lashing playfully with each other

Looping to a sensational surprise
Written in March 2019
ScaryGary Mar 28
If you have pain anywhere in your body, tell yourself it will go away, because it will. Thinking about the pain in any way prolongs it. Using ice packs or heat is no match to what your own effectors can do. They heal, and ice or heat just comforts for a short time, while keeping your mind on pain. Don't think twice about this. Know that you are just as powerful as any animal. They don't have ice or heat, or doctors, and they heal fast. We were blessed with a consciousness that can heal us faster than any living animal.
I know this is not poetry,but this is a good place to share this
Nishu Mathur Mar 21
The sea is still today
It's cerulean blue and gold
I think of the thoughts it carries
Within its hidden folds.
Its touch is soft and gentle
It soothes the ache of years
But I wonder how many waves
Are made from fallen tears.

m lang Mar 16
you can’t be stagnant
when there’s an ocean
outside your door.
JKirin Mar 7
My heart sings
as I hold the whole world in my arms.
Gentle waves
flow and murmur in tune around us.
Can’t resist—
every touch sets my body aflame,
and I kiss
hoping that—wishing you feel the same.
about love
Snipes Feb 9
Bedded soul in the soil
Casket cassette spins
Tears in Heaven
Ripples into waves
I turn my head in the bed I lay
Now I become Death in his name
While Eric Clapton plays
I light travel dark vivaciously
Garnering the souls in the soil
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