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Do you ever feel that urge
To let go of everything you are
All the good and all the bad
So you have no choice but to restart
To let go of the deep-set anchor
That binds you to the land
Unable to cast you off
No matter how much you demand
I want to float than to hold a course
I throw my trust into the waves
Hoping they would mould me
Into someone who couldn't be tamed
Recklessly and aimlessly
I dive into the sea of change
It's whirlpools and calm tides
Broke the mold of the girl who stayed
I don't want to fear the unknown
I want to face the depths instead
I don't want to be consumed by darkness
I want to conquer the adventure ahead
Try 1d
as i read the words you write,
they feel like waves of emotions,
dancing across the page,
waves crashing into my shore,
craving more to wash up onto my shore,
it reaches deep into my core,
pulling tears from my eyes,
everything you write is so deep,
like the oceans in which we lose ourselves,
so continue to flow so freely,
let your pen dance freely along the pages,
equal to how you dance so freely in the mirror,
for every word you write digs deeper and deeper into me.
                                                 © Try
I've been reading some one who is new here, writings and i have been quite moved so this writing is a shout out to them, the Writer i am talking about is Jessica Stull.
her writings are very moving, you can honestly feel very emotion she is portraying in her writings, every line feels like a new wave crashing into you, yet the way she writes its like shes dancing on the page it self.
bubbles appear when water boils
bubbles appear when wave strikes
her sister or rocket or shore ends
bubbles appear to show our weakness
they refuse to stay up at sea surfaces
they damage themselves fearing of appearance
as they knew bad things and news
they fear of sharing human bad feasts

in spite of mention good things
and doing as the good man or messenger acts
the man kind does every worst
drinking wine, dancing *****, getting faults
under some wrong and liars

under love and faith names
the love means only clearness
honest means be at heart in brightness
making deal between two members
and the upper power all over all persons

two hearts and *** is the witness
all people know the relation between two souls
she wears white cloth as their hearts
and people know that they get married

bubbles burst at anger , vanish at fast
to disappear and die so fast
the life gets more awful of man kind of doing everything worst
You are the moon and I am the ocean
You have this powerful magnetism that moves me
I am consumed by you
But you are too far away to notice how beautiful we can be
Blue lights on the memories still,
That we are, that we are, that you are to hold.
Winter froze the autumns' feel,
But the snow here isn't cold..
See, your heart is your own land,
With colored hills of sand,
Grass and rivers flowing free,
Red birds hidden in the trees.

No man is a wave alone,
This says all,
But if I must fall,
Know that you have been a blue sea,
While I was just a stone.

Blue lights on the memories still,
That we are, that we are, that you are to hold.
Winter came against my will,
And every story should grow old.
I may be a traveler,
A Gipsy tainted face,
But the road'll be wearier,
With another in your place.

No man is a house warm,
This says all,
But if I must fall,
Know that your stars in my skies,
Are windows in my home.

And I don't wanna burn your face red,
And you don't want to come to me,
But when I was a stone in grey shreds,
You were the waving blue sea.
TH 5d
I think the waves,
try to hold the moon.
isn't it wonderful to think that the light that I am seeking is also seeking me
healing may come in waves and so does missing you
but I'm giving myself a few more days and days may turn into months and that's okay
because I might not be where I'd like
but I am surely on my way
She studies the ivory glare
in the spark of his eyes.
The sound of laughter
overlaps as time flies.

Salty, brisk waves
tickled their feet as they stroll.
The aroma of salty air occupy them
with a sight of a soaring seagull.

She smiles brightly at him
with the sun glaring up high.
Her majorelle eyes match
the waves of the sea and of the sky.

The sun shines on them
in a majestic and beautiful way.
Glowing on the brightness
of their golden, happy day

They look at each other
as the tide crashes at their feet.
A wonderful day at the beach
with their love just ever so sweet.
L Dec 6
Theres someone in my corner across the sea
Treading water to reach me

But I keep creating waves
To stop them from getting too close

I want to be near
So why am I making them tread faster and faster

Until they can't go on any more
I want this but I can't do it.
elle Dec 6
She sits.
The ocean crashes on the rocks.
The memories wash over her.
A boy.
No. Not a boy. The boy.
The one who got her into this mess.
The one who stole her heart the moment she laid eyes on him.
Her boy.
No. Not her boy. Her son.
Her son, who knew nothing but love.
Her son, the one that turned her world upside down.
His father.
Her other love.
A sailor.
She should hate the ocean.
But she doesn’t.
The water that laps around her feet
Is not the same water that took her boy away from her.
No. Not her boy. Her son.
Her life.
A simple trip.
Her son.
Begging to go with his father,
On the big boat.
His father.
Agreeing, for it was the boy’s birthday.
A storm.
Out of nowhere.
Raging, tossing the big boat around like it was nothing.
To the ocean, it was nothing.
But to her
It was everything.
The realization.
When she realized that the boat wasn’t coming back.
The tears.
Flooding every inch of her.
Drowning her.
Oh, the irony.
The waves.
Constantly ebbing and flowing.
She longed to join them.
To be reborn
Of sea foam and salt.
But she didn’t.
She sat.
The waves crashing on the rocks.
Anger at the ocean.
Anger at her son.
Anger at his father.
And then
Anger at herself.
She went home.
She sits.
The ocean crashes on the rocks.
A bird screeches.
She is drawn out of her whirlpool of memories.
She picks up a stone.
And throws it into the ocean.
Letting go.
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