Mystic Ink Feb 13
On 13th Feb, I asked,
“would you mind if I write about you tonight?”

Silent, she was.

Once again,
“I will write words as beautiful as you”, I said.
Her silence answered,

It doesn’t exists.
Theme: Silence hears, the same silence answers, Irony it’s only me who understand. Then, nothing matters.
I did many stupid things,
only when I was a kid.
fuck tham now and fuck tham hard.
Big thanks haters! I'm a scout.
Joseph 5d
Dear, You

You helped me see that life has beauty
Because that beauty is you

As well as the good things about me
I can barely accept are true

You undid the knots
That clung me to the past like glue

And you’ve calmed my thoughts
By being in them too

I'd never really known
what it was like to be alone
Until I knew
How hard it is to be apart from you
mediocrity Feb 15
Itchy scritchy
Creepy crawly
Something in my skin.
I pick and scratch to free
Fictitious bugs that squirm within.

Whump-a thump-a
Thudd, thudd
Pounding in my ears,
Punctuating every sound
with thrums like stabbing spears.

Wiggle wobble
Swoopy swirly
Motion fills my eyes.
Saturated, inundated,
Stillness its disguise.

Shaky shaky
Static in my limbs,
Sucks them tight together
Til the chaos finally dims.

In the quiet, darkest, smallest space
I sit and reminisce
Of back when just existing
didn't make me feel like this.
the world is an overwhelming place
ApoetIsonly Feb 8
I’m like standing water on a broken road
Seeping into the cracks and holes
Filled with dirt and debris

Pleasing to the eye
It’s inevitable to get jumped in
Once again spread too thin

Whatever the case may be
There are no complaints to be made
Caution: when frozen I become a slippery icecapade
When I was younger,
I used to make fun of the people in the Depression commercials.
I thought, "Oh, just cheer up!'
I thought the people in those commercials were always so pathetic.
I never thought that as an adult,
I would be faced with the same  issues.
I never thought I would reach a day in my life,
where all I ever want to do is sleep.
I never thought that I would struggle to do small tasks.
I never imagined that I would have such a hard time leaving my bed every morning.
I never imagined that this ache in my chest would come back every time it snowed.
I used to love the snow,
but ever since my junior year of high school,
I reach this stage of nostalgia when the frost bites.
I literally have no idea how to help myself.
I feel so incredibly isolated.
Perhaps, it is the darkness that makes me so tired.
I want nothing more than to cuddle up in my comforter.
I want nothing more than evenings spent binge watching episode after episode.
Maybe it's the weather,
Or maybe it is me.
Maybe it is the situation that I am constantly finding myself in.
I feel like I can never please anyone.
I feel like I lose all sense of motivation.
I do not understand.
This time, it is different.
For I do not want to take my own life this season,
but I do not want to do anything with it.
I am drowning in homework.
I am drowning in confusion and doubt.
I don't even want to tell Henry what I am dealing with right now,
because he doesn't deserve it.
He doesn't deserve my constant complaints.
I just feel so empty inside.
How do I deal with this?
This ache comes back season, after winter season.
I cannot wrap my mind around it.
Why does this happen to me?
I am unsure of who I am supposed to turn to in these nights of need.
I feel as if I am lacking something,
or perhaps my brain lacks something during these cold months.
Perhaps it is my heart.
Diya Feb 4
Don't like my poem,
It is dark.
Don't like my poem,
Cause, it can't be a circle but just an arc!
Don't like my poem,
It is obstructive.
Don't like my poem,
It is an active volcano,that is eruptive!
Don't like my poem,
It's a poisonous snake that gonna bite.
Don't like my poem,
It gonna be boring,I am right!
Don't like my poem,
It is harmful like a bullet.
Don't like my poem,
Cause I'm not a good poet!
Mystic Ink Feb 6
A tale of time
With a taste of air
And a pristine hope
Logical questions
Full of reminders
Far away, from day and night
Puzzling correlations
But still,
Sun rises for a good reason
Then sets for transformation

A new day begins
2nd version of walk,
With possibilities and hope
Learned to answer. No, thanks
No, thanks
Be it in the present tense
No, thanks
Residual aftermath
Experience is an influence
Let one wonder      
A new world,
With a solstice joy
अयम् आत्मा ब्रह्म
Accepting silence
Union with reality.
अयम् आत्मा ब्रह्म sanskrit word, "Ayam atma brahma", means Soul is god.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections. 2018.
kidbiko Jan 25
at the end of my winter
there was a light
a pinhole of warmth
that danced upon my frost covered face
sending weak unrelenting rays
through the seams and cracks in my earthen coffin
day after day
slowly melting this icy shell
with calm, violent persistence
working away on me
steady changing my essence with each passing moment

thank you
ApoetIsonly Jan 23
I had no desire to put myself 6 feet under that night
But as of right now I feel so alone
I think I just might
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