This is for each time
They told me I was only good with words.
Maybe I did spent too much time discovering words
That I no longer know how to put into good use.

This is for each time
My skin yearned for yours
Your memory etched into the prints of my fingers
It was the first time I thought being alive wasn’t bad after all
But I left before you realize I wasn’t worth falling for.

This is for each time
Your words converted me into a ghost
Floating while screaming, “What is this emptiness?”
Each spoon of salt poured unto my wounds
Became the only confirmation that I was still human.

This is for each time
My best wasn’t bubbling to the brim,
Not enough to let it flow out of my mouth gracefully, effortlessly
This is for each moment
I choked, pushed, and pulled it out of me
Until I was left with a sour tongue & shaky fingers
But at least I can be of service with whatever spills out.
To see the beauty of a life
is to stand with Death,
looking back at the whole −
the sum of joy and pain.
     From there, the face in the moonlight,
     the warmth in the glance of an eye,
     the untraceable laughter in the hall
take on more meaning,
bear new slight symbols,
conjure new beliefs.
     But do not wait for Death.
After all, these words were written
in the midst of a beautiful life.
Quick write
let him
try and write

let me try
you better not
go ahead then

never mind

offered his hand
it wasn't to smash your fingers
what do you think you know something
more than

we find here
there is
mighty ocean
with roaring waves
at times we can be found
cliff side

what storm has your words calms
what shapes have you made to ellude

i refuse to swallow my beliefs for anyone

if my words beyond the truth have ever offended you

i truley apologize

i will never apologize
for me telling

there is but one truth

if what you believe isn't the truth
it is just another example
bogus opinion
dirty word
here let me

Countless fired and flaming rows
of foot-worn streets I walked,
watching faces grow and become the things
of the evils that they talked.

I shot a sidelong sharpened glance
at these foes whose names are lost,
only to fall in line with them,
standing crooked, callow, crossed.

I donned a suit and played the part.
I spoke their words and sneered
at lonely men with drooping hearts
as mine did disappear.

I lived like this for centuries,
at least that’s how it seemed,
all the while grasping at air
and forgetting what I’d dreamed.

Until one day I heard a voice
come wafting through my door.
It said "Temptation is a ghost,
you’re meant for something more."

Stricken by this phantom noise,
I thought that I’d been called
upon by gods or angels then,
and so to them I crawled.

I crawled, I crawled, I lived like dust,
blowing this way and that,
atoning for what I had become,
and on my face fell flat.

I must have died a thousand times
if only in my thoughts.
My head grew weary, sight grew dim,
my heart tied up in knots,

When out of darkness came a hand
reaching out to mine,
and pulled me up. I stood again,
though much more straight this time.
Quick write
Styles 1d
Love at first sight,
so plain to see.
You opened my eyes
to what was in front of me;
My Destiny.
I thought I could be eternal,
like air or sound or memory,
that I would be a ghost
in your attic forever.
I thought you would keep me,
or be kept by me,
find joy in my movements,
love in my breath.
But you moved away,
suddenly without word or gesture,
left me standing on the floor
in your house, now mine.
You took my place and I yours.
This was supposed to be simple, clean.
And so you became air,
sound, memory, nothing at all.
Quick write
The long hands of mem’ry are strangling my mind,
reachin’ out past the face to which my love was assigned.
When I go out in the evening to see what it is I can find
I’m haunted by the things we said.

When morning light lies beside me in my bed
I’ve got to turn myself over and shake out my head
because the whole scene reminds me of the day we wed
and of the life from which we resigned.

Like a sharp shaft of glass, we tore through the years,
only to end drowning in each other’s tears.
But the past’s so much closer than it appears,
and if you look too long you’ll go mad.

To say I never loved you’s to fall in line with a fad.
But to ignore what I feel now is just more weight I can’t add.
So I look down at the ashes, dust off what we had,
and stifle my rising fears.
Let me kiss your heart
I swear,
my lips will suture your scars
Leave it to me tonight
With your permission
My passion will stir it up
My breath will heat it up
My love will lift it up

my love will
get you groaning
till you beg for mercy,
a magnetic string
ties up your body,
gravity can't handle it ,
you feel it
but no way to resist it,
you try to ignore it
but you're wholly

Every night
In this crowded
I look for
A new prey
To ink its blood
On this lonely
Piece of sheet
That speaks
My hopeless

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