Genesee 10h
The first time I had fallen in love
It kinda snuck up behind me
I wasn’t expecting it
it was a long time ago in the past
I remember feeling so nervous
Afraid of making a bad impression and embarrassing myself
when I fell in love with them
it wasn’t one of those oh it’s you or  a fast realization type of love
it was one where I can vividly remember the moment where I fell in love
and after all these years and months I still have nostalgia about it
I knew the likes and dislikes
what their dreams in life were and several other things
You know how you know something like the back of your hand and it doesn’t matter how many months it’s been or how much time has passed
you still remember the things that were told to you in that moment
That’s how it was with them
I knew when they were  mad , angry  and upset  
wanting to turn their back on the world
All I could think was I love you and your flaws even when your angry , upset and mad
there is nothing you could do to convince me otherwise
When I realized that I was in love with them
the silent battle to tell or not to tell was the question
the thing was I didn’t wanna lose our friendship
all i could think was us breaking apart as friends would hurt worse verses us breaking apart
as a couple
And by the time I had realized that I might want to tell them
it was already too late
The chance had come and gone

But when a opportunity to tell them presented itself to me
I couldn’t do it
the old feelings that I thought were gone
rose up and suddenly the courage to tell was gone
just like it had arrived
- The things you’ll never know// The dilemma of falling for someone who you’re just friends with
Buxom cloud pleasured,
As desire’s hot tongue licks her;
Ecstatic thunder!
rd 23h
Colossal neon pink candyfloss
sailing away in the sky..
The child in me runs after it
to catch a whiff of the sweet delight..
How it must be to eat God's cotton candy?
Sure,it must taste heavenly!
Oh,how I wish I could relish it
feeling the soft velveteen melting in my mouth..
When done savouring the sugary pockets of air
I'd play a little bit on the cottony cloud..
jumping flat on my back on the fluffy ,velvety cushion,
sending puffs of sweet pink cotton
flying hither and  thither in the air...
Whenever I see a cloud,especially the fluffy pink ones,I'm reminded of candyfloss or cotton candy ..and the child in me wakes  up driving in me an intense urge to eat it.. :p
On a cloud, a big fluffy white cloud
I just wanna be like a raindrop
And watch the world float on by
while lying on a comfortable cloud
armies of flood rush,
inundate all at its sight;
rude clouds laugh aloud!
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2017
Touch me not
I am not up for grab
I am everyone's dream
I am happy as it’s
sing me not your lullabies!

Live with me not
I am not for good
time with me is
gone so quick.
Before the cloud
rains down singing
and one response to a tweet.
Then why complain
without happy me
nothing is groovy.

Come to me not
I am not
first come first serve.
But when I come
happy me is spot on
everyone’s rose!

I belong to no one
get me for a song
but in no time
I could be gone.
Then why no one
forgets me not?
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2017
Can you hear me?
Are you open?
It’s only a cup of water
I can take, that’s all
that would fit on my hand.
The heaven up above us
is hearty, big enough to drip
a generous drop for free.
Drink it, it isn’t salty is sweet, sweet sea!

Heaven is on the wings of the clouds,
flying free for anyone to see.
Swear to God one is keeping an open eye
But is unseen in broad daylight!

Nothing did I hide,
though I said it time and again.
The time wouldn’t stop.
It never did screening is on.
As if it says, “How can you tell
You can’t see yourself?”

The sky is open down the horizon
Yet one can’t be seen
Because someone is not showing.

What is behind is me.
The same is true for you.

One can’t see one’s self
through the other
The discovery is made together!
The show is destined for a duo.
That one is her mirror
Through the very one
One matchless nature see
Who is she?
The sea is in the mood
is whispering isn’t far.
And the love is in the air
the question is where
can we meet
under the same cloud?
sky, patchwork designer quilt,
invites the dull sun to rest;
keeps the rain clouds away!
lloydjames Jul 12
I was once a sea and lone
I remember taking glance of your beautiful face
Until a night you've notice me
And surely give you all of taste

I did give myself for you
That the king helps me to be in you
I can merely say we have connection
Even at times we have great tension

I've fight for us I can safely say
Until a time you leaved me a day
When that time comes I hoped to go
My king just smiled and I am low

It hurts so much you didn't back
You don't even loved me as I did way back
I guess I'll be just a sea and lone
That is destined by God to be alone
story of sea and cloud
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