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Asominate Jun 9
Blue eyes
Black hair
You cried
I stared
I laughed
You left
Blue eyes
Come back.
Just another day on the playgrounds.

She never came back.
Erian Rose May 14
I was born a poet
before I realized
I was sneaking behind
plastered brick walls
at recess bells
transforming the world
into words
spilling ink pens dry
I was born a poet
I embraced beauty,
enfolded magic,
encased the man on the moon,
tracing bare sentences
amidst pure wonder
until their final moments
till they cried
the truths of neverland
upon the immense star clusters
I am a poet
clever Mar 2019
i may not be able to break your rules,
but they sure as hell won't break me.
it's just like tag, baby.
Verdant Quo Nov 2018
we listen to the bell
and run towards it’s call

tag immersed in the smell of
the slippery, asphalt blacktop beneath

snowballs burn our raw hands;
moulding ***** for

dry from the air
as we are established into a

the taste of relieving
water from the fountain
Terry Collett Jul 2017
and I sat
on the grass

at midday
at recess.
The building

of the school
within sight.
It was hot

lemon sun
pouring down
its heat waves.

She sat down
her fine legs
under her

her cream blouse
open neck wide

her small fruits
pushing out

on the cloth.
I studied

as she talked
her mother
in a mood

at breakfast
scolding her
her bedroom

in a mess
her clothes not
put away

too lazy.
I listened
taking in

her two knees
just beneath
her green skirt

the white socks
ankle length.
Does your mum

moan at you?
she asked me.
Now and then

I replied.
Beads of sweat
trickled down

her forehead
down her chin
down her throat

down between
her two fruits.
I wished that

I could be
(just a while)
that flowing

bead of sweat
lying there
in soft warmth

of her fruits.
It's so hot
she confessed

I lay there
in my dream
softly blessed.
Terry Collett Jun 2016
Yiska takes me home with her
in the lunch recess
at school;
it's a sunny day,
and she lives
a few minutes away.

Her mum is out seeing
her sister in a far off town.

She opens the door
of the house,
and I enter in,
and she closes the door.

I smell polish
and fresh air.

Nice place,
I say,
smells flowery.

Mum's a tidy-house freak;
spends time on her housework,
and if she's on a downer
she spends longer,
Yiska says.

She takes me into the lounge,
and it is neat as a new pin,
and I look around.

Want a sandwich?
She says.

Have we time?
I say.

Of course; I can make
a sandwich,
she says.

So we go into the kitchen;
it is neat, tidy and spotless.

Sit on the stool,
and I'll get us a sandwich.

So I sit and she gets
bread, butter and cheese,
and makes us sandwiches,
and pours us some fruit juice.

We sit together on the two stools,
and she says,
I could show you my room,
but my big brother
might come home,
he does some lunchtimes.

You showed me
your room before,
I say.

O so I did,
she says smiling,
he'd tell Mum
and then there'd be
hell to pay;
he's a *** that way,
she says.

We eat and sip the juice.

Maybe when I know
for sure he won't be home,
and mum's away again,
I can show you again,
and do something,
she says,
looking at me.

Do something?
I say.

Yes, you know, things,
she says.

If we have time
and not have lunch,
she adds.

After we ate lunch,
she takes me into the garden,
and shows me
her father's work.

Mum's the designer;
Dad's just her labourer,
Yiska says.

Then she turns,
and kisses me
full on the lips,
and holds me to her,
and I sense her there,
and her small *******
against my chest,
and I dream
all the rest.
Terry Collett May 2016
I sit on the grass
with Yiska

warm summer day
lunch time recess

do you think of me
when you're home?
she says

most of the time
I say

I think of you
nearly all of the time
at home
she says

what do you
think about?
I say

us together
in my bed at night
she says
as I hug my pillow
and kiss it

I pick grass
with my fingers
every night?
I say

most nights
she says
do you hug your pillow
and dream of me
in your bed?
she says

not easy
I share a bed
with my younger brother
I say

of course
she says
do you wish it was me
there and not him?
she says

I scatter the grass
at my feet

I think of you lying there
and me hugging you close
and kissing and such
I say

my mother said to me
what's the matter with you
wandering the house
like a moody cow?
Yiska says
nothing I told her
just that time of the month
and my brother said
what time of the month
is that?
**** off
I said and mother
told me to behave
and not swear

I look at her sitting there
her hands on her knees

what does your brother say
about us sitting here lunch times?

he says nothing to her
I don't think he worries
and he'd not tell tales

she turns and leans close
and kisses me quickly
wish you were
in my bed at night
she whispers

so do I
I reply

Goldfinch comes over
aren't you playing football?
he says
we need you
for right back

not now
I say
I'm back here with her

he shakes his head
and goes

I look at her
and she smiles
and I imagine her
with no clothes.
-df Apr 2016
Some days
I wish I could go
back in
When all I had to
worry about was
getting a swing
during recess.

— The End —