Adrian 4m

I'm not sure if I love you
Because of your noon's beam
Or your night's grim

But tonight I see
The sunshine in your smile
And thunderstorm in your eyes

Then I realize
I can love you for both
I can love you for all

For my quiet afternoon's crush and violent overnight rush.

i am a finch
crushed in the howling wind
not quite alive
but my limbs twist
of their own accord

your possession
is the strangest dream
i recall forgetting
in self-defence

i am a finch
in the storm's unblinking eye
never again
to touch the ground

A mighty roar
Shakes the Earth
Mother Nature
Has given birth

A new storm
Powerful and strong
Lightning like spears
Thunder like a gong

It ushers in an
Era of fear
The clouds keep coming
And the sun decided to dissapear

When you see the storm that you think will last forever, the storm that turns bright days into dark nights

Con el temporal
Dios nos devuelve
nuestras lágrimas

With the storm
God gives us back
our tears

Caught amid a raging storm,
we mused if to delay
that its eye had yet to take on form
we surge–come what may

The threat of doom, its whereabouts
had flown beneath our feet
may it take away these petty doubts
and let winding roads meet.

© Cyrille Octaviano, 2017
lostboy 7d

Nature’s broken off brown paper
Crumples inwards and caves inwards.
Flickers of marching band trumpets
Within the harsh sounded breezes.
Ages may always repeat
Yet one always comes and goes.

There is a sure stir in the air
As time seems to be in favour.
New short waves from the next
Generation show maturity.

The buildings shift,
But those who crawl back
From labour hours
Wait for something big;
One small tick.

This current softness,
From one year only before,
Seems to be
A global calm
Before the storm
Of change.


My anger is so vulnerable, so fragile.

- LynnAA


A Nov 16

Thunder rolls.

The clouds gather,
Their heavy moisture gathering,
The sky is grey,
And their life is naught but water and sediment.

They sprint among themselves lightly,
Spirits high and rising,
They laugh,
And their happy tears spill like water.

Thunder rolls.

They spin in giddy circles,
Their laughter echoing,
The land below is flooded with their happiness.

They blink in and out,
Moving fluidly in the winds,
They spend themselves,
And end their lives in bliss.

Thunder rolls.

Hope stands for happiness
Hope comes through love
Hope will make your path straight
Hope will make you whole

But where can I find hope?
Is it in a store, or in a church?
Is it inside me, or is it far away?
Can I find it if I have faith?

Hope that there's a future
That everything will be okay
Hope that things will get better
And the storms will fade away

But where can I find hope?
When and where will we meet?
In this life or in another?
Is it available for me?

Hope that I will smile
That troubles will stay away
Hope in myself and others
But, hope...
When will my waiting end?

Just a little poem I wrote today (nov 15,2017) while at school. It represents those who have no hope, who feel despaired.
Zoe Ritchotte Nov 15

Its like rain
Beautiful and sweet
Yet so full of pain
Looking like sorrow and defeat

The bane of our existence
Ruins lives like rain does suede
But it is pointless to offer resistance
You must fall; unafraid

Because it doesn't rain until it pours
Love is there, discarded
Unnoticed until it's yours
Like a light rain, disregarded

But one day you're in it
Like it's the eye of a storm
The world around you in a fit
But you find yourself feeling warm

It is like rain
It comes and it goes
But you cannot abstain
It is too attractive, I suppose

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