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To see the Big Dipper
In the prairie provinces
How clear this diamonds you be
A bright
With not light
In sight
What I night in
The bucket list
sophie Jan 23
stars are perhaps the most magical thing of all
in her otherwise unmagical world

constellations steal her breath away
as they sweep across the sky
in a never ending rotation

she sits on the patio on her roof
to do so
she sneaks out at one in the morning
and tiptoes up a metal spiral staircase
outside her house

she lays down
and looks at the stars in the clear night sky
there is no pollution down at that private shore
and she is the only one up and out
at the time in that place

it is only her
and the stars
When someone says I am a good
I say no not me
Not because of sadness
But because of joy,
Have you seen that Big Dipper
Or the seven sisters (Pleiades)
Lately by any chance
If so those are art
I did not create
For they’re perfect
The artist
Some unknown entity
Ariana Solo Dec 2020
The eyes that burn with passion and the flames of comets

Watched as the death of a star gave birth to a wish

She was in solitude, a grain of sand in the expanse of the universe

Wishing for warm company that she'll never find on the icy planet

✨ 🌠 ✨ 🌠 ✨
🌠 ✨ 🌠 ✨ 🌠
Heaven's cup that overflows
Trickling light into yonder black
Traveling the universe
Until the seasons brought you back
To me,
Mine eyes to see
The warm and glowing sight;
The stars are all a'shine this Eve
Your visage, burning bright.
My eyes could ne'er tear away,
Though other bodies dance;
Captivated, I am paused-
Intrigued, I am entranced.
For Ive counted all the stars above,
All friends, I hold them dear;
But the silver light that doth delight
Only comes when you appear.
O Tiny little dipper,
Tipping streams that pour-
The heavens look so full tonight,
But I am counted yours.
ATILA Nov 2020
Sit down here for a while
Look up and observe the sky
With a kaleidoscope of dreaming eyes
Contemplate how the stars shine
Complementing the beauty of night
Brazing to be the brightest sight
Bearing the heat by constant burning
Just to illuminate one’s world.

Turn your face beside
And savour my talking heart
A canvas made of refined stardust
Count the sparks of it
That complete anxious dots from your stare
Faith in myself when I say
Your tender existence already be the best being
Your enchanting gaze lights up dusky room I was lost in
Your warm embrace convects my flower’s needs
Makes it fully blooming.

You are solely my star
And I’m eternally stargazing.
“Am I your star?”
“Of course my dear, you are my star.”
Emmah Nov 2020
you drag me along on an adventure
not explaining where we’ll go
when i ask you what we’re doing
you grin and say you don’t know
we drive forever on endless roads
i stop questioning after a while
you sing to the radio with such enthusiasm
i can’t help but smile
we stop at a garage to fill up the truck
a faded sign says “ice cream this way”
i shrug and help you find the freezer
we argue, you relent, i pay
i’m barely awake when the trip finally ends
and you’re pulling me out of the door
you’re filling the truck bed with blankets
while i can’t figure out what for
you helped me in and shifted the blankets
then wrapped your arms around me too
you wanted to look at the stars
i just wanted to stare at you
I don’t post often, because stress and mental health issues mess with my creativity. Apologies.
Strying Oct 2020
Trees swaying side to side,
Blue's all I see.
If only it could stay,
Blue for eternity.
!We should stop polluting!
Anyway, I love looking at the sky and just laying down looking up. Stargazing is nice too :)
Johnson Oyeniran Sep 2020
Ember evening, summers night,
Burnt sienna
Painted within our sky.

A clement sigh beneath a tree,
Upon a hill, in complete solitude.
In the midst of gloom, i lay my head,
On flocculent petals, stained with guerlain.

In awe i am towards thy surrealistic canvas,
Counting nameless stars;
Far but close our naked eyes and
Remote planets, taunting us in plain sight
Who dwell in cosmoses grand halls,
Seated on nothing attended
By celestial slaves.

I weep dismay,
For our astronauts aided by science,
Holds no invite,
Their grant denied.
Zack Ripley Sep 2020
Every night, I search the sky
For the stars that spell out your name.
Because ever since you left
Without saying goodbye,
Nothing has been the same.
So if I'm lonely,
I lie underneath your willow tree,
And as I look at the stars,
I swear I can feel you next to me.
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