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Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) - 75

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Oh my Beloved!

It properly requires ultimate strength,
To knowingly break apart yourself.

Either as being in eternal love,
Or in the direct path of divine wisdom.

I knew formerly, in both unique paths,
I can do it again, either wisdom or love

Once gain to break apart myself,
Oh my Beloved!

Allah Khair..... Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab - Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
amanda 7d
your lungs inhale war
against the foundations of your ribs;
bursting bones heard from within.

lamentation conquers
with its sharp-edged desolation
leaving fragmented skin throughout

friction between you
and the false reflection
echo consequences.

you were a misled mistake
tricked of glory & feared by contentment.
you are whole and apart
and everything in-between.
Nothing is here to stay,
Like how night fades into day,
Relations fall apart,
Love into broken hearts,
Sweet words,
Honey glazed,
To sour words....,
Years to months,
Months to weeks,
Weeks to days,
Days to hours,
Hours to minutes,
Minutes to just-,
Life to death,
We are just dust anyways,
Nothing is here to stay.
How things are to fade away into nothing..
Feelin' Lucky Mar 16
A lot of photo's
Are taken every day.
But a few are really special.
So many memories,
Shared with my friends.
The world tears us apart.
But we stick.
The problem is,
Will you still remember me,
If these pictures are lost and gone?

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I'm writing a small poem every day, about how I feel or the world around me. This is #3
Mitch Prax Mar 13
You and I,
Hand in hand-
we are one.
There is no distance,
no time, no fear,
that keeps us apart.  
We love without consequence
and we are free-
oh, how free we are.
Evan Stephens Mar 11
16 miles and change,
26,000 steps
end with the ten
to the absinthe bottle
and back to bed,
dizzy with heartbreak.

I spent years
trying to change,
but I am more myself
than ever before.
The truth slips
over my neck.
My eye is dark.
Absinthe vanishes
from the glass
smooth as vapor.

She invited
my deepest hurts
so I gave them
in cries that
sunk into her
shoulder blade,
more than I've
given to anyone.

Time is a broken floe,
drifting and cold.
I am more myself
than ever before.
I wish I wasn't,
Oh god I wish
I wasn't.
Azfar Hakimi Mar 8
one step ahead and they're finally done
one step ahead and they're finally gone
one step ahead and she is finally proud
one step ahead,one step ahead, one step ahead

one step ahead and the glass finally falls
one step ahead and the tears finally drop
one step ahead and the fingers finally touch
one step ahead and the shirt is finally black
one step ahead,one step ahead,one step ahead

with or without,skies or the clouds,
love or a fling,food or a drink;
they finally said and they finally did
they finally free in a count of three
they finally gone and this time it's gonna be so long
they finally clap and it feels like it's only one step
they finally grow as the wind blows
and they finally smile but they're gonna cry

one step ahead before the journey ends
one step ahead before the airplane lands
and one step ahead before the new level
and one step ahead before a boy turns into a man
and one step ahead before a girl turns into a woman
and one step ahead and they finally fly to the higher level of the sky.
goodbye seniors,even tho some of us may not miss y'all,there will be some that's gonna cry,and there will be some of us that's gonna miss your smiles.
thank you,for everything. May God will always bless u.
Been fighting my whole life just survive the everyday troubles In this  life that we live nothing but lonely and sadness to
I couldn't visualise any future lying ahead at least I couldn't see one that Is to at least what I believed till the day I met
The day my whole world turned around for the better Helen came Into my life and I never looked back she gave me the love I
had never
She breathed the very life back Into my what seemed like a lifeless body that had died she bought me back to
life with love and
I had never ever experienced but Helen knew how to love Incredible passion kisses so sweet but would take your breath away and left gasping for
The time we had that of twenty years as If we'd known each other all our lives a love you don't find every day true love that never
Twenty years together never apart true love dedication to each other an undying love
Kelly Hogan Mar 3
One step forward
Two steps away
From you.
I don't know why we grow apart. Am I different? Are you? I wish I had the answer.
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