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April show
or snow)
& again)
may flow
ers Bloom
and die
is lie
f long sorrow
Ek Apr 10
By door
You see more
Than the spring drizzle
That cleans your lawn
That lets the scents out of your yard.
You see an opening
Through the drops
That lets you escape the drapes
To April
DM00 Apr 4
Wash me clean of this feeling,
left over from a frost, half thawed.
I am slow and clunky
tension and heavy
my head is empty, but

there’s so much pressure.
Building up, holding itself up.
Let the pressure break,
water me into serenity.
Maria Apr 2
I see your eyes flicker as droplets on our skins dance to the ground.
Your smile widens as the water clicks the cement our heels tread on.
For a moment I am suspended in your love.
My soul expands to the sky, the earth, and the water in between.
Perhaps April will be my favorite moment between us.
Mark Boschi Apr 2
at night you can find me
planted onto the tile floor
the shower water gushing against my hunched back feels like a hug
each trickle resembles your fingers
- i'm trying to erase you,
scrub away the marks you've left on my wrists,
the bruised knees
but your threatening undertone
rings in my head
stings the sterile lights,
they will always flicker.

Mark Boschi
abigail j s Feb 20
You are found in the sound
of raindrops dripping
sprinkling, storming,
coming down in sheets.
memoona kazmi Jan 30
I like to take,
Showers more than usual,
Not because I am too tidy,
But because,
I like my tears to stay hidden,
I don’t want them to be seen ,
By people who will judge them,
Not understand them,
I like them to be washed away,
With shower,
I stand still,
Until I see every little,
Drop of my tear,
Roll down my cheek,
Get absorbed in
The guise of water,
And I love how
I come out so nicely,
Like everything is
Paras Bajaj Jan 17
I think of you in the running showers.
I think of you in the scent of flowers.
I think of you when I am asleep.
I think of you in the memories I keep.

I think of you when I am low and high.
I think of you when I fail and try.
I think of you in summer and snow
I think of you in dark and glow.

I think of you in wrong and right.
I think of you in black and white.
I think of you in scars and screams.
I think of you in hopes and dreams.

-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
Saurabh Trikha Dec 2018
As the sun soars high in the sky and the tarmac shimmers in the heat.
I walk along on a grassy patch, with my headphones attach.
My throat has gone dry, mumbling to the beat.
I have nothing but a bottle, which is half empty.
My feet they never stop, because I’ve got some stress to cope.
The trees, they give me shade.
Our shadows becoming one as I stroll past them.
The dogs pretending to be brave, until I reach out,
its the care they crave.
Leaves fall down to the earth, yellowish blade
some curling through in the wind, others gently floating

I look on to the horizon, where the hills meet the heavens
and soon realize its all going to change in a matter of hours.
The glimmer of thunder at the distance does not reach my ears yet,
but the cool breeze reassures me of whats going to happen next.
As the blue of the sky turns to grey, I ask myself
should I turn back home, or is it time to play?
I have decided and so have the birds, as they flock together the greet the showers first.
The magic when a single drop of water hits the dirt, and the aroma fills you to the core.
“Petrichor!!” been ages if I recall.
Despite being drenched from head to toe, and whether my mobile is going to work fine or no.
The rain has mesmerized me completely, even though being a brief respite.

Well its a rainy day, the first of many more to come, i pray.
wrote this last year, during the first spell of monsoon!! hope you like it.
Keegan Nov 2018
The water scorches my skin.
I am sat on the floor of my shower for the umpteenth night in a row.
This water is too hot,
But I cannot muster the energy to turn it down;
(At least it feels like something, even pain)
I haven't looked away from the floor for ten minutes,
This patch of tile is burned into my memory.
The water is still too hot,
And I still have not turned it down.
The empty pit in my chest throbs cold.
I want to set a fire there but fire doesnt burn where there is no oxygen;
Only **** could fix this.
The water runs hotter than the blood in my veins.
I don't think I will turn it down.
Why wait for **** when I can burn here?
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