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Today, the world was cold.
It's people mostly cruel.
So it's time to say goodbye. Good night.
May tonight be the night
The world begins again.
Today the words
Wouldn’t come out
I swear I just spoke
I’m exhausted and can
No longer adult
Someone just bring out
The toys.

                  - L.Frost
andTilly Oct 30
curved, curvy in the pose
foot risen
bent in them bones
wet in layers
wet in sweat
making the small world
bigger than bed

sitting, sleeping in the chair
a sleepy day
closing like eyelids
creating ripples
making waves
a fiddle
making the small world
little less brittle

close, closer than breath
nothing to see
breathing in dreams
heavy as the planet
to see the small world
getting tired

silent, silence pouring over
glueing ears shut
swimming in sea
of four-leafed clovers
four lean mes
to see the small world
from inside out
Zack Ripley Oct 14
I know you like to be alone.
I know you like to do things on your own.
But some day, you're going to want a friend, so I was wondering,
Would you let me catch you
When you fall?
Would you let me be the one you'd call?
Would you let me help you end a fight?
Would you let me be the one
Who texts good night?
I know you don't want to rely on anyone,
But in the end,
Would you let me be your friend?
RJ Romero Sep 26
The streets are quiet

the night is dark

but the lamps are brightest

The moon is in its highest

peak and the world

is stark naked


As 12 strikes the clock

You walk alone


Never minding the

dangers told

Bared senses

Mind calm

after days of storm

Smile forming on your lips

Be careful still

And come home

Slip beneath the sheets

Eyes shut and sleep deep

Outside, moonshine glows
It was the end of the day.
the sun was saying its final goodbyes.
All the men were going home to a nice dinner
not me, I went home to a deafening silence.
As I prepared for tomorrow, you messaged me,
asking me how I was doing and how much my muscles ached.
As the conversation continued, I felt the fatigue of the day wash away as we talked into the night.
and when we said our final goodnights, I felt ready to face tomorrow.
this is a little something I whipped up for a tiny writing competition with the theme of friendship. I decided to post it here because it turned out better than expected
dailythoughts Jul 24
every colour the sun paints while bidding goodbye leaves you smiling even wider for what you'll witness after is not dark but hope in shapes of a few bling bling
luciana Jul 13
you're tired mi amor
you don't have to stay awake anymore
come, gentle night.
laying next to you, I've never felt like this before
seemed as if life was nothing, but a bore
come, gentle night.
there's nobody else that I adore
having to say good-bye is something I can't afford
come, gentle night.
but for you, I will always care for
therefore, I must go
trying to convince myself that this is for the best
I head out the back door
come, gentle night.
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