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Erian Rose Dec 2020
Leave me
Late-night dreaming
On rose-painted canvases
And grayscale prints,
While the rain
Hums a tune of
I'm thinking of creating a non-profit literary journal to give y'all a platform to submit poems for publications.  Would you guys be down for that?
Jenie Sep 2020
Existing unrest exacerbated or
change in climate lowering the cloud cover
surrounding the mountain peaks For once
visible the centuries of suffering
now leading us into violence The
tables upturned by an invention spreading
like wildfire across dry meadows
or storm rivers under the seas
Bewildering Frankenstein monster
a stage for
the flowers of the brains to radiate
in strands of light above the lands
discoveries and creations
passion and truth and
kindness valued in
a world in transit An echo
of upheavals from ninety five theses
when the rolling waves of knowledge open
for children to follow their drive
where it takes them
A transfer to learn
without belonging pains while
we downsize our upkeep
and upsize our bonds
our unfettered feet buried in the sand and our
heads held where the wind blows and the
sun shines We dance
We sing to a tune freed
on our way to be and to become
and together
in time
save what can be
                                     or end with beauty
Myself reading it on soundcloud, a first try despite my accent!

Ice melting, political upheavals, positives of social media, impact of printing press and Martin Luther's ninety five theses, knowledge available, alternative schooling, minimalism, mindfulness, music accessible. This is a kind of reverse follow up on 'Social media - A modern coliseum'
B D Caissie Sep 2019
It’s never good when you find out there’s strings attached. It’s even worse when you find out you’re the puppet.

Brynn S Mar 2019
Sometimes I watch the paper as it fills with words; much like an overflow of a cup
Pen ink spills onto the pages with words only to be read in a certain order
If read closely the true intentions are met
If not the words are incoherent and absolute *****
I do love writing with my face centimeters from the page
The words flow like waves and their radiance proves brilliance
Watching someone write shows their heart
Their true mindset
Watching their words curve is like following directions to a new world; one of which leads to the heart.
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
It’s a coloured and shaded broad daylight.
Bring me my hourglass, my paintbrush.
Keeping a timepiece, how soon my brush
strokes become finer it is not the task.
Try once more, strike a fine chord in time,
ever ticking but doesn't make a sound!  

Let’s read the small prints, the shadow lines
on the pitch of the slit sun shines!
A dark spot in the light, some dotted lines
on a blank paper, however witty you might
describe it, count on the tweeting birds
short and cute, singing in the open air.

Light and dark the two tallies, ins and outs.
The times come and go, flowing fine.
For now, let’s take a look inside.
Tint and shade nor tone them now.
Zoom in and out, just watch them as they are.

This cool sleek shade on the sunny slate
is it a shadow, or some quivering curly hairs
or are these reflections of flocking clouds,
diligent sea eyeing deep down on the ground?
Read the small prints, shadows in the daylight,
before the show is wrapped up.
And down the evening pool, the sun
parts away with the black swan.
People think it's the love and the ***
The deep emotional vex
That completes the hex
But it's really seeing the piles of paper
That never seem to taper
Get put into print
In a text size that you don't have to squint
A sense of joy and accomplishment
That's why I get so much elation
An old house always getting renovation
Some of us attempt to deconstruct those walls
But we're invincible with the notepad and pen
I have this giant grin on my face
When I write in a cozy place
And meet the quota I set
No matter what response I get
I shall be happy to be able to hike up the word count
And do what I enjoy
That's what makes this all worth it.
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