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It is as if a wave of tranquility passed over me this morning. Still numb. However, the strenuous longing to feel has dissipated. The wounds have be temporarily cauterized. No empty pain lingers in the darkness like a phantom menace. I felt nothing before, But I knew I was in pain. Now the nothingness consumes any lingering obscure thoughts. I am the hollow man; Such a fragile shell I carry on burden bones. But tis a pleasant day indeed. Thunder storms barrage the sky in open warfare and ominous tear drops soak the battlefield. For once I am not the fool weeping alone; The world takes my place, my pain, my suffering, and I revel in the warmth of it's tears as any good sadist does.
Poetic pros I write in my journal that I reveal to the world in snippets.
GraciexJones Jun 4
You’re a storm in summer,
So fast-moving and out of the blue,

You’re like the first day of Spring,
Blooming and slowly rising,
Amongst the decomposing earth,

You’re like a shifting darkness,
Hard to tell where you start and begin,
Filling the space with your whole being,

Your firelight flares up like a firefly,
So bright and fluttering through the twilight,

Your eyes glow with a glace of gold and rose,
So fired up on adrenaline,
Running through the countryside like a wild fox,

Your depression is like the deep artic sea,
When it gets so heavy you crawl into your shell,
So desolated with your own thoughts

You’re like a broken violin,
So beautiful but splintered with visible scars,
From the lovers who had misled you in the past
Piper Calvey Jun 1
Me and the weather can't make up our minds
Can't make a promise, but promise to try
There's no control here, the pressures to high
Me and the weather can't make up our minds

Me and the weather come raining down
Falling in sheets and flooding the town
Someone forgive me cause I don't know how
Me and the weather come raining down

Me and the weather are scorching the earth
Beating the rays on my skin til in hurts
Drying the seas and starving the dirt
Me and the weather are scorching the earth

Me and the weather are coming on spring
Dipping our toes, flexing our wings
Out past the misty there's something that sings
Me and the weather are coming on spring.
Dewy rain drops fall from the eye of the hurricane
They pour into a puddle of loneliness as they huddle together but yet still alone
The Earth rumbles with sadness as it shakes beneath
Grabbing its surface trying to keep everything grounded
Thunder roars from the core and everything falls apart
This time there is no rainbow after the storm
Healer May 20
Dear me, be like a bison
keep walking one step at a time.
Eyes on the prize, at the horizon.
This winter you are going through may perceive like a thousand lifetimes,
especially the dreary and frigid night, which feels like never-ending,
an opaque blanket of treacherous ice descending.
But dear me, don't be afraid
You are bison, you are meant to go through storms.
In this merciless wind,
you are breaking, shattering to the pieces.
However, keep your mighty will unbending.
For this colorless time, your limits are being constantly tested.
So pick up your stained pieces and fill them with luminous gold.
Push, push more harder, and break through failure's icy barrier.
Create, move your blind self from your exotic art.
Reach to your mystical soul.
Dear me don't be afraid
You are bison, you are meant to go through storms.
For you, yourself can set the limit
of  what's possible and what is not,
to have imperishable patience and never give up.
And dear me don't be afraid of losing your feet on the ground.
Because, sometimes that's the best thing you'll ever do.
So dear me don't be afraid
You are bison, you are meant to go through storms.
FC Azaele May 10
Storm— rain drips, water ripples- thundering through
Seize shelter for overhead the skies darkest nature glooms
The wind hurtles, leaves blowing over the ground
till midnight, the storm surges —
Unrelenting, not a pause to be found
Grasp tight onto the bars, the winds blowing is breaking natures ground
The storm is a beast, it sounds it’s booming growls
The horns, they sound too, but deafened by nature’s loud sounds
The storm will pass through, no more creatures to bear a sight, no more shaking, trembling in fright
So on, Carry the nature
sounding it’s menacing cries aloud
till then, wait until it parts it’s wars and the skies goes clear and restless nights be eased
as the storms
do not sound no more
Allesha Eman May 3
And we sit on the porch steps
our bare feet rest on cold cement  
the space between memories and contentment
starts to occupy your lungs
we watch the distant rain, still too premature
yet you, in fear of the future
run inside.
Betty Apr 23
Bring me the dusty flour of long hot days
mixed in a saucepan with too little rain
I will bake it in my oven of scorched dry earth
and bring you lightning biscuits
to have with your thunder tea
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