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Why can't I sit and write?
Why can't I sit and read?
Why do I feel trapped in a vicious whirlwind, and why can I not breathe?
Why can't I find fun in the activities I "enjoy"?
Like playing video games or revisiting old toys.
How come I can't rekindle old this old flame?
Not romantic one, just with my own disgruntled brain.
Everyday, every **** day, my soul is in constant pain.
Forever tortured in life, and in death, i shall remain.
- Ryan Cripps (c) 2023
Her laughter faded like a shadowy figure vanishing into the snowy mist.
Her full smile disappeared now more familar to a desolate wisp.
Her will to write and live and breathe left like they couldn't wait to leave.
Nobody talks to her anymore, not even the trees.
- Ryan Kane (c) 2023
unknown 4d
Surrounded but alone.
Learned to grew stronger.
Heart of stone.
Became a fighter.

Always wanted to have someone,
No doubts, no judgement.
Couldn’t find one,
All wasn’t just clear with their intent.

Thought you were different,
Filled my heart with excitement,
Same vibe, same tastes,
I fear, might go to waste.

Took the risk, unsure.
Bet on it ‘til my heart sore.
Blinded by what you’ve shown,
Oh I forgot, I’m surrounded but all alone.
Jeremy Betts Nov 22
They say an eye for an eye means you'll never worry about a sty
You try and you try to comply but still see yourself turn from zero to bad guy
{Never clarify a why}
You know as well as I, if possible at all they will always present the lie
And who needs to justify why it is what it is when what it is something we'll never get to try

Please stand by...

No one will be with you shortly, this journey is set up to be very lonely
It's just you and you buddy, Superman's a phony, there's no name at all on the bologna
{Look closely}
Monopoly's a better show of character then any therapy, decide for yourself if that's comedy or tragedy
Money is invested in more cautiously than time and family

Is there any calm to this calamity?

There's no depth to our shallowness, told it helps move along the progress
The process? Well, that's a little harder to digest, we digress with every test
{Failures are countless}
Direct protest to this nonsense that's pressed into every crevice
Some kind of life sentence, a guilty plea agreed upon with no victim or eye witness

What even is this?

Escape one bad dream only to find yourself awake in a worst nightmare
Nothing in here fights fair, I'm not aware of any rules posted anywhere
{I can feel the crosshair}
I don't want to be any part of this twisted love affair between god and Lucifer
Figure it out, don't ******* up there, I'll purch on YOUR shoulder, whisper crazy into your ear

Let's see who fears who here...
Jeremy Betts Nov 18
A bad hand delt, a crippling hopelessness felt
In possession of a heart that can't and won't melt
Whipped unmercifully with a tanned hide belt
So often in fact it no longer leaves a welt
Only a lonely darkness under this human pelt
Always knew when the fear was near by how bad it smelt
And out of respect, or maybe terror, every time it arrived, I knelt
Nat Lipstadt Nov 14
"we were never lonely
and never afraid
when we were together.

I know that the night
is not the same
as the day:
that all things are different,
that the things of the night
cannot be explained in the day,
because they do not then exist,
and the night can be a dreadful time
for lonely people once their
loneliness has started.

But with Catherine there was
almost no difference in the night
except that it was an even better time.

If people bring so much courage
to this world the world has to ****
them to break them, so of course
it kills them. The world breaks every
one and afterward many are
strong at the broken places."

A Farewell to Arms,
Ernest Hemingway
Unknown Nov 11
I've sworn to write, that's what I do
However to write, I must not swoon

Anything to stop, anything to change
Anything to have that one thing

For to write, is to be alone in pain
I've sworn to write, I cannot swoon..
Moonbeam Nov 8
I wake up in the darkness of the morning, panicked and alone
Your absence has left a suffocating emptiness in me, after all the warmth I was shown
I thought you would be here always, because you promised me you would be
But I’m just sitting here alone, next to the spot where you should be
You told me your love was unceasing, that it would last forever  
Then why aren’t you here, we need to be together
I still add to our playlists, hoping you’ll see
That we are so connected, that we are meant to be
I wish you would come back, but you told me you won’t
So I’m left here alone, writing the universe a note
Most nights, I can feel tears well under my eyelids when I close them

Flashing, undesirable images concerning both past and possible future

Hurting, me in every sense of the word

Tonight, I spend another beside someone special

Alone, I still sleep.
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