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Gusts of warm wind blow
gracefully through oak branches
The roar of thunder
A busy boy turns
toward the darkening clouds
waiting for the rain
I saw a white butterfly today
Flapping in the rough, stormy wind
I hoped that is was a flag of surrender
Sent from the sky
gracie Feb 28
lightning flash across the sky
silver clouds begin to cry
our clothes are cold and soaking wet
but we don't run inside just yet

if I said I'm ready now
darling, would you show me how
to blindly run through fields, unplowed
until the thunder roars?

fire races through my spine
warm hands meet my waistline
let's dance together, intertwined
like flowers in a storm
not an innuendo, unless u want it to be
Blessed with a sky of waterfall
I let my thoughts run amok the greedy raindrops
The beats, the trickle and the gush
  Resting on concrete sand
With nothing but thin fabrics that clung to my skin
It's a silence of pleasure
Being caressed by the cold
Surprisingly peaceful
To let the wind slowly, at a leisurely pace
Invade your body's temperature
Humming in your ear
A songful of promises
That faith never fails
And patience rewards
Tempting you to stay seated
Wait out the storm
The clash of waves a raw entertainment
And a rumble of applause
Somewhere beyond those thick clouds of uncertainties
Words unspoken
I let myself listen instead
Letting the mysteries solve themselves
Unanswered questions
Offering crystal answers
And found it rather enjoyable
beads of sadness drip down the side of my face
my lungs are drowning in that blue smoke
my body slows to match my heartbeat
i'm sorry my superpowers are back
if you don't know, i can control the weather
everything i feel matches the outside
and i'm sorry it's pouring down rain
raindrops like little wrecking *****
when they hit the ground with force
a wall of rain so dense
you can't see
and if you couldn't tell
that's the way i feel inside constantly
i'm sorry if it starts flooding
i'm sorry if the wind picks up
i'm sorry if a tornado destroys everything around me
i'm sorry.
i can't control the storm that's already inside of me
i may not be able to control this hurricane outside
so please take shelter
please don't let me hurt you
there is too much sadness inside of me to handle at one time

JRF 4d
The cold winters touch clawing at the window.
The need for change moves with the seasons, but the idea of you stays evergreen.

Hair flutters, beautiful in the wind.
Her power so tough, it's nearly a sin.
She'll wreck your world when she's feeling stormy.
But today, she's calm, not even a stir.
Waking her up just to look at her.
Eyes like two planets, orbiting my soul.
Wondering if we'd run away,
Would her touch still feel the same?
If she's mad, she could destroy. But today for me, she is calm
Iska 6d
I am not pretty
nor happy
nor brave
my world is a world of mist and rain
you are beautiful
your smile is sunshine given life
as you take all blows in stride.
don"t you see?
you and I,
we are not the same.
your provide an umbrella
and I provide the rain
and the winds will batter you
and force your umbrella to crumple
with holes in the fabric
and no shelter from my storm
and you will realize
that rain no longer smells so sweet
when choking on the storm
so you will retreat

and leave me to rage alone...
Pétra 7d
I am sailing upon the ocean
In a rickety vessel perforated and laden with rotten boards
The black water surrounding me is rough with roiling violence
The island that was once in the distance, where I would weather the storm, is now gone
I am rocked on every side as restless giants churn the waters to foam
A profound sense of dread permeates every fibre of my body; if I lose my grip on the rigging I'll surely plunge overboard
Dragged down to the cold, crushing depths by the hungry beasts lurking below
The pale sun only breaks through the clouds overhead to mock me
A momentary respite before the hurricane resumes, bent on consuming me
My navigational charts are all wrong, the stars have switched their positions in the sky
My anchor can find no purchase
The dark sea stretches to the horizon in every direction
I know not where salvation lies
The surface ripples with movement
They are waiting
                   ­                         waiting
Though I must reach into the salty water to distill it, I dare not dip a single finger
For the coiling leviathans beneath will rise to meet me with great gnashing teeth and ugliness to swallow me whole
It will be dark
It will be silent
And I will be alone
So I forego the water entirely
Learning instead to live with parched lips and a leathery tongue
And the gnawing emptiness within
And I was left alone
In the silence of the storms
In the darkness of the light
Nothing was at sight
I see, but I don't see you
I rather see nothing
If I can't see you
I am solo
I am hollow
Am I here or anywhere
Is it real where I am and you're not?
If it is... It's not my reality
I don't want it
I draw
I draw a face
Is it yours?
No, not exactly

Because I draw from memory
And my memories are weak
I'm sorry
I have no pictures of your smiling face

I draw
I draw a bird
No, not a crow
A raven
Very different birds.

I don't draw it dark enough
I'm too scared
If it's too dark,  there's no going back
Don't touch the 9b

I draw
I draw a storm
Not my storm, no
Just a storm

Wreaking through the houses
The walls
The roof
Just to get to you
And I let it

I draw
I draw a mountain
That I will not climb
I refuse, it's too big

A mountain of my fears is always too big
I don't wish to try
To climb
The things I cannot control

I draw
I draw tears
Tears that were mine
But no longer Belong to me

The tears for you that I shed
The tears I wish I did not have
The tears rolling in the back of my head
The tears wishing you never bleed

I draw
idk. I just have a writing bug, I guess.
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