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You should of known
That I could do more with my breath
   than sing Funeral hymns
I could of told you a joke
Give you chats lasting throughout the night
Comfort you when you needed
      Someone the most
I could of shown all things before you took
     That last burdened breath.
  The grim, wooden human box
Tells me you have taken all your breaths
  I conclude, I’ll sing this Funeral hymn
        Like it’s the last breath I’ll ever take.
Marilina Sep 7
It’s funny how sometimes
A month can feel like a day
And a day can drag on
Like a month
Laiba Jul 2
Imagine this...
falling in love and finding somebody that  is your soulmate or your first ever crush
and they look at you in your eyes and say life is better now that i have found you
and the butterflies just dance in your stomach
and you think to yourself that this cant  get any better..
But this feeling does not simply come  just by loving the opposite gender
it can come by loving the same gender as you
or you feel the same way with both genders
and that is okay nothing wrong with that
to the people who think this is wrong
ask yourself this
since when you can you control who you love?

Love has no color  
no filter
Love can never be wrong
nor something that shouldn't happen...
love who you want if that how you feel and then that is   how you feel
Being yourself and accepting who you are can never be wrong
The norm is different for everyone
your norm may be the norm for u but not for your friend
and that isn't wrong.
we do not   have to live up to other peoples normal
live up to your own self being.

surround yourself with people you want
do not  let others choose your sexuality
continue being your beautiful wonderful and unstoppable self
and nothing should stop you from being this person
and remember love is love no matter who its with

Hope can never be silenced
and so i hope that we come to a place in this world
were we wouldn't have to "come out"
we would just simply say "we are in love and that all that is important"
not who it is...
lets start to treat people like human
rather then determine that on their sexuality
remember love is love and its different for everyone
a poem i wrote last month on pride
nicaila Jun 1
"A devil lurking within
Some spells it must spittin'
He got you in an illusion
Of a true love when it's nothing but deception"

Honey, you got rosaries under your bed
How about reciting some verses instead
Your time is not well spent
Stop with my sexuality check

I got no friendly bonds with lucifer
Did your brains lost it's luster?
Did not aligned with your belief of a lover
Pronounced guilty of being an offender?
Why is being different worse than being a murderer?
I showed you all my true colors
Yet you gifted me with faces of terror
Told me rainbows are associated with monsters
That rainbows don't have pots of treasures but failures
That my nature will bring nothing else but disasters
Applause . You received a laughter.
A pretend to be holy mother
Yet it's you who's reflected in the mirror
When asked who's really the cancer

No people I trampled
No lives I troubled
Even so, I was met with scorching gazes
When I showered kisses to my happiness
"Devils! Sickening!' can see it in your scrutinizing eyes
What a mindset, I sympathize

I am a warbler with a freedom
Of whom I want to be in my kingdom
Of whom I can say I love you's
Of whom my heart can choose

Tell me
For the title of a sinner
Between me and you-a hypocrite believer
Who deserves it, I wonder?
Happy pride month!!
Ileana Amara Mar 12
with a sophisticated touch,
a burning wildfire heart,
a chaotic mind unmatched,
she is a strong woman, an art.

and when they ask,
"when strong women are down,
to whom or when do they unmask?"
i'd say they'll weep but never be their own let down.

03.12.21.| a pretty flawed poem but i hope it's not late to celebrate international women's month.
luciana Feb 13
there's no comfort at this time
stuck in shattered hopes
my body cold
no more of these love rhymes
Sidharth Suraj Nov 2020
The silence in October,
is beyond these words.
From the mild cold and morning dew,
to this mid temperate Sun's hue.
All these flavours with daunting blues,
you see wings fly off to calming views.

This time in fractals now you realise,
time is flying in my locked paradise.
Stuck in this habitat for way to long,
Now I hear whispers in my October song.

Ending this year with variety in tears.
From disclosure to disease,
from disasters to deceased.
For this season of fall in yellow and green.
For the news of end is falling in.
Seeing these mild heated afternoons,
feeling those fear of loosing dearest aloof.

This series of season,
this sequence of months.
Calling to summarise this beauty in rust.
Now I see this year's fate is bend,
I am hearing October's rustle to end.
This time of the years is always special
jia Sep 2020
I always wonder why by the end of the month
Every smell changes like seasons fall into place
How today would smell sappy and fresh
But tomorrow it’ll be sugary and sweet

Once, I saw you changing it
I asked why you do that
You smiled and handed it to me as I sniff it,
“Nothing really lasts long.”

Whenever I get a sniff of this it reminds me of that place
I’d always go at the back seat or beside you
But now you’re gone it’s never the same
For I never experienced being beside you again

Now, I get why you change it every month,
For even the pleasant smell of an air freshener is temporary,
Despite of its strong and rich scent
There’ll be a time it needs to be replaced

Soft and musky
Clean and cool
Mild and delicate
The scents you always loved

So as I change my car freshener,
I still wonder,
If you were here by my side,
Would you be the one to change it every end of the month?
Nylee Sep 2020
There was a time
a letter back would take a month
patiently waited
yearning was a joy,
And here is the times now
a reply three seconds late
what a horrendous fate.
Ylzm Sep 2020
The Day is the Year is the Month
Not of passage but of transit
Evening to Morning, Dark to Light

And Seven Days decreed as a Week
Unmarked, of abstraction, not perception
And Seven of Seven is the Week of Weeks

Of Time marked by the Sun
The Pentecost and Jubilee is the Day
After Seven of Seven Days and Years

But of Time marked by the Moon,
the Seventh is the First, the First, the Seventh
And Seven of Seven is 42 months or 1260 Days

Now what do the Stars do for time?
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