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Clive Blake Jul 14
Sea calm,
Crew slept,
Dark side,
Sea kept,
Tide raced,
Waves crept,
Crew woke,
Sails prepped,
Coiled spring,
Waves leapt,
Crew swept,
Left behind,
They wept.

For the sea has no respect
For the nautically inept …
A Cornish poem about the sea.
By Cornish Poet Clive Blake
Poet X May 29
in attempt to immortalize you
i spoke to stars of you
to the sun and the moon
told them of all your glory and
they told the trees who told the birds who spoke to the fish of all oceans
i wrote your name into my soul as though it was my own
i spoke to the whales of you
of all your beauty
of your smile,
which challenges even the seas with it's depth.  
in an attempt to immortalize you
i carved your name into stone
and said a prayer to the gods of old and young

in a attempt to immortalize you
i succeeded
so you may live on
long after
humanity joins the dust
you said you never wanted to die
Naya May 17
I see your beaming light
I see safety in your arms ahead,
I'm coming home to you.

I sail towards you,
I am so happy.

but you turn your light off,
and I see nothing.
all that's ahead is darkness amongst these crashing vigorous waves.

You send me away,
so far away and I don't know why.

I drift endlessly into this unlit sea,
along with these bewildered thoughts I have of you.

I sail away,
sadly so far away from you.
Poet X May 12
you are so beautiful,
a soul as pure as sunlight
and a smile that challenges even the sea with it's depth.

you have captured me and my heart,
a feat many have tried and none have accomplished.

you are the kind of person worth writing about,
a poem worth speaking
a song worth singing
a dance worth expressing,
a canvas i would love to paint.

i imagine being allowed to love you is alot like runners high,
or any type of high.
but this poem is far too long,
and i have promises to keep,
and miles and miles to go
before i sleep.
my first love poem in a while
The big open blues
Clouds and bubbles take the space
Can easily be plowed through

The feeling of freedom,
Weightless as it can be
Floating through the open blues

Splashing in the watery sky,
A sparkling smile hits your face.
That feeling of pure bliss,
Nothing is better

Hold onto that feeling,
This fleeting moment
Will leave on a whim.
Embrace it.
Let it flow through every fiber.

These moments are not meant to last,
A hair’s moment at best.
Take in the big blue seas,
The freedom of the open blues.
Feel the freedom
Just Grace Jan 26
Water longed and gasped at the sunset colors above her
lapping them up in her mists and rolling waves
she took these tumbling breaths to exhale the palette across the bare sands, persuading them over and over again through time
till they too tumbled as grains in the radiant slurry

"There now, Earth and Sky. This is how we are One."
sea sparkle:
turns out that’s the name of a real thing,
a phenomenon.

i’ll write that down as a note for later poems
but then by mistake,
i let the sheet float away
through a window that i left open
only for it to find its way to the waters
and sink down to the bottom of the ocean
Erian Rose Oct 2020
Her voice trembled under unsettling cold
breath hitched at starless dusk,
an ocean of black ink
drowning the moon's marvelous magic

Footsteps echoed her own
a balancing act in the dark
playing with unwritten spellwork
scattered in her shaken eyes

She wasn't afraid of what lurked
Beneath the running seas and crashing shores
the orbs that followed her
all but left to her cryptid-tale
Carlo C Gomez Sep 2020
In the lull
Of our constricted voice

In the hushing
Of our sullen realm

In the finite
Of our broken hinterlands

A watermark
No, rather

A barrow
A grave

Without inscription
Only handprints

In memoriam
Of the receding surf

Never heard
Never reached
Sombro Sep 2020
My poem's salt comes from the sea
Awash with flailing kelp
And absorbed light, hidden and sweet
Like me.

It rakes the gravel with its fingers
Cooly rushing over its skin
Absorbed and intended back again
When the sun blushes ruby red.

Little seals dot the waves
Mirroring the clouds
Chuckling through their whiskers, beckoning
At the dogs on shore, faithful cousins
To these rotund sprites.

The dried up fields are far away
They gasp for the rain that's closing in
With the prettiest grey clouds
Crickets jump from the Terra Cotta
And spill the Summer air, little breaths.

While ores seep into the mass of blue
Rather than be claimed, and turn the bottom muddy
In pinks and oranges dulled by the jealous green.
The fish enriched begin to talk
And their blessings pip pop upwards.

I think it's beautiful that air goes down down deep
and finds the things that need to breathe.
If only I could follow it
And be consumed by some crease
And become the ocean too.
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