Ako 3h

I found him
Amidst of ignorance
And murmur
"Oh my god", one said.

My heart trampled when I saw him
I was broken...
Left behind on a big mess,
Ignorants entangled with their egos,
A creature,
A small creature
And wounded...

He was terrified
I looked in his eyes,
"Could you please help me?"
"I am all alone."
I saw the gleams
The lonely gleams...
The same as mine...

I tucked him on my temple,
Wounded and alone,
We went to the clinic
A white, man made blocks
It was not a mere erection
It was the savior of us.

I lie him on the table,
A silvery, metal table.

Someone tall in white appeared
A kind tone of him said,
"What has happened?"
And there, I put my story
A heartbreaking story masked by my cheery tone.

He is a big boy now
A big yet young golden haired pup
Joyful, kind, and warm creature
As my second self told me
I named him.

Loneliness bound us
To get through this harsh plane
Kindness is what he taught me
Everyday, in every life...

In kindness and loneliness we bound,
I miss you buddy...

I miss my pup a lot. I am in a faraway, away from home. I see his loneliness, as I see mine.

It shouldn't be a problem and it is.

I should be happy, but I'm not.
If I were a seaside, I'd be one time forgot.
Swings rusted still, and women of an age.
Same season all year, like dried ink on a page.

Getting overtaken, doesn't mean you lose.
It only meant you shone so more when came the time to choose.
Wind can be so vicious as it stings across your face.
A gentle stabbed reminder to always know your place.

Eventually what you will find is your heart does turn to stone.
Or constantly you feel the pain has seeped right to the bone.
Now at this point it really is so much easier to say.
Just leave me here and I'll wait in peace until you've had your day.

I'm having fun playing dead while I'm keeping my head straight.
Is that hilarious or what? What's funny, is I'd rise for the right hurt.
You've detached yourself, though. Your words sound like grey sleep
within the walls I repaint, day after day when I wake, with the color
you turn away yet still absorb, like there's no short supply. My brain
works for crackers and runs on want that's begun drying.

I'm getting tired of the people I work with. They have it all together. And meanwhile. I just need to suck it up. There are things worse in life than loneliness, way fucking worse.
Perri 23h

I'm crying out for help
But I'm invisible
My pleas are going unnoticed
I need reassurance
So instead, I scream
While flailing my arms
In a dance on the edge of death
No one is watching my performance
So I decide to wail
Sweat is dripping down my face
As I beg for someone to hear my pain
My soul is aching and I need help
Please someone rescue me
You will feel guilt
When you realize I was begging
And you turned a blind eye
But by then
It will be too late

JAC 1d

The boy who waved the boats from shore
had still never set sail,
but he was lonely.
One day or morning,
Aa sailor's sunrise,
a girl approached the boy on the pier.
It was a long walk
and they could see each other
on each side, approaching.
They watched each other,
each studying the other,
as if other could learn about each
before even speaking.
Eventually, she arrived,
and they looked at each other again,
faces full of curiosity.
"What are you doing?"
asked her eyes.
His replied,
"What's it to you?"
"Well," she blinked,
"You seem all alone here.
Boats leave, but you do not."
She communicated across a short sea
of rotting, sun-dried boards
between them.
The boy said nothing>
Instead he cocked his head
and flicked a smile
from the corner of his lips
across the metre-long lake of boards.
She asked him after a pause,
"I've nothing to do,
may I please sit on the dock with you?"
The boy nodded warmly,
and they sat,
fewer boards between them than before.
She pulled off her shoes,
her socks too, pink and blues,
and dipped her toes
in the water she knew was cold.
They spoke very little,
but they would inevitably fall in love.

A continuation of "The Boy on the Dock".
Perri 1d

I can't breathe
I can't breathe
My mind is wandering
I'm assuming you have lied to me
Just like all the others
Why do I bother
Why do I bother

I can't breathe
all this anxiety
My mind is spinnin'
I realize I've been fooled again
right when I've surrendered
and courageously let you in

I can't breathe
You're ignoring me
why do I trust
so easily
I'm so angry with myself
panic is creeping in
when will I learn
I am merely here to be used
when love is what I yearn

I can't breathe
How dare you do this to me
For all the scars I have showed you
My throat is closing in
Tonight I will not sleep
I am never going to win

But I've begged you
to not do this to me
I lay in tears wondering
why I'm so worthless
and I can't breathe.

I have panic attacks when I know i've been used again. Man after man, I tell myself to never trust again.

An extremely intelligent man with hordes and hordes of books; books upon books upon shelves – oh, endless shelves. Whatever the matter of his genius abilities, he is rather, let's say, naive. He often spends nights alone in the comforts of his dark den with nothing but his prizes to keep him company. Oh Jonathan, you lonely man: what is to become of your vast capabilities?

Will you build planes like you had as a child and flaunt them to your parents proudly? Will you remain alone in your den – a room full of endless, lonely, dark, and quiet company – surrounded by your hordes of books and shelves? Full, but empty, shelves … Each space occupied by a semblance of papers … and more books.

Last Night I dreamt of my dead grandmother
And the fear I felt when she was alive
Creeping through the kitchen
Quiet on the pads of my feet to not wake her
And how she would yell
When I would make noise
Sitting on the couch
That had become her home
For she could not stand on her own
and she lived there
with a blanket
watching the tv
   Who is it
And I would almost whisper
   It’s me
And she would say
  What are you doing
Accusing me of something I didn’t understand
washing my hands
but I was really trying to get a cookie from
the blue tin
And I would run out
Back into the sunlight
Out of the dark house
When she passed
We inherited those tins
And a big box of toys
Because she only ate happy meals
In those last years
Happy meals and cookies
Shouting out who is there
In the dark from the couch

Last night
I dreamt of getting married
standing at the alter
across from a man
whose face kept changing
and I couldn’t tell who he was
but we got married
me and the man with the blurry face

Last night I dreamt of a long car ride
Passing trees and corn fields
Scenes I remember from childhood
But I was Headed somewhere I didn’t know
In the back seat
With no one else in the car

Last night I dreamt of the faces
Of everyone I know
And many faces I didn’t recognize
I had heard in a class that the mind can play tricks on you
Putting things together like a puzzle
That you don’t see anything in a dream
That you haven’t somehow seen before

I reached my arms out as nets in the sea
Said I was prepared to love what was in front of me
     (but I only liked to look at artistry.)
And I should've known that colors wouldn't be enough
The coral in my palms proved that life was always rough
I tried to apologize but they were already stuck in
Weighted like rainbows beneath my soft salty skin

Before I gave up I looked back at the blue
Filled with invertebrates that were nothing like you
And I knew what the plan was, to look again and to try
But by that time the coral were digging into my eye
So you see? It's uncomfortable, I was already hurt
I don't let anything infect my blood with dirt

That's always my excuse, I play it off way prettier
In purgatory they'll ask how I got even dirtier
Because I must look so clean while I feel so mean
Wanting to believe we are all fucking boring

But it can't be true.
Coral is beautiful and alive and every piece is new
But I could never enjoy it  
I'm the coral inside of you

JAC 2d

The boy who waves the boats from shore
But never dares set sail
Doesn't get lonely.
There are always boats leaving,
Always boats coming back.
He'll help load the ships
With all they need and more
Then step off as they go
And stay just on the shore.
Every passenger knows the boy
And no one knows why he's there.
There's a dock he'll walk
That extends a little into the sea
Where he sits and speaks
To fishing boats that come to visit
But only for a short time,
His toes in the water.
He can swim, and sometimes
Someone will fall from a boat
He'll jump in and swim to them,
Pull them up, be sure they're okay
Only to swim back to the dock.
The boy who waves the boats from shore
But never dares set sail
Gets lonely sometimes.

Introducing a character you already know.
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