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Brianna 3d
Why does it have to be this way?
Why do I have to spend years of my life in fear?

There is so much hate for something so natural.
Is it the misogyny?
That I, a woman, dare defy males the pleasure of having me?
Is it religious hate?
That I, a lesbian, dare defy God's image of mankind?
Is it the fetishization?
That who I love is more akin to a **** category than a real relationship?

It could be, or it could be other causes.
The fact is, it shouldn't matter.
We've all heard it, I'm born this way.
After a while, the same argument doesn't mean anything though.
I don't know how else to convey to these idiots I didn't choose this.
I didn't choose to lose my childhood best friends,
Or to be outed to my high school because I trusted the wrong person.
To live in fear that my parents would not accept me for who I am.
To have such a fear of myself, I sabotage any relationship I begin.

I know I should have pride,
and I do.
I just don't know if the good outweighs the bad yet.
All of the good are hypotheticals.
Thinking about my future wife, and house, and relationship dynamics.
I fantasize about a shapeless form that will one day be someone I love.
But for now, that is all it is, a fantasy.

I want it to be a reality,
I want my parents supporting and loving me to be a reality too.
I want to find the person I am brave enough to hold hands with,
in spite of the rage that it causes.
I just want to be happy.
Witches, *******
Glitches in the matrix
Wretches on mattress
******’ till their mind is gone
Listening to satanic songs

24/7 dates
Deserving all the hate
Earthquakes and disasters
Perverted *******

It’s all their fault
Breathing in our world
Un-boys and un-girls
Choices! Choices!
Impure and unclean
Choices! Choices!
Heads in the guillotine
Never born, never seen
Never born, never seen
It’s always their choices
They don’t know what right is
Heads in the guillotine
Heads in the guillotine
p.s: the fact that I wrote this just before the Lil nas x and satanism fiasco is killing me haha ''listening to satanic songs''
All it takes
Is one look at
You and my heart is
Set off at
A million miles - per second.

The back of your head
Is enough to
Make my stomach
Twist in knots
For a few long hours. Plain giddy.

Well look at this,
Here I am
Perpetuating all
The stereotypes:
Welp, I think I fell

For my best friend - well done
NK Jun 7
I look back at the time I first saw you
That grumpy, anxious face told me a lot about you
I always thought of avoiding you
But I regret it to endlessly wanting you

The world has always been spinning and will go on,
But I swear my world stopped the moment you turned me down
I regret every hurtful word I said to you
‘Cause the truth is that, I can’t afford to lose you

Back in those days when we endlessly quarreled,
I swear I loved that every moment
Thinking of the happy days fills my eyes with tears
Every time your voice blessed my ears

That time we silently held hands
It was the most beautiful silence to ever stand
Your presence gave me an indescribable pleasure
Those eyes of yours had the deepest color

Alas, time has never been the same,
I can’t help, but, look at us in the frame
As I sit alone with that lost hand,
The winds coldly whisper your name

I couldn’t even think of any of this to happen,
Most of it was lost as it was gained
And if we have to pay for the happy times,
I’ve cried too much to be happy for the rest of my life

‘twas a comfort to gaze at your two eyes
Where the widest universe lies
How could I ever lose my universe?
   Hate myself for losing you

The visions I have do me no good,
They keep on turning me back to the same old wood
Where our names are still alive, never changed!
Then why is it us who have to change?

I beg you, if there’s anything I can do
I’m ready to give it all to get back to you.
I’m afraid I can’t pour it all on the desk
But, I swear all this time I’ve been missing you to death

I tried really hard to not to lose you,
Since then, I’ve been trying to make it up to you
And don’t you dare ask me If I’m tired
Because the truth is, I never stopped loving you
Lost love always follows regret and pain. The following lines dipicts the pain and regret of a lover who lost the love of her life the moment she confessed it. It makes her think that things were better off in a simple way, but ,now, she is ready to turn it into an even better way.
Lukas Troy Jun 7
Lost in my mind again,
Trying to find me.
Am I bi gay straight?
Why can’t I be free?
Lost in my gender like always.
Am I he/him she/her they/them?
  I see myself a guy but act like a girl but I feel neither.  
Why can’t I see me?
am I male, am I female, boy or girl?
The deeper I go.
I get further from finding out.
The more lost I get.
The harder it is to find me.
Will I know?
i felt this way when i was finding me i now know i am non binary gay
Jude Nugent Jun 5
Note:  This was not written by me.  It was written by my Dom Scruffy Lobo.

you come before Me,
Kneeling at My feet.
So many things to show you,
you just wait and see.

Worshiping My body;
Singing praises to My name.
I'll take you to new depths,
My pleasure is your pain.

I'm your Alpha, your King.
your place is here with Me!
Show Me how you'll serve.
your full loyalty I deserve.

I'm your Alpha, your Beast.
you're Mine for eternity!
Lustfully desiring.
And forever admiring.

By My side you pledge your life,
Come submit to Me!
I'll be blunt, it's all you want
Come submit to Me!

Note:  This was my response to my Dom Scruffy Lobo

i close my eyes and i dream
of moan and cry and sensual scream

Brutal hands and gently love
You are the one that i dream of

Your gentle kiss and savage bite
i am Yours in the dark and the light

my soul, my heart, my body and mind
Rejoice in what W/we did find

You are Beauty of Heart and Mind and Soul
my Beast, my Wolf, You make me whole

Love has blossomed from deep within
Which a love for me has never been

i give You my love and all of me
Growing together to become a W/we

To You i submit, i fall and bow
Yours i shall be forever and now.
This is an exchange of love between a Dominant and his submissive boy and lover.
Ahmad Attr Jun 4
There is some kind of hidden energy
In my hands when I lift them up as I speak
move with the vibrations out of my mouth; in synergy
when my eyes squint and widen, and I lift my cheek
and my body moves with my voice rhythmically
you think I am a freak, weak and all you do is critique
followed by the desire to wickedly do my mimicry
But there is power in my mystique
You are so fragile, shallow and lowly
If you are bothered by how I speak and my physique
So keep trying to hurt me
I’ll change my pain into my art as I please
This was written out of anger when one day My University Professor bullied me in front of whole class by the way I speak.
Ahmad Attr Jun 3
My right to life isn’t an agenda
My right to life isn’t as described by your *******
It isn’t a propaganda
It isn’t a part of politics
The fact that we have to justify our existence is saddening.
TTagain Jun 1
Sometimes I get tired of listening
To you and your friends
Your antiquated ideas
I want to speak my mind
But I love you too much
I fear losing you
I fear your hatred
But your ******* is my fuel
You make me angry
And I turn that into my poetry

I wish I could stop you
And many others like you
So filled with loathing
For people who don’t live the way you do
So eager to carve their lives
So they could fit your view
I wish I could walk off
As soon as you open your mouth
But hate is another form of love
Another form of obsession
Keeping me glued to your side

But I will never comply, abide by
the nonsense rules
the path all the privileged ones like you
want us to go to
all it ever takes is empathy
something so unknown to you
Happy Pride Month, say no to Homophobia.
nicaila Jun 1
"A devil lurking within
Some spells it must spittin'
He got you in an illusion
Of a true love when it's nothing but deception"

Honey, you got rosaries under your bed
How about reciting some verses instead
Your time is not well spent
Stop with my sexuality check

I got no friendly bonds with lucifer
Did your brains lost it's luster?
Did not aligned with your belief of a lover
Pronounced guilty of being an offender?
Why is being different worse than being a murderer?
I showed you all my true colors
Yet you gifted me with faces of terror
Told me rainbows are associated with monsters
That rainbows don't have pots of treasures but failures
That my nature will bring nothing else but disasters
Applause . You received a laughter.
A pretend to be holy mother
Yet it's you who's reflected in the mirror
When asked who's really the cancer

No people I trampled
No lives I troubled
Even so, I was met with scorching gazes
When I showered kisses to my happiness
"Devils! Sickening!' can see it in your scrutinizing eyes
What a mindset, I sympathize

I am a warbler with a freedom
Of whom I want to be in my kingdom
Of whom I can say I love you's
Of whom my heart can choose

Tell me
For the title of a sinner
Between me and you-a hypocrite believer
Who deserves it, I wonder?
Happy pride month!!
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