I need you both
because balance is good
Fear, I know you are over protective
Imagination, I know you are blindly optimistic
but with balance comes discipline
because balance is good
I will continue to consult you both
as you are my allies
on this journey to self revelation
and realization
I will continue to consult you both
because balance is good

The daughter of the moon and I
Fell from the stars
And crashed into a lonely lake
Where she would spend all of her days
Forsaking all others
Except for this
The wielder of the sword to be
To rule the world
By his own outstretched hand


Eventually you forget how to escape
To open the door at the back of your mind
And walk on though it
Into the new
And that is why we should value our innocence
And our children in such a way as we do

I was speaking of imagination...

BILLY: do you think some people take their medication on the moon?
LISA: I think most people do, not counting zebras
BILLY: I think they’re faking it
LISA: they have no reason though, except for seagulls
BILLY: what do you mean?
LISA: you know, seagulls, adventure, rebel kisses
BILLY: oh that
LISA: well at least it’s peppermint flavored
BILLY: candy ways

© Matthew Goff

Star BG 1d

A poem,
is brushed upon canvas-like page,
as witter dips into paint-can of creative mind.

Colorful phases get mixed for
perfect hue of expression,
to match their feelings.

Brush strokes, get dabbled
across fields of white
until the perfect vision is accomplished.

And then...after working their craft
born is a masterpiece
like that of Michael Angelo and Rembrandt.

Blessings to the poet, who is in a class of their own.

Quote of day got transformed into more nourishing detail. LOL
Quote is ...A poem is written when one dips into a paint can of creative jargon and splashes it onto a page.

I've been on the low.

I've been taking my time,
I feel like I'm out of my mind,
It feels like my life could never be mine.

I don't wanna be alive
and let me tell you why.

All the shit speaking happening and presently occurring, as those same culprits pop up in my head as if I'm memorizing.

I've been praying for somebody to save me, but no one's heroic.
My life doesn't even matter, I know it, I know it...or at least I tell my myself that.

I'm hurting deep down but why can’t I show it?
I never had a place to call my own.
I never had a home, ain't nobody callin' my phone.

Where have you been? Where you at? What's on your mind?
They say every life precious but nobody cares about mine.

I've been on the low.
I've been taking my time.
I feel like I'm out of my mind.
It feels like my life ain't mine.
Who can relate?

-- Alex Wilson, 2017

i came to a point in life where every time i breathe i wish it will be my last breathe

The only note I took from yesterdays class was “the western governments failed to do anything about it” and that really drove home for me how transferable and different yet identical ongoing war is. WW1, WW2, Iraq, the syrian war.

I don’t know where poetry sits in all this. I think poetry without action is like theory without praxis so I to an extent I don’t really care what poetry is or should be in regards to war. There is a limit to what the written word can do in terms of changes the course of things and influencing people, it’s not nothing but it’s also not enough. The recognition of the limitation or inadequacy of the written or spoken word is demonstrated in how many poets are activists, they know speaking or writing alone is not enough.

I think poetry can be fuel, nourishing, provoking but then it’s like what are you gunna do about it? Western politics, particularly liberalism seems to have gotten it’s wires crossed somewhere along the line and some people seem to believe that talking about and reading about things is enough, that think pieces can actually change things and help people in of themselves.

I think the most poetry can be is a starting point, a seed, but what are you gonna do to grow it further?

I think poetry can be a call to action, and a call to action shouldn’t be read as a metaphor, take it literally and answer the call.

i wish the people i love somewhat know it's going to be okay
i wish words would be as promising as what they seem to be
i wish their own ghosts wouldn't haunt them when they're alone past midnight
i wish they wouldn't feel the weight of a thousand thoughts drown them as they try to step foot towards what they genuinely want
i wish they wouldn't feel the burden of waking next morning after a restless night
i wish they know it's only a matter of time
i just wish it wasn't so difficult for them to believe it's going to be okay

allow yourself to be in pain for the things you do not understand
watch the river make its way to you
and see how beautiful things will destroy you

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