My lord
Oh, my *** my landlord
you are my life
you are my everything
I'm nothing without you
Now I offer my life, my soul
from you to me and to you
You made me
I'm just giving it all back to where it's worthy
To where it belong
And to where it for so long have longed

I love you, oh Father
you are my family
and your children are my sisters and brothers
I am yours, let it be

I will sing praises to thee
Wherever, whenever
I will always thank thee
Wherever, whenever
and i will always love and worship thee
Wherever, forever

Nothing I can say but Hallelujah
I believe and declare you are Yeshua
Jesus Christ, my ***, my Saviour, my Lord
To where my life is dedicated for ever
oh Hallelujah
Nothing I can say but Hallelujah!
Just.. Hallelujah
Dear Friend,
I know you don’t understand
but i thank you for trying.

Dear Friend,
I know I don’t always make sense
but you listen to me.

Dear Friend,
You see the fog that filled my head
pour out my mouth and you don’t judge.
Instead you listen to the fire in my stomach.

Dear friend,
When i wake up feeling like Mt. Vesuvius
Spewing fire and ash onto everything and everyone around
you never run.

Dear Friend,
When i want to run,
when i never want to look back,
I know i can look to you
and I know i can’t leave.

Dear friend,
Thank you.
Seraphina Jan 1
If I'm the main character
Then what are you?
Some useless sidekick
That will never get the praise they need?
Why do you help others but never accept a "thank you"?
You deserve more than this
And I can't always be the one in the spotlight
When you're in the audience, clapping
Because no one will ever know who you really are
But to me, you're always that number one
Some people are like this, including one of my greatest friends.
I say, "Why can't you understand that I owe you?"
He says back to me, "Why can't you understand that I never change?"
Trelon Grant Dec 2018
Dear Caleb,

The sweet smell of caramel
dripping from the ocean
                 my words
As I stir my coffee
Tears careening my already
wet face,
There seems to be no fix
But to end it,
Blind to all else
I cannot wait to -
Take that next leap
Into the raging waters,
that will suffocate
Swallow me whole
As my lungs
Fill with water
And my sight is
Nothing but haze
A hand on my back guides me
To shore
Words perform CPR
Until my heart starts beating
And I am back on my feet.
Lifted from the sands
Carried on,
As if horseback
Into a sky of cerulean;
If only I knew
Your name..
Then I could thank you,
No matter how
Many times you say
It is unnecessary.
You’ve said it a thousand times,
Why can’t I hear it?
What is it about
Such true friendship
That a self destructive person
Cannot understand?
What is it about love
That I seem not to understand?
This poem highlights the relationship I have with my best friend Caleb. Someone who, no matter the day, time, or situation, is always there.
Trelon Grant Dec 2018
Are you that person,
that forgets to cling onto
the ones that love you?
Never forget to love.
kiran goswami Dec 2018
" I  can treat you better, than he can "
I sang in front of her.

Thanks to Shawn Mendes,
I proposed her without feeling embarrassed.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
"Oh how my poetry as Improved through help
and kindness of all on
this site So much Insperation
write even more poetry
have gained so much by
reading the poetry of my fellow Poets friends on
this site
You are all helping so much with my griefing sure have up and down days,
But I'm becoming a much stronger person thanks you guys
so I like take opportunity to thank each and every one of you, and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas And Happy NewYear
Bless you all Johnny
Written as a thank you to all at Hello Poetry for being here for me In time of need
sara Mar 2018
I've got too many books that I just don't read
and too many lines which I need not speak
and so many times I still forget to breathe
So darling, you're not what I need

I've so many thoughts running through my mind
and too many lines in queue for me to write them
and so many mates who could do with good advice
So darling, I've not got the time

I've seen too many films and I've seen this bit
I've had too many drugs and I know this trip
I can't play the guitar but I've played this riff
So darling, why don't we just leave it?

Sometimes I speak slightly at an angle,
or blow money out quick like a candle.
Sometimes I'll be too heavy to handle
so don't pick me up because I could be ******* fragile.

I've been to all the shows and I know this song
and I'll still get the key, tune, note, words wrong
and I've a long list of friends where it's been way too long
I'm sorry, you're not what I want
why do ppl need a justification when theyve already been turned down ??

half poem half song idek just a spitball

Sorry about the punctuation
Johnny walker Dec 2018
When first discovering this
this site purely by chance
Hello Poetry became my savour I was at such a low
point In my life couldn't see a light
but through
the magic and power of words I started to see a light at the end of the tunnel I was In
found pleasure from writing so
much to the point l would
write all day long Ideas just kept flowing the power of poetry amazing
saved my life for
Owe so much to Hello Poetry
and all It's poets who write they help so much bless you all
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