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toleomato Jul 13
I am ready to drift
into the endless night,
as if it were an ocean.
Like waves of the tide,
my dreams will wash over me.
But I do not mind.
In them are
the reflection of
the stars.

It is only at night
that the constellations can be seen.
Here, I can find my way.
Which dream,
which constellation,
shall I see tonight?
Who will appear
by my side?

What wonders a night of sleep can do,
if you can fall asleep.
Man Jul 1
they say
of that home overhead
is beauty rapturous
but the interred
holler a song
showing gold to be lead
for his might is rancorous
thought that allure captures still
for when have the greedy had their fill
not in this life
not in the next
for the fearful are still afraid
and will be still, when down they're laid
despite their fight
the sickly go too
for all their bated breaths
could not help in their deaths
that fed the soil what hungered so
going silently
into that goodnight
Kassan Jahmal Apr 20
Sleep now my little baby,
as the night whispers to you a sweet lullaby
Under the stars tonight,
bright dreams will keep you warm inside.

Sleep now my little treasure,
drift off into a peaceful sleep
In this quiet night where everything sleeps,
you won't hear a sound, nor a creature peep.

I'll tuck you in tight,
these warm blankets will comfort you all night.
The Sun has set,
the moon is up from the west
Your bed a nest,
sleep now my little baby
And find your rest.

Off to dreamland now,
I'll light the way
I won't make a sound,
till then, I'll meet with you the next day.

Goodnight my sweet,
and sweet dreams to you.

Every night when we say goodnight my heart ****. Sad and thinking tomorrow will never come, therefore I'm sleeping now so I could catch you in my dreams. Just close your eyes and see me right next to your heart. You breathing in me. I live on you like parasite. I know you love me,  I hold   you tight in my heart. Love you to the sky and beyond. G--Nyt HONE !
SquidInk Feb 15
Happy Valentine's day to my ex
I will always smile at our pictures
I will always find you funny
I will always contemplate saying something to you when I see you
I will make fun of you to my friends to help me cope
I just wish that I hadn't completely lost you
Towards the end, we weren't in a healthy relationship
But I still miss you being my best friend
I still miss texting you good morning and goodnight
I hate that we have shut each other out
Because no matter how much you ****** me off I wanted to be there
Because you were my best friend
i miss the other parts of you i lost when i lost you
solfang Feb 15
the memories of us
induced my insomnia,
and the tears on my pillow
became my sleeping pills
how does it feel like being able to sleep at night without crying?
Nikkie Jan 30
I feel it in the tenderness in your expression,
when you call me baby over the phone.
I feel the  charm of your masculinity.
Something deep inside of you transfers esoterically
inside my soul.
I want you to get deeper into our merger.
I want to be your dream come true.
I want to cradle myself next to you;
a blanket on the floor, a pillow on the bed,
a tent in a back field in the middle of the night.
it doesn’t matter where we are, as long as I lay next
to my man.

I will be happy, I will be whole.
I like it when you call me baby, I am fully aware that
I am yours.
I am dedicated to my African King, and I know that you are
devoted to me.
When you call me baby, I know you mean it.
You arouse a fireside of warmth inside my wet harbor,
and when you call me baby, you make me feel like Black Beauty!
I feel the sensations of your heartbeat, jiving to music that
only we can hear..

You make me melt like heat to ice, when you touch my lips,
and kiss me goodnight.
I feel exclusively special when you call me your Lady!
I can’t help but hold a torch for you.
I like it when you call me baby, it makes me feel rather
profound for you.
When you call me baby over the phone,
I want to add your sentiment as my preferred ringtone.
Rollercoaster Dec 2020
"Goodnight, sweet dreams"- I used to say.
Then when I came back home
after staying at grandma's for the holidays with the cousins,
I listed their names as I went to sleep,
good night, sweet dreams accompanied with each.
"Good night-sweet dreams, Nani Ji"
"Good night to everyone whenever your night might come"
"Sweet dreams to everyone whenever your night might come"
Nani Ji is maternal grandma in Hindi.
Zack Ripley Nov 2020
Today, the world was cold.
It's people mostly cruel.
So it's time to say goodbye. Good night.
May tonight be the night
The world begins again.
Larissa Frost Nov 2020
Today the words
Wouldn’t come out
I swear I just spoke
I’m exhausted and can
No longer adult
Someone just bring out
The toys.

                  - L.Frost
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