Sven Aug 3
I loathe them so much
To the point of
Me wanting to cave in.

I drown in their insults and comparisons.
To the point of
My self-esteem disappearing
And all that is left is their
High and mighty ego
That just keeps on repeating.
“You are too immature
All I see is them
When I look at you”
Those words were like daggers
Stabbing into soul

And now all I can think of
When I see them
Are those words.

Thanks M,
Now I want to cave in.
Yippp Thanks a lot.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 3
Dreams sing and dance to
cacophonous praise from
many hearts
Thank you guys for supporting and believing in me!  ^.^
Lyn xxx
James Lloyd Aug 1
You took me from vacuum between love and feelings
Your eyes, lips, and your silky hair
You're the most dream I ever wanted
Crazy for you I sure declare
I closed my eyes and I saw her

'hello my chat mate in NG'
Lyn-Purcell Jul 29
In the shade of my carriage,
I think of all the times where
I just wanted to surrender to
my own inner darkness
I have been so afraid of life
of being a seed that never sprouts
My mind would become a storm
of emotion that would take over
me. But just like in the carriage,
there were cracks of light and I
thought of the many friends that
I had made. The many friends who
have supported me, even when I
didn't see my own self-worth and
my own talents. One being the ever
patient, very kind, Queen Sue, one
of many Queens of HP who I am
indebted to. A truly kind and gentle
soul who has broken from her chrysalis,
and flutters her iridescent wings.
Everything she touches grows, and
everyone near and far knows that hers
is a soul that gives so much. When I
boarded the ships and faced the
turbulence of my own stability,
when I was drowning and ready to
close my eyes, I could hear her.
"Don't give up!" her voice as sweet as a psalm
and as one made of pure light, offered me
her hand, and pulled me up so I could
breathe. Though it was hard, I managed
to calm my inner storms and return safe
and sound. As my carriage stops, I peek
out of the window and I can see her
waving from her tower. In her Kingdom
I arrived, and she continues to thrive
And her dynasty will be one of true
In honor of Queen Sue, one of the many Queens of HP!
And the Angel who Burns with a Kind Heat
Sending you hugs, love and blessings!
Lyn-Purcell Jul 25
Ignoring nightmares
Listen to the night's chorus
Moonlight beams vivid
To my fellow Kings and Queens!
I wish you a good night! ^-^
Just a heads up, I'm working on a poem about tea.
Hopefully it will be out tomorrow.
Anyway, sweet dreams everyone!
Lyn xxx
Kalen Doleman Jul 25
Let it grow.

The exertion of the people.
The appliance of the human soul.
A part of the spirit.
It is all the phoenix, it is all.

Let it grow.
Let it grow.
Allow and you will go far,
because the phoenix within you.
It shall reveal itself and it will know.

It shall know the path to take.
Which means you will know,
because you are already the phoenix.
You just have to let go.
Amanda Jul 23
I have spent three long months without you
Stumbling through every day alone
Wondering how you were able to hurt me
Why did you leave me on my own?

What is wrong with me? What did I do?
Don't you love me anymore?
I thought I made you happy
I guess you changed, and that was before.

Feel like I don't even know you
We hardly talk, you are different now
You do not have time to waste on me
A minute more than you can allow.

Can't stand waking up every day
Knowing you don't care how I am
Thanks for asking if I am doing okay
I am broken, and you don't give a damn.
Written 1-23-13
Daniel Ruiz Jul 17
Do you ever think about me
The way I think about you?

Do you ever feel
The sound of the fuse
As you turn the lights off,
It’s like the light switch
It’s the start to it all.

Impure thoughts
Roam my mind,
Those horrible thoughts
I’m addicted to,
That I should leave behind

And think about you
The light of day
The electricity in my mind
That roams Wild
Without a fuse box,

You drive away
These demons that
In my eyes stay,

They made a home
Not just a house,
Or an apartment,
At this point
I’m someone they can call home
As fast as I know
The name of every last
One of them

You don’t know how much you matter,
How much you help
When you actually decide to stay

Thank you.

Thank you for not knowing
How I see you in my mind

Thank you for being there
Without knowing I needed you

Thank you
Just, thank you.

Plain and simple
You are the light
That scares the dark away
And will always
Protect me
From the demons
I should be drowning,
But drown me instead.

Lily Jul 9
I think of you whenever
I pass a donut shop.
I see you making coffee
And hovering over the dozen,
Making a game out of picking a donut.
I think of you whenever
I put up Christmas lights.
I see you in front of the church,
Stringing lights on the cross with
The agility of someone half your age.
I think of you whenever
I sit in Bible class.
I see you with your legs
Sprawled out on the pew,
Asking great questions and
Leading thoughtful discussions.
I think of you whenever
I see your grandchildren
Running around in the sun,
Enjoying the life that you gave them.
I think of you whenever
I think of heaven, and I know
That’s where you are, having
Coffee and donuts up in heaven
With your Maker.
Written in memory of my friend Pat, who recently suffered a fatal heart attack.
This journey was beautiful
from a small bud
to a pretty flower.

And before I dry out
or plucked up by anyone
I want to thank
the sun for letting me bloom,
the raindrop for pleasing my soul,
the soil to strengthen the roots,
the stem for not letting me fall
and the air to set me free to swing.

One thing I know,
Is that I will lose my breath
And will die within a few seconds.
I will be just a little flower
which won't be that pretty anymore
but that's how it goes.
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