You come to me like a wave soon to crest.
I wait with open arms upon the shore.
The distant ocean smooth like glass at rest,
Belies the energy it has in store.

The distant plane of water so serene,
That ripples faintly as it nears the beach.
Our love is fury like a wave unseen,
Its strength in evidence when within reach.

From far away you now are in my sight.
Inside me my emotions hit their peak,
Like the ferocious waves of frothy white.
Our love was never calm, was never weak.

The waves derive their power from below,
Beneath the calm your love is all I know.
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Skylyx 2d
Along with the waves,
I found myself reaching,
For the stars that I can't reach,
For the love that I cannot receive.
when i gaze upon your ocean eyes
the morning sun shines threw the ripples
souring seas
your eyes hold a map of the lost
An illusionist can't fathom their beauty
they hold elegance  
through the souring seas
i swim
finding my way
those ocean eyes
hold secrets untold
they speak a language
deep beneath the dancing ocean
within the morning sun
ill always study his cerulean eyes
the vast expanse of the ocean blues
I would like to go with you
on a ship in waves in the sea
I would like to be with you only
and poems to write and poetry to read
and poems to sing

I would like to be with you
forever and for all to be forgotten
so that no one will ever remember us
as when that morning we met
as when we were greeted by the moon

There's something
light &
simple &
I crave
I feel it in my bones
When it overcomes me like a wave
I'm shaking off these heavy stones

Carefully placing them on the shore
of the seas of my own mind
Hands sore
from carrying them here from where I find
them just like they are supposed
to be right here
and they might be the most
lovely signs of a lack of fear

I believe
I've quite the courage
Though this ocean speaks of retrieve
waves looking like familiars, not sure which

Feeling like one of the last unicorns
being forced into stormy waters
by an angry red bull and it's sharpened horns
a tide that speaks of forgotten daughters

Lost their hope of escaping
but in this hidden place
I found a chance for reshaping
standing tall in the face
of my crimson enemy
holding me in a sea of longing
winds whispering of a remedy
I cast myself in a place of belonging

And take these shores
with it's many stones
I'll come without anger or remorse
to feel it in my bones
Head can now explode
But my hair rises black
Higher than this
Feeling inside like
I am,
         the sound could send waves
In new directions.  
Capture or let go...
They both make me feel
Unable to do anything else
The roar is paralyzing me
Get me into the black hole
I need the other side
Rage-Light, flashing
      You would be blind by now
But I see too much
       Scratching out your eyes.
PoserPersona Aug 11
During youth I was quite the collector
of ocean cretin's annealed sandcastles
Though the hosts inside could not be cheaper,
their fleshy coats were worth all the hassles

Content I was amassing worn seashells;
daily did this fine collection accrue
Though furnished, barren felt those wooden shelves,
as even pearls are lesser than a jewel

Still, the sand was warm; the waves were soothful
and regardless of what hollowness struck,
the beach granted a chance to feel fruitful
so long as one had either skill or luck

Alone was I, but daresay not lonely,
but I was not merry until married.
The sea is like life,
on which man must sail.
In both, there are a number of possibilities
that lie hidden from the common eye.
Some are gifts to be treasured
and some are problems to be defeated.
Neither will be found unless man embarks upon the journey.
If man is lucky enough to discover a treasure,
he must fight until death to retain it;
if man is unlucky enough to discover an evil lurking underneath the surface of the sea,
he must fight it bravely and nobly until the end.
In either case, it is the struggle that is all -  important,
and a man obtains the status of hero if he battles the sea with grace under pressure.
The lions appear to be mere cubs, playing like young cats in the dusk,
they always make him happy; they are good company.
When the lions appear in their adult majesty,
they suggest and signify great strength and nobility.
The lions in his dreams always appear, not in their natural environment, but on the beach,
they suggest that there is a harmony in all of life.
The marlin is the ultimate foe, one that brings out the best in man.
A man who loses their faith as life's woes attack,
for those without faith are defenseless.
Man embarks on life and encounters treasure.
Man battles nobly to earn the treasure and then fight the problems to save it.
Even though man lose the treasure to the problems,
he has won the battle of life.
My sweetheart, the sea yonder,
My beautiful wonder,
My awesome tutor,
You have cast your enchanting spell over me,
For you,I yearn,
Lost in the heart of the great ocean,
So vast, depth unknown.
Calm, rough and unrestrained,
So many colours you contain,
Shimmering silver at dawn,
Green at noon, a glittering gown,
Blue in the evening with fishing boats sewn.
As I stand on the shore,
The waves play an encore,
As they lace their sprays around me,
I love you blue sea.
When I sit on the cliff edge,
I see you fume in rage,
Battering against the rocks,
Crying seagulls above me flock,
You calling me out ,
Without a doubt,
You are my lover at all cost,
In your soul I wish to be lost.
Thalassophile-love of the sea,ocean
Inked Quill Aug 7
Decay marks my soul

Locked in cage
Hung above the waves

Despair coming in wavelets
A yearn that aches
Smitten by rotten stench
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