theforest Jan 3
i read you
your favorite poem
in the voice of a cloud

you catch the words
like raindrops
in your palms

then trace your thumb
across my lips

until my mouth
becomes the sea

i kiss you

your thoughts sail away
claire Dec 2018
a flying feeling
soft and light

life is long
but you are forever
raining hope
upon the weary

fly high, clouds
and we'll fly with you
I miss my old me, that very young boy at the school yard
Now I am a teacher in that old town
Always filled with hatred and frown
Once taught teaching was a crown
but here I am with nothing but cloud full of bills of next month
Aa Harvey Dec 2018
In heat

It’s hotter than you right now,
And you are super-hot;
So I am praying for a rain cloud,
To wash all this sweat off.

It can stay nice and hot all day tomorrow,
But right now I need to sleep.
So let me chill to ease my sorrow,
I am boiling here like a frog in heat.
Give me the mind of a hibernating polar bear,
Instead of leaving me here burning like a solar flare.
Burning brighter than the sun.
My tan looks nice but big brothers nanny state,
Leaves me in danger and fearing the fun.

You like the way I look right now,
But please I need a single rain cloud, to follow me around.
Everything itches, like picking at stitches,
I need a way to turn my mind off,
But it is too **** hot!
Thinking of you turns me on and that sends me over the top.

Thinking of you taking off your top,
Makes me feel like a boiling ***, I really have to stop.
Bubbles a bubbling, cuddles I’m missing,
Don’t leave me hanging here high and dry.
I need some fresh air to cool me down there;
I need a missus, or I think I am going to just give up and cry.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
newpoetica Dec 2018
lift me up higher,

to a place where i can touch the heavens

if not the heavens, then at least the stars

if not the stars, then the clouds could do

if not the clouds, then you should not

you should not lift me up,

instead put me down,

if you should choose to put me down darling,

all i ask is that you do so,

you should do so gently.
Jordan Hudson Dec 2018
Generation, presentation
Go off to the police station
Complaints and restraints then
Good days and bad days when
They all see what I can be in
The future and tomorrow I
Will be a true success and why
Do you all doubt me while I rhyme
I can say I will be writing
Until the day *** will decide
When and where and how I will die
The clouds and sky and the sun's light
Will shine upon us all right now
We will be guided and showed how
To go and rise and be wise you
And I will learn the ways these days
The proper sayings and actions we
Are gazing into space you see
Lights, shadows, and crafts above
Above us all, above us tall
Above this planet, stars so small
Galaxies and bright stars afar
Yet they are visible from cars
From the cities and streets below
From fields, mountains, valleys so low
On the highway, the trails, the air
Oceans, roads, and coasters at fairs
Horseback, camel back, animals
Swine to divine horses and bulls
Will the people dare to stare and
Glare at the shares and the mayor
Government, tax, and presidents
Hair, and the gold from the sand dunes
And the bad old Floridan prunes
Oil, gas, and the seas water
Friends and our only one father
This world is ours not theirs so
They cannot breach our Earth you know
They will reach us all someday now
Anyway now anytime now
They will destroy or let us live
If they reach and ****, no one gives
Technology and the main plan
Is to **** off slowly and ban
All we have to protect us is
Our bare hands and our minds and this
Collection of leftovers and
The  old medicines and towers
The sky and its light, no powers
*** protect us all through these sour
Bad times we are going to face
No we will not embrace or trace
The source or will we, some will not
We all should, that's our only shot
To make it out dead or alive
Let this song help you to survive
The clouds and the sky
*** will let you die
You will too survive
The clouds and the sky
*** will save us all
You will also fall
The clouds in the sky
The clouds and the sky
The clouds and the sky
Our world, our Earth
Our death, our birth
The clouds and the sky
The clouds and the sky
Our world, our Earth
Our death, our birth
I'm trying to get better
Najihah Dec 2018
I'm in the class,
Listening to my lecturer's story.
Outside is raining heavily
And I start thinking...
Wondering where could the first drop of the rain be when it starts to rain?
How the rainbow has so many colours while the cloud is only blue?
And why the sun is always alone while the moon is accompanied by the stars?
I always wondering about thing around me
But then, I tell myself,
That sometimes, things are better left unanswered.
Sorry madam, I was bored listening to your story. So, I created this poem with a lil different.
K Balachandran Dec 2018
Cloud’s hot teardrops fall,
Polluted lake swells and sighs,
Dark waves lurk beneath!
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