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mer Jun 8
why do i feel so small
when i look up into the sky and see the stars?

there are so many of them,
they take my breath away

i can't help but realize, with a sad smile,
how insignificant

my life
really is

to be honest,
it's somewhat relieving

and reassuring
to see all those stars up there

to remember that we are all
just a speck of dust

even less,

in this universe
that we call our own

and that if we were to fade away
the universe would still persist
Andrew Jun 3
Gold and brown and red,
I long for the colors of fall;
for the nip of the wind
at my nose,
and the crispness I feel
when I take a breath in.

I have a hankering
to stare out across
those golden fields,
as the grass
takes a long-awaited

I long to gaze into
the night-time sky,
searching for the hunter
as he raises that silver bow,
scouting out his prey:
Ursa Major.

I desire crackling campfires,
sweet treats, and nights spent
keeping good company.
I want to be illuminated
in that effervescent light,
hot to the touch, but soft to my skin.

I long for Autumn to return again.

-A. I. Myles   o2 June, 2019
Autumn is my favorite time of year. Who else enjoys it as much as I do?
Bansi Adroja Apr 25
I was a stargazer
sky watcher
full of hope
tracing pictures in clouds
(cats on surfboards and such)
with bright sunlight
or deep blue midnight
until it ended
with a crushing sunrise
A Poem a Day: Return from the abyss
Toxic yeti Mar 27
At midnight
The moon is just
At the horizon
As if touching nagara falls
A goth girl watches
This splender.
Toxic yeti Feb 13
Shine bright like a diamond
Like the diamonds in
The Dipper
Like the diamonds in
Black velvet
Toxic yeti Feb 12
As I see the
Sun sets
In the summers eve
I get excited
For I
Get to see many patterned
In the North
The great Dipper.
Cynthia Jan 30
In the eyes of the Sun,
Amidst the grey clouds,
May he see the Moon that shines,
Heaven, oh divine,
Under the cascade of stars,
Night of our past,
Great beauty of the sky,
Right, as we may deny,
Youth is never a smile.
Okay, I wrote this to tell my mom that I was hungry. (Read the first letter of each line) but then I realized that I actually kinda like it? Idk, my mind is weird, sorry.
Fern Jan 13
Two halves of soul twining under moon's wane,
Out to seek freedom from pain,
Becomes one who the stars reach to;
A stable sense of self anew.
One who gazes in the hours of witch,
A shadow in the midnight pitch;
Chaos that found peace in the calm of night,
A void that has finally been filled with light.
sometimes i'll just walk outside at midnight
Lewie Deery Jan 4
Look at the river and how it bends
It peaceful there
And beautiful too.
This green and pleasant place
Sedates me and I like it.

I could sit for hours and think quietly
Sometimes the sounds,
The thick urban screams
Are too much.
I prefer the quiet, the softness
Of the removed, the unreachable.

I need not travel to see the stars,
For they come to me.
They greet me lovingly
And I’m happy to see them.
I feel so small in their gaze,
Protected by my own

Some people are like stars
But get too close and they burn.
That’s why I like the quiet places
Love on my own in empty spaces.
Just some thoughts
Arianna Dec 2018
Sometimes I try
To feel the Earth spinning,

As if by **** so I could pirouette,
An axial marionette,

In retrograde
Against the revolutions of the globe,

In hopes that doing so
Might somehow bring us


             ­                Twirling


So close

          Yet so far!

As in that moment
When our mutual Star
Once shot blazing across the sky

               Or was it always right before our eyes?
               And aye! How often has it passed between us,
               This fiery arrow, this secret messenger
               Flying from you to me, from me to you ⸺
               To and fro! How many times didn't we know?
               And all this time, was it trying to bring us
               Zigzagging into each other's orbit,
               Guiding us at last into the rhythm of this dance,
               This unlikely constellation

                                   Of two souls,

                                                        ­ A Star,

                                               And happenstance?
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