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Amanda 2d
Full of hatred for myself
Running deep through each bone
The earth is spinning way too fast
Worry it won’t stop or slow

Incapability arises
To discover what’s kept hidden
The hourglass keeps draining sand
Altering time forbidden

Distance between reality
And dreams luring me to look
Enshrouded by a shadowed cloud
One breath is all it took

Birds circling the air above
In blissful animation free
Sharpening their beaks for prey
In restless anticipation I see

A curse is embedded in my blood
Self-loathing running through my veins
While the roses others plant are blooming
Scarlet petals wilt and leave only stains
Suffering from minor writers block
I cover my heart
in a layer of steel
so that the things she has said
I cannot feel

It makes it harder to push
the blood through my veins
but we can grow a little
learning from the pain

Your heart will grow stronger
in its little steel cage
keeping you centered
letting go of the rage

When your mind is healed
and your body has calmed
You'll notice the cold steel on your heart
is now in your palm.
lua Sep 22
it was like a shock
at first
like lightning strikes
in the silence of midnight
breaking through the calm
like a raging storm
that thrashed and hurt
in white-gold veins
harsh against the clouds
an electric current
that creeps into my blood
and settles in my chest
when i first saw you.
iamgone Sep 17
my heart
no longer beats
my veins
have long run dry
but write me
into poetry
so i
may never die
i want to live forever, in your words
b Aug 21
i hate it here
in my head,
roaches live
inside my head
calling me
all sorts of names
wanting me
to stab my veins

i hate it here
where lays my heart
worms infested
the sinful scars
feeding into
this world of ours.
Xant Aug 10
I let the night sky helps me
I let the moon inject colors into me
into my old dying mind
Then colors sail through my veins
Blue, red, and green in my plasma
All that so I can smile again

I let the remarkable stars
send my lost soul home
that is my mortal frame
that is bound to earth
And so sound I laid
That now I can get a grip

Sometimes the cloud comes too
their cotton-like apparition
soft to the touch, overly-sensitive
and inhumanly empathic
that it rains
it cried
so I don't have to cry alone

The night sky helps
by wrapping me within its dark matter
by lulling me to sleep with the song of the wolves
Therefore, I know, when the night comes,
I'm alive again
Amanda Hawk Jul 8
Always missing
and I desire
to peel away everything
you have become
and consume it
piece by piece
have it run through my veins
and I will become
everything you once were
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