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PrttyBrd 20h
Cradle me in your arms
and sing me into peace
drifting into lyrics and flat B's
love never sounded so safe

Invited into Dreamland
with love stories serenaded
in tunes familiar
connected through time

Lost in times gone by
begging another with restless moans
soothed into slumber
by music that still makes me smile
54w ©
Do you drive past her place
At night
In that isolated town
Where the streetlights don't light up
Do you walk past her window
Whilst staring at your shadow
Wondering how things ever got so out of hand
Do you cycle with your friends past her fences
Wondering why she never comes out anymore
Getting tired of the suspense?
As your friends keep asking
Whether she sneaks out
Because she is grounded
Or she doesn't want to be seen by you
And they chuckle
At the thought of this

She's a small town girl
Give her some time and she'll get around
After all she is vulnerable in your arms
Just like all the other girls
Old draft for my zaftig ex
Night has fallen, my head hits the pillow,
Knowing there will be kisses tomorrow,
Kisses, embraces, love at every sight,
There upon daybreak, gives me peace at night.

Night has fallen, eyelids darken my eyes,
Knowing there will be an end to all lies,
Truth, joy and happiness, hope in my hand,
There upon daybreak, I now understand.

Night has fallen, I slip into my dreams,
Knowing there will be love real as it seems,
Love, adoration, anticipation,
There upon daybreak, heartfelt elation.

Night has fallen, all my thoughts of your smile,
Knowing there will be kisses all the while,
Kisses, embraces, love you in my sight,
There upon daybreak, but for now good night.
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it's still pretty early
but it's time to sleep
the night will go faster
and i will finally be in your arms come morning
hearing your lovely voice
and soaking up your warmth
feeling content and safe
and asking you the big question
Cc Oct 3
Sweet dreams, I entreat
To come now swiftly to me
For tonight, adieu~
See you HPoets in the morning!
Sssssssssss Sep 16
I love how your poetry,
Is perfection itself.
No stress or time limit
could limit your abilities.

Everything you utter
Is beautiful and intriguing.
From the moons to the stars
I don’t know how you fit me in.

To me, you are the only one,
Who is capable of such.
Michael Sep 14
Every morning I wake up early.
I hate getting up, but a lay in is just not for me.
While the others in the home sleep, my mind starts to race.
Out of this warm and cosy bed I get, and around the house I pace.
Before much time has passed boredom gets up and takes it’s terrible place.
The silence of the house is deafening, almost like its screaming in my face.
Every moment that passes by has all gone to waste.
If only I stayed in bed this morning, rather than evacuating with haste.
Maybe then I’d be less bored, or at least no longer be awake.
But here I am awake again, like the sun and I are in a race.
One day I’ll get to sleep in, and wouldn’t that be great?
To have a restful nights sleep may be just what I need.
But the universe has other ideas when it comes to me.
It wants anything and everything for me.
That is, of course, with the exception a good nights sleep.
My never ending battle with sleep
Sssssssssss Sep 14
About now would be the time,
Where I usually bid you goodnight.
I wonder if you’re staying up later today,
Or if you’re in bed, staring at the moonlight.
But from this path of silence I won’t stray,
I’ll just have to keep wondering everyday.
Christopher Sep 3
Here I lay with you.
Just thinking about what we did today.
I enjoyed our morning drink and our daily talk.
Unfortunately, we missed our morning walk.

There were people coming to see you today and I didn't mind to let them say hey.

Bringing in meals and their feels but I couldnt relate as we had our morning coffee.

The afternoon breeze feels great today, you should come outside and enjoy this amazing day.
I've got your radio in hand so let's sit on the porch and try to understand why I love to hold your hand.

Today has been great but I can't say goodbye with a lullaby.
I'll sing it this time and don't worry, I memorized, rhyme for rhyme.

It's time to say goodbye.
I love you so much and I can't let go.
At least just one more cup before the road.
To keep you up.
And to hold you from slumber.
Just don't close your eyes and say goodnight.
This couch where we sat still feels the same.
She told me goodnight, and I wished her sweet dreams
But I'm not going to sleep for some time
I will stay up with the addict I locked in a cage
And as I do, I promise you I'll keep safe as his words unwind
To benefit the world in some way, through pen and page
I was texting a friend of mine, and we told each other goodnight. ...But it's another one of those times where I'm drinking coffee at 11 pm right now, so I'm probably going to stay up all night. It's really fun, drinking coffee at night and writing or painting or drawing or even just jamming out to music! Anyways, just thought this would be a neat, silly poem you may enjoy ;)
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