limbs of leaD
eating Problems
not 'theRe'
bad hygienE
coping mechaniSms
libido losS
thoughts are Intrusive
weeping Over nothing
extreme aNxiety

Get help...please. If you're caught in the grey, get help.

Of    r a i n
O’  if  you seek
C o m e within
My eyes and
P e a k

Whiteness  t h e r e  is
D a r k n e s s  t h e r e   is
Evening  t w i l i g h t  there is
O' cloud of rain there is

Of    r a i n
O’  if  you seek
C o m e within
My eyes and
P e a k

✒ ℐamil Hussain

The fume

A thick dark fumy cloud
Dormant it lies, but often loud
Precariously overhead, it flowed
The sunshine of the life, it swallowed
It rained, challenged by the mighty peak
In the heart, It pained, to see it weak
The cloud was small but heavy
Towever dusty and floaty.

The doom and gloom

Embracing in its shadow
In desert, plains and meadow
Eclipsing the days, sunny bright
Dreadful, with the darkening night
With me, always  hanging around
When noticed, nearby it's found
Haunting me with a sadness
Flaunting its darkness
A lot in the cloud explored
Then consciously, It was ignored
But dancing at the back of the mind
Past  hurts and  pains, it  put to rewind

The boom and bloom

And then, letting it flow across, I got immersed,
In fine tiny droplets, the cloud
Now each droplet addressed
Was dried in the shiny sun
All of the cloud, dripped to
Condensed eventually, as
My pains, by that elixir,
Alchemised me
24 carat gold

Our worries and regrets we carry unnecessarily.. so long and heavy
Can be harnessed into insight...
The hindsight
Gives foresight
When you fight them
grow through them
Thnk you Sarita for suggested edits..
Really valuable...
Solaces 5d

Some of the stars don't shine anymore..
This empty place has no echo..
The clouds are not here..
And the sky is not the blue I remember..
The luster is gone..
The word magic is dead..

You all have grown up..
But I haven't..
Not truly..

I can see those stars that don't shine for you..
And I can hear my voice echo in this empty place..
The clouds are gone for you but have returned for me..
And the sky is the creator of all that is blue..
I am the luster..
And magic is real..

None of this has faded for me one bit..
In fact if anything, it is becoming more and more magical as I get older..
Don't let others tell you otherwise..
There is a beyond..
There is an after..
And there is a forever..

Never ever let anyone tell you there is no magic......

Today morning started with
a good omen, a rainbow cloud,
visited and tickled me.
just from the top of my terrace,
a feather, an angel left, when alighted..

Divinity is revealing colors out of grey,
as the Sun shines through clouds.
Soon, the cloud floated away,
as it's meant for the same,
but left me delighted...

Today i saw a cloud rainbow in color..first time in my life....
Paul Jones Dec 2015

In the hem and haw     of hesitation,
a lull of cloud hangs     low and lingering.

A H S Jul 14

Trees are like puppets

They are controlled
By the wind

Swaying from side
To side

Some viciously
Others peacefully

The leaves are just
Along for the ride

Attached to the
Branches like limbs

Following the movements
Of its master

They crinkle
And crack

Beneath my feet
Like tiny bones within them

In the wind they
Brush past each other

As if in a crowd
Of tourists

All rushing around
To see the sights

When the wind dies

And the master
Has gone

Trees stand perfectly

Like soldiers awaiting
Their next order

Statues they are
Just watching time
Go by

While the squirrel
Scurry up their trunks

Hiding from the scorching heat
Beneath the leaves

The clouds pass
And the sun sets

While the trees
Await another day,
Another puppet show.

Shane Willey Jul 11

My darkest cloud
May act like a shroud.
And hide who I truly am.

For who I love
And who I shove
Matters not, to me.

I Love them all
Big and small
I cannot judge.

They look the same
Playing the game
Spirits alike and different.

I was feeling the three line stanza so I went with it. :)

Every cloud is not meant
for ushering the rain
and roaring loud,
and to stay
Few just come, dance,
decorate your sky
for awhile and
float away

Few people in our life are forever
And few just visit for limited time and leave us forever...

Light, but not too bright.
Whistle of the wind flies right by.
Dark sky, no more sunshine.
But it's all fine.
Not everything is in black and white.

Cafiifa Jeylani ©

Cloudy days make me feel calm I guess.
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