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Kyle Mouat Mar 21
To you,oh dangerous road
Who sweeps many a traveler off of their feet,
Carry me off to distant lands
That I might see the beauty
That is laid alongside you
Before my short journeys end;

Upon that end allow me peaceful rest
On the most distant mountain
Under the line ancient oak
Gazing at the setting sun
Waiting for the light of moon and stars
To bathe me as I enter a deep slumber

And dream of damp, wet days
With darkened grey skies
Miles over fields of green
Populated with mighty cedars,

Who provide a dry shelter
For those upon the ground
Who call the moist soil their home;

Wake me softly with your rain,
And make me speechless
To see that my calming vision
No longer is a wild fantasy
That I could only see within my mind.
Allesha Eman Mar 8
All I can think about
Are the things we would do
If I had moved the mountains
That buried you
I pieced you back together
With shrapnel from the glass
Stained with the pigment
From under my eyes  
Restless from this rustling wind
Anxious and bitter cold
I feel like the whistle
That rings in your ear
As you lay there
Under the weight
Of broken words  
Trying to forget the sunrise
That looms too close
With your sleep captive
In its marmalade palm
Allesha Eman Jan 28
You stand on one side of this
And I stand here,
Where fields of memorial Howers grow
Where colours blend into cobblestoned paths
To make hopscotch grids,
And carry children's laughs
Tell me where you go
When I try to reach out
For your cold hands
How easily you fade to memory
How easily It all fades to black
I find myself far from this mountain
Back into my restless eyes
Where I left reflections
Of you, my dear past.
Cheyenne Smith Oct 2021
I fought extremely hard to get where I am
I cannot explain the intensity and height of the mountains I have climbed
I was often told I would never succeed
I exceeded expectations & now I am pleased
I used to have zero self-belief
I was once innocent and naive
I could have hidden in my own little world
Instead, I strived for greatness
I was constantly asking myself questions
Is there a way out of this war?
Is there any chance I could succeed?
I went to having little self-belief
I’ve now got pride in what I’ve achieved
I never gave up, I never gave in
Intensive dedication is what it took
It started from carrying inner strength
Is there anything I can’t accomplish?
chitragupta Oct 2021
The sky exploded red that evening
as the sun descended on the valley
and in the silhouette
I remember
the oil lamp lit up by her door

With cold winds and tired legs
I made it up the stony trail
and through the fatigue
I remember
her little hut puffing chimney smoke

A simple meal to fill me,
a fire to remedy the frost
and in the light of the flame
I remember
her eyes adorned with a desolate shine

Night fell soon after
stars danced in the naked sky
and as the moonlight kissed the peaks
I remember
her warm hands subtly grasping mine

On the morrow
we said our farewells
but as I started my descent
I remember
a sudden pang of insoluble woe

and I rushed back
the path of green and stone
with all the nerve I could muster
I remember
leaving a letter in a makeshift envelope

As often as I was entitled
I found myself back in the lone hamlet
as if to keep an unspoken vow, every time
I remember
her eyes of sadness, her smile of greeting

until the day we broke tradition
for there was no familiar face
where the trail ended
I remember
the cruel north wind cutting me open

A decade since,
of prayers to false gods in prodigal shrines
and with eyes shut
I remember
her hair billowing before the winter snow

In the monotony of city lights,
of skyscrapers and street neons
rising cigarette smoke up in the sky
I remember
the dance of the stars, the warmth of her hold


Every time
I dare go up the hill since
and gaze at the empty summit,
These memories seem to keep waning

So as I move across the highway this time
I remember
to forget the trail route to heaven.

love is not multi dimensional.
its just a multitude of single dimensions.
Allesha Eman Oct 2021
I don’t know how we ended up here
The mountains and the crisp air
Something cliche about the atmosphere
Something I read in a poem in my notes somewhere
A feeling of contentment dances nearby
And infused with the oxygen we both breathe in
Simran pawar Sep 2021
निकला हु अकेला पहाड़ों में
अकेलापन सुकून की चाहत में |
कहानी मंज़र बदलेगा जरूर मेरा
ये हवायें कहती है
तम्माम तकलीफों का इल्लज यही हैं ||
Ashley Kay Aug 2021
In the quietude
Blue ridge mountains
Ache for the epoch
Of strength
Their eroded bodies
Now mirror a landscape
Of frozen waves
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