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I'm laying on the floor at 1:37am
on a tuesday, or maybe wednesday.
the vents are reeking of that dog again.

Blanketed by only a scented candle
I see shadows, it resembles residue
a stained glass ceiling.

There is an ache between my shoulders
as I contemplate living, or sleeping
but that's always been the same thing.

As I listen to the showering upstairs,
I try to find ways to speak in words
that have nothing to do with you.
@damonrobpoetry on instagram
beck 4d
there’s an overwhelming loneliness
that burns from the chambers
don’t listen to the voicemail i left
from the nights i’ve sobbed in my pillow
i can’t remember the last time it felt
old lovers remember it fondly
but i remember waiting by the phone
i’ve spent a lifetime in the dark
and learned the lesson that’ll haunt me
there’s no voice who will call
no voice to tell me i’m what they wanted
start swallowing your pride and remember it
it’s just you
an overwhelming mess
a manic storm
i will never be the one they needed
only a temporary hold
but never something permanent
i’ll leave more voicemails in the dark
i’ll send the chamber to hell
i’ll ignore all the lessons
give it another lifetime
maybe i’ll remember it fondly too
Psychosa Nov 29
I am so achingly alone.

In a world full of souls,
Mine has been trapped in a void.

So painfully alone.

Deserted by all
But the pain I bear,
That my existence  
Will only be
mine own.
Andrew Nov 12
Everywhere I go
I look for you

Having your perfume
Lingering on my sleeve

Wondering along the streets
Watching all the houses

Loneliness leans on me
Just one more time

To see your face
To hear your voice

I still feel you
In this broken place
Shofi Ahmed Nov 13
A small world
full of human.
Yet it's a big one
full of victims
of loneliness.
Ley Nov 12
two's a company
three's a crowd
but what if that crowd
was the most peace you've had?

three's a crowd
then two
then there was one

and years later you sit with nothing but the regret of growing up and growing without
nothing but the memories of love and closeness that you fear you'll never have in friends again

two's a company
three's a crowd
i'd rather drown in the masses
than drown in my solitude
dedicated to the ones who miss their ex-best friends
As each day passes I hate myself more
Why does it seem like I’m always in the wrong?
“Know your place”, “you forgot your place” has become an axiom in my head,
I cannot help but think that I’m such a burden, inferior, useless, and shouldn’t live instead

I hate myself so much, everything is my fault no matter what I do
My character is criticised every single time,  the shadows on the wall chiding me for being such a fool
My heart’s so pain, I can’t breathe
With every breath, the more I hate me

The shadows haunt me, criticising every part of me
I need to change my entire self, the more wrong in myself I see
I hate every inch of myself, I don’t deserve to live
Why is it so painful to be criticised continuously, staying positive while taking all these in is a myth

The light casts on the shadows, bringing much happiness into my life,
My heart is full of joy during these times, the sadness and hatred becomes a lie
But when the shadows form and haunt me around at times,
I’m trapped - hatred for myself and depression hides in my cry  

“You’re weak and immature so you cry easily” was what I was told,
Weakness and immaturity adds on to my list - of the lowest lows
I can’t stop crying and wanting to self-harm, am I weak?
Or maybe those words has caused me to fail to accept any part of me

The shadows overwhelm me and engulf my sleep,
“You’re undeserving of anything”, is all the shadows have bestowed upon me
I always feel like I’m at fault even though I’ve tried, why is this so?
My character is questioned - I hate every part of my soul

I can’t help but wonder to myself…

Is the day that my tears dry,
Also the day that I die?
Behind every smile of mine hides a shadow which engulfs me, making me hate me
My crime is that
I care too much,
love too much,
trust people easily,
don't act like a regular man,
and show my wounds
to the people I love.

So I am always misunderstood
seen as stupid
and left brokenhearted,
hurt and alone.

Maybe, just maybe,
I should for once turn into
what society wants me to be—
a man with no heart,
emotions, and care.
One small change
will affect everything else
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