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Mark Wanless Apr 24
the call of mountains
in my mind i perceive them
so much a coward
Maria Mitea Apr 2
between me and you voices scream,
- everything is a dream buried in white shores,
mountains and fields are between me and you,
rivers, oceans are between me and you,
the stars die between me and you,
  the gods are drowning in sighs, between me and you
  the sky splits in two,
the whole universe is waiting,
for the two wanderers to fall asleep,

voices cry, - dreamers Fly!
everything is a F(l)ight!
I dream of Mountains and their beauty,
because that awestruck feeling of being leveled by their view
is the closest thing I still have to You.
You pushed her so hard,
to fly as high as she could.
As high as the mountains,
as high as the stars.
You pushed her so hard,
though she can't,
till she fell and broke her wings.
Now, her broken wings
could never fly,
can't even reach the tree,
she always dreamt to be.
Betty Feb 26
Mountains are folded napkins
laid out on the cloth of the world
remnants of a picnic
that finished long ago
Ashley Moor Feb 24
The witches and waitresses
of the Appalachians
follow only one
I have seen her on occasion
carving midnight embers
from her spine
illuminating a divine magic
found only
in the season
of the Gemini.
She hunts by moonlight
chasing the sweetest
perfume of the mountains
indulging in the whims
of the lilacs.
In my dreams
she spins
with the moon
dancing circles
‘round my room.
The dirt of which woman
is made
will be sifted
in the hands
of the Appalachian
Woman God.
And in my sleep
I witness
the creation
of Wild Woman -
a divine prophet
setting the countryside
in a rebellion
of foxfire.
Kyle Mouat Feb 17
A belly full of tasteful food,
With a tankard filled with good drink,
As well as the smell of sweet tobacco
Is calming to the mind of any man;

A fire with a kind flame,
A book filled with adventure,
As friends tell cheerful tales
Can fill his life with enjoyment;

The cool wind upon his back,
The fresh air entering the lungs,
As the rain falls from up high
Offers a relaxed feeling for most;

The sound of calm streams
As well as the mighty rivers,
And the sight of the forests
Is enough to bring a man's soul peace;

The green leaves that are on the trees
That grow to tremendous heights,
With roots deep within the skin of earth
Brings much amazement and wonder;

When the sun has fully sunk
A sky full of stars is revealed
With a moon that shines bright
Brings tears to the eyes;

Home is where the heart is
And mine is within the mountains,
For having experienced their beauty
I pity any man who's never seen them.
Ashley Moor Jan 28
We rounded the corner,
the Sandia Mountains glimmering like rust-colored prophets
from the passenger seat.
Far from The Flatlands,
I traced the curves
of Mother Earth with my fingers.
I imagined the way her gentle hands
could carve existence on a whim.
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