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"Lie beneath the galaxy in a cathedral silence,
Stay up till the Sun dives behind arid eminence."

Out there in the seething cold sun,
The glint blinding all that I could see,
Light headed, drowsy for a lack of air,
Disconnected from all that to me dear,
And disconcerted of all that came prior,
Or was about to ensue..
I found myself ✓
First two lines credit to the original author. The rest is an original follow up to the same ..
Amna Khan Apr 25
Under the serene starry sky
lay a  hushed beating heart
In a field as far as the horizon offered
always allured by God's majestic art

Two glistening eyes on Draco fixated
Orion seemed the epitome of delight
Deciphering the secrets the cosmos held
in awe of the gloom broken by celestial light

Almost as if the stars were reaching out too
cradling the little one in their truths
unraveling their mysteries to the heart of the wild
in their lullaby, ease and soothe

The galaxies above used their magic to fill
the obscure heart with emotions aplenty
and all that chained it to the insipid earth
were mundane realities and gravity
Constructive criticism is welcome.
JK Cabresos May 2015
we were lying down on the grass,
watching the beauty of the sky;
she had her eyes on the stars,
i had my eyes on my world
The moon was big
And our love was bigger
I said anywhere you go
I would go with ya
Because I love the moon
But it looks better when I'm with you
neha yamba Mar 30
i've been talking to the stars lately ,
they know my secrets now
they're aware of my embarrassments  
they know i stutter when i call you mine ,
i believe they like our story 'cause
they twinkle bright when i speak of you ,

i am asking for a vow and i hope you keep it this time
a vow to not mention our broken love story to the stars .

for they shall remember us for evermore .
let us stay in their world as two agapornis
and not as two terribly broken hearts .
Tulip Mar 28
The sight is always dark
The twinkles in the night
Stars that I can remark
With only a finger, forms a light
Don't ever blink
Missing out on shooting stars
When it's over, it always shrinks
It's peaceful when there's no cars
Sit down and stargaze
The stars are like a maze
Creating new light from place to place
Just let the cool breeze flow on your face
While the shooting stars are still flying

There's one that's flying by
So hurry up and make a wish
I love stargazing, so I'm giving out my description of shooting stars.
Katie Feb 5
driving the roads
in my hometown at night
has taught me
that no matter who you are
you will never be lonelier than a night sky
lit by both stars and streetlights

skyglow pollutes the winter air
fluorescent oranges and reds light the way
this kaleidoscope glare is blinding
to those unfamiliar
with this time of night

quietly humming to some old
country song on the radio
never mind the lyrics
pulling into my driveway
getting out and looking to the sky

through hazy clouds Orion keeps watch
with Sirius and Procyon beside
coy lady Venus
slinks her way across the sky
and the silent moon reflects on it all

the air is too cold
for me to keep the sky company
any longer tonight
but it will always be there
Lou Jan 18
His dark eyes
galaxies in them,
But she didn’t mind,
Because she loved stargazing.
The study of bright lights niched across dim sky with fascination.
Bright lights called stars mark the canvas with the points for constellations.
Painting the stories of great triumphs or dark tales of tribulations.
Like the scars along our skin that tell of our actions, and their culminations.

You see, my sister has a white mark on her forehead from us playing at four years old.
We were running around our house until she smacked her head on the corner wall.
And back then I was crying and wailing ****** ****** at the age of four years old.
Now, I jokingly smile at the scar, like a reminder to me to not run in the halls.
But not every reminder is careless and cute like the one my sister holds.

Like the one down my left leg telling of the time I failed a box jump back in eighth grade.
It isn’t obvious, but I could point to it because I remember when I used to analyze it everyday.
And I analyzed it until the cut on my skin left a constellation of fear in my mind that would weigh me down.
Until a year later, when my friend made me realize that I didn’t have a reason to be afraid, because box jumps honestly weren’t that hard.

Though I realize not everyone has a friend like mine.
So I should’ve known to help others who needed help solving the constellations in their minds.
But I didn’t, because I’m a stargazer, who studies the stars, keeping his thoughts in his mind.
So these past months I’ve seen pictures painted of the most tragic star in my life.

In June of 2018 there would be the combustion of a supernova that would shake the entire universe so violently you’d swear you could feel it coming half a year in advance.
And that’s because you could feel it, like the first snowflake of a snowstorm my friend would post thoughts online in hope someone would warm him in the winter cold.
But the people were silent, ignorance gave them warmth in the form of winter hats and winter coats, they weren’t bothered by the cold, they let the upcoming events unfold.
So when my friend realized that he was alone in the storm, he held onto his dreams, but one can only hold on for so long until the longing to make a necklace of constellations like that of gold grows too strong.
And so the supernova exploded, the constellations were molded.
The people screamed as if they could just finally see it, as if there had been a 6 month eclipse blinding their eyes with ignorance as his life folded.
But nothing could be done, no amount of apologies or sorrow could turn back time now.
So the people did what the could by bandaging their own traumatized eyes.

But first, there was the pain.
Not the pain you see every other day but the kind that makes a whole people weep on their knees.
The kind of pain you feel when there is nothing left for you in life and your countless hopeless dreams are now forever accounted as that, for it’s all they will ever be.
But how much pain could there really be, For the person who held the most pain of them all was already set free?

Then came the cavalry.
Men marching on their horses, filling the village with empathy and sympathy, mending the cracked minds, shattered lives, and ruined dreams.
They went door to door and while not all accepted their charities they indiscriminately gave it up like candy to goblins on Halloween.
But how could they not see, the one life they had been sent to save had long ago been set free?

And so I cry.
An undeserving goblin with a telescope used to examine the explosion from a safe distance like the good stargazer I was.
It wasn’t until afterwards that I realized I could’ve stopped the comet that cut the star’s life short, leaving me with haunting memories of him telling me “I’m fine.”
Now able to read the language of the stars I realize, his eyes were filled with constellations screaming, “I feel like I want to die.”
I'd rather you find me on your lips
Than anywhere else.
Far away from home
Pulled over on the side of the road.
I'd rather you feel me on your lips
Two to three months later,
Still attached.
No expectations, no seat belts.
Just you & I
The keys lost some where on the floor.
My tongue wandering around
stargazing in your mouth
Somewhere under the stars
Far away from home
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