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Erian Rose Oct 4
Her voice trembled under unsettling cold
breath hitched at starless dusk,
an ocean of black ink
drowning the moon's marvelous magic

Footsteps echoed her own
a balancing act in the dark
playing with unwritten spellwork
scattered in her shaken eyes

She wasn't afraid of what lurked
Beneath the running seas and crashing shores
the orbs that followed her
all but left to her cryptid-tale
Carlo C Gomez Sep 23
In the lull
Of our constricted voice

In the hushing
Of our sullen realm

In the finite of
Our broken hinterlands

A watermark
No, rather

A barrow
A grave

Without inscription
Only handprints

In memoriam
Of the receding surf

Never heard
Never reached
Sombro Sep 12
My poem's salt comes from the sea
Awash with flailing kelp
And absorbed light, hidden and sweet
Like me.

It rakes the gravel with its fingers
Cooly rushing over its skin
Absorbed and intended back again
When the sun blushes ruby red.

Little seals dot the waves
Mirroring the clouds
Chuckling through their whiskers, beckoning
At the dogs on shore, faithful cousins
To these rotund sprites.

The dried up fields are far away
They gasp for the rain that's closing in
With the prettiest grey clouds
Crickets jump from the Terra Cotta
And spill the Summer air, little breaths.

While ores seep into the mass of blue
Rather than be claimed, and turn the bottom muddy
In pinks and oranges dulled by the jealous green.
The fish enriched begin to talk
And their blessings pip pop upwards.

I think it's beautiful that air goes down down deep
and finds the things that need to breathe.
If only I could follow it
And be consumed by some crease
And become the ocean too.
alexis Jul 16
i sometimes imagine
boys with sunburnt skin falling
into saltwater seas
with laughter on their lips
16. julliet 2020
3:22 am.
light mist didst cover
the snaking river's journey
en route to blue seas
Regina May 21
The souls of the seas will be
committed to their maritime dwell,
and the reflected moon tides
shall have stars on silent waves
that mourn-
when my grieving will leave
from my earthly body,
as the mermen attend my
seashell bier in the vast of
the Atlantic.
spacewtchhh Apr 23
we long for oceans
just to drown ourselves from these
waves of emotion
KJF Apr 23
ice scarred and sun scorched,
untilled and untillable,
thrush, worn, and wasted

Bones of the land,
grow inward from the shore

White coral sand blossoms
and burns at the edges;
dry, blasted

our broken lands
From a short collection I'm working on.
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