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Deep Jul 5
This place is where I find liberty Exists
No one knows me
I know no one
A perfect place to
say what we feel,
what we desire,
When life is unbearable and tries to break me from every nook and corner,
I come here and blabber my heart out,
What would have been my life
Without this place.
Debbie Lydon Jun 8
Living on with a smile,
Transmuting in unknowing,
Swimsuit ready for more suffering,
What a chance! What a circus!
At an end, I say thanks.

I, who have blinked,
And glad to have felt
Bed sheets and petals and melancholy moods,
And my god! The blossom and the sadness of falling,
Wretched cold,
Pain of poverty
And power too.
What a life! What a moment!
To it all, I say thank you.

And birds, many times my soul knew you,
And dirt, on my hands grounding my mind,
Dear trees, in my solitude you were always so kind,
What a world! What a time!
I'd live again, rewind.
Nathan Wells Feb 23
Oh lucky me
I have my friends
I have beginnings
I have my ends
I have control
I have my head
I have my roof
My door and bed
Oh lucky me
I have been blessed
With time to work
And time to rest
Food to eat
And wine to drink
And time to just
Sit down and think
Oh lucky me
I have the love
Of my mother & father
And those above
I have their knowledge
When I fret
Because I ask
And so I get
Oh lucky me
I have so much
That I can just
Reach out and touch
And even though
This is all mine
There is more to come
How divine
Good to recognise every now and then, extremely easy to forget
We hear about
The warming of our planet,
The rising water in the seas,
Pollution, in the air,
It must be A mystery,
That we can breathe, or see,
Everything, for survival
Earth reproduces, for free,
Oxygen, water, and food,
Our three basic needs,
Fear, is A way to control, people,
The gift, of this onetime life,
We should all be thankful for,
And happy, as we can be.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 9/20/2021 AD 5:00 am
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