Floating days lifted in flight by birdsong,
waiting upon an evaporating cloud
of time and its passing, its trail leaving so soon.

How do I feel on a cloudy day?
Stinging eyes and stained regret,
things that in the Sun I do not fret
about or for.

A staring Sun's gaze burns so softly
upon a man walking the path
towards ever approaching melancholy.
mt 2d
i don't really know what it feels like to be in love but i think the clouds look nice about an hour before sunset when it seems like everything is submerged underneath a blanket of cotton
or maybe in the morning, when the sky is so blue but the clouds are so sad and so soft like the froth that sits on top of my soda in the summertime when its hot
or right before a sunset when the clouds are dripping gold and the sky seems to soak up all of their honey, honey like the bottles tucked away in the pantry, honey like the eyes of the curly haired boy living across the street
and i sit and watch how beautiful the sky is from the sweet-smelling sheets of my bed or the lonely window in my classroom or the passenger seat of my mother's car and think of how beautiful it must be to be in love
Mike D 3d

What an amazing time we live in
Having the Internet
All the information of humanity
Ready at our fingertips

Have a question? Type it in
And your
omniscient server gets you  
Millions of responses filtered to your search
Keystrokes all needed to do

Info that's known but can't recall
Can bring about frustration
This feeling could last days or more
But will be foreign to this generation

From this point on, all questions answered
Nothing returned to sender
A cloud storage for humans is born

Remember when we needed to remember?
Written: April 19, 2018

All rights reserved.
Loaf with dignity
and stretch out with long elegance
Rest with intentionality
and stop with full confidence

Pit stop with tenacity
and pause with perfect poise
Lie with all honesty
shut out the demanding noise
and soak in the inner stillness -

for your rest is essential before activity
your meditation before mobility
your self before any sway
over the crowd's frenetic insensitivity.

And oh, the clouds!

you have the clouds!
Horizontal is essential for a full life.
Bleak when I'm gone            from your embrace
Grey is the sense                   without your taste
Mistiness                                instead of blood
And when it bleeds              it's like the sun

Those aimless roads             they end with you
A moment's touch                to fill me through
Drowsy eyes                          and still I gaze
Reach to your chest              perhaps too late
Dawn's echo
Cloudless day
Full of grace

Birds chirping away
Grills firing away
Cows grazing away
mk Apr 10
i am in a haze today. it is cloudy and beautiful outside. it is also pressing down on my chest and i struggle for air. i wore your shirt to bed last night and it helped steady my oxygen supply. i wish you were here to say my name and speak to me in my native tongue to remind who i am and where i've come from. i'm forgetting everything, slowly. recreating yourself is only good when you haven't done it five thousand times over. i just want to be me now. but how do i become me if there is no you? pick me up from the library and walk me to class. hold my hand and tell me that you will stay with me no matter how grey the sky is or how cold my fingers feel.
an' when at lasste
they reach'd
the fartheste shorre

an' placed
their booted feet
'pon her virgin soil

they turned and lookt
wi' shaded eyes
farr 'cross
the Tranquil Sea

beheld the beauty
of their mothers' grayce
a crowne of starrs
Her diadem

an' tho they long
for Her embrayce
must heed the calle
an' join tha' race

oh tha' Song of Destiny
tis tha' which burns
within our souls

Her ardent voyce
doth beckon us
to reach
the farr-flung starrs

Her siren's song
drawin' us
to touch
the fartheste shorre

beyonde the seas
beyonde the klouds
out to the starrs
we journey farr

we venture forth
to search
to know
to reach beyond
and touch
The Fartheste Shorre

p. j. upchurch
circa 1997
I drew my inspiration for this poem from pictures
of the July 20th 1969 - Apollo 11 - Lunar Landing.

I  have attempted to use "old/middle english" in an
effort to evoke the times of early explorers that sailed
the uncharted seas, discovering new lands.

So - Here's to the Explorer Adventurers throughout the ages -
and within each and everyone of us...
Amanda Mar 29
How do I tell you this separation
Is gnawing through my heart?
I knew it would hurt, nothing could prepare
Me for the catastrophic pain of being apart.

I hate that we are divided now
Two halves that were once whole
Desperately trying to replace
The precious moments time stole.

I wear a mask to conceal the hurt
Plus longing I don't understand
Pretend my senses are alive and tingling
When all I see and taste is bland.

I comb old photographs searching for
The exact moment we started crumbling
Unanswered questions form an endless pit
I am falling into it, tumbling.

Unable to find the right direction
I wander my silent sorrowful abyss
Looking for a working compass
That will point me towards bliss.

Or a distraction powerful enough
To keep distance far from nagging thoughts
I am helpless while being pushed around
By fear contorting my stomach into knots.

An apocalyptic cloud
Of uncertainty, dismay, and doubt
Follows close behind my footsteps
Reminding me of what I have to live without.

Rain falls in steady splatters
I retain hope this internal war I can win
Even if the torrential downpour never lets up
I have no choice but carry on soaked to the skin.
I am quite fond of this one. I have been writing so much the past three months I have been off drugs. My mind is so much clearer!
Kenley Elrod Mar 20
Do you not understand that no means no?
That stop means stop?
That all of this could be over and done,
if you would just listen to what I have to say?

You call me names because I tell you to leave,
and you talk down to me when I don't want to hear your apology.

You say you want to make peace,
but you only want to hear your side of the story.

You say that I'm wrong.
That this is my fault.

But oh, my friend, you are the one at fault.
None of this can fall back on me.

So please, just leave me alone.
That is all that I ask.
I need to clear my head,
because all you're doing is clouding it up.

Please listen to me now when I say no,
since the first time wasn't enough.
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