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Stuck in a chair,
Mind disappeared somewhere,
No time, and no care,
No place out of there
I don't know you anymore
because I still know who you used to be
but when I look back
I don't feel like myself
because you've changed me since
But I don't want the old me back,
I just. want. you.
A selfish enigma
A dark room and sharp blades,
where the light of hope always fades.
And when it is the pain I need to feed;
the more I cut, the more it bleeds.

A lonely room and no ears,
where no one ever hears.
And when someone I need by my side;
emptiness seek and everyone hides.

A long way and no right roads,
where my heart always explodes.
And when my secrets echo through time;
I remember when you used to be mine.

—Poetry by Paras
   C   R   A   V  E
      C    R    A    V    E
         C      R      A      V      E
         R   R
         V           A
         E                 V     E
       V                     V
          A          A
            R    R
          C  R A V E            
       C  R  A  V  E
       C R A  V E
   C  R  A  V  E                

I long for company. Meaningful ones..
JoJo 8h
The beauty of walking in
the rain is that no one sees you cry.
instead, we are just strangers
getting water in our eyes.
Limem ALi 10h
Will you sing me a song
A song to sleep
A song with a happy ending
So warm and sweet

Will you tell me a bedtime story
A story to sleep
A story with a happy ending
Where lovers meet

Will you tell me a memory
A memory to sleep
A memory to share and remember
A memory to sleep

Will you.. Will you
I cannot fall asleep
Anything with a happy ending
Anything to sleep
Glowing silver orb
Pale rays caressing the waves
Soothing lonely souls

Selenophile: a person who loves the moon
Aaron 17h
He is my sun
he is my light
he is perfect
but he doesn't believe me.

I hide my love from him
I see the way he looks at someone else
he likes him and I understand
I wish he felt the same

We like a lot of the same things
we talk a lot about them
and yet
he only sees me as a friend
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