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Doubt is a cloud hanging
              over me.

And the rain is a reminder,
            that ill never dry off.

I just want to hold up high,

                                                  so it keeps
me dry of tears seeping though stitches.

But on this day, I'm ill prepared and
            the clouds drown me in droplets

of high felt emotion.

                   Raining down unimpeded.
Mitch Prax Sep 27
Time seems to only fly
when you
don't want it to,
Sometimes our days drag on
and on like passing clouds-
other days, like shooting stars-
blink and you'll miss it.
Olena Y Sep 25
When storm-clouds rumble in the sky and June showers come down. The wind comes marching over the city to blow it just right now.
Ainnoot Sep 9
“Memories that don’t make sense. That’s the cloud you had me on.”
Aaditya Sep 6
Know how it feels?
'tis impalpable, flows through I,
just like the clouds flow
thro' the blue sky.

Know how it seems?
'tis solid, visibly opaque,
just like the clouds above
in the blue sky's wake.
Know what it is?
'tis Love.
Mark Wanless Sep 3
saw a breath of mist
mist became a cloud
the view from space
Quinn Adaire Sep 2
Drift away
Watching the sunset
Feeling the wind blowing on our backs.
thing of beauty
soaked in light
saturated with every emotion

You leave me weightless
static as skin

overwhelmed with the deepest of joy
when I get to stand in your rain
For the last few months I have just been overwhelmed with the beauty of the clouds in my city, and this poem is my love letter to them.
Anastasia Aug 28
there isn't a star
brighter than you
a rose
than your lips
a cloud
than my heart when
you look at me
there isn't a place
that we could go
that could take my eyes
off you
maria Aug 26
Salty eyes when I look in the sky for your absence

The clouds are not in the mood to reply

I'm not in the mood to keep trying

It's raining outside

I take my clouds and leave the town

To the sad days that I'm getting used to
Written on August 27, 2019
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