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Prince 1d
If only just a memory than I hope its unforgettable & I have no idea what u look like right now but I know your beautiful.
You tuck me in any time I lie down because you want to make sure I’m comfy.
I know you love me, because you show me in every little, big, thing you do.
You don’t do the things you do as a cloak for manipulation, to prove to me that I’m so lucky. You’re not doing anything just to convince me.
You’ve changed my ideology of the word “healthy” when it comes to sharing and showing love.
Kai Sep 4
I whisper goodnight
so close your eyes now dear
because it all ends
Remember everything ends eventually...
I’m going to bed,
Yes, I’m going to bed.
I’m putting down my phone,
I’m putting down my head.

I’m going to sleep,
I’m going to bed.
No I won’t stay up longer,
I’m thinking ahead.

Enough is enough,
I’m just going to bed.
I’ll see you tomorrow,
We can hang out then instead.

Goodbye, goodnight,
Good day tomorrow too.
So I’m going to bed, sleeping,
And awaking refreshed and anew.
Sweet dreams!
The overwelming wave of sadness when the last person you were able to text goes offline at 3AM and you're alone in your bed just thinking about what comes next.

A "poem" every day.

I'm becomming sadder every day, and it starts to cost more and more. I'm tired of existing, of living like this.
Amanda Jul 4
If the hardest thing is falling
Do not make me choose
Between falling soundly asleep
Or falling in love with you
An old one I found on my Facebook page from eight years ago! It's so cute. I love it.
raquezha Jun 25
Goodnight my dear twilight
don't let any bad dreams
come to you tonight
you're the leaves
and I'll be the branches
let's make a world
full of trees and happy places
and put smile on everybody's faces
Goodnight my dear twilight
sweet kisses will travel
the world for you tonight
Lena May 19
let your worries fade
give into drowsy eyes
drift softly into a sleepy haze

let me run my fingers through your messy hair
let me kiss your troubles away
let me whisper three  little words
let me always be there

to say

Alice May 15
Good night sun, as soon you will again break through.
Good night stars, you paint our sky a softer hue.
Good night moon, light up the sky I'll sail into.
Good night rain, please wash these gentle lands anew.
Good night sky, although they leave you black and blue.
Good night pain, may the morning cleanse me of you.
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