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Like two ocean currents that clash at sea
To be of the same substance
Yet so different
Like two lovers ill at ease
Once the storm of passion is over
All that is left
Are their differences
Written by Sean Achilleos 22 January 2019©
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Zuzanna 1d
It's a quiet, wild storm
Underneath your ribcage
This is for anyone in love who feels like they are wild in love.
Perhaps for those who want to say those 3 words but find themselves stuck.
Mae 1d
it poured heavily.
she shouted extremely.
a heavy rain.
her heart, aching painfully.
the noise all over the roof.
the voices that can't get off.
invading her head,
she was ****** of.
the fast drops.
like her tears, it never stopped
a vision on her dream.
is happening for real.
it was just like this,
rain drops never stoped.
and as she jumped off that bridge.
the pain successfully stoped.
and as a sandcastle in a storm topples into the earth, she fell away, slowly. gently.

but perhaps it was an illusion
there was no way to tell.
Elaine 3d
A thunderous storm cloud on the horizon it loomed:
The day when I would have to say goodbye to him and his family,
A family so much a part of me it felt as if they were my own

The storm cloud neared, and lightning began to pierce my heart
I was unfamiliar with this sensation, with him as the storm
He had always been a ray of sunshine in my life

What would I do without seeing his brilliant smile everyday
Without his kind heart, his unconditional love, his assurance that I was always enough
Without his whip-smart humor, his contagious laugh, his mop of curls

I felt as if I was losing him and his smile, maybe for good
As if the sun might never warm me with its rays again
But I had forgotten that the sun still shines when it can't be seen, even when it's on the other side of the nation

And so he left to shine his light on another part of the world, but I always remembered how bright he burned
He illuminated my life from afar, and when he returned, he seemed to shine even brighter than before
I'm writing this as a present for a friend who moved away. It's a work in progress, so if you've got any feedback I'd love to hear it :)
I became hidden behind the severe weather's curtain of snow and ice

Running into a danger zone that was blinding white

Face beat red as ice shards pierced my lungs

Panting out winters puff, sinking into frozen love

My ankles shackled to the inches of snow

As the wind cried along with me, the rage only began to grow

Out of breath, I knelt for a bitter moment, just to feel, taste, and see

All the little Snow flakes kisses that laid upon me

On my coat, my hat, my face, and my lips

One with its each on individual beauty of crystalized hips

Edges so sharp, breaking through the numbness that lied

I began to laughed and cried, for I was also beautifully designed

Cloak me in your blasphemous hurricane winds, white me out from sorrow

Tuck me under your soft, icy sheets of snow

Color me white as I am buried away

So I maybe cleansed and purified. This will be my blackness grave

~ Wash Me In Winter's Kiss ~ For there is nothing more whiter then
For He Has Washed Me As white As Snow
Praise Him...p

So yeah where I live we had a very dangerous snow storm and I kinda just ran away?... XD

Although it was dangerous it was totally worth it. It amazing how gloriously beautiful a storm can create. Completely white!? How often do we see that?

I was so freezing cold XD but look over it from an abandoned play ground made the frost bites worth it. I would have dived into it if I could have

So many people were .ad and furious I ran away like that but I had to I had so much on my mind that was ripping me

Be one with the frozen breeze to see the pure whiteness of beauty was exactly what I needed

I just wish I could have shared it with somebody...

Oh well XD
Cece 6d
I fell for you like rain,
fell hard and fast.
It was constant
like raindrops hitting a roof;
I fell again and again.
I couldn't stop,
but the flowers would never
fall up to the clouds,
so I was left like rain,
stuck in a beautiful
but one-sided love.
I fell for you like thunder,
loud and hard to miss.
It startled even me,
but clouds would never react
to the noise,
so I was left like thunder,
shaking and bruised,
ignored or tuned out with music
by those scared of the noise.
You fell for her like lightning,
it was bright and quick.
Over barely after it started,
but for a moment I saw
the way your laughter in love
was so dazzling.
It was almost blinding,
but not quite,
instead it lit up my life
for a split second
before leaving me in an
even darker night.
i really love rain someone give me a thunderstorm pls
Don't believe that the starlit is dimmed?
the starlit is bright beyond belief.
Now beady is just the thing,
To get me wondering if the starlit is dazzling.

I saw the dreary spread over of my generation destroyed,
How I mourned the mist.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the mist,
Gently it goes - the dull, the dismal, the gloomy.

How happy are grey thunderclouds!
Are you upset by how morose they are?
Does it tear you apart to see the thunderclouds so troublesome?
I awoke and flung the sheets
Remembering many halcyon, serene storms
And so you came gently dripping
I am shorn of my dorms

What could there be more purely whipping?
I crave the subsiding, silent winter sound
To warn me about the inundations

Death shall bring cataclysms
That quiet, quiet lulling…
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