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My ****** unrequited love will come to an end!
Through a year of heartache and seething bitterness;
Wallowing in my despair of falling in love.
The truth is a cruel unforgiving mistress.
Feigning ignorance ended in damning remorse!
Sundered hearts and sundered souls are love’s currency,
So may it be paid in full; may we meet again.
A seven-line poem that corresponds to a week (MTWTFSS) with twelve syllables per line which represents a year (twelve months). I want to move on but my hesitations are still here.
A B Faniki Aug 17
Friday the 1st of August, 2019 started with a
Little drizzle of rain but by one o'clock pm
Of that day -huge sheet of rain was falling
On everything in my sight, this
Droop lets as little as they are began to increased
In number and in no time began to carry everything
Not tied to the ground those tied down, the break down
And carry the pieces, I could have sworn I heard their voice
until the lapping of water drown the voices.
Giving oder to each other as the go on doing what the do best
under the sky finding their way back home to the ocean,
Sea or river of their choice. This August visitors have
Taking many lifes and things worth millions in less than 24 hours.
© A B Faniki 8/17/2019 acrostic poem form . This work is about flood in august the Acrostic reads FLOOD IN AUGUST front vertical..  All right reserved part of banal tell work I hope u enjoy it
The past month,
I noticed something.
Everything makes me so tired.
I don't post poems anymore,
I don't write anymore.
Can't think of new stories to write,
All the colour is gone.
Things are made up at the spot,
Too worthless to deny.
I'm trying to control it.
The world is silently passing by.
A "poem" every day
roumen Jul 12
I can live with that pain every day.
I am an Angel.
I can walk with that worry every week .
I am soldier of darkness .
I can heal that burn every month.
I am lonely dark Angel .
I can hit that wall every day,
Again .
And again.
And again....
No pain.
No sound.
No love.
No air.
No .
farthest star Jun 29
a sweet serene gaze captures my spirit
like light through a glass prism,
I diverge into a spectrum of colors I wished not see for myself.

I wonder if he would forgive me;
an abomination or merely another being
amongst an ineffable design of life?

to be light through one's prism,
to ricochet and bend through the fragility of their ego
but never distort the truth,

beholding all the colors they reflect
and acknowledging that there will always be a palace
a temple and sanctuary for them

within my hands and my heart.
Sometimes it just takes one person to get us to face the parts of us we don't fully appreciate or accept. Happy Pride  Month <3
Ineffable Jun 23
She was asked,
To choose the tall, dark and handsome.
But she preferred
The beautiful, sassy and charming.
Since it's pride month. I thought I should write one about it and extend my support to the entire LGBT community. Love who you want. Don't let others tell you what to do.
M-E May 7
Parched lips
Praised God
And an empty stomach
Restrained the rebellious soul
A reminder
For few of many blessings
Someone else is missing
How many men, women and children
The famine drew skeletons on their skin, here in Africa and in the whole world
Emphaty, behave the self
To be loving and compassionate
M-E May 3
From dawn
No food, no drinks and no ****** relations
fasting on the holy month
Only for the fit and the able
Children, pregnant women, the old,
Sick and travellers do not fast.
Prayers and reading the holy book
Are the nutrients for the soul
struggling against desires,
Feel and emphatise with the poor
And with charity make ourselves pure

To sunset
On God's callings for prayer
Time to break the fasting
With some milk, dattes and a meal
nutrients for the body
And more devotion to heal
The body and soul
Mend ourselves as a whole
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