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I say thank you to the rain for watering my plants
this morning and I hear more people talking
to their gods than the day before,
a sign we’re afraid.

the tree keeps me dry as some insects drown
beside my feet (the small are seldom lucky)
everyone wants to come out a winner,
but there are only so many special seats.
sometimes a mother,
other times a border
how fair can water ever be?
Stormy town
grayly gowned
brooding cloud,
puddled ground

Pouring loud
soothing sound
gentle rain
oozing down
Norman Crane Oct 2
converging clouds create
a celestial ceiling
a disappearing of the sun's rays
an ominous feeling of the revealing
of the truth:
the world's been packed
into an intergalactic burlap sack,
and we are not coming back
never to be awakened.
kiss us, but
the prince is not handsome,
we are alone, so
no one will pay our ransom.
Erian Rose Sep 27
A brink of clouded moonlight
amongst oranges and blood-kissed red tucked away between headstones
with stories longing to tell
Io Sep 21
Deep within the folded grey
Lonesome titans weave
Upon their watery
shale seas
with fog
Vast beasts of smoke float

of grey     silence
mon nuage solitaire
Vous flotte au-dessus
un tourne-disque coincé
Norman Crane Sep 8
In the beginning the sky was cold butter,
hard and riddled with kernels of corn,
which, as the world heated, popped:
And thus the clouds were born.
i felt a presence as i walked
past its shadow between
restless sunbeams and
lazy dark patches

too small to fill a stadium and
too light to resist a breeze,
it could not muster the most
muted sigh of thunder

still, it singled me out from acres
of trees and multi-laid squares
of rooftop hide-aways

and followed—

to send a message of being
to an insignificant recipient

through a small break within
divided thoughts, into a brief
opening underneath—

a single drop, into a
downpour of

"the cloud"
© 2008 by Seranaea Jones
all rights reserved
Dereaux Aug 25
I don't know
what it is all about
but someone is
sitting on my cloud.

I try to scare him
so he goes away
but nothing helps
he's gonna stay

Looking in magic books
for some kind of spell
to put on him and
send him straight to hell
No cloud
Offers a shade
That overwhelms the heart
Like solace of you

My privilege
Genre: Almost Romantic
Bea Aguilar Aug 18
Don’t let that black cloud
Rain on you.
Don’t let it soak
Your hair and cloak.

Sometimes it’s okay
To experience the drizzle,
Most often times,

Don’t let that black cloud
Eat you up.
Don’t let it flood your mind
Of things that you can’t rewind.

That black cloud is inevitable,
Even I can’t stop the horrible
Droplets to land on my face.

Know that you can do something about it.
You can open your umbrella
Or wear your hat if you will.

Most importantly,
Remember that there will be a shining sun
After this terrible, terrible
Black cloud storm.
Tell me what to improve on.
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