Dawn breaks across the sky,
with shadows dancing on the pavement.
The air, heavy and warm, remains still,
and the trees and their leaves sleep
until their inevitable wither.
The world is somber and silent,
yet whispers of the living
linger in the grass.
All seems calm, yet collapsing,
as the sun starts to fall,
and the shadows flee back
into the darkness.
My sight blurs
and life fades
into static
everything is
falling apart
yet no creature
is disturbed
all is

Lure Pot Oct 12

               Good morning sweet
               Have a great day
               How are you?
               Are you there?
               This is for you.

Yes, I am here
Very nice,
You write nice poems.
               Thank you so much
Something to say?
I am kinda busy
Having lunch, see you soon.
               Alright then.

                Hey, did you read?
Yeah, I did, that’s great
You’re very talented
I am going to sleep
Myself in a min
I am so tired
Good night.

         Good morning
         Have a lovely day
         How's your day going?
         What you look like today?

Hi, I was not around.
Nice and thank you
         You're welcome
How are you today?
I am having a lovely afternoon.
         I am good, that’s sweet
         Could I see your beauty?

Hey, sorry just got busy
             It's okay
Have a look…
             Wow, sweet, lovely, shy and cute...
             Just your smile?
             Not beauties and them?
Sure, you can see
Really, you’re the cutest…
            You are so sweet!

See what?
              Your beauty?
You’re naughty, naughty lol.

Apart, apart and apart!

After a while,
     You was emotional
     And said me with happy smile-
"Hey, how are you?
Just thought I say-
Hope have a great day,

Yesterday, Good morning
Yesterday, Having lunch
Yesterday, Good night
Today, Good morning
Today, Lovely afternoon
Evening, Have a look… ( glad smile)
Midnight, You's emotional
                and said,
Xyns Oct 9

I felt my heart begin to pound
Your voice had that familiar sound..

I saw you slowly walk up those stairs
I knew I was right to be so scared..

The way you looked at me..
I could barely breathe..

The air was heavy with doubt
Who knew silence could be so loud?

Loving you was always so hard..
..I guess..
"We're better apart."

Rainnymph Sep 27

Crawled under my skin
Devoured my cells
Numbed my entire body
In my veins
Flooded my heart
Out to the loungs
Prevented me to breath
And inhale the sickly odour of death
You sacrificed the lamb
Will you smear my blood on you door
And eat my flesh?
Is it enough to please your Gods?

Years and months ago I set my eyes on you
I thought maybe you would see me
But instead you saw right through
I never understood why it was her and not me
But then I began to realize what kind of girl I'd have to be
I'd have to stop my singing for you don't like the birds
I'd have to quit my writing for you're not good with words
I'd have to slow my talking for you don't care to hear
I'd have to keep my jokes in for you don't smile ear to ear
I'd have to bring my smiling to a halting stop
And I'd fall apart slowly drop by drop

Daisy Rae Sep 10

"What's holding you back?"

                I don't want to give up something
       I've worked so hard to hold together...

it will eventually fall apart
Leonila Sep 9

Though our journey has ended, let me live in your memory.


Brianna Sep 8

Why do we let them have the power to
tear us apart?
bring us to our knees?
lower our self-respect?

Why did I let you tell me it was
all my fault?

Green eyes- demons hidden in the jewels of your life- little does she know you wear contacts and they are fake.
Sandy hair- soft and smooth- little does she know you color it- also fake.
Strong arms- they can wrap themselves around you- little does she know you wrapped them around your ex girlfriend not too long ago- fake.
Weak words- phrases that are as outdated and arrogant as you are when  you pretend to be someone you're not- they sound fake.

"You're pretty." ( stop lying)
"You're perfect." ( ridiculous)
"You're unlike everyone else in this world." ( originality is dead)
"I will never leave you." ( but you did)
"Anything you want baby, it's yours." ( i wanted you)
"I wasn't ignoring you, I just didn't know what to say." ( for a year?)
"I'm sorry." ( my favorite line)

How does it feel to hear your own words used against you?
Does it sound fake?

I guess apart of you first has to die, before you can truly be alive, it's sad when you think about it, but at the same time it's beautiful, like a Phoenix rising out of the ash.

Was just a thought I wrote down now
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