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Mike 5d
i could smell
pink cotton candy and cinnamon in the breeze
buzzing chimes and bells
change machines ringing coins against metal
children laughing and running by
a few cars pass with their windows down and i feel
coarse sand in a damp bathing suit
against my skin
i see boxes of fireworks opening
and the sun is going down
if only i knew this was the last time we'd be there like this
dv8ed Sep 23
I’m touched by desire
my chest fills with fire

You’ll feel it burn your skin
As You start to Pull me in

Breathing in my flames
You’re drowning in my waves

now you can’t escape..
You’re trapped inside my gate

I held the key
to let you free
But it’s been tossed out at the sea
Isn’t it Funny how this happened ?
You claimed me as your sinking ship
But now
the captain

-S. Giselle
A M Ryder Sep 23
We are all alone
In ways no one understands
We drown under
The waves of words
We aren't saying
Sometimes I can feel my bones
Straining under the weight
Of all the lives
Im not living
And I wanted to save you
But I needed saving too

All we've got is
The precious knowledge
Of our own
Self destruction
Floor Sep 22
push me under the surface of your skin
i want to drown with your hands around my neck
i want to feel the waves of your body against mine
I want you to give it all
kiss my neck and leave pearls behind
pull my hair and pinch my skin
I want to feel it all
I want to feel every bit of you
I like the craziness of tidal waves
I like the unexpected things
don't hold back
let it be like it should be, rough like the ocean
Carmen Jane Sep 22
Lovingly you say my name,
Waves in the ocean
Whispers linger in my ears,
Stirring a love potion

Holding tight in dizziness
You've spun a tornado
Eyes are closed by weariness
I'll dance with you, just  say so.

Never letting go, as we sway to and fro
Hold my heart in your hands
Never letting go, hold my hands just so
Let's spin and  see, where our love lands

Lovingly you say my name,
Waves in the ocean
Whispers linger in my ears,
Stirring a love potion
sidra Sep 26
Hot wind and shivers.
Blue sky and darkened waters.
Nothing else around.

I dreamt of cold shores
and prayer beads, breathing in
small waves of warm sun.
Anastasia Sep 16
there's something about you
that drives me insane
something about you
thats takes all the pain
something about you
soothing like rain
something about you
that lingers like a stain
there you are
in the back of my mind
every single second
every minute
all the time
waves crashing
against jagged rocks
im falling for you
i don't think i can stop
Another night of crying
I know it's all in my head
The tide is coming in
And i should have just gone to bed

I don't know what's upsetting me
Or why I can't think straight
Just when I close my mind
I just tend to initiate

The conversations in the day I've had
The ones I want to speak
Overthinking the way I dress
And everything I keep

I keep on thinking I must stand straight
And stop saying the word "like"
After every **** sentence
I just need to make my life

More pretty, More well sewn
Expensive, and maybe just more pure
But honestly, I feel *****
No matter how much I shower

The interactions hurt me
Really put me off of all this love
That everyone seems to get so high off
To me it feels like a drug

It takes your dreams and it scrambles them
To make you compromise
The things I've done for love
I am just tired of all the lies

The tide is coming in
And surely I will finally feel cold
I wonder if I will still think like this
Even when I am old
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