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And we forget how short our life is.
Indonesia, 9th June 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
George Krokos May 24
You say you love me but I don't know
for your love is like the winter's snow.
Though I see you now just as you are
your presence is like the morning star.
I'll try and grasp what this could mean
when a heart close to a mind has been.

Our feelings shared before made sense
but now all fall back on the past tense.
It seems as if we've been drifting apart
and love's seeking to make a new start.
We're both grateful we've had a chance
to experience in our life love's romance.
Written in Feb 2021.
Dewy rain drops fall from the eye of the hurricane
They pour into a puddle of loneliness as they huddle together but yet still alone
The Earth rumbles with sadness as it shakes beneath
Grabbing its surface trying to keep everything grounded
Thunder roars from the core and everything falls apart
This time there is no rainbow after the storm
Willow SR Apr 14
We'll always be worlds apart
Every moment of the day
For even when you're beside me
Your mind is racing away

We'll always be two passing cars
On this ever-winding road
Until all that's left of you and me
Is distance long foretold

You'll always be my shooting star
I can see you streaking by
And in a blink, you're gone
Before I can even say goodbye

You'll always be my world
And I know that I'm yours too
But there's a universe out there
And we're explorers, me and you
An achromatic  photo
a tumbling rock

                              A snow packed peak
Every inch of stone covered in weighted white
Rolling and growing...
growing and rolling...
the only sound heard, ice kissing ice
And my screams
Do you hear it?
The avalanche of my life
It has a sound unlike any other
A crescendo  of every experience compounding on my soul, demanding to be seen, heard, felt, feared

Warning level 5 avalanche
Please evacuate the area for personal safety, hazard may cause more calamity
Amanda Hawk Apr 2
Before, our love
Became inanimate
It had flickered, pulsed
Its own heart
Beating as we slowly
Danced across the floor
The light in our eyes
Lit every corner of the room
Leaving no room for doubt

After, our love
Became inanimate
Our hearts, clanging bells
Calling for each other
Absent our names
Only shadows filled the room
And doubt, positioned
In the middle of the floor

We knew how to sit
On opposite ends of the room
Inanimate expressions
With the absence of hearts
30/30 Day 1
I look up at the sky and think of you
Somewhere on earth
You can see the same sky as me
The same stars as me
Yet we are so far apart
The feeling just breaks my heart
I want to be with you
I want you to be with me
Yet that is just my fantasy
Nought Mar 3
Friends are like a house of cards;
The moment you take one out, they all fall apart.
But that's just life
- Nought
How does one get over something that was never their's?
How does the sun get over the mere fact that the moon and herself always chase each other?
they chase until one day, they meet
To form beauty no eye has ever seen
and still for some it may be fiction
but their beauty's like the stars
kissing the face of the earth and like fireworks in the night sky
they disappear
Disappearing into the depts of their hearts till another year
another day
another time?
But who does the sun blame when she's broken her own heart?
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