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I will quench my thirst on water spring
I will recall bygone memories
Will awaken Sahasrara chakra
With Heavenly lustre from above
I shall join the Light in Glory with Love
That in luminosity its way will find
Bringing Peace to the Spirit of Mankind.

Saša Milivojev

Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska
I have been searching for you
in the centuries
In lost dreams
In icy seas
Tracks covered in snow
And you are no more
Everyone ‘s undone
Winds! Turn me to ice
A monument of ice
To be awakened
By soft rays of light
Once a heart is thawed
It will beat for you
Memories I lost
Turn my blood to frost
Tear droplet so young
On snow covered ground
I shine from afar
But no one awaits
To lessen my pain
That is neverending
Winds! Turn me to ice
A monument of ice
To be awakened
By soft rays of light
Once a heart defrosts
It will beat for you
Sun will disembogue
Like honey that’s thawed.

Saša Milivojev

Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska
A Spirit
A wandering soul
A wrathful squall
In the fire levin ‘s blasting
Ice within the chest is crackling.
Everything to me is hindrance
You are not within my distance
We are bound by golden twine.
Step down from the blazing sun
The child loves you but it stammers
Because this un-beating heart
Cannot fasten
Gelid gates of inky Hades.
I shall lay myself to rest
Hold acquittal and solace
In this hour evil, bleak,
When you didn’t hear me speak.

Saša Milivojev

Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska
Countless times you may have killed us
We shall always rise again
Down the beams of light descend
Forever to you we shall return
For you we shall recite our prayers
And sing of virtue and of love
Your world is stern
******, you step upon the poet like a
flower in bloom
The honeybee that honey makes
Still he soars
And there to ice he succumbs
When rocks on earth turn into crumbs
And sparks emblaze
Shooting stars fall so bright
into the new bodies of confinement,
Giving the poets the kiss of life with their
Angels heralds
Lonely nomads
Hungry vagabonds
That you hunt and hate
Although they teach you to love and to ache
To find yourself
To hope,
dream and forgive
No more to lie,
Betray, steal nor ****

Thousands of years are passing by
Countless times beheading us to die
With our divine blood
You let your pigs imbibe
Yet again we have returned
To surprise you will succumb
Just to wink
Songs to sing and help you
Better to become

By divine Myrrh that is flowing
With our words entwined
The universe beams at you
Of wickedness and grief its healing you
The poet is kneeling

Humiliated for mercy he is pleading
Is his song a thorn in your eye?
Is that why you made him die?
Soon you too will fly away
To endlessness
Thy bare feet the earth will caress
On your best man’s straw, you’ll stumble
Down the inky pit you’ll tumble
Will a poet rescue thee?
Once again will you be free?

Countless times I may ‘ve been slayed
They’ll bring me to
Earth again
Down the purple beams
they’ll throw me
Violets in their blooming glory
That your step will strain
The bee will wing
And just as a song
Your heart it will sting.

Saša Milivojev

Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska
Vagish 2d
She was a lightning

Bright and shining up in the clouds

Her hair were black like the rain clouds

bouncing as she moved around

clear were her eyes like the droplet falling from the sky

her anklets making the sound

as if rains drops are hitting the ground

Now I am writing with a mood as colorful as a rainbow

About a girl I once saw

That's why Monsoon is my favorite season.
Left Foot Poet Jul 2015
for our boys

the reason we say so oft,
in whispers emboldened,

I love you

to our children
is not the utility of
its summarizing brevity

no, no.

it is because

the eloquence of simplicity
supersedes any other poem
any of us could ever write...

July 26 2015
Left Foot Poet Mar 2017
"my soul to keep"

this prayer
elegant, simple complexity,
comes me haunting,
every evening,
this notion,
a faint ghosting,
repeatedly reappearing
and nightly leaving,
from between my crumpled, sweaty bedsheets,
departing with a demanding unsatisfied, incessant,
coated with a diabolical, unfeigned challenge  -

write of me,
relentlessly commanding,
right me

no notions,
come realized,
no poem body, resolved solutions,
are easy offered up

your inner voices,
fettered and deterred,
begging you,
this one,
defer, defer,
for better days,
for better poets,
who require
no assembly instructions
cannot improve upon it

my distress, sensed;
the lady of  the house,
over the shoulder peering,
sees the moody poem title that
has self-selected to core this poet's core,
for endless torture,
raining down ruinous lamentation

she, ever softly spoken

"good man,
your soul,
your poems -
both mine to take
mine to keep

this title,
this poetic obligation
fulfillingly, fittingly,
my responsibility

mine to write
mine to keep
mine to right
mine to mine
for its
bejeweled contemplations

render easily unto me
what I have Caesarean seized,
pried lovingly and forcibly
from thee within

though seemingly rightfully thine,
title has passed,
legally, tenderly,
into your lover's arms

banish poet thine troubled assembled,
ensemble senses,
this particular poem's journey
and the soul that bears it,
released and relieved,
for now,
mine to take,
mine to keep,
thy soul,
in mine to dwell,
mine to complete"

Nowe I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take
Mahiks 3d
I have got so much to speak to you

Problems I face and the fun I do

But dunno where to start and end

Who to meet and where to wend

To you I'm a fellow unknown

But still you hear me, I know

And I thank you for that you pay attention

But to change yourself is never your intention

You know my most poems show today's truth

The problems and confusions within the youth

You read my words and think deep

Wish to change a bit but then you sleep

The next morning you forget me

My words, my concerns, my poetry

I know you feel the same what I write

Cause I am one of you and I don't let anyone be blind

My words are not new or fiction

Of wrong or right, It's my confession

Which you all know but don't react

You should too admit but you step back

I dare you all if you start right this sec

Step ahead and move out from the desk

Bring a change in whatever is flawed

Not for me, but for the lord

Yeah, poetry is my hobby, my passion and love

But I don't just write to impress, but above

that I am a dreamy human who dreams of a paradise world

So I try to change the globe through touching hearts by words

But if you just read, think, forget and move on

Then with generations it'll pass on

The mistakes will not change, and everyone will suffer

All will need a revolution but they behave like duffers

They'll yell inside to make things right

But now and then, no one will spill the guts to fight

Then one day,

everything will vanish away

Look at that, if you ignore just a tiny thing

What can happen, the world can sink

Forget my poems, read anything that motivates

But I beg, please don't stay and wait

Make an effort to make sure

That what you regret should not the kids anymore

What you suffer, what gives you pain

Change the whole **** thing!
You know, I mostly write about life and life problems. The situation of today.....

You read my poems, you realise what is necessary, you then forget me. You want a change but don't want to make any effort. If you need something you have to work hard for it. This poem is written from the core of a poet's heart how it feels when her words affect people but still nothing changes the youth of today is the future of tomorrow. We need to change and we have to change.
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