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I met love in a field of flowers
It sat alone in the sunlight.
“Can I sit beside you?”
I asked it.
And it nodded its head.
Its small hands folded softly in its lap.
“Do you ever get tired?”
I asked it.
And I heard it exhale.
“Can I sleep beside you?”
I asked.
And it nodded,
Resting its head next to mine.
“We’ll just close our eyes for a moment”
I said,
“Just long enough for the spinning to stop”.
beautiful blue
the sky seems everlasting above me
the clouds desperately reach for each other
like they may never meet again
like they may never feel love again

i sympathize with them
the longing for love
the yearning of partnership
my perception of what that is
forever twisted by this shadow
casted upon my life

why cant i be happy?
why do the people who
are supposed to love me
despise me?
i am reduced to bones by their deductions
i am nothing but a shell of their projections
ive been persecuted to this living hell
with their reprehensions

i look to the eternal sky
standing on the edge
nobody knows what resides in my head
maybe its better that way
my thoughts need not be said
a choice between two paths
to be alive or to be dead
written on may 18th, 2021
are there shadows
behind that light
are there tears unseen
in pitch of night
do you awaken eager
to face the day
has your heart been taken
or led astray
talk to me
without the smile
set the shadows free
the moon is ours
for just a while
the Sun will always be
Echo of sobs in the halls
Instead of eyes two waterfalls
Empty room and empty heart
Lonely actor of multiple parts
Cold embrace of midnight air
Wicked Night does not play fair
Next to the bed a mountain of tissues
Wet and salty from all your issues
Sweet Rain Sep 10
Stories swirl free
Memory fantasy dream
Constellating stars
Blurring transposing like art
Lonely snowflakes weep,
Wishes for gifts meant to keep
It's about things held deep inside swirling, shifting, dissolving, and then starting to clarify. I'm hoping the meter helps illustrate that?
James Newton Sep 9
If my days could rhyme its all worth it,
even if it's just I who gets to read it.

After a whole day to write it all over,
undoing my pain saying things much slower.

One day I'll love and be loved back,
one day I'll be there out of dreamland.
Ley Sep 9

sophomore year

it's not that dark

if you squint your eyes
beyond the blurred lines
loneliness pierces through the heart

people you once knew are merely memories now
and you are reduced to what they write about you on the bathroom walls

they don't need you anymore
they found someone better

all you have is me
a gun to your thoughts
and lungs that won't quit (but you wish they would)

what's that? you can't breathe?

don't worry darling
it's only down from here
coffee girl Sep 9
Sana sa mga oras na ako’y ubos na,
Andyan ka sana para bigyan ako ng pag-asa.
Sa mga pagkakataong ayaw ko na,
Yakapin mo sana ako at ‘di na pakawalan pa.

Mga yakap na siyang nagbibigay lakas,
Na wari’y isang lakas na nagsisilbing lunas,
Lunas sa mga sakit na hindi maipaliwanag,
Sa pagsasamang tila nauubusan na ng liwanag.

Mahal, isang mahipit na yakap,
Pantakip sa katotohanang hindi natin matanggap
you feel the sadness???? lol
Mathieu Sep 8
Do you think...
That I care so little for you.
Though you betrayed my trust,
I'm not a man in love?
That my heart won't swell?
My eyes won't drown?
And of all the pain a human can withstand,
doesn't exist within this man?
Do you think tonight,
I'm incapable to forgive?
To kiss your forehead,
and remind you I'm here.
The words you must hear.
The words that **** you,
The one's you most feared.
I forgive you.
I forgive you.
I forgive you.
I must.
A thousand years now,
then a thousand years more.
I could live, if I chose.
A lonely god on his throne.
The truth will seek light, in any darkness, in any corner.
It will always win, it will always commit.
I would have been there for you..
things are so hard to do
because we never try to start.
are always important
for finding patterns.
Like writing poetry.
I have sat alone
in front of  the paper
on the table
many times
with a pen.
I thought about
what I really needed to do first;
beautiful words with parables.
I've been sitting for hours,
walking here and there,
then sit back down again
to finish composing a poem.
But I've never finished it
until now.
Indonesia, 5th September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
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