Anne 3h
When I look at him I see the hate in my eyes
The jealous rage that lives in my heart
Is the very thing that now tears me apart
Not I felt miserable
Every time I see him with someone
Later days felt incomplete
Feeling my mixed emotions
Felt my heart beats
''All about me'' journal
You say you love me
But I'm sure I love you more
You sleep in your bed
And I sleep on the floor

I share my dreams and heart
They're all I have to offer
It seems you enjoy tearing them apart
And making me feel awful

I know you don't mean to
I can see it in your eyes
But nothing you say or do
Could make me forget your lies

Do you remember the night
When you showed my your scars
I told you they made me sad
I wish I could take our sorrow and cast it to the stars

Then you and I could live in a heaven on earth.
I've given you everything I have. Please give me a chance.
I was so worried and concerned about how my story would turn out.
Or what new story that we could make.
But of course, due to my selfish nature, I forgot about yours.
Your story, and how it will play out.

You tell me your tale and the world you live in.
I’m already so frightened that I just don’t quite fit in it.

I hear your stories of entanglement and the things you deal with.
Of course, I want to help and give you what I can.
But as much as I want to be, I am merely not apart of it.

And I don’t think you want me to be.

Maybe it’s cause you’re scared.
Maybe it’s because you don’t actually care.
Maybe you don’t see this lasting more than the summer.
Maybe, maybe, maybe, and maybes are what my story is becoming
filled with.

Now I’m starting to think the worst,
my head filled with thoughts, and
now horrified I want to cut this off and
say I’m doing what’s best for me.

So I can save myself from you hurting me.
But that’s just my side of the story, I genuinely wonder
what’s yours?
so yeah here's that. A poem I wrote about my summer romance. Will it last longer? Whoooooooooo knows.
Peace 2d
I looked for you to be perfect
& in return you seeked my perfection.
In this twist of twisted reflection in ourselves we rejected the truth..
By not acknowledging, we will forever be flawed.
We drifted like sand in the sea.
We lost ourselves in the abyss
& in this we lost,
the meaning of our youthful love.
Accepting, what's hard to face. The individuality parts of us all.
Amanda 4d
I am so close I can reach out and touch you
But I do not think I could make you stay
If you wanted me you would be
With me longer than just one day

I saw the way you looked at me
You were happy to see me again
Everything you did reminded me
Why I haven't looked at other men

Maybe this is temporary
Soon we won't have to be apart
Hope you plan on coming back to me
Instead of wasting my time and heart
Possibly the only thing more valuable than time is love
He needed distance and clear mind
She was there
They were sick and in need of something new
It started when he began to stare
She sensed something special too
In due time
What to do

She just wanted Souls to be intertwined
They could be something more paired
He was in her heart and mind
Caught, ensnared
There was nothing that the two couldn't do
He was lost, the two never fully shared
She was scared, but wanted to

Cruel is time
He was fooled
She couldn't seem to learn that love is blind
Tests of time, they couldn't fare
He loved her and didn't mind
Didn't care
Two perfect halves of a whole, I miss you
Arcassin B Jul 10
by Arcassin Burnham

I was less myself,
wasn't more than myself,
beside myself,
soul looking at me,
like where'd I go wrong,
when did my heart ever turn to stone,
feelings like these to a tone,
when will the other side of me see
that life has grown,
when will the other side of me will see that
life's a fake,
depression was taking a break,
came back,
took what it could take,
love was at its high stakes,
Had more to appreciate,
after all that i've been through,
I'm so glad my heart didn't break.
A Jul 9
the last time I wrote my hair was shorter,
copper, colourful and vivid.
I wait because that’s what I was taught to do;
you bleed until what you crave consumes you.
until your head is afflicted by the fervid, dark feelings.
when I crawl around my every day, I find pieces of you.
in plantain chips and Plato.
in wool coats and white coffee mugs.
it's impossible to tear myself from you.
Nayana Nair Jul 4
I place myself in the center of room
as you panic to pack up your stuff,
being careful that nothing is left behind.
There are flowers growing in the corners of the room
that ask you to stay.
There are green skies
that we painted.
There are flaws your and mine
that decorate this wall.
There are TV channels
that we can surf through,
there are days to be wasted.
And I want to waste them with you.

I want you to stay.
I almost blurt it out.
But had it not been for these flowers and skies
and days written in color of your name,
I could have left
to find the dreams I never had.
There is a chandelier
of blood red glass
of your sighs and goodbyes.
I know you are not running away from me
but from our devils,
from our destruction,
that lay between us
every night.
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