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wes parham Jul 5
We assembled a modest telescope,
To find what sights there were  to see.
I stared, transfixed, at the moon and stars,
In the driveway with all of my family.

I know exactly where I stood,
The moment I would find,
The infinite nature of time and space,
And how it all unwinds.

I asked about the size of the moon,
The distance of its arcing track.
I asked about the space beyond,
The nothing in the black.

I asked my family how big it is.
I asked if anyone knows,
The moon, the stars, and all of it.
I asked how far it goes.

“My son, our curious little one…”,
My parents said to me,
“It has no end”, “It just keeps going”,
“Outward, eternally”.

I stared up into a southern sky,
Ominous, dark as the sea.
And I swear, at that moment,
Looking up,
Something departed from me.

            It flew into the dark of space,
And hasn’t slowed in all this time,
       As far and as fast as information can.
                        The speed of light, I hear…
Which is not so much a speed…
          Hitched, perhaps, to the Voyager probe…
   By these new thoughts inside of my head.
                             But I digress.

This thing  began a journey that,
Must bring it face to face,
With everything that ever was,
Every corner of time and space.
Everything that is yet to come,
Everything that has ever been.
Repeating every history,
It’s trek would never end.

That thought has always stayed with me.
It anchors me, somehow.
A line cast from a sailing ship,
Where I stand upon the bow.
In the oblivion of the infinite,
It grounds me to the “now”.
I could have been eight or nine, but I do remember exactly where I was when this happened and it really was a mix of emotions to learn that the universe is probably _infinite_.  I was both terrified and exhilarated; humbled and hugely empowered, all at once.  I loved learning more about the cosmos and still feel the same rush to learn new stories from above.  
33.60455° N, 83.97471° W
Flo May 3
In times I feel lost
I turn to the sky
In the darkness of night
And the silence of the early morning hour
I surrender to the cold breeze
Relentlessly tousling my hair
Covered by blankets
I wish upon the stars
BEK Apr 2022
deep in a stargazing trance
i stumble through the night
in the darkest hour
a star-crossed lover's stupor
bewitched by constellation filled eyes

tangled in star studded netting
and silently screaming
- i am not a frightful nightmare
- nor a heavenly dream
- merely flesh, bones, lungs, heart...

the closing of night
still woven in intricate webbing
the rising sun's warmth
'tis but the scorch of fate's kiss
i shall smoulder and disappear

with perspiring flesh
shivering bones
panting lungs
pounding heart...
jolted awake

'twas but a dream?
Brandon Apr 2021
Where do you go when the soul levitates in space?
Synths wash over me with godlike grace
I say, my dimension is slow and reverbed
With every problem, futsal shuffled to the curb
I say, "it's so surreal"
I want to gain a nursing shield
Just to show my father it's real
I know you're not around me
But I still feel your presence still
Some nights, I'm on an asteroid watching the stars
Other nights, I'm frostbitten awaiting your warmth
So, I ask you
When does your soul leave the physical?
I wanna know because you're supposed to see
What I see
Creepypumpkins Feb 2021
To see the Big Dipper
In the prairie provinces
How clear this diamonds you be
A bright
With not light
In sight
What I night in
The bucket list
sophie Jan 2021
stars are perhaps the most magical thing of all
in her otherwise unmagical world

constellations steal her breath away
as they sweep across the sky
in a never ending rotation

she sits on the patio on her roof
to do so
she sneaks out at one in the morning
and tiptoes up a metal spiral staircase
outside her house

she lays down
and looks at the stars in the clear night sky
there is no pollution down at that private shore
and she is the only one up and out
at the time in that place

it is only her
and the stars
When someone says I am a good
I say no not me
Not because of sadness
But because of joy,
Have you seen that Big Dipper
Or the seven sisters (Pleiades)
Lately by any chance
If so those are art
I did not create
For they’re perfect
The artist
Some unknown entity
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