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mica Apr 22
let’s drift apart as quickly as we got along
like the waves across the shore
it is but a fleeting moment
leaving nothing but a dampened sand
to remind that we have met once in a lifetime
met a friend just to become strangers…
My Dear Poet Apr 21
I never knew
something could be so broken
without falling apart
I Can't accept the truth baby, ignorance is bliss. I can't escape the memories of all that this is. Rather let them fade away to champagne thrills, falling off the edge of abyss.
Rather let them fall like I fell for you. Like the ashes, burning off of this cigarette.

Cause I knew it from the start.
Every second, every time. I knew you'd break my heart every time we spoke a rhyme.
I knew it'd fall apart.
Couldn't say that you were mine.
But that's just want I want to say because I know it's time.
So ask me how I feel.
I can't tell what's real.
Insist that we would fall apart until you sealed the deal.
I wish you said loved me like you said you used to feel.
and I wish youd call me baby
cause you know I'd hope it's real.

But how can I love you if I never loved myself? Like everyday I wake up wishing I was someone else.
Cause everyone I know has seen a better side of hell.

And you know I fall apart, in the darkness by myself.
Dave Robertson Oct 2021
I rest in the quiet thoughts
that might involve tired arms
and unadorned hearts and faces

to fantasise boredom with you
is a new low/high to replace
my easy crippling everyday nowt

I currently know that
to fall asleep with you
unwashed and noisy tired
is all I think I need
Kassan Jahmal Oct 2021
As she boldly said;

'It only takes-
four words to say,'
              "I'm falling in love,"

He sighed and replies;

'But it only takes-
three to say,'
                 "I'm falling apart."
There's two types of falling.
Annie Oct 2021
Can you pull apart the seems you sewed
When you were once as one?

I felt the high of being nowhere
And everywhere all at once.

We floated in a black space
And in it we combined.

My consciousness reached out to yours
And then, they intertwined.
yıldız Sep 2021
you and me live miles apart,
yet you manage to break my heart...

pinky promised me you would take care,
or was it just empty words in the air?

now you're the reason why I'm falling apart,
but I guess this is your favorite part....
you love i
Marilina Sep 2021
You used to lie right next to me
So close
But now you’re far and gone

I used to think our souls were tied
So tight
But now I think they’re torn
Sharon Talbot Sep 2021
There is one on some loves,
That flourish like summer flowers
And bring seemingly endless joy
To lovers entwined
And hypnotized by the notion
That this will bloom forever.
But as years pass, some flawless
In execution and mutual care,
The flower begins to fade,
As if its color and fluid are drained,
Perhaps by the force of love itself.
And, unknown to the two,
They glide apart slowly,
Like two ships on the tide,
Until one day, they reach a horizon.
Each looks out for the other
As they have done before,
And call out in hope, then despair,
But they are unseen, far away.
They may try to sail back,
Beating furiously against the tide,
And finally, admitting defeat.
They each collapses, crying, shouting,
Blaming life, fate and humanity.
After months spent on the rocky shore,
In tears or questioning why
And often getting no reply,
The memory of passion fades
As new flowers bloom
And life’s garden summers on.
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