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Isla Apr 2018
life was in grayscale
eyes wide open yet blind
you're the thing that makes the world explode
into that one indescribable
Susanna Mar 2018
Roses are red

Nowadays, roses
Can be pretty much any color
Thanks to genetic engineering.
I bet you  could even find ones that glow in the dark.

Violets are blue

But most people prefer violet violets.
So they tend to only come in violet.

Sugar is sweet

I don't really know what love is,
And my emotions are all shades of gray.
But I can't get your smile out of my mind.

And so are you

I bet you would never guess
How much I think about you
Because I am just part of the background.
I am a stranger to you.
Lunar Oct 2015
She tries to turn
her thoughts into pictures
I just simply put
mine into words
Hers is all in color
Mine's a grayscale world
It's understandable why
you would choose a rainbow like her
Instead of the writer in me
But please let me go
I'm no longer her anymore
I'm no longer the artist
I yearned to be
people change, views change, interests change. We all have an artist inside of us, and every now and then we can experience a piece of the rainbow. But we all need a little black and white-- the absence of color-- to know if our world is really colored or not. Whether we write or paint/draw, we all share the same goal: to express.
Adi Oct 2015
So much of my life has been spent
With my head down,
At a fourty five degree angle
Pointed at a couple inches of glass.
And I just loved it so much.
And what's not to love?
The entire world is at my fingertips, right?
My friends are just 140 characters away, right?
I need to be able to tell everyone
Just how awesome that pumpkin spice latte is, right?
I have 398 likes your last upload,
So everyone loves me
So, I decided to turn my phone to grayscale
To remind me to look up.
And I can say with certainty,
It has changed me.
No longer can I sit idly by watching videos on my phone.
No longer can I just scroll through Facebook
Ignoring those faces around me every day.
Not because I don't find it interesting anymore.
More than anything,
I finally realized
Just how dull and uninteresting my phone is
Compared to the colors in the real world.
In life.

Live Life In **Color.
I took a page out of a friend's book. Well his phone really. I decided to set my phone to grayscale. Go check out to see what he's written too :) Maybe he'll inspire you too.

— The End —