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You are without excuse
-and so am I.
The pinpricks above my fertile veins
are finally starting to heal.
You wanted something of value
and I offered myself willingly.

You lent me your Icarus-wings
and I flew too high
-too far.
I believed that I could soar,
but your wings melted,
seared into my skin
and wax-dripping,
I fell through your fingers.

Your fingers,
so willing to touch, take
-they were never stretched,
never waiting, never there
And my arms, my chest
my throat, bared and battle scared.

I traced their lines
in the mirror this morning,
and felt the frightful push
of a final scream,
still trapped in my lungs.
My heart doesn’t beat
-it hammers in my chest,
surrounded by arteries
cold and void.
I never did stop falling.

And I fear the ocean,
fast approaching, vast and dark.
Will it shatter me like glass,
or swallow me with that final
scream clenched between my teeth?

I choke on it,
bite it back
-if I choose this one thing,
all else is lost.
If I break my silence
your face will be blurred
from my memory
-rendered red and screaming
as the day you emerged
into this world.

Sun-kissed red
you watched this myth unfold.
You beheld the work of your hands,
the final Icarus-fall,
the plunge toward a hungry ocean.

A cry of rage-fear-freedom
met your ear and birthed tears.
You mourned my death
at my rebirth.
And I found myself in the waves
freed at last,
my self-imposed slavery to gravity
at its end.

Envy blinded and deafened
by rage, you cannot know
the life I have found
when your grasp slipped
on the tether of my soul.
So, this tremendous fall marks the end of a series of poems called #sinceyouleft. I haven't put many of them up here, only the striking ones, and of course; this one - the final one.
It was originally called 'A Final Scream' but it seems to have chosen its own name, and Icarus suits it just fine. Hope you like it...
Lily Feb 28
Crashing and turning
So beautiful yet destructive
A young girl reaching out to someone
she can never quite catch

Maybe thats why tidal waves are so strong
Wanting to talk to the land
Tell them how their destructive humans are destroying it
Drowning in lack of love
Drowning in itself

So confusing
So overwhelming
Tidal waves rolling out of her eyes
Crashing into her soul
Cracking it
Until there is nothing left
But tidal waves
Faith Feb 24
He's a fire
A burning flame of passion
But I'm a rock
I'm sorry, but I'll never catch
He had live bait,
I had one lure.
Most are corrupt;
Both were  impure.
He’d cast out his net
I’d cast out my line.
He’d bring in many.
I gave it time.
I’ve done it before,
I have gotten a catch,
There are plenty of fish in the sea,
Yet still plenty of trash.
So I waited. And waited.
And waited a while.
My line got some tension,
Of course I would smile.
A tug and a pull,
And some struggling later...
I pulled my catch
Fresh out of the water.
Like many fish do,
It thrashed and it gasped.
It was held just under water,
By this fisherman’s grasp.
To keep it alive, do not let it go.
Just keep the waves moving
At the fish’s pace and flow.
It will stop its rage.
It will learn to relax.
Just give it some time,
And you’ll claim your catch.
For so long I have loved you and
This much I know is true
But now I find
For the first time
I fell IN-love with you
Written: October 30, 2018

All rights reserved.
my wriggling
dory in
nautical wine
that attested
my craw
with my
line high
now artistry
win a
bite-sized cling
that naturally
could sing
and dance
with the
air and
rhythm of
its strand
underestimated Nov 2018
All those games of Duck Duck Goose
I'm the one you never choose
The geese before me couldn't catch you
You're scared to choose me because of what I'll do
I will run faster than ever
Just to be with you "forever"
Please choose me, give me a chance
Just let me hold your hand
Hungry Panda Nov 2018
When the ball is snapped
I run like ****
When I catch it
I run it some more
When the other team has it
They won't go far
Until I am there
Until my team is with me
Like football has been for me
I have always loved football
When I need to run
When I need to catch
When I need to feel
Like part of the team
Tony Lee Ross Jr Oct 2018
Falling from grace, falling from your face. You ever fall and face plant on the cold hard ground when no one was around? You picked yourself up and kept going. This is nothing new, when you fall for someone who doesn't want to catch you.
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