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Power down
A short while
Flip the switch
Bring back to life
Thank you all for your appreciation
Sen 3d
I don't know what you've done to my heart
It burns, it throbs, with every word you speak
I never knew I could feel this from the start
Yet here you are taking me to my highest peak

My heart yells out yet you never really noticed
My mouth kept shut as it bled with longing
I didn't want to admit it, but the truth really is;
all this time I've really been falling

Now we have little time left to spend together
My hands do the work and express my own heart
My chest still bleeds but this is for the better
This is my fourth goodbye, C, right before we depart
There's this guy I've been crushing on for a long while now. He's a year older than me, and so he'll graduate highschool first. I've been meaning to confess to him, as well as say my goodbyes, but I never found the words to do so. In the end, I've decided on writing 20 poems for him.
It’s not so scary down here
Rock bottom has a queer feel
Pressures of a reality you deny
Become too obviously real
Eyes pierce the veil seeking light yet
You’re no longer the passive observer
Down here you’re forced to face yourself
Don’t look away lest you be the loser
Just writing my thoughts
Zack Ripley Aug 30
Hello my hellopoetry family! Before I started sharing my work with all of you, I was suicidal because I felt alone. And it hurt. But I wanted to take the time to thank you guys. You made me realize that people COULD relate and DID want to hear what I have to say. You guys helped save me. And I know I've helped some of you and that means the world to me. But now it's time to help more people. I have a book of my most inspiring poems out, and 2 dollars from the sale of every book will be donated to the jed foundation. They partner with high schools and colleges to empower kids to talk about depression and other mental health issues which, in turn, educates teachers how to recognize it in students. here's the link

Thanks again guys. And if you can leave an honest review when you get the chance that would be amazing
yama verita Sep 23
Mom bought a single boba tea
and I have to share it unwillingly
but now I've to thank the gods if they exist
'cuz my brother gave it up for a "please"
Ok he still sipped some but I still got the 70% xD
  luv ya lil bro~
Pablo Luna Sep 14
Tis was a nice day,
where everything happened to fall my way.
I did not even have to worry about allergies that come with May.

Till change did that day
like a fork on a highway.
Then I struggled to find my way

All the sudden I was trapped in my mind
trying not to mind
All the landmines, that are negative thoughts, in my mind

I tried to unwind
but I was quite in a bind.
Sometimes I truly felt like I was wondering blind.

I feel what I am saying can make many eyes roll
But that struggle for me, took a toll
To be quite honest I was quite full.

Like a marble ball in a funnel, I began to spiral.
I thought that I should not have to go through this bull
considering the weight I constantly pull

Close I felt to being lost,
Life then would be all but lost.
Anytime I try to build myself up, it came at a steep cost.

Right until she showed up.
I thought it was too good to be true, like something I made up

She told me never give up.
She also said to keep my hopes up
After a while things truly did go up

So if You ever read this thank you
I could not be where I am without you
So this is my sincere and true thank you.
Imran Islam Aug 24
I wanted you to smile at me
and you have smiled at dusk,
but smiled with closed eyes
and behind the blue mask!

You've enjoyed the lake shore
and enjoyed two lovely ducks
were plying on the fresh water
and then nature became dark!

You looked beautiful in white
with a heart touching smile
and turned your lovely face
to the sun with a little shyness!

Yes, I love you, I loved your time
and I like your nature and clime,
I bet, you can feel my silent touch
'Cause I love you so very much!
Yanamari Aug 17
The wind sweeps away all
Sweeps away sadness
Sweeps away pain
Leaves traces remnant in its wake
Cools over surfaces and skin

Where what once simply was
Becomes unreachable unless by
Come here, my love
The wind has left its trail
A trail I cannot fathom
And so I let the wind cleanse
Soak through the layers of my heart
And leave a trail of remembrance
And nostalgia...

Bitter is the trail no more,
Just what once was
And what can no longer be
The wind does not hurt but rather
What comes before it does
And I'm thankful that it brought me
To where I am today
Small seedling planted in cultured soil of  The Chinmaya
With all morals and ethics well observed and absorbed roots
Has grown firm and strong with branches spread across the globe..
Like an evergreen umbrella tree providing shade and support
To the ones who stand under it, otherwise too.

The flowery shower of naturally pure wishes and blesses
From all branches of the giant awesome tree
Has added fragrance to my special day……
To remain as such for each day and every other day !!

By all means, I feel words at scarce  
To express my gratitude so sincere..
However,  My heart from depth expresses
Heart filled thankfulnesss…..
To all branches
Of this Mighty Evergreen Friendship tree….
My thanks note to all my school friends..
Thanks be to God
for heaven
and earth,
for rain
and rebirth,
for saving grace
that's undeserved,
and for the bloodstains on the cross.
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