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Your name still stings my tongue
Like an early morning coffee
These mornings feel more difficult to overcome
Most days i stay in bed
Nursing my battle scars from the night before
I cant remember a time when it didn't sting to shower
As i think of you
A gentle teardrop rolls silently down my face
Im left to think
When did it all go wrong
awoken by a bleak morning
as the fog came bellowing in
i opened up my window
so i could hear the blackbirds sing

I longed to hear their song
it used to be so nice
the sun used to glisten through the window
the air cold and crisp like ice

since the people i loved dearly
all left me one by one
the sun no longer shined and
the blackbirds no longer sung

i cried out in despair
"Just sing me one last song"
but the fog had scared the blackbirds
and now they as well had gone

One day i hope to wake up
to the sun beaming through the blinds
and hear the blackbirds singing
and a warmer feeling inside

until that day arrives
im left here on my own
ill sing the melancholy song
and hide underneath my throws
not everyday will be bad, one day the blackbirds will return for us all
This sadness starts out
like sitting on a balcony in the evening and its cold so you slightly shiver but not cold enough to freeze
wraped in a blanket
holding a warm mug of coffee and lighting a cigarette, or two, or five
coffee is bitter with half tea spoon of sugar and full fat milk
then suddenly your mug is empty and the ceramic feels cold on your skin
- there is no more cigarettes to light
all thats left is a blanket that slowly slides off of your body
and now you are
Too insecure to just be me
Longing someday to be set free
A four, wing five I.N.F.P.
I am my own worst enemy
A prisoner trapped inside me
Wishing I could be happy
New poem on how I often feel
noor 1d
i am not lazy
im just a little hazy
because lately its daily
where im drained

i am not lazy
i am just gloomy
cause its so lonely

i am not lazy
im just drowning
all i hear is shouting
all i see is frowning

i am not lazy
im just crying
im just dying

i am not lazy
i am just stressed
this seems to be a downward spiral into depression
Soumia 2d
Hundred people around me,
laughing, singing and talking.

Why do I still feel empty,
why do I still feel lonely?

So many friends, so many family
and yet I still feel lonely.
I got this feeling in my soul
Who put these waves in me?
More awake at night then at day
Dreams make up most of my day
Can you tell me why?
Mesmerized by the ceiling above my bed
What does it say?
You're no ones favorite person
Never were
The very air I breath, feels so rushed, raw and unfiltered. I wish you were here with me by side to witness my desperate grasp for air. Maybe you could offer your hand and a gentle kiss to sooth my fears and caress my demons to their slumber. Speak to me in our native tongue, play our tune and dance till our feet come off. Your absence is the presence of fear, fear to lose you, fear loose myself; without you to catch me as I fall. So far, I have been holding my smile together, but really any dummy could read the troubles in my eyes. I miss you; I miss you now.
Maybe I'm just a wandering soul,
Looking for its home,
Only to find it never belonged in this world at all,
That I was truly a demon who got lost in the fall,
From hell, because that's how I get looked at,
Like a pretty lost devil woman who would steal your cat,
But I won't,
And I'm not,
I'm just a lone wolf who wouldn't hurt a fly,
And if they did, they'd wish to lay down and die,
Because hurting myself is one thing,
Hurting others is not okay to me,
But I still get looked at like I'm an alien,
Lost from a world of sadism,
And I don't wanna be a loner anymore,
I don't want to be a lonely *****,
Pick me up next time I'm drunk and laying by myself on the floor,
Trying to cope with this feeling of not belonging behind even my own door,
Nightmares of carpeted basements dancing in my head,
That's why I fear to sleep, for sleeping makes me feel like death,
And why has no one asked me today,
If I am okay? Am I okay?
Yes, but no I'm also not,
Because moving on is hard,
And I still don't belong anywhere,
The worst part is that no one cares.
No one cares...
No one cares...
During the day I'm great, at night...the demons start to scream at me again.
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