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“We both know how you are with reading into things.” Well... yeah.
I’m a ******* poet;
How else am I gonna figure out what to write about?
Poets have a special talent for making something out of nothing
Day 3h
i'm afraid
to speak anything
suddenly my tongue is sharp
and my thoughts are deadly
quiet washes over me
and i am paralyzed
"what's wrong"
makes no sense to me
and i still can't find the words to say
hoping people might stop
thinking i'm crazy
her heart is as fragile
                as a sapphire stone
and delicate
                as a crimson colored rose
if i walk away
         would you hold my hand
                    and beg
                              for me to stay?
In the light of things
Life is precious
Limited to a few seconds
Which can feel like eternity
When disaster strikes
And suddenly you see things
In a different perspective
Suddenly it's not the materialistic
Things that matter most
Suddenly it's not the superficial reality
That looks beautiful
Suddenly it's not what society thinks
That counts
Suddenly you feel the little things
the little moments
of excitement
With every breath you take
You get to appreciate
Even the tiniest of things
Suddenly it's not about what you should be
Nor what you are said to be
As the silence creeps all around
Distant noises of sirens echoing
The tension of years of struggle
And from the wreckage
A new man emerges
if i were you
i wouldn't fall for a poet
they may be good at making you feel overwhelmed
they can make you fall through their actions
but they'll make you fall even harder with their words

falling for a poet is quite easy
they say,
they're gonna be spending a whole day
pouring their heart out
while tapping their pens rhythmically
with trembling hands
as they write about
your date nights,
movie marathons
and play fights
it will all be written on a piece of paper

i am a poet
i can make you experience life
in comparison to a rollercoaster ride
through poetry
i'm a woman of many emotions
you'll sometimes get confused
about how my brain ticks
i'll write about
the car rides under the stars
and under the city lights
i'll give you the sun,
the moon,
the universe
name it

i'd offer a blank page
and every stanzas
only for you
word per word
line per line
will be spoken with emotion

in photography
every moment was being captured
by the photographer
as well as in poetry
your actions towards a poet
could mean a lot
you'll be surprised
i write
even the heartaches
you have caused
so i wouldn't forget
the pain you inflicted
but i'd still thank you, eventually
for it wasn't for you,
i wouldn't be able to write this
I do not write for you
I write about you..
Well not about you, about you
but about what you would be
had I wanted to add
a new character
to my fiction
i didn't come to you for salvation
i didn't enter the circle to be saved
i was lost

i was looking for a leader
i was looking for advice
i was looking for directions

but now you tell me that the moon will deceive me
the sun will destroy me

the heavy heartbeat in the back of my mind
doesn't make me want to come back
because i know you want that more than anything else

and i don't owe you anything
Ray Casey 19h
My mind is haggard
My body drips fear
A poet without words
brings me to tears!
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