Missing you so much,
As the sun rises,
In my eyes,

Everyday tears flow, drenching my Soul,
As the scene brightens, my Soul hurts,
Only to remind me, I sleep in a lonely bed.

Living in this flowerless place,

Whether the sun shines or not,
It's all the same,
Days filled with blue tears without you,

My heart aches for you,
No love to share,

Days pass by,
Growing older with time,

No days filled with happiness,
Missing you my love,

Wishing always to fall asleep,
With dreams of you and me,
Living and loving in our past,

Your ghost,
Still touching my heart,
Holding on to you, until sunrise comes,

Wishing for that day to arrive,
When I no longer,
Leave you alone in dreams,

Standing before you,
When bathing in the warm, bright light,
of your love and sunshine, becomes our reality.

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved
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Kiahlee 5d
I tell myself it's okay,
Even when the tears are streaming down my face.
Even though inside I'm falling apart.
I paste a smile on my face,
To hide the broken heart that's in it's place.
My forced laughter fills the empty space,
I call my heart.
I tell myself it's okay,
Just to mask the pain.
TeeCrush Mar 8
For a while now
it’s been clear just how you feel
I will no longer raise a brow
The way you’ve made me feel is very real.
Even after my deepest thoughts and “sorry”
you still choose to put the blame on me.
Told I’ve become too distant
although I’m always a click away
you could’ve reached me in an instant.
I do best to remind you I’m still your friend
I do my best to remind you I still exist
but I think after today
my attempts will desist.
I shouldn’t even be trying for you like so -
as you wouldn't even notice I’ve let go.
It has been painfully long now,
so long I’ve been alone.

I’m sorry friends,
but this is where our story ends.
Among you, my best friend used to be
But now it’s so easy to see
I’ve been replaced,
my dear old friends have no more need for me
My squad replaced me w/ some basic bitch. We're a group of dudes & they replaced me with a g I r L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was mad. We're okay now though.
We all fall apart, each time we put ourselves back together in a different way.
Never the person we once were, all because we got burnt.
Yet the world still turns in just the same way, even though it doesn't feel that way.
You continue to fight with all your might, you are brave, extraordinary.
So It doesn't matter if you fall apart, you still have the same heart.
Doesn't matter that you've put yourself back together differently, as your heart is still the same just filled with a little more pain.
julianna Feb 27
Every new year
for the rest of my life
Is now an
apart year
Because you are
a part of me
and you are
gone, love.
Jack Jenkins Feb 27
I look at you now
Yeah what I used to see
Is breaking me down
Why ain't you like you used to be?
Still beautiful as ever, yet I feel no unity
Usually, I just feel like you're using me
You're telling me you love me, yeah, from the lips of your mouth
But honestly, honesty isn't what I think's coming out
Seems the people you love the most, push you down, let you go
That's why I'm here to let you know, we lie to people just for show
You pretend you care, but really it don't bother you
Wonder if it will when I decide to say goodbye to you
I'm trying to fix it, what you think I'm trying to do?
You don't like my attitude, then wonder why I'm mad at you
I've had enough of it
My heart, you ain't touching it
You say you're in love with it
But really, you're crushing it
I don't hate you, I'm just trying to understand how you feel
There ain't no point of continuing this if it ain't even real
Reminds me of my former best friend. Dunno why I'm so moody about her lately.

Just posting it because I can relate.
There’s a mark on my back.
It’s a scar,
From days gone by.
A memory,
Of long lost faith.

I run my fingers over it,
Slowly going up and down,
In a pattern on my skin.
I count the ripples as I count my days,
Silently waiting, hoping they will end.

Weeds grow out my body,
From seeds planted by destiny.
What created an upheaval to my skin,
Will do the same for my mind.

Fate will get us all in the end.
But all that they will remember,
Is days gone by,
Memories long gone,
And a back, torn apart.
Mike D Feb 26
A flicker
A fleck of
Flick the reflector
A dot, a mere spec of
We get what we're getting
They should not be expecting
Exceptions are made reflecting bias
Not by us

A reflex that's flexible
The pecking order established
By the New Order
A system without order
But orders must be obeyed
Don't misbehave
Early trip to the grave

A vacation sounds nice
Take that trip; Already been stripped
Don't be tripping, it's true
Put your two cents in; And that tip in
Head bit off and chewed
The vulgarity spit out
A spitting image we've seen before
The scene is not new nor scenic
I've seen it

The obscene gestures displayed
Gesturing the flock
but not one selfless gesture or gesture of kindness
Move on; It's behind us
It does not bind us
What's new is old too
A tune played before in righteous fashion
until it was fashionable no more

Messages in Morse Code
encoded within our past
but that part passes over
or maybe under
A new understanding
Not sitting, we stand up
Standing up for ourselves
Breaking out of the shell
Mesmerized too long by the shell game

So long to you
The rancid odor will linger
A new song ; A new singer
None without sin
But sinister no more
Like brother and sister
A caring love
A sharing heart
Bringing us together not apart
Written: February 22, 2018

All rights reserved
Ron Feb 25
Night after night
I stare blankly at the screen
Night after night
Maybe it's all just a dream?
Night after night
Coming apart at the seams
Night after night
Don't know what to believe
Night after night
I've been hunting down dreams
Night after night
I've been thinking of things
Night after night
I still cannot sleep.
I can't promise you that it will be ok, I can only promise you that by your side I will stay.
On your darkest day I will be here, to hold your hand and keep you near.
Even when you feel you are falling apart just know I only want to help heal your heart.
I will help put you back together for you and I are meant to be forever
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