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If there is
a way
to happiness
I will do whatever it takes
to get there.
Over mountains and lakes,
oceans and trails,
I will get to happiness
no matter what
it takes.
It's somewhere out there...
MicMag Feb 15
Midst the mountains, sitting so high
Gazing down at a turquoise sea
Nature recites love songs to me
As I release contented sighs
Crickets chirp, sparrows sing, my spirits rise
This is a world to be relished and prized
Midst the mountains

Imagine Earth in perfect harmony
Forgetting war, strife, victim's tortured cries
Escaping all life's pain and lies
Resting here where my heart is free
Midst the mountains
Trying out more poetic forms. This one is a Rondine.

Well on closer review, I didn't actually follow the form correctly. But I still like this one so I'll just leave it as is.
Egeria Litha Feb 11
Camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains
was the greatest day of my life
It was my birthday
I brought a suitcase
and my favorite dame
and hiked 2 miles UP^^^^^^^^
laughing all the way

UP ^^^^^in the Ozarks
Medics were shooting steroids in my ****
BUT, never been more in love
with a man who injects grief in my veins

Dwelling in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains
sensed his vibe
Yes, Jesus I feel you here

held en el Rio Grande con mis mejor amigos
drooling in the hot springs
Taos has called our names
******* the rocky sand that is below me
I find a coin from New Zealand,
in turn, losing my evil eye earring
an offering to spirit's stream
a pair of desert lizards
we desire to get frisky and be alone
we shine silver glitter under a moonlit glow

witches cackle and curanderos
hide behind coyote cries and cacti
looking to each other with faces expressing,
"What should do we do?"
I guess allow them to do their thing
humans need ceremonies too
Ruch Feb 10
There was a mountain across the grill
Long and far
It stayed there still
There was a rising view of colored hues
And magic breeze
It blowed gently for miles
There was a book lying upon my desk
With a thousand notes and thoughts untill
The pen that wrote the mighty words
Of the glory days fullfilled
I sat there gazing and wondering why
The cold was dark and blue
The sky was mist and winter chill
My eyes were painting hues
I penned some words
Of tress and shrubs
Life living the mountain ways
I made some tea
With warmth and feel
And a book indeed to read
Realizing my ways
Not all is lost
His ways are still unclear
He has your back
All you need is to start
Coz Not all views in life lead to a journey
some lead to your heart❤️
The place,
Where the clouds
Meet the mountains
The vista of it ,
To get lost within
Its euphony,
The higher
And higher
It is
The more beauteous
It becomes
Times wrath
To be infrangible
Ruch Feb 8
Yet to shine!

The golden side is yet to shine
The mountains within are still to rise
The shadows in the valley are yet too dark
But the peaks at the top are in my sight..

The lonely bird will reach there first
The wind is cold but his aim is bright
He doesnt feather away of the stones that were pelled
He sings song of the warriors he puts in a fight..

He tries to fly ..,each day all the way
From hills to the rivers
From every sand to each bay
He gets no rest no help no stay
His heart guides him all
doesnt complain but prays

And he finds his way struggling someday
The troubles the pain all wither away
And the peak when he reaches he looks  at the world
The men who tried to pull him down
Are singing songs of his glory day!
Jo Barber Feb 7
A light sprinkling of snow
over mountains high above.
The way it's always been,
but not for me alone.
Why can't I return home,
even while standing in it?
Emily Jane Feb 4
The mountains whisper across the rugged earth
Echos upon echos shimmering through the millennia
A language far preceding the etchings of men, scratched into the ground.
Reverberating through the depths of rock and soil and stone.
A creaking between the roots, steeping into the mantle, and into the sky.
A silent dialogue, between the above and the below, and the within and the around.
An undercurrent that flows unheard beneath the flimsy corrupting crust of mankind,
We are visitors, and it is not our song the mountains sing.
Phoebe H Feb 3
I want to go to the mountains
       and learn how to be like them:
       strong and rooted and steady.

I want to feel my legs stretch into the Earth,
       as if I am meant to be here,
       and not come tumbling down.

I want to let lupines grow along my arms--
       pinks, blues, purples--
       and cover what I've done.

I want to go the mountains
       but for now I wait in a valley.
Morgan Feb 1
Sometimes I can't tell if I love you, sometimes I think I convinced you that you love me, convinced you that I love you. Sometimes I give myself too much credit for the words that come out of my mouth. I wish, sometimes, that I could love you. I wish, sometimes, that the world hadn’t hardened me to the idea of love. And I wish, only sometimes, that it wasn’t my greatest superpower.

Their name was Anu.
We meditated at the top of a mountains, smoked joints and climaxed while we started into each others eyes.
We played pretend together.
“Welcome to the Anu and Fi show!” we yelled at fake cameras while using fists as microphones.
My heart beat fast with you.
I squeezed motorcycles between my legs for you, confusing the vibrations with forever.
I ran down mountains in the night with you, resting with the Babas isolated by rocks.
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