a shattered poet on floor
he swore he'll do no more
if he throws his poems out the door
he's done for

He'll get back up,
but do no chase
As if some race.
"Pour me another cup."
I wish my hands would open like floodgates,
and pour fourth my heart held inside,
my fingers the hinges,
the pencil my flood
I want my words to beat loud like a boombox,
held high to give an introspective
thump to the pumps of
your heart

This leads me to ask myself,
What is the point of  t h e  poet?
What is its purpose?
Why is it that I want to convey
my heart through words?
Why do I feel it would help
to translate my soul
through poetry
when my only audience
can't even see my eyes?
What's the point?
Is it only for my own benefit,
A way for me to express myself,
To open up
To people whose eyes I can't see?
Or is a way for me to reach them,
The ones in which our eyes will never meet?
Maybe I'm thinking way to deeply
Perhaps I've had too much coffee
So tell me, poets, if I'm crazy
Of if you're just like me
the | English | 5. used to mark a noun as being used generically
I'm not a poet,
but I'm just sharing of my thoughts.

I'm not a poet,
but I'm just having a feeling that I can be.

I'm not a poet,
but I know that I can able to give some ideas,

I'm not a poet,
but I am still trying to be.

I'm not a poet,
but I can be someone who I am not yesterday.

I'm not a poet,
but I can paint my love on you.

I'm not a poet,
but I can do express my feelings on you.

And I'm not a poet,
but I can write anything I wanted to do.
I am not a poet.
Lily 1d
Yes, maybe sometimes I speak in clichés,
Or maybe metaphors some of my days.
Maybe you don't understand my rhymes,
Or can't keep up with the dictionary's changing times.
Even if you don't understand this art,
Know that I'm a poet who speaks from the heart.
Denny C 1d
It's not as easy as a light switch
When you're feeling like this

To block the pain
Or refrain
From thinking things will never change

It's deeper than the pop of a pill
But still
It eases more than the thought will

Rain can pour for days on end
And then
You feel the sunlight spread within

Now you see through clearer eyes
And you start to realize

That things will get better

The sun is just beyond the clouds.
Denny C 2d
You're a midsummer dusk drive
Down a long dirt road
The puzzle piece that fits just right
To me you feel like home
The first cup at daybreak
A leaf changing in Autumn's breeze
The soft crash a wave makes
You're everything I see
Warm sweaters on chilled nights
Happiness guaranteed
A whiskey blend distilled twice
You're everything to me

You are all the good things. You're everything.
How to poet a life away

Toss the trite learned

Skip grammar mostly too

Rhyme or not is all yours

Step to drummer unheard

Believe in life yet untold

Read a thousand times

More than you write

Live, so you will know

What you are talking about

Take wild leaps in mind

Without losing it too far

Write not only about love

Although that’s all there

Really is or really is not

Fall in some love also

More than simply once

With not only your words

But others in thought

Wishing to poet too

©  2017 Jim Davis
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