Unlike any other
We sat on the hood of my car
And stared at the beautiful stars
A simple kiss here and there
But it wasn’t anything more
He wouldn’t dare
Kisses, cuddles, laughing and stories
You remind me
Who it is to be Zoie
From elementary school
Middle school
High school
And beyond
You have always been
My favorite song

Went out with an old friend tonight. Definitely an unforgettable night.

Will you tell me one more time,
Before I close my eyes tonight?

Brianna Love Oct 8

With sweet memories of love
filling the night air,
her heart fills with bliss
in the love that’s shared.

In the silence of night
with her head upon your chest,
sleep beckons her body and mind
to a peaceful nights rest.

You see, never in her life
has she asked for anything new,
the only thing that comes close
is asking for a love pure and true.

Not just love of heart
but of body, soul and mind,
that honest love of truth
that is so hard to find.

So as her eyelids start to dance
and images start to form,
she gives into these beautiful dreams
that are now being born.

As sleep takes you into dreams
and you feel her head on your chest,
know that it’s your faithful love
that gives her peaceful rest.

I wrote to you, love.
I hope you got my message.
I am leaving here.

Listen to me.

Goodnight mother
goodnight friends
goodnight moon
and all loose ends
goodnight pets
goodnight dad
goodnight lover
you were all i had

goodnight angel my love for you will never burn out and ill take it into the river with me
Abby Brummel Sep 6

Is looking outside from your inside just as skewed
as when we look from our outside to your inside?
Please, inform my right side brain
That the left side was correct once again
Even a slight whisper will do.
Please? Don't make me beg.
Are you content with what you've made of me?
The world you created so simply with your bare unfaithful hands has become my cruel reality that I can't seem to escape
I wonder how you sleep at night. With her on your left or your right?
The same sheets that hugged my naked skin after exchanging goodnight kisses from your lips
Is now where she makes her dreams appear.
Is this fair? I didn't ask for this.

nadia yahya Apr 30

One man down
And two
And three
Keep counting

It's like a routine for him
Every night he'll be your company
While you keep your eyes open wide
you'll think about the little talk you had
He smirks while judging the thoughts in your head
If you let him in, you'll fall
If you stand still, you'll win it all.

Sleep tight,
That's what he wants
And he knows your plan

That tonight
You'll stay awake to figure this out
That tonight
This mess you'll keep thinking about.


Sweet dreams, don't let him in.

'This is bad,' I think
And in a blink
Your smile fades
To a cold gray
And I swallow hard
As you turn to leave
my backyard
And I want to scream and
find a way,
A way to make you stay.
But you're out of reach
And my heart pounds
To the steps you take
And I feel like I'm going
To break...

Britney Lyn Aug 23

Loneliness lives in the dark, where even your shadow leaves you.

Here comes another night
to pause and end the day,
Dedicate the deeds to almighty, surrender right away!

Lucky you are to be alive,
to everybody, be grateful!
Everything is a blessing,
to nature, be thankful!

Dissolve in the darkness of
recuperating, regenerating night,
followed by reviving energizing
restart of another day bright..

Through another dreamy night,
to be with you to glide,
Call upon the angels
and your spiritual guide!!!

Night talks
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