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You say your life *****
and that you are a mess.
Yes, life could've always been better,
but also could've been worse.
Norman Crane Sep 28
how many times
can we part
and still remain whole
Initial J Sep 12
Two kids in the yard laugh and play around
But they don't know where they'll end up
It is a conversation they haven't found
On a dark day one will say "hey wassup?"
The other shall reply a resound
"I guess not much"
Then they will talk all night and day
About their greatest dreams
One determined to let go as they decay
The other floating by on schemes
Its on this day that they both determine
That their just each a separate person
So why bother with pointless conversation
They cut each other out for certain
Who are you?
Why don't you ask yourself?
Because asking others never seems to help
Just never know if matches will work unless you get burned...
Heyaless Sep 11
Loving you is like burning with desire every second ,
Unable to utter anything .
Your love is so strong yet so quiet .
You can never get over me i know .
We are destined to lead a different life .
And maybe we're destined to feel our love was impossible over and over again .
We both crave each other , but
Refuse to fight for each other .
A love never lived ,
Nor it will die !
The most confused you will ever get is when you try to convince your heart and spirit of something your mind knows is a lie.”
― Shannon L. Alder
Jack Sep 9
People always say
You realize what you had when its gone
But what if love wasn't gone
What if you were apart
What if all it was
Was a piece of your heart
Just something just wanted
But never thought to start

It's this recorder playing in my head
Saying what has happened to your family
You get it too
You'll be torn apart
ShadowSpy Sep 6
Heaven once spoke
With laughter I feared
Powerful vocals
That threatened me
But time in hell
Let me see
Heaven once spoke
With laughter filled with fear
We have united
But drifted apart so slow
In my mind
I will never let you go
the story of one of my friendships <3
Twalib Mushi Aug 30
I am a poet
i  do always write
those line passes through my heart.

I am a poet
no clue how this rhythm taste
with the verses stand with two feet
walk and build stanzas as they meet
a very beautiful stanzas and pretty.

I am a poet
feeling so empty
as things may falling apart
sure nobody is really perfect.

I am a poet
living with no regret
as things won't constantly be straight.
Peter R Aug 23
I play songs that make me happy
I play songs to keep me down
I play songs to keep me laughing
like you’re here
But who’ll hear me laughing out loud?

I had friends I could speak my mind to
I had friends that couldn’t care
I had friends that I did wrong to
in high school
And college, boy was I even there?

We had fun, you and I did
We had fun apart from ourselves
We had fun when we were younger and tighter      
together, so why
Did we run from our wealth?

We were silly, inside and outside
We were silly simply for a laugh
We were silly to think you’d get over it
and were silly
To think it would last

You’re still here and so am I, friend
You’re still here only in a different town
You’re still here and time is your friend
let’s end this and
Make amends while we’re still around

You’re afraid, how do you think I feel?
You’re afraid and I’m nervous myself
You’re afraid of the future
and past hurts
We can heal after we forgive ourselves
Oh yes, we can heal after we forgive ourselves
A song
Talia Aug 20
Since when was this handheld device
the extent of our physical love?
From across the room I stare at it
half expecting it to blow
The illumination of the screen now mirrors the enlightenment I once felt
in your arms
Though of course much diminished.
I am beginning to fear it
knowing the potential of our words to form
exit wounds
How can I predict the disaster I may inflict when i no longer know the surroundings of this battlefield?
I throw this bomb against my floor, knowing the eruption of this force will be lesser than what is now incinerating through my head
from your words.
Weak for each other, strong when together.
Nylee Aug 18
I used to
follow life,
then I did let it go
and it is
still close by

a touch
and it sets      
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