I resent your heart
For ripping me apart
For shredding me to pieces
And bringing out weakness

I have all these pictures
Of us smiling,
But I didn't know
They would be the only ones.

You accepted me for who I was,
I loved all your flaws,
We were inseparable
Together, we took on our teenage years.

We had dreams
To escape an inescapable town
And avoid unavoidable futures
But I'm the only one that left.

You stayed behind
Though I begged you not to
And shunned me for my desire
To grow.

We were supposed to grow
Old together
But instead we grew
A    p   a    r   t     together.

For Jessica. I just wish you told me why you hated me all of sudden. 10 years is a lot to throw away.
JustJay Dec 8

Until our breaths are taken away,
just to sleep at night,
when on the pillow my mind is astray.

Lure Pot Dec 7

I respect your mama
because she's
a part of you
I love your girl
because she's
your heart.

I honor your baba
because he's
your idol
I like your son
because he's
your goal.

Your shadow is
in my heart
and I'm melted
around you
I miss you, my friend
though we're apart
I must say
You're spellbound.

and between you and me is the world

and between you and me is a language

and between you and me is culture

and between you and me is a war

and between you and me is religion

and between you and me is a wall

and between you and me is perception

and between you and me is ourselves

Xaviera Allan Nov 29

Sometimes it seems only broken people can love
Because they're missing some pieces of themselves, unfulfilled
Half a person walking around until they find the next best thing to a match
The tales of losing those pieces are powerful, painful, and locked into their minds
Some were lost at the breaking of a friendship, stolen at the end of a relationship, or simply cast away
And some people were just born broken
Some people might have lines and cracks etching a topographical map of estuaries and rivers
That nourish their soul, splintered
But still solid
And finding someone to complete them isn't necessary
Maybe even toxic, because every bad affair ends in the loss of opportunity, hope, humanity, time, whatever makes up a person
And every sane person is at least a little bit chipped
Strange thing, love, even the Greeks thought we had snapped in two
And that might be a bit idealized, but we'll hopefully end up complete anyway
Even if we're a bit chipped, to fill in all the cracks with slip and life to bake our form
We must find love in ourselves

Would you believe that I wrote this poem for the broken people who can't love?

When did we become finely divided?
When did we get to the hinterland of love?
When did we divide into particles finer than silk?
When did our love become bland?
We are sand.  
We are non renewable.

03:24 GMT
Svode Nov 15

Write on, you fine being.
Write on apart from me.
Write on from the east or west,
across a new sea.
Write on, my beloved.
Until the skies turn gray.
Write on, you fine being.
Write on far away.

Away you'll go;
far away to where nobody knows.
I'll stay here and go on so.
Without you.

When you were by my side,
a million worries died.
But all that is left is a whimper,
without you.

When we all began to cry,
when we touched the sky.
Where will our memories lie?
Without you.

Write on, you fine being.
Write on apart from me.
Write on from the east or west,
across a new sea.
Write on, my beloved.
Until the skies turn gray.
Write on, you fine being.
Write on far away.

Machel Yvan Nov 7

As the rain pours and hides my tears,
I am thinking of all my fears.
My fear of losing you.
My fear of falling out of love with you.

As the rain pours and touches my skin,
I am thinking of us and what could have been.
What would happen if we took the risks?
What would happen if we knew what went amiss?

As the rain pours and drenches my heart,
I'm in pain thinking we're apart.
Hoping that as the rain goes away,
You'll come back and stay.

Kaitlyn Nov 7

Why is this happening to me?
My mental state is only decreasing and I'm slowly going insane.
I'm getting fat because i don't know my limits and constantly binge.
I'm pushing everyone away so i don't hurt them.
I'm only hurting myself in doing so.
I put words in everyone's mouths because they apparently don't tell me what i want to hear.
I'm not comfortable in the way  i present myself in any way, shape or form.
I do not know what happiness is anymore.
I'm constantly stressed and right now i'm completely stressed and i don't even know what about.
I'm coming to realise i will never be loved and i guess i will have to be okay with that because
I'm falling apart.

Things i will never say to anyone even though i need help, i will not ask for it.
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