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Sylvia on repeat for hours.

Said in everything
Sludge somebody to Love.
Mix it in April
I know it's hard.

Garrett Johnson.
Find it missing.
Jonas May 18
We tend to forget our past struggles
The details
of pains gone by
and obstacles overcome.
Until life reminds us again
to be thankful.
I am thankful today.
I can walk,, run and bike freely for hours and that's normal. It wasn't always like that. It could have ended differently. It still might. But for now. Thank you so much.
"I gave birth to you so I can take you out of this world."

So do it then, I'll even hand you the knife you need to send me to an early grave.

Since you always know best don't you?

But let's be real you just don't have the guts to do it.

Maybe I should do it myself.

A vent since today is so ****.
MoonFlow Apr 8
With a hundred thousand blessings
I will praise you
a thousand times more.
With every pulse
and each heartbeat,
with each breath,  I inhale and exhale
and every tear I shed.
I will carry a cycle of
endless thousand thanks.
Always remember your blessings and show gratitude!
Always remember
I lived life
with a certain determination
It was not always easy
It was often painful
I never gave in
Copped out
I preserved
I had my kids
I had my music
I wrote my
I shared my life
I helped others see
The beaches , I enjoyed
I collected my rhinos 🦏 & my rocks 💎
I always loved hard
you were my reason
for believing in hope
I found love ❤️
and it was good
mmm yes it was magic💖
But it ended
So my witchy self 🧙
moved ahead with grace
It took my 3 times before
that was accomplished
Why not test out those mishaps
Just to make sure
Lol 😂
Oh well
Learned the hard way
Hard headed , Stubborn
Norwegian 🇳🇴
so ALWAYS remember
AND BACK 💞🌙🌍💗💋🤟✌️🎵📝☯️
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
I love you,
For thy love stands firm
Upon the summit of grace
Unbent to fickle nature, burning
In vain to defile that which makes
Altogether ideal I Instinctively,
Fall short to mirror.

While I was drowning in
Mine sins you stretched
Out thy right hand unto me,
Unbinding her age-old grip
Over me, for good.
Thank you.

Her scent is forgotten,
Mine flesh made clean,
How warming to
He deems me family.
Eli Apr 2
your every message is like *******,
and your voice is like a sweet narcotic,
speaking to you alleviates all pain,
and the first night without you i felt sick.
you told me you’d always be there for me,
said you loved me, something only your mom hears,
was it true at all, or were you just weak?
because you’ve been gone and it feels like years.
we trusted each other with everything,
i told you no matter what i’ll feel this way.
all you said was thank you, i felt nothing.
whether the past was a lie or not, why do i still stay?
sorry i’m posting so much tonight i just have a lot to say
Cc Mar 25
She tosses words out

Like old unwanted clothes

Seeking out perfection

Amidst uninspiring prose

To dig up the right diction

That will warmly wrap up your heart

And return the kindly favour

She owes poets lands and lives apart
Haven with eyes closed.

If it was.
Washing dirt.
***** socks.
Missing fish.
Say it without.
Pebbles, massacre.
Because I...uh.
Stringy hair.
Rocking back and forth.
Back and forth.
Dramatic but it fits.

Garrett Johnson.
Dose of the sleep-_-up.
  The Johanna embrace.....................
Let us be grateful
For everything that comes
our way.
For every little blessing  and all
kind of times.
Let’s take life as given
and try to stay kind.
Through rough times we grow
Through rough times we learn
We will fall and learn to stand tall.
Always say thank You
That’s all!!

It’s important to be grateful. With gratitude comes happiness and peace of mind
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