sometimes I sit and think
is what Im doing is really a sin?
loving someone just like me,
is that something people hate to see?
I'll never truly understand why loving someone with the same gender as myself
could cause an uproar as big as this and throw everything off the shelf

Story 7d

Glitter from yesterday's eyes
shimmers on my chest where she lay her head
& with each slow breath she travels deeper
into the beat between
theta waves and quickened pulse.
she dances with twitching signals
like buoys far off in the twilight sea
if the sea was me
& with each slow breath she travels deeper
into the beat between
delta waves and lucidity
and as each breath crests I follow trough
one great rolling sea
of shimmer glitter eyes chest we
lapping the shores of the beat between
consciousness and dream.

Jay Oct 12

"Yeah, if I were straight."
the words bounce off my tongue and onto the nurse's clipboard
before I can catch them
ricocheting back to my own ears I hear them
true but foreign
can't say how long they've been queued up on my mind's springboard
before they passed "can't say,"vaulted out of conscience's vault, and sprung forward into the world
and now they're here
cuz there's this girl that dyes her hair the color of sunshine
and makes goofy faces at canines
and make me feel that love can be mine
and I wouldn't feel this way
if I were straight.

She's living inside the dreary area
where she can't capable to visualize
those contrastive timbres of the rainbow
due of being concealed by the dusky clouds
with yelling thunderstorm that splash a words
that more barreled than the body of sword.

Shadows of people are not people anymore
but change into the shapes of cat and dog
murmuring when they see another creature
as they grinned their teeth with I'll nature
especially her that marked as a ghost
invisible when done something obedient
but mostly the essence of the bundled optics
whenever she's walking in the world street.

Considered as the ruler of torment
by being herself against the antique paper
Tongues are used to walk besides her—
saying religious words but in devilish way,
forming a cycle of a world's new theory—
the inequality with other personality.

Second Poem <3 Hope you'll like it

it's not a violent love
it doesn't take my breath away
quick and sharp.

it's a soft love
it is every moment of the day
constant and warm

today, as she lay on the floor,
her knit sweater bunched up as she stretched
and her figure lay before me.
i've never been one to lust,
but lord help me,
it took all of my strength
to distract myself
from the thought of touching her.
i couldn't help myself
from imagining my hands up and down
her beautiful, fair skin.
what i would give
to be the first to kiss every inch of her
and the first to hear her gasps and giggles
as i surprise her untouched senses
and guide her into a new world.

Soft edges
Soft heart
Brazen and bold
And warm.
She speaks molten silver
That flows through my heart
And fills me.
She moves like water
And breathes the wisdom of the world.

I can't think of you.

God damn it. I'm doing it again.

Hair tinted gold when the sun would shine just right.

I see your face when Valerie plays over dull speakers in my Mother's old Toyota.

Eyes rimmed black.

Hazel and warm like pumpkin spice.

Body spray and French manicures.

Walking through rough alleyways in the dark. Back to college, back on campus. I'll never forget that night.

You've forgotten that night. It wasn't special for you.

Half a decade ago.

Unrequited girl crush.

I know, I know we were friends.

For one semester. Six months.

You were my first, Valerie.

The first person to make me question.

To make me wonder.

To make me fear.

To make me choke.

We lost contact after college graduation. I couldn't be happier.
Joliver Sep 22

Selective, elective, feigning acceptance
Nodding your head in that knowing way
“It’s just a phase” isn’t just a phrase
With every passing day your ignorance tests my patience
Forgiveness is a virtue
But you “forgiving” me for what I am
Doesn’t make you a better person than
those who hate, discriminate, separate us as wrong
Why can’t you wrap your head
Around what I’ve said
I like boys, I like girls
And yet even my own community hurls
Misinformation and false narration
Bisexuality is valid
We aren’t confused or indecisive
This shouldn’t be divisive
You dare to say
That we shouldn’t stay
Because we have the “choice” of being “normal?”
When did bisexuality become not gay enough
When did bisexuality become not gay enough
When did bisexuality become not gay enough
I don’t mean to be callous
But bisexuality is valid

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