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Mose 1d
You woman are the eye of the storm.
Remember that you are the force that reckons.
Life gravitates around you as you are the source of its existence.
When they bring you to your knees remind them.
It’s you who brought them to their feet.
From your womb the universe re-birthed itself in your image.
Yet, they call upon men to rebuild what women have already given them.
They dare to call upon your emotions.
As if mother earth hasn’t shown them her wrath.
We’ve swallowed cities with a single wave.
We’ll wipe your slate cleans as we did the City of Atlantic.    
When they have forgotten their place remind them.
Speak of the continents taken off the map.
Tell them of the stories when mother earth had a vengeance.
Command an omen for the time California was engulfed in flames.
The storm is but a pupil in the eye of a woman.
We bring and we shall take.
ju 2d
Thunder rolled by this morning. Soon after, rain stopped pouring. The Sun rose slow and low and strong.

Gulls took leave of roof-tops and trees, returned to cliff-face and sea, picked through rock-pools and a washed-up tourist trade.

They spent the day picking and eating, picking and eating. Picking and eating, and dreaming of feasting. They tried to sing, but they cried.
Amanda 3d
I feel like a storm.
Powerful, striking and dark,
but also afraid.
old winds hold me all the way down
to the dead hyrax land below;
i am one with the house of zeus.
my thunder scars itch and open
up, the blood red and not golden,
but i know they will close and heal
as i approach the journey’s end.
honey, meet me at the downpour.
She looked outside
where it was
gray and dreary
cloudy and
about to rain
what a fitting day
for a girl
who was lost
in her own storm
and couldn't find her way
Jay M Mar 2019
Running circles around my head,
Remembering books and poems I read,
Why do they appeal to me so?
Why do I understand them,
Just as though they, too, were my own?

Running circles around my head.
Whispering thoughts,
Drip, drop, the poison won't stop,
It's killing me, taking over,
White light fades,
Turn away,
Feathers slowly turn grey, then black,
A cursed child indeed.

Times once peaceful,
Now torn asunder,
Come from the darkness,
They say,
Alas, such is too great a challenge,
Something so vast should not be left all to one such as myself,
One so measly as myself.

Living like a ghost,
I fear that spiders have crawled inside and made themselves a home,
Within this heart where light once roamed,
Now ‘tis where the lonely ones roam,
These wits are no home,
They are but a lonesome graveyard,
Filled with the skeletons of memories,
Old lives, perhaps,
All to be buried in the past,
Nevermore to arise.

If they truly cared,
Then prove it.
Give me a reason,
One good reason I should keep running,
Running this doomed race,
Of which is bound to cut to the end soon enough.

No matter how much I run,
No matter how much I change,
It’s still me underneath,
I still show through,
Never to escape it,
For someday, the day it has waited for for so long,
Shall come to pass,
The fate once foretold long ago,
Finally stops unfolded.

But what shall come after the storm is over?
That is up to the ones left standing,
To those who remember me fondly,
If such is possible,
Dear friends of mine,
Tell me, do you really care?

Through times of sorrow,
I can weep no longer.
Through dense woods,
I can run no longer.
Though my spirit lingers;
Whispering to those who understand,
To those who know what it’s like.

- Jay M
December 19th, 2018
Slime-God Oct 13
Our soft universe
had never known perfection
until it first rained
Lightning struck nearby, it blinded my eyes, and rang my ears like a bell.
I have never been so in love.
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