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M H John May 27
i can feel myself
being swallowed
by the red sea
the salt water
fills my eyes
and i can no longer see

this happens every time

i am stuck
in the whirlpool
of my own anxiety

i try to kick my feet
but i only tangle them more
in the sea ****
that lies beneath
Décio 5d
I return home the same way the waves return to the ocean:
after breaking.
Zywa Apr 5
The waves rolling round,

in wild curls, steady and flat --

is the horizon.
Collection "WoofWoof"
snipes Jan 23
if the sky falls
can we catch it

  if the water waves
  can we crash it
    if the sunrises
    can we chase it

      if the wind calls
      can we take it
the world as us
is a world of
love and lust
Eloisa Jan 14
Moving with the sea
Dancing with the waves
Letting the rhythm of the water wash my melancholic soul
All the ripples and surges
I beg
Cleanse me but see me beyond my flaws
Simran Guwalani Oct 2022
Listening to the sound of waves
hitting the rocks
And the cool breeze
playing with my hairlocks
I look at the setting sun
As I lean back and smile
For the first time
in a long while
My mind was quiet
my soul was speaking
and my heart got
what it was seeking!
She Writes Aug 2022
I was a rock in your ocean
Your waves crashed against me
Beat and broke me down
Tried to swallow and drag me to sea
You underestimated how strong I was
Rocks are resilient
I did not falter with storms or shifting tide
I would not break; only change
tainted black Jul 2022
i dreamt once to be swept away
by love like waves; set astray
feelings loose like golden sand
by every sweep of someone's hand

yet when it came---
it felt like troubled waters
chaotic but full of wonders
then I began to ponder,

love is like tidal waves,
larger than shallow tides
nothing like a little light---
but something that gives a sunburned heart.
a little memory of mine as i came back from the sea.
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