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You have no sympathy
as rumours flee
Spotlight's on
and facts act accordingly

Simplicity shows less shadow

Is it more just to be
As the price for the free
holds levels of uncertainty
Value your integrity
It is more to be just
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
ok okay Apr 12
Beauty is terrifying
We are either picked to be put in the spotlight
Or are left to be seen by no one
I think we should just leave the flowers in the ground
Flowers are much like people
Arthur Clack Jan 27
As she steps forward to take the final bow
and as she steps back into the dim amber glow of the fading spotlight
that once shone so brightly
she realises this is her last
she looks out towards the applauding crowd
their eyes twinkling like stars
their claps roaring like thunder
the velvet curtains close
leaving her in darkness
leaving her Alone.
Luvanna Oct 2019
Turn down the lights
It's too bright
I cannot see any faces
Just shadows looking up on me
Take me down the stage
I don't like the feeling
Standing alone on spotlight
I'm lonely
sushii Apr 2019
So, you fancy fame?
Are you willing to step into the frame,
And give up your life
In exchange for the spotlight?

It could go out soon.
Listen to the monster's croon.

So, you envy the game?
Will you keep your reputation tame?

And listen as they watch,
While you are left all done and used

Like another belt notch.
Seraphina Jan 2019
If I'm the main character
Then what are you?
Some useless sidekick
That will never get the praise they need?
Why do you help others but never accept a "thank you"?
You deserve more than this
And I can't always be the one in the spotlight
When you're in the audience, clapping
Because no one will ever know who you really are
But to me, you're always that number one
Some people are like this, including one of my greatest friends.
I say, "Why can't you understand that I owe you?"
He says back to me, "Why can't you understand that I never change?"
Jacob Parnell Dec 2018
Step into the spotlight.
You just might show us something that we like.
You've got talents for days.
It's not over, you're a supernova.
Show us, teach us to not roll over.
Inspire me.
I could use some new motivation.
Set fire to the sea.
We call that innovation.
I know I suffer from procrastination but step into the spotlight and you could be the next sensation.
I'm trying to inspire you to write more.
Brynn S Nov 2018
I thank you
Swallow my mind whole
Leave not a crumb
Consume my words
Know my grief
Watch as I sink
Each cry for help
Every bit was for you
Oh sweet audience
How I do love the spotlight
Little candles burn at stages edge
Let me not sear at flame
Anya Nov 2018
Some say to fear the dark
Yet, unlike day
It offers a sense of comfort
Enveloped within
A blanket of invisible space
Free from searching eyes
And the terrifying
FallenKing Nov 2018
Dance with me in the moonlight
And let the night fade away
Like a star shinning in the spotlight
Out of reach, but within my gaze

Dance with me in the moonlight
Until the night turns to day
Illuminate the shadows in the twilight
Be the north star that gives my life an aim
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