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Haley 3d
I am an introvert.
I am an introvert because whenever I go outside,
The bugs flying around me feel like they’re tearing me from the outside in,
Leaving nothing more than my indestructible bones.

I am an introvert.
I am an introvert because whenever I talk to somebody,
I am reminded of all of the words once spoken to me,
It’s deteriorated my head, allowing for me to just sit there in silence.

I am an introvert.
I am an introvert because for my whole life I was walked upon.
The bruises are still there from where they left their footprints,
Damaging my skin time and time again.

I am an introvert, but I wish I wasn’t.
Maybe then I could prove my talents,
My worthiness.
******* it, I just want to be able to talk to people.
Erian Rose May 21
Her palm was a guide
lightning bugs stitched in the stars
Fiona May 20
She walks a path with one eye open
She follows a path with one eye closed
Connecting the strings that float around
Like caterpillars
From trees
Squirming on their silk
She crawls underneath them
Un-wanting to not disturb the dance
Until she smells the wildflowers.
The other eye closes
Still crawling the path
The bugs have warn it down enough
To follow with her hands and nose.
When she felt the wildflowers on her face
She opened that eye
Excitedly she pealed open the other.
When she heard nothing
She was amazed
In the distance she could see waves crashing through the wildflowers
Once again her world was absent of light.
This time she held her breath.
She laid in those wildflowers
For a long time.
So long her fingers and toes sprouted roots pulling her deep inside the soil,
Grounding her.
Inspired by Wild Flower, this is Fiona's re-imagined version, 1 of 2.
I'm forgetting.

Forgetting on sight.

Forgetting every night.

Something that was supposed to be important...

Is it really that important?

I'm worried that I'm sick,

Mentally, physically; what's my tick?

I'm afraid of ticks.

Forgetting the dark and finding the light.

But it's getting too bright.

My sight is it's own illusionist...

Pulling tricks to show me I'm losing it.

Threatening my anxiety and removing comfort.

Thoughts running up to the clouds and they don't come back down.

But when they do, it's all at once...

In fact, it's not good and pretty;

It's quite harsh and ugly.

It is decidedly so, it no longer bugs me...
Warning Me, Warning You.
Oh dear...uh oh
It seems I've run into a problem...
I met a bug the other day,
who stinks like no other, how nice
I think I might look up to him
(after all, he is taller than me)

But when we sat down to talk
I let out a small little squeak
of stink
And he told me
I couldn't stay
Because this town

was his, and it wasn't quite big enough
For the both of us to stay here...
(after all, it was a town full of ants)

and he said
it wasn't big enough for me to be putting on airs

Doesn't that just stink?!
(Oh, how punny!)
Ash C Feb 3
There's this corner in the living room I hate
It's gonna hurt me
I will get sick from it
It's got bugs
It's darker as it gets lower into the tip of the corner
I feel like it has eyes sometimes
I don't wanna look at it
It looks at me when I sleep
I don't wanna move my pillow to that side ever
It could be a giant black oozing monster
I'm afraid I smell it
I don't wanna touch it
It's gonna hurt me
Yet I still sleep with my bed in that corner
There really is this corner i hate in my living room
Meat Stevens Jan 29
While you’re sleeping
The spiders bathe in your nightstand water
As the mosquitos play you Copeland’s “Fanfare For The Common Man”
The worms use you as a blanket
The bees outside your window spread rumors about the Praying Mantis
The roaches climb the bedpost to get a better view
and the ants want to be left alone cause they’re too busy working on their own things
while the Praying Mantis makes a move on the Brown Widow
It’s actually not a widow it’s a  Brown Recluse according my roommate, Charlie
He tells me their bites are harmless
But I don’t believe him
So I take a picture and ask someone on reddit spiders
and they tell me it looks like a Brown Widow but the photo quality isn’t too clear
I mean I got up as close as I could to take the picture
And we should really call an exterminator
Because the Ladybugs now won’t shut up about the Mantis
And the Moths are making a mess in the kitchen
And it’s really Gal the landlords job to handle it
But he’s too busy being a heart surgeon on the side so I guess I’ll have to do it
I’ll call today. I’ll call now.
Mrs Timetable Jan 14
A roach came to work with me
in my shoe.

It's a true story.

I shook him out of my laces

And he joined in with a new group
of bugs on the ground.

He can get renter's insurance for
$10 a month.

I'm back, eating lunch in the car
by the path.

And cake.

That's a start.
Scarlett Nov 2019
I empathize for the bugs of damnation
spiders, ants & roaches as frantic as I
flinching away from the gangly limbs of civilization
a world of fleshy foul things perched high.
Spray,   squash,  slap,   scorn,
how we scamper from the polished hand of misery
hath you no mercy for the unwillingly born?
hath you a reason to cause such injury?
perhaps I am like the cockroach who weaves between the shadows, perhaps I've romanticized insect-like alienation
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