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a handful of air separates us,
and i'm trying to bottoms up the nerves.
there's no prelude, no warning -
i'm just a sober drunk.

it's been two thousand days since i felt this way,
and i don't know what to do,
because i always **** it up.
do i force it to go away?
or do i let it stay
a while?

what can i say that'll wash my anxieties away?
maybe you'll say something, but can i wait?
can i wait until the waves are up to my head?
can i bear the weight of uncertainty?
can i withstand handful after handful of air
until there's only a pinch of it left?
can my eyes stay open every time you glow so bright?
can i keep my lips from trembling every time you're near?
can i stop my mind from going hazy?
and can i judge the intensity of things are they too fast are they too slow too much too less too much talking too much rambling too much waiting too much hoping too much too much too much.

maybe i can't.
and maybe you can't either
wrote something i really felt, after nearly a whole year.
A thousand thoughts inside my head, half of them are about what people said
words from people that bullied me, but I’ll bottle it up with my anxiety
I try to breathe, but I just choke on my heart which has been broke
people deflate me to lift them up because they think I'm not enough.
people hate me because of my gender, I promise you I'm not a trender
people think of me as a she that's ***, but the truth is I am a they
Straighten up and get on track
give me my pronouns, I want them back
I’ll express how I feel with more than my voice
you all need to know, my gender was not a choice
I’ve been told that I'm a regret
I wish that I could forget these words that have been said to me
I beg you, please let me free
you ask me why I wear concealing clothes
the truth is that I am trying to cover up the paint that you have forced upon me
People have sewn in labels and stereotypes into my skin
it's a constant struggle as I try to rip out the stitching
the second it is gone more is put in place…
people think that its ok to deadname and misgender me
I'll tell you “its fine! I know its hard to get used to it, don't worry!”
but it's not fine, not at all
I am not some practice dummy you can use to practice what respect is and isn't
I am a human just like you, but I am not like you at all
you people who use being trans and nonbinary as a joke
you people who treat trans people as if we are mentally ill
you people who think its ok to disrespect what and who we are
you people who debate if we should be allowed to exist...
I am told to “just accept who I am”
those people don't get that I do, they are the ones who don't
I am here
I am real
and I am not you
Hi, this is my first poem here, I hope you enjoy! It is about the struggles of being trans in such I cis-normative world. This is an angry poem, but it’s not angry towards everyone. It’s only only addressing my anger to people who are like what the poem describes. I hope you all have a great day!
Brenna 2d
in her eyes I see stars
if I could,
I’d spend hours peering into their depths
and look for constellations

every time our gazes meet,
I search for a shooting star
I make a wish but never tell,
or else it won’t come true

she is like a galaxy
Lena 2d
exit out of netflix because I don't want to be distracted
I sit with the burning feeling of missing you entirely
your body hair, your violent laugh, the way you kiss  my back,
I let these feelings in because they are all I have left,
I learned love when I learned your body, what made you tick,
what made you happy, what dug holes in the side of your mouth and planted seeds in my chest, I learned love like this was the best I would ever get,
and now I know it was,
I learned love with you, like brand new shoes that take time to feel right, but these were the kind you never take off once because your favorite band had signed them,
I learned love like making up from fights before we went to bed,
I learned love was missing someone when you are with them,
yesterday you asked me if it was bad that you had missed me,
I laughed it off and today I could not get out of bed because it
smelled like you and the night we both know we should not have had,
I miss you so bad,
I learned love like high, high, high, euphoria,
and then nothing all at once
and I learned that even after your heart is ripped from your chest you have to carry on, standing up,
because you still love me, and you are still watching,
and I want to make you proud,
I learned love like being loud about it, shouting from the rootftops that you were mine and that our forever was bursting at the sides,
I learned love like high, high, high,
and now it is nothing at all,
I learned love like Crashing,
Low, unbearable low,
Pain from laughing,
Low, low, low,
Missing you everywhere I will ever go
mc ish 3d
i will not shrink myself down
i do not come in pocket sized
i am more than your heart desires
yet a  glass has never complained to overflow
i am everything or nothing
and to you
something in between
i am loud and i am violent and i am volatile
reaching for the stars that dissolve in my fingers
heaven has never felt so far
slim down diets are so in
reach your love to fit like chickpeas in your heartless ides
a growling stomach makes a pretty girl
i am pretty much a girl?
My heart is telling me the telly isn't telling me anything.
I need but it needs to keep selling me,
Besides celebrities lacking in integrity.
Holding up the status quo instead of showing the kids,
That they matter, who are they gonna batter next?
Just keep holding their necks and keep selling them ***?
It’s better if we keep them perplexed,
It's better if we make them want the opposite ***.
And disenfranchised young criminal minds,
In a car park beside where your nan resides,
Are not slow, they've just never been shown,
That you should be...
Loving someone.
Thank you, Matty Healy.
I made a mistake.
I wish that I could open up my heart to you again, revealing everything that i’ve wanted to tell you.
There are days spent on my bed, wishing I could feel your warmth beside me.
There are days I’ve spent playing games, wishing I can see the smile from the corners of your mouth appear as we emerged ourselves into our own reality.
There are days where my hands remain in my pockets, wishing that my hands could be tangled up in your beautiful, brown hair.
There are days where I stare at my artificially scented candle, wishing that our flame could be re-ignited.
I know I made a mistake.
But regardless of that, my love for you grows every second of the day.
Johnny Noiπ Dec 2
George was a new man, three guitarists
were cast as black thieves. Not easy
in the sun. The heads of six scientists
indicate two, four and four in their own
species. They also had the altar
of the altar:Jacob, powerful people
from the sea or stars in our peculiar,
seafood come. . . We are all responsible
for the war that they have
and in the case of wrangler colors;
Rai has shown new concepts and ideas,
which is "trouble" and "hello". If Georgia
Marcus' Corridor does not get worse
than the morning than in the morning
it is dark because the previous Jews
are loyal and reliable because of the hidden
legendary Mirror's mirror behind the Wakkolo
Championship because; because of this effort
to think about women, and women of good
years American countries are a good lesson
for girls away from time to time at the time
of singing songs that are in place to choose
a few days ago. Parents and daughters
are leaders: "It is difficult
to start from the state
due to the intensity of autocratitis (intensity),
the popular children
have been given important to the walls of the Marx School,
and see how big it is, because onion , ****** and people ...
Meg in Uganda, Uganda, Uganda, Uganda, both small and
small ... and in their gambling chamber, living people who
are more capable to show *** and devil. "(Japanese) (Agenabin;)
and Small (to), "***, look for some reason: Spring," SES ...
"is a product guide to the project." Tour "Lemmo Georgie
new man, driving a woman when you face ****** identification
issues, you face ****** identification and can not be charged
with *** with the bride, but she has a young man.
Not acceptable. I'm glad to announce that they will send
a message and I'm glad to give it to you. I'll introduce myself
in the middle of one
segment at 1 o'clock. 5 years ago, we have a large number
of I am young people who are accused of joining political
survival in case of crime. If you want to know about it, Do
not worry, we have to do this work, and do you have the
courage of those who are not you? If you do not know what
it is for you, the youth's words, and your group's assembly
Even if you want to do so, it can not be included in doing
this, so, for example, for everything, they want to tell you
that the Messenger is sent to the book and you may have
a great journey. That second sentence is interpretation,
"pepper" and "naraco". IAA Beckch Ram will embrace
the youth by appealing to Appeal about Ipathy Sachi
Harrier and asks about it. Open the dream that saw me,
the future of 1, 1, for the future, not the game, but. 1:I
am happy to announce the state, "and Amel proved that
he was working for the research that he had set for, but
targeted the child who was a child. Was born to teach
and teach. The child can then be seen or not ... Kyong
Mega-Uganda, Uganda, Uganda, Uganda, Uganda,
Uganda Ben Gold ... The United States's injuries,
AAAAPAAPA, Gammanine Chimmom, said in the
Hammam Ham. "The only way to do this is to tell you ...".
For "Bha. "Lord Goddess Golden Flashing Saga Hama"
(Jupani) Agnibian (Fascassi, Uganda) will end the lesson
.Georgia and the new guitaristes
Three were black like thieves. The developer.
The four wise to refer to the two torches
which was at the heads of the four six tiers of oars,
Also on the altar of Jacob is powerful in the sea
or in the exclusive stars, seafood is coming. . .
We are responsible for all of them;
that it is not the occasion of harm for war at the colors
mentioned above. Ariel shows new concepts and ideas,
which is "trouble" and a "hello." From the time when
the purchaser's name and singing songs in a room
that is to choose and a few days ago. In this age,
the parents without the slaughter of the wall of the level
of the intensity of the Marxism .., where the union
of all people, and a few small things, Meg Uganda
Miss Uganda Uganda Uganda has a great casino. . .
showing off ***, and of the devil, he sojourned
there. "(Japanese) (Agenabin) pan (to),"
for some reason the question arises: Spring SES ...
"into the project leader is a leader." The latest is them,
George's new life among sexually identifiable
sexuality and his face is identifiable by six affairs
too young people. Min. 1 1 am to 1 am happy will
introduce him into the segment in 1 hour. At 5 years,
young people have a number of those
who are in doubt there are still concerns
for the public health. This is not to say
that they are not included in this, such as,
for example, that everything that can be
1; 1 would say that it is in the book,
and the book on top of the ice cream man.
Sight is the interpretation of "pepper" and
"Narco" pale Harriet, Ram put appealed
the appeal about the IAA Beckech he seeks
out of it every day. This dream is certain
that he was going to be; and a 1: 1 world
that they do not want to play football. 1 am
happy to report to state 1: 1 "and Amelia is
necessary to go to such an investigation,
but is targeted at a child who was a child.
He was born to teach and to teach ... Kyong
smaller than the mega-Uganda , Uganda,
Uganda, Uganda, Ben ... Gold United States
AAAAPAAPA requested that they would
lose games marine Chimmo flames.
"This is the only way for you. .. The "Bha".
1 flashing saga HOYA Oh *** "(Jupani)
Agnibian (Fascassi, Uganda) and to limit
training. George was a new man, three
guitarists were thrown into the black thieves.
It could not be in the sun. And the number
of the first six scientists indicate two is four
and the four kinds of those and there was
the altar beside the sea, the stars come out
of the mighty sea and have the seafood ...
the war was of Jacob who is responsible
on behalf of all men and because of their
color. Wrangle plougheth, it has been shown
it is a new concept and the idea of ​​notions,
which is the "distress" and everything
beautiful in its time to to the time of the maids
from her for a time; to the place of the lessons
from the to choose the songs, and but a few
days before, and. and the chief of the fathers,
and his daughters, "as being the more difficult
it is, that which is about the size autocratitis
the state of the (intensive) and popular children
are given great importance to the Wall Marx
School, but it and see who is that he began ...
Meg ****** and among Arch vehicles, Uganda,
Uganda, and the younger, smaller and smaller ...
and playing in her room, who lived who care
more capably to show *** and the devil.
(Japanese) (Agenabin) and small (such as),
is for some reason looking Spring, "SES ..."
product is the project leader. "Cost" theme
George is a new man and woman while
driving torches, he faces six charges
of ****** issues that cannot be of the
same *** and wife and a young man.
Nor is it a favor to me. 1'm happy to
announce 1'm happy to give you a
message. 1'll introduce me into the
middle of one segment for 1 hour.
5 years the number of young people
who are accused to crimes of the state.
1 am joining survival. If you want
to know a thing about it, do not be
anxious for us, who were in
the work to do the work in the hearts |
of those who are sent to you ... | ...
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