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I feel alive for the first time in a while
For a friend
He was like alcohol and all he did was numb me
You are caffeine and leave my heart beats skipping—

So I‘d actually thank him for leaving.
A B Faniki Oct 7
Thank you lord for the gift of life
How could we ever pay you for that and
All the good things you have done for us
None of us will be alive if not for your
kindness, grace, love, faithfulness and protection,
So we gather here today to celebrate thanksgiving and to
Give glory to your holy name by giving praise to you -for
In this harsh and cruel world we live in you have blessed
Everyone of us and like the proverbial tree, we are
Indeed flourishing and thriving and also multiplying in
Number so for this and many more we are saying "thank you."
Gracious Lord accept our thanksgiving like you did Abel's.
© A B Faniki  10/7/2019 all right reserved  an  Arostic saying Thanksgiving
Hanna Sep 26
And that lilt in your voice,
it makes me want.
For what, I know not,
but I ache with desire.
Some pit, with an event horizon bigger than my size.

I hurt from memories that seem blurred,
another life, maybe,
or just an apparition of within.
I'm hardly bound by time anymore,
the present feels like the past forgotten
and it dissolves into history.

You may be my only anchor.

And though I'm wet and cold and mostly gone when you find me,
you offer only a warm blanket
and sing to me, warm as midday, comforting as light.
Mac and Boon
Went up to the Moon
Mac became ill
Boon gave a Pill

Boon Said Thank You
Moon said get well soon
Let's Cherish Childhood
Allan G. Johnson*


Allan G. Johnson
Was an American writer
And public speaker

He worked in
Gender studies

One of his nonfiction works is

The Gender Knot:
Unraveling our
Patriarchal Legacy

About the detrimental
Effects of the patriarchy

He was married
To Nora L. Jamieson
A series
Whenever you are chasing,
Dreams over dreams.
Sometimes it's good to wake up from sleep,
It may hurt you for a long,
But it's better to start like a creep.
Starting from small to hunt big,
Needs you to sacrifice all your greed.
Rising from poverty gives you happiness,
But falling from royality is a huge matter of grief.
I learn to be patient.
I learn.
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