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It's ok to
fall apart.

Tacos fall apart
and we
still love them.


Also, I'm just a bit hungry...
We've signed that truce a couple hundred times
Still step on the same couple thousand mines
You break apart, make up, break apart, make up...
There’s a mark on my back.
It’s a scar,
from days gone by.
A memory,
of long-lost faith.

I run my fingers over it,
slowly going up and down
in a pattern on my skin.
I count the ripples as I count my days,
silently waiting, hoping they will end.

Weeds grow out my body,
from seeds planted by destiny.
What created an upheaval to my skin,
will do the same for my mind.

Destiny will get us all in the end.
But all that they will remember,
are days gone by,
memories long gone,
and a back, torn apart.
LC Sep 21
her hands lost their balance.
an unnoticeable tremor
pumped through her fingers.
as she waited for him to arrive,
she wondered if the time apart
made him a foreign place.

when he finally arrived,
and important tales were shared,
and his smile lit up her heart,
her hands found their balance.
he felt like a home again,
even after all these years.
i know that you see yourself
as a jigsaw puzzle
that will never truly be assembled
but braveheart
life is about gaining those missing pieces
and losing them in turn
so be complete in knowing
that you are incomplete.
Esther L. Krenzin
Axel Sep 19
I don't know what happened
Until you and I talk like
We were just neighbours
Saying 'hey' and just normal Conversations.

One answer per one question.
That's all it is.
I miss the way you smile at me
Like I am the only joke
You have ever seen
And now all of that has changed,
No more 'goodnight' and not even a Goodbye at the ending scene.

Just so you know,
Even if your life turn out to be hard,
I will always stay there,
Right there deep in your heart.
FearlessSoul Sep 18
The path has become unknown.
Our paths have crashed, but then came back together.
Were we meant to be something more,
or something lost?
Its sad to think
That when we drifted apart
It was because you let me go
You stoped thinking about me
You stopped "wasting time"
I never thought you could be that type of guy. Yet deep inside I always knew you were, I could see it in your eyes when you looked at girls. I could see it in your smile when you talked to them. I could see it in your legs when you walked to them. Everything about the way you looked and acted showed you were a bad guy for me. But I couldn't get you out my head, so I started to think about all the good things you would do when we were kids. I started seeing that little boy in you. I was too naive to see the truth. Even when it was right in front of me. The truth is that you use girls, to you they are something you can throw away. Sadly, I wished you could have used least got to know me… that something about me could make you change and stay. But nothing I do could make you see. Cant you the person that really cares. But you cant see that. We haven't had a conversation longer than 3min in 4 years. We drifted apart. And now I wont see you again. Ever again. Next month is the party I will see you. I wont see you , I will see a boy who was once my world but is now a memory of a painful hell he didn't know he was giving me. I never thought you could be that guy, but you are.
this is not a poem i think
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