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Pupils beamed with radiance,
and naive genuineness flowed
as the illusion of love came her way.

But behind the tugging of strings
was a skillful maneuver
with his foxy intentions.

As the strings were played
back and forth,
emotions began to be strangled
and the cords that were struck
created a melody
to the tune of his accordance.

The fortress began to whither
but he was tired of his own maneuvers
that he gave into dispelling his intentions
before the frontier guarding her heart collapsed.

Though the barrier to intimacy
did not collapse completely,
the intention of ones kindness broke,
the illusion of ones amiable action broke
as it became the an act
just to open the gate of letting one in.

Trust withered,
but hope seemed to still be lingering
as the good in them, she always saw.

But after multiple tries,
of her heart being played with.
It was locked,
to the ones who would come along.
So maybe, we are glow sticks,
that need to break to glow.

So maybe, we are caterpillars
who digest themselves during metamorphosis,
to transform into a butterfly.

So maybe, we are stars
that need to collapse
in order to shine brightly.

So maybe, we need to breakdown,
to pick up the pieces and cast ourselves
as someone different.

So maybe, we need to shed
to become a better version.

So maybe, all this
was never a destruction
but a birth to something beautiful.
Osiria Melody Mar 19
He left her at the door
Left a deceitful bouquet of roses, too
A reminder that she's not good enough to love
A reminder that the most beautiful creations
can induce suffering

This memento mori of romance, which takes time
to grow, but little time to let go–kills her happiness
Left the emotional scars for her to burn in agony
A rose that collapsed the bridge of integrity
A rose that wilts, just like her courage to fall in
love again

Underneath beauty's mask of happiness is pain.
Arden Mar 20
Do you ever want everything to stop
Or is that just me
Do you ever want to just collapse
Or is that just me
Do you ever feel like no one cares
Or is that just me
Do you ever feel like no one understands
Or is that just me
Do you ever want to get in a car and just drive until you run
        out of gas
Or is that just me
Do you ever wish someone would just **** you because it
        would be easier that way
Or is that just me
nja Feb 21
Describe him.
- He was dripping with sweat.
- Was it sweet?
- What?
  Oh, um I dunno.
- sigh
- But I know this much.
  He sweated under my weight.
  The nocturnal wind would then dry his sweat stiff.
  And he, perserverant as ever, would just sweat some more.
- Ok, so who collapsed first?
UA Nov 2018
On the clock
Here I am
I'm Falling
Down and Down
Falling Down
Don't you hear that calling
I'm to blame
What a shame
Wonder why I'm balling
Tears go down
Like a frown
Lost the choice of walking
Lynn Oct 2018
tilted roses,
tilted vases &
tall titled book cases
the world is crumbling
and i'm just mumbling
to myself under thick blankets
i guess ill just sleep for a while ...
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