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I S A A C Mar 24
love to see your smile but only when it’s coated by my love
hate to see you violent but my love will calm the rough
jokes that make you giggle until you forgot how grave it was
to be a passing ship in a sea of storms
this was happenstance, yet we cannot ignore
the embers that burn, the tables we turn
the shells we found on our own
Zywa Mar 22
The storm sweeps away

everything, there is nothing --

just a shoreless sea.
Poem "Van voren af aan" ("Again from the start", 1947, Jan Slauerhoff), quoted in the novel "De verdronkene" (2005, "The Storm" / "The drowned", 2010, Margriet de Moor), about the North Sea flood of 1953 --- Bundel "VacantVoid"
Everyday I walk in the rain
The rain of tears from endless pain
Hiding the pain behind a smile
Not seen the sun in quite a while
Morning brings the rain again
Only the storm is hidden within
No cuts or bruises to show as symptoms
Everyday the internal pain beats like a drum
The only symptom is not wanting to live
From hidden pain no one can see to believe
Zywa Mar 12
The tempest tears roofs

away from attic secrets --

devours people's pasts.
Novel "Two Years Eight Months & Twenty-Eight Nights" (which is 1001 nights, 2015, Salman Rushdie), chapter 2, Mr Geronimo

Collection "Low gear"
neth jones Mar 3
weather breaks the clouds            
    a day of mouths  eating mouths
cold churning nature      
lording weight over my mood ;    
the role of a child   subdued
tanka style
Essa Freedom Mar 13
Tap Tap Tap
As each droplet falls

Tap Tap Tap
As the storm moves closer

Tap Tap Tap
A flash a light in the distance

Tap Tap Tap
The sky grows dark

Tap Tap Tap
Moments of brightness

Tap Tap Tap
The thunder follows each

Tap Tap Tap
Nigdaw Feb 22
her mind is chaos
thought after thought
chase each other around
a brain that never rests
half finished jobs
lie strewn across a kitchen
table where we cannot eat
and if she's lost something
watch out, better to let
the hurricane settle, for
storm winds to blow
themselves out than
disturb a train of memory
I have books and cd's
in alphabetical order
love the peace of our fish
swimming in their tanks
I am the eye where calm
persists and she sometimes
visits to rest her brain
I have learnt that love can
conquer so many differences
and this little ship we sail
has never threatened to sink yet
Francis Jan 10
My open window bears a gaping hole,
Welcoming and whining the sounds of my soul,
A tasteful mesh of stormy delight,
In a moment so blissfully lonesome tonight.  

Whirls of wind that plow through the trees,
Rain drops pouring and ******* wherever it may please,
Slight brisk drafts of air cooling me at ease,
In this hot, oven-like bedroom, while I cough and sneeze.

Alarm clock sets for the dawn of tomorrow,
I lay here filled with bouts of sorrow,
How this beat of peace is simply a borrow,
Due to this I whimper, whine, and willfully wallow.

The openness of my window, this gaping frame,
The darkness of my bedroom, delightfully same,
Provides sense of solitude in this world, without blame,
I complain not a lick that this is the name of my game.
This New York storm be crazy rn and I’m laying with ease.
DW Jan 1
A moment of solace
Destroyed by the sea
It's pulling me under
I cannot break free

I cling to the boat
My nails digging in
The raging storm
Battling within

A torrent of water
Crushing my chest
Pinning my body
Causing distress

My mind floods
I'm drowning in fear
Helplessly watching
My end drawing near

I hear my name
As you call for me
You settle the noise
The storms and the sea.

The light disappears
My life fades to black
I struggle to breathe
But you pull me back
DW Jan 1
The distance between us
Grows further apart
Consumed by the storm
That blackens my heart

And out at sea I battle
With all that nature throws
Waves that strip the ocean
Exposing cracks and bones

I'm battered by the storms
Waves tower over me
I'm frozen on the sea bed
Time stands still for me

I'm paralysed with fear
Exhausted, weak and prone
The sea will soon consume me
I can't fight this alone

My life flashed before me
A memory kept inside
Playing my emotions
That surge with the tide

A glimmer of light
Breaking the skies
In awe of the wonder
That light up my eyes
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