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Ron Sep 2
I want to spend more time with you.
Doesn't matter how.
I could spend it all with you.
Doesn't matter where
I could spend it anywhere.
I want to spend more time with you.
larni Aug 23
i wanna spend the rest
of my sunsets with you
L Aug 1
A love that would last
Is the love I would spend with you
L Barbera Jul 4
We work to spend
Do it all again
Masterful marketing
designed to **** you in

Caught in the riptide of desire
down the sea of consumerism,
If you happen to fall in
you better know how to swim.
Miss Luna May 16
Whenever someone
compares you to poetry,
be sure
you'll never
let them go.

If poetry is a way
of survival,
they'll never be able
to spend
any other day
without you.
Well somebody said
Cars are for strong men
You can't love your car
If you do not spend

Hours of attention
Stacks full of money
But I was born to love you
And you to make me happy

Calling for my attention
Calling for my love
As close as we could be
I saw note , sticked on

I wanna be the one with unbreakable field
Wanna be the one, simply by nature
I do wanna be the one
Knowing how to stop my heart

Car price is going high
******* right at me
I can't still believe
What it is doing to me

Im starting to tremble
I'm starting to care about
But Inside in my hearth
I know I'm not alright
This is lyrics for song. It is recorded but not public. My first song ever recorded with my own band , but we are separated already.
I found something In life there was a time I thought I'd never have that of true love for had lived the life of a loner through child abuse
Never knowing what It was like go be loved unable to form a relationship never knowing the touch of a woman's hand never felt
a kiss upon my
Sometimes people didn't want to know your loneliness and pass you by
It was Helen that gave me that chance In life she never once did she fault me for my
But Instead, she gave me true love, a love I'd been praying for all my
life she loved me unconditionally I'm remembering the time I confessed to never being loved
Didn't know how to love Helen's reply simply does not matter I love you
from that point, I never looked back and for twenty years I had true love a true Love up to that point I'd searched for all my
life for
I had found the lady I wanted to spend the rest of
my life with but sadly my poor girls health that was not be but had the most wonderful twenty years God rest her soul
Twenty years I had true love
a love I had been praying for all my life
Isaac Aug 2018
What should a person spend their life doing?
How many things are worth pursuing?
Chasing dreams? Running errands?
Ticking off responsibilities? Getting to know people?
Getting really buff? Creating beautiful art?
Writing great poems? Winning at sport?
Getting super famous? Growing rich?
Reading good books? Helping the poor?
Watching movies? Fixing things?
Playing music? Learning languages?
Traveling the world? Teaching wisdom?
Building structures? Studying flowers?
It's hard to know, but you better decide quick.
Because it could be over before you finally pick!
Written 9 August 2018
Arcassin B Apr 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

True nature would be equal to a God,
But you rather ignore what you have,
times are too short to be sad,
Sacrificing so much for greed, all that
you had,
Time is ticking and we gotta listen,
Lives are on the line to display the
While people walking around penny

We are so not far from the end,
Evils everywhere , even on the dollar that
you spend,
Nothing is fair,
They told you about the beast,
And how we always feed it,
**** disability checks , go for achievements,
We struggling with our **** demons,
Down for a truth seeking mission,
I aint reachin',
Have enough hard time learning,
I ain't teachin',
People **** each other for the dollar,
Steal from another all for the dollar,
Keep a gun in their pants for the dollar,
Selling their souls all for a dollar.
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