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Neha Sharma Oct 8
He carries bits of stars in his veins
And they illuminate the night sky beside me.
I often tremble out of fear
But his eyes flicker in dark and guide me.

He paints a ray of sunshine through his smile
Although he endure agony but lied me.
He carries ointment of love in his heart
That heal the straches of my soul and delight me.

     ~your smiling queen :)
Dedicated to the love of my life.
The truth is
I don't want to ever stop thinking about you
But I have to
Or else I won't fall asleep at night
Or if I do
I'll dream only of your eyes
I don't want to think of you like that

And at some point
One of us has to look away
The world won't stop spinning
For our less than platonic moments
We need to move on
You surely seem to have no trouble
But I can't tear my gaze away
From your retreating form

Those glimpses I catch
Of you sitting in class
Might as well be poison
Injected straight into my veins
The softness of your hair
The outline of your face
Is a drunk tattoo in the front of my brain
One I can't erase

You're my heroine
Take or leave the "e"
And I might be a willing addict
But I'll go to rehab eventually
I'll force your face to fade
Covered up with inky flowers
Scattering my legs

I'll leave your eyes
Turquoise and green
You can watch me from the bushes
Peeking out from between the leaves
Like a fairytale character
I bet I'll wonder who you were
And what you meant to me
Title stolen from Justin Courtney Pierre. If this is secretly another cover I don't know about... Educate me, Captain.
My scars are finally starting to heal a little,
But my veins are itching for more.
A "poem" every day.
Alex Gifford Sep 9
What once was fire in your eyes,
is smoldering,
about to die.

What once was fire in your veins,
is spilling out,
it slowly wanes.

Lost in a fog,
Drained of your blood,
Spine feeling soft,
Face in the mud.

Now fan the embers in your eyes,
consume what's left,
by fire baptize.
Tompson Aug 28
The sun is rising
I wake up
Cigarettes and coffee
my drugs in this morning
The day is passing by
Pills are making my mind
The night has come
I need to get ******
Give me a line
Needles in my hand
My veins burning like your love
The smell of blood
Death its in my bed
It's all what I have
You left.
ollie Aug 12
i listen to
pure heroine
on repeat
even though i’m scared of
and my veins
because it’s the only thing
that lulls me into sleep
lorde the only person
that calms me down
enough to have the same recent nightmares
about getting my blood drawn
whole thing is true, but pure heroine is my favorite album for a reason. genius, incredible, has my favorite song of all time, one of the only things that REALLY gets me to calm down and the only thing this week
  انت تمر عبر عروقي
الماء يمر عبر الدفق
انت منحت حياتي ...
الكحل يعرف عيني

I love you..

Adore you...

You run through my veins

Like ...

The water runs through stream

You give my life...

...the definition

Like the kohl defines my eyes
My first attempt at writing a peom in Arabic.... The most beautiful language in the world... So why not :)
My tears wasn't for you
Sweet Baby,
poetry is my music
misery is in my veins..

with or without you
I am always unhappy
not them nor you
Amelia Jul 12
Fire running through my veins
like electricity
attempting to ignite
if even only a small spark
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