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Savio Fonseca Jul 2023
As I gaze at the Midnight Moon,
breathing slowly as I Sigh.
It wishes Me Goodnight,
and assures Me I won't Die.
The Sun will show it's Face,
after the Moon falls off to Sleep.
When the new Day has Dawned,
My Tears begin to Weep.
Life was a Beautiful Teacher,
that smothered Me with Kisses.
Alas I forget all My Lessons,
Hence I'm losing on the Blisses.
Time was a cruel Companion,
Which I lost somewhere on the Way.
Love was just a Friend of Mine,
Who One Day........ran Away.
leeaaun Jan 2023
call hypnos
the Greek God of sleep
to cast me under his spell
as all i wanted was
to cherish a
Jean Feb 2022
I look forward
to the day
that I can say goodnight
but not
Mae Dec 2021
Today you will drink the wine you like
Pick your meal
And not ask what I will have
Because today is your birthday

Maybe you will find someone to share it with
Maybe you will like her stories
Maybe you will laugh, hard
Or maybe you won't.

Maybe you will remember
Saying I love you for the first time today
Or maybe there are too many miles between then and now

Happy birthday
I love you too.
Elizabeth Kelly Dec 2021
Forbidden night, with your sheltered hours.
How I long to paint you in broad strokes, adding water to the brush,
That you may spread and extend your precious mercies beyond the borders of your designation,
up and out into the wicked day.

May the sun forgive me for bankrupting its grand offering in favor of the always-waning dark, when it’s easier to walk between worlds without touching.
Daylight brings out the conquerers and also the conquered,
creating a vacuum that devours the air between gaps in the dimensions,
the grind and squeeze of many lungs contracting at once.

And although every period of light and compression is followed by a period of darkness and grasping strangeness, I am never unsurprised by the strength of my enduring love nor less enchanted by the singularity of our shadowy and permissive embrace. I have traveled great lengths to con my own rhythms into abandoning  their posts.

Oh night, I hold on to you like a new bride at a military wedding,
resolute in the knowledge that you will only return once you’ve already gone.
No sooner do you pull from my arms do I finally rest, too early and too late for a gentle landing onto the unforgiving surface of the sunrise.  

the hourglass breaks and so appears Morpheus, great and ancient, to call down black night upon the wretched world.
For it was agreed that once per cycle, the world must lose itself in necessary madness, and thus rests the cosmic balance upon which fares the day
Zay Dec 2021
Baba tucks me into bed & I ask him to read me a story.
He tells me tales of foxes & rabbits,
Each one ending in glory.
I dream of baby bunnies with cotton tails & cottage houses,
Sneaky wolves with evil plans,
Being deceived by mouses.

Baba tucks me into bed & kisses my forehead goodnight.
We exchange our “I Love You’s” as he turns off the light.
I dream of my new school & wonder if the kids will like me,
Maybe if I pretend to be sick, Baba won’t have to take me.

I yell out to Baba “goodnight!” before closing my room door.
His footsteps keep me up at night,
Till 2 am, 3 am, 4…
I want to tell him that I’m concerned for his health,
That I love him & so much more.

I tuck Baba into bed & kiss his forehead goodnight,
Telling him tales of better days, before turning off the light…
Dedicated to my father, as we continue to watch each other grow.
Leocardo Reis Jul 2021
I am ready to drift
into the endless night,
as if it were an ocean.
Like waves of the tide,
my dreams will wash over me.
But I do not mind.
In them are
the reflection of
the stars.

It is only at night
that the constellations can be seen.
Here, I can find my way.
Which dream,
which constellation,
shall I see tonight?
Who will appear
by my side?

What wonders a night of sleep can do,
if you can fall asleep.
Man Jul 2021
they say
of that home overhead
is beauty rapturous
but the interred
holler a song
showing gold to be lead
for his might is rancorous
thought that allure captures still
for when have the greedy had their fill
not in this life
not in the next
for the fearful are still afraid
and will be still, when down they're laid
despite their fight
the sickly go too
for all their bated breaths
could not help in their deaths
that fed the soil what hungered so
going silently
into that goodnight
Odd Odyssey Poet Apr 2021
Sleep now my little baby,
as the night whispers to you a sweet lullaby
Under the stars tonight,
bright dreams will keep you warm inside.

Sleep now my little treasure,
drift off into a peaceful sleep
In this quiet night where everything sleeps,
you won't hear a sound, nor a creature peep.

I'll tuck you in tight,
these warm blankets will comfort you all night.
The Sun has set,
the moon is up from the west
Your bed a nest,
sleep now my little baby
And find your rest.

Off to dreamland now,
I'll light the way
I won't make a sound,
till then, I'll meet with you the next day.

Goodnight my sweet,
and sweet dreams to you.
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