A Jun 15

"I love you,"

I said.

He replied,

"Good night."

That night

I knew

what love was for me

was a dream to him


Good night my true one;
Let your dreams lead you on as
They take you away

Anastasia Apr 24

She bought her tiger lilies rather than roses
She wrote her poetry instead of letters.
She left kisses where she hid her past.
She saw her for her soul not her body.

for more than a year,
I have been stuck with the indecision to
call you.
and it's as if I torture myself with the thought
of what I would do
if you were to bump into me at the grocery store
hair grown out past your chin,
bloodshot eyes; you smell like beer and piss.
would I have the courage to confront you?
or would I take on the "little girl lost" persona
i oh so often do
and crouch behind the stand of sunflowers,
waiting until you have finished fishing through to find your favorite muffins from the display
and go on your way
i just can't fathom
after all these months of trying to change myself,
i can't change the fact that you are still plaguing my body
the bruises on my lips can still be felt.
your scent fills up the room that you refuse to walk into
and it must be some kind of fucking sickness
that no matter what you could have said to me and make me cry
it won't be enough to scare me away
Stockholm syndrome for the  ones who keep themselves imprisoned in another's memory
you have made me sick and perverted
but I love you for it.

i saw you and i turned my head away because in that moment i vowed that i never wanted to see you again. but now i sit in my bed and i wish that i had done something- gasped, cried, smiled back... anything other than the empty gaze i shot your way as we passed each other- you leaving while i was entering.
Andrew T Apr 18

We walked through the woods,
when it was growing thick with shadows, the way smoke funnels
out a chimney. She wore a hoodie and yoga pants,
attire to match her mood: relaxed and comfortable.
Her eyes reminded me of what lies beneath puddles,
after a rainstorm had passed through
the small hometown, which disowned you.
We wrote songs while sitting on tree stumps,
chewing tobacco and drinking gin.
Because, we wanted people to write movies about us,
like the ones they played before the explosion
took out a half of Paris, DC, and Sydney.
Test me again, and I will never talk to you,
you said those words and you meant it.
I regret ever running
into you at the house,
and falling for you,
like how I'm falling
over on my ass.
And now we will never text,
have a conversation,
or hold each other in bed.
Kiss me goodnight,
but don't say
that you ever cared about me,
because I don't believe
in the lyrics,
your favorite musician sings.

Ben Jr Apr 8

Love is ecstasy,
That feeling inside me,
Like THC,

Love is a beautiful heart break,
That text back,
After a one night stand,

Love is a free fall,
That late night good bye,
That makes you come back for more,

Love is a necessity,
The glowing Halo,
That made me,

Brush your hair back behind your ear
Pull my blankets to your chin
And kiss your cheek
Most gently
Just before I let you drift off to sleep

Because this is where the long day ends
And my loving care for you begins
And renews again
Over and over
Just like all of your dreams
Which my unbroken heart always wanted to mend

For as long as you need me here to sleep
I’ll wait for you most patiently
Be it by your side or a distance away
With a cup perhaps in the hallway
To sip until the break of day

Because I am yours
As you are to me
One meant for the other
And purposefully made
This way to be
Like coffee and her beloved tea

Yes I am your tea
And pleased so to be
Dark and rich like indian spices
Warm and soothing as a bubbling bath
To cut the edge of the winter's night
And to warm you to me

Oh dearest future
See only me
And know that I read not just for me
But for all of the stories which are yet to come
And for all of the secrets you may wish me to speak

How I wish that this sound could be more like me
Like the last lingering note
Of the lullaby we’d always sing
And I’ll sing once more one day to my kids
Which I hope one day you would give to me

And so in this momentaneous rhyme
I give you what's left of my lifetime of time
My eternity
My everything and all of me
With every sentiment and subtle though
Which ever passed through this imperfect mind

As well as this comfortable bed of mine
How lonely it's been
Here without you within
Oh dearest girl
Oh darling of mine

You're the future that I
Most every day desire to see
But must stop myself from picturing in mind
So goodnight dear future
You're far to beautiful to begin to describe

From a future guy to a future girl. :p

Who am I kidding... I'm just rambling. Good night.

Why did it stop?

I'm tired.


I lay in bed, drained
I hear the thunder
preparing us all
for the rain.

I look at my wall,
at the Jellyfish that hang.
My heart flutters and I smile
as I remember who is always by my side.

Tonight or I guess this early morning, was great.

night time drugs are kicking in
i tried so hard to stay awake until the end
and now that the end has come
i am sad, i can't wait until your smiling face
will be so close to mine again.

Shibu Varkey Feb 1

Cloudless and bright your visage
Your raven strands blow across it.
The gentle rise and ebb of your breath.
I gaze at you, asleep in pristine beauty.

The waves that lap the silver sands
Of shore bathed in pure beams of the moon,
Echoes of the sirens of the tired ships
for mooring to rest, from  their trips.

Hours pass over me, yet undeterred.
My eyes never content, longing more.
Calls out to your heart with silent gaze,
Waves of love, again, again and again.

As light on rippleless water
Flashes a smile on your lips
A flutter a flash of your eyelids.
Perhaps dream of me, you did.

Slumber evades my being
Captive it never is mine
As often as I sit a gazing
Your beauty in sleep divine.

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