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Eight steps away,he stood,
Amidst the smoke, he smoked.
His veins popped Green,
Over his wheat like skin.
I place the hand beneath my chin,
Metaphorizing his apparent age to mine.
Remember those delighted little girls,
Tossed,tickled and furled.
Their young adult neighbours,
Perquisitely whom the dolls favour.
The gaze that they give at them,
From beneath with heads up and a long stare...
Those cigarettes make me rhapsody
Pyrrha Feb 12
You aren't just gold and starlight
You are my every word
My dialect, my stanza, my every thought
You leave me tongue tied

You are my entire language,
You make my speech so clumsy
All my words are tripping over themselves
Just to please you and only you

You are my linguist dream,
I love to study the poetry in your veins
The sonnets in your eyes,
The limericks in your lips

You are literature incarnate,
And I worship you
n Feb 12
Recoil. And recoil fast.
She was of simple taste so He shattered her veiny lungs with his spit almost effortlessly.
Under his weight she was stunted, her limbs frozen by the constant of his blarring audioporn.
At every touch she had to brace herself for his embrace.
S O P H I E Feb 11
the weight of mortality is tiring
i want to tear it from my veins
bleeding silver and gold
till i can feel something again
i want to carve my name into my own heart
be on the ivory pillars of history
maybe one day they'll chant my name
or paint me into the constellations
and name galaxies after me

i, too, shall be eternal
Marcella Faye Jan 23
You are the pulse
That's running in
And through my veins.
Meera Jan 6
What flows in your veins
Blood or Anguish??
Sometimes your poems kick me in the gut and sometimes they soothe me with love
you're wearing
bright red lipstick
and a little black
dress but you
are a mess and you
can't even give the
taxi the right address.
You smell of cinnamon
and sugar mixed with
marijuana and when
you laugh I can see
the fillings in the
back of your mouth
and I resist the urge
to touch your cheek
and feel the curves
of your body beneath
your clothes.
I can taste smoke
at the back of
your throat
and I remember the
way you once wrote.
I think maybe
I'll love you
until this *******
has left my veins.
What was your
name again?
Malavika Vipin Dec 2018
Red strings in my body
Vibrate with your pious soul
And composes the musical harmony
To glorify the symphony of our love

And forever...
It sounds the mesmerizing notes
Pitches with the eternal flame of life
In rhythm with the universe
It resonates with the countless stars

Red strings in your body
Vibrate with my earnest soul
And create the mystical notes
Which emphasizes our bond
And last forever...

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