Your voice is like thunder
and your touch, lightning.
The storm you've got me swept in is
so beautiful, it's frightening.

Your eyes ignite wild waves within my soul
and your smile keeps me calm.
I feel utterly complacent knowing my world
rests safely within your palm.

When you call my name, my heart drops,
flutters and melts all at once.
Before you, when it came down to defining love,
I was an utter dunce.
Who could have ever truly predicted that we'd
grow into a love far truer than any other love that
has ever existed?
I saw a storm
I could have
easily stepped
over it

But the raging winds
the piercing rains
and you
were just too irrisitable
and the calm I was in
was too
In my storm, I lost you.
So much pain
I so strongly despised
How one could look past the darkness in my eyes
My heart filled with ice, my hands covered in blood
Looking around so lost
Swept away from the flood
No strength to hold on
The waves are so high
Searching for answers
Holding my hands together screaming at the sky
During a storm of depression, I am angry with god.. Searching for answers.
I have been quiet for a long time.
But that doesn't give you the right to take my silence for granted or to taunt me, torture me or traumatize me even.
For there is always a calm before the storm and
I don't intend to say that I carry a storm inside me or with me
because I am one.
"The title says it all."
Overlooking the bow of the ship
With nary a thing in sight but the lake they call Gitche Gumee
The waves crashing against the hull with a thunderous roar
Winds howling like the sound of a jet engine taking off
Nothing I have not seen before all these years at sea

My thoughts turn to home
A wife, a son, friends and family
Celebrating yet another birthday without me
Below I can hear the men at dinner equally jubilant
Soon another lake crossing will be met with pay checks

How did I get here all alone at the helm
Responsible for so many heading into yet another storm
Riding in and out like tides on the ocean of life
Highs and lows each day rippling through the hours of a journey
The aroma of my coffee brings me back to the present

Radar indicates others are around me but what are they up to
Racing to cover like we are or hunkered down already
In a safe cove readying for bed, dreams about to be launched
Like this ship when she was shiny and new and held out great hopes
For both crew and owners

Now my fears mount as does the heaving of the ship
Listing from side to side the fateful sounding of the alarm
Despite their best effort the engines are fighting a losing battle
For the first time my thoughts turn to failure
What if she actually went down to the ragged sea bed below

Sinking to the bottom like a stone tossed into a pond
My men scurry to ready the life rafts
We all know this will be in vain the seas too rough to set them adrift
Through their silence they too communicate our doom
It is now only a matter of time

And so we wait.

Andreas Simic©
Bee 2d
It’s been raining for 22 days straight and I
couldn’t tell you why the evergreens weep like
they do but if you must, the skies ravens are
bellowing what they’ve witnessed in a song we
will never understand and will endlessly hear.

Feathered armor protects the branches that starkly
plead for handfuls of the sponge-clouds above.
Why don’t we listen to the warning calls
of the floods coming from God’s eyes?

The sticky moss resting on the north side of the
rusty hemlocks will tell you, the record is 55 days
since they’ve seen the sun---a dialect less penetrating
than the all-too-inviting cries that echo the woodlands.

Whispers of the breeze flowing through the trees
are not enough to overcome this tempest that is steeping
slowly and surely the habit of nature will wash its face
clean of any inadequacies.  Now, if you told me

it rained here over half the year, I’d believe you.
Not just because it’s the Pacific Northwest, but because
I’ve witnessed the consistency of the pure quietude, of the
circling crows that count every beat and divide every lap.
Their dependable vantage forecasts any storm.
The black clouds above blot out the light
The air becomes heavy and it fills me with fright
Shut tight my eyes and cover my ears
Hide under covers fighting my fears
Off in the distance is the sounding of Thunder
And then in one moment the sky split asunder
Dancing lightning setting fire to the sky
And from my mouth escapes a small cry
I am so small and so weak a helpless little child
Hold me close to you while the night rages wild
She was mine then she was not. And now all those men look at her hungry. And all I can do is just stand here and watch as she slowly slips away
She is a trophy to them all
And now that everything is great I'm just waiting for the storm to come and destroy my beautiful moment.
Sad I guess.
and the sun still shines each day, my darling
you may not see her,
but she is there, always
by your side

outside may look bleak,
don’t fear,
she is strong, she
is not weak,

she may shy away on stormy days,
but trust me she is always there
silently protecting her beloved
she breathes life,

with love and care,
never needing anything in return,
happily she smiles rays of joy
aware that she is the source
of all that is good

remember sweetheart,
even when you cannot see her
she is still your guiding light, I
you will see her rays again soon
after the storm clouds have passed.
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