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Jay M Oct 3
Trip into a new world
Trip yourself
Into a new world
A wonderful place
When your days are dark.
Just a wonderful place!
Trip yourself
Into a wonderful
Wonderful escape!

Running in the rain
Just trip into the portal
Appear where you are loved
Oh, yeah, just don't leave it open...
Don't leave it open...

It might leak...

But hey!
Just trip into a new world!
Into a new world
Where you are loved
Where you are held
Where you can love
And nobody hates you...
Just trip!
Just wonder...
Just wonder...
But don't leave it open...
Or reality will spill...

- Jay M
October 3rd, 2019
I tripped over my own foot, and a friend caught me. Sometimes, when you trip you don't necessarily fall.
Em MacKenzie Oct 3
Playing a game of cat and mouse
but we both lose track of the bird.
My scorched soil I failed to douse,
I’m filled with such fuel; it’s so absurd.
I linger always alone in an empty house,
speaking two thoughts but I left out the last word.
They were meant with love but I turned to grouse,
either way they never seem to be heard.

I wish I was licking stamps
instead of licking my wounds.
My letter to you gifts my fingers cramps,
I hope one day you decipher it soon.
The one thing that I am best at
is always being a bad example,
I can elaborate on how to keep looking back,
but not on the best way things should be handled.
And I hope one day you’ll see your name
woven in each line and all my stanzas.
But I think when you see it that way, I’ll just explain,
not to go buying me green bananas.

When I was 15 I chose to sign up as an ***** donor,
but all are probably damaged, and the vital ones are no longer mine.
I offered them as tribute to a Queen I adore,
she collected them and added to her shrine.

My tongue is tied tight when I try to express
importance and just what it all means to me,
but if you listen closely to my chest
you’ll hear my heart beating steadily.
And when you’re dressed to the nines
I’ll still be in left in my pajamas.
Waving my arms to direct the signs,
just don’t go buying me green bananas.

I accepted your world became my cage
but I was loyal; I didn’t need a lock.
I reasoned it as the final stage,
I didn’t need a chain just for you to mock.

I’m not angry, I’m not sad,
no resentment from me, don’t go feeling bad.
I’d still take this dagger as long as it’s your hand that grips
I wouldn’t escape or try to stagger,
sadly I’m done with my trips.

I concede and admit that I’ve gone mad,
welcomed with hallelujahs and an amen.
I’m having trouble stripping off my plaid,
but I figure it’s finally time to change stripes again.
B D Caissie Sep 25
When fishing, sometimes it's not what you catch, but what one releases while there that makes the trip worthwhile...
Catch me when I falling and hold me very tight.
When you will falling, so I be the one who will catching you from other side.
thesa Sep 24
i never thought
that was possible

but here i am
still trying to catch the breath
i lost when my eyes met yours
The clock sounds lost moments with a snickering tick-tock.

As the pages of the still and empty calendar gather dust and wilted pages.

So much time, however, no one to **** such with…

Insanity is the money paid for life’s burdens as wages.

The mind drifts back to memories of loves that have have come and that have gone.

The empty rooms echo with old songs that you play to relive such cherished moments

To keep the feeling alive

Until your heart forgets how to receive or find love and it is worn out to the bone.

Beating so hard for that missed someone.

Beating in excitement for that fresh look from someone you adorre

Quickly, you must catch her, before she disappears out the moment’s doors.

Love seems so hard to find.

Women you feel are interested in

Failing to see you there…holding open a kind door

To open your soul to them

Even if the relationship never lasts past one tick of the clock

At least you stood tall and showed a rainbow of warm colors

As she disappears on the arm of another

A tear fills the eye for one short second

Then you disappear within the moment and you cheer on your victorious and beloved brother.
Catch me ...

to your world ..
i will travel soon ...
by my pen ...
by my thoughts  ...
while i'm drawing ...
love's word ...
about you ...
to reach you soon ...
to hold you so tight ...
between arms ...
my arms ...
which i miss you ...
until i get you ...
more close to my heart ...
face to face ...
eyes into eyes ...
to read one other's eye ...
and lips to continue ...
what it's needs ...

i would travel soon...
No ,,...
i need now ...
to be there ...
where i could share you ...
as i shared you always  ...
my all words ...
my all poems ...
which all ...
talks about you ...

open your arms ...
so high and wild ...
i'm flying to you ...

catch me now sweetheart ...
to let you know ...
how much i love you ...

hazem al ...
I guess sometimes I lose you.
So am I loser now.
But then I catch you either.
And we again could fly.
Nova Jun 25
If I were to fall
Would you notice or fail to?
Sometimes I wonder.
Jo Barber Jun 10
The puffs of air around me
were impossible to catch,
but I jumped along
and snatched at them anyways.
The beauty lay in the chase,
not the capture.
Wild things were meant to be free.
Beauty like that loses its touch if caged.
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