Floating up in the morning
to the earth in its layers
Layers between a sock
           the floor, some feet

Thumping a way through
the drifting and melted on core
Rounded sounds
and absorbing before emerging
Sometimes when it's late.
I turn over and want to call you.
I never do.
Believing that it's best I let you rest.
In reality I need to hear your voice so I too
Can nod off into a decent sleep.
Otherwise I am tossing and turning thinking of you.
It doesn't have to stop there.
This late night call.
Ignoring the middle of the day.
Longing to hear you melt.
Even if you can't talk.
To tell you that I've found a place that I want to stay.
And that I hope you have too.
To wish you a good night.
The best kind of therapy.
A call that leads to spreading the night in your arms.
Finding the sun at night.
To tell you I love you before dozing off.
Maja S Feb 28
"Come with us." They say to me
Always at this time, every night
"Come with us, and stay and be!"
Once or twice, I thought I might

But this time again, I tell them sadly "No."
Sighing as I know, I owe the storm
As a goodnight, they take my hands in their own.
And kiss my cold knuckles warm.
Tonight my soul travels and stays beside you  

As the stars twinkle and moon shines

It watches you swift into your dreams

It flies with you to the world of your own

It stays to protect and guard  

It dances in the midnight up across the sky

It lives the night young and holds you tight

Oh the soul finds its solace in you

As the sun rises, you are to go and so do I

It kisses goodnight and hides itself away

It silently waits for its treasure to come back

Oh the lovely long nights , dancing souls and precious little hearts

Goodnight my darling,
sleep until the morning comes
and wakes you with its gentle finger
of sunlight, shining on your pillow.
Sleep until the clouds break the dawn
and steal away the night
from under the moon.
Sleep until the day is bright
and the time is right
and your eyes open wide.
Sleep tight. <3
Bryce Feb 1
Today i clacked my shoe heels on the bench
paced the piece like a pommel horse with a fire in my eye
and words that hurled spears of love to the stary eyed sky

Today we let the smoke penetrate more deeply--
the oxygen osmosis contained hydraulic thought
And for once we tore the masks off and screamed TRUTH
to nobody but ourselves

I refill my gas tank with the petrififed remains of ancient mistakes
that died to an uncaring genocidal
feasting on borrowed bones

Today the heavens sing with every sunset
eyes glued to our utilitarian hand-
hand device, we dont even bother to look up
that bothered me immensely

Today I spoke with a woman who recommended the stars as a good starting point to our astral projection journies
and i wondered if our particulae had ever reverberated this strong
in the aeons before

Tonight I will watch the stars
try to figure out if i had ever loved death more or less,
until now.
goodnight ichorous day till death may i see you again
Aya Mousli Jan 31
I slip into my gown
To peacefully watch the night
As it begins to drown
In the sea of love,
that I've created
During the days I waited
for you to fill my void
Regardless of
how much
you destroyed

I slip into my gown
Knowing that
The moon will fall down
Because of
The barriers you created
That made Earth frown
and shatter
When you decided
That I don't matter

I slip into my gown
Knowing that
You won't leave my mind
Until love turns me blind
Sleeping to an image of your smile is like killing myself everynight but never actually dying. It's a gift though because I've learned about  the super powers of love in me, and I've translated them into endless poems written secretly in your name.
cher Jan 27
good night!
though my nights won't be good,
not when i'm isolated from this.
i'll miss our talks,
i'll miss your grins,
i swear i'll miss every bit of it.

good night!
o, these nights will be dreary,
for i'll be pushing myself daily.
i'm small,
fragile. please pray for me.

good night!
i'll hold this necklace tight
and i promise and swear this
i'll cherish
this pick.
one of the ones we picked once.

good night!
i hope you think of me. remember
this gross poem and the embers
won't go burn out.
miss me
and know that i will you throughout.

good night!
gaze up to the moon at midnight
though we'll be timezones apart
so i can knowingly share that same
pale rock
with the idiot holding my heart.

good night!
stay focused and be strong, for i
know we both have deficits but
still we have to try.
i trust
you will not bite the dust.

good night!
i hope you'll rest well. hell,
i'll be catching up on lost hours
finally giving in
caving in
losing myself to exhaustion.

good night!
this poem was cheesy, entirely
obnoxiously. it's unlike me
to write this way
for you, i'll put that pride away.

good night, churro boy.
wrote this for my boyfriend cause i'm leaving the country for a bit
Goodnight moon
Goodnight world
For the joys you bring
And the lessons we learn
Tomorrow's a new day
And we can try again
Even if we fail
we always have the stars
And we can always say
Goodnight moon
Because the moon will always shine in the light full of darkness
-Elizabeth Selmi
Written on: January 25,2018
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