Mims 7d
I'm older now

You told me you loved me tonight

I cried

I'm older now
I held him and kissed him goodnight

I'm older now
I went to a restaurant and my mother handed me a glass of wine

I'm older now
Kept quiet in the face of violence

I'm older now
Helped make breakfast

I'm older now
I'm the age they thought appropriate for me to love fiercely

The age they thought okay for you to want me

The age we always talked about like some distant memory

The one we used in all our arguments
All our reasons


I am here

And I don't know what to do with it.

Almost scared to want it


I loved all my presents
But they weren't what I really wanted
Despite asking for them

What I want
I am scared to want
What I wanted

Was you.
Just a fact, perhaps. No double meaning I guess,
Admitting distance
Is this what motherhood feels like.

Watching him come home from school. Making him diner. Him taking a bath. Putting on his Paw Patrol pjs. Watching tv together then sending him off to bed.

He’s not legally mine but I wish he was. I feed him. Buy him clothes and toys. Kiss him goodnight read him bed time story’s.  If I deeply think about I’m more of his mom then that woman who raised him.

It’s bad when he gets in trouble at school and I have to go to a parent teacher conference.

But really.....

Am I a mom?

                                 With love,
Laying on the nice cold grass outside my country home. I watch the stars and the moon trying to connect the constellations I think of you.

                         With love,
Heavy hearts beat louder at night
Shines a light on feelings left unidentified
Damp pillows, clenched fists, the signs of bad memories, too stubborn to quit

Projected onto the ceiling of my mind,
A film reel plays of the times of my life
Tortured history, dotted with melancholy tragedies

Not a sob story, at least not yet
I tuck my regrets in at night
Unsure of who will get smothered first
A bet I’m willing to make, if it means a nights rest
pk tunuri May 2
I hate the people
sends me
Good Morning &
Good Night Messages
Because, they just skip telling me
all the other IMPORTANT matters
Ender Royalty Apr 18
"Good night"
My mom said
For the very last time
When I went to bed

She died in a car crash
He was very intoxicated
He was going to fast
"Drinking is underrated"

The news reports screamed
The last time I saw mom
Was on the living room tv
And yet I still kept calm
This is a fictional poem, I have not experienced such events or anything simular
As the moon makes its way across the night sky,
May the stars look upon you and guide your soul to your dream destination,
May the sweet and gentle breeze cause your heart to swell with happiness,
May the silence bring you peace and deep serenity,
May the hope of a new morning keep you and the love of all cover you,
May the songs of angels bless and rejuvenate your tired spirit,

All is well, all is well.

The night is young and beautiful, take part in it, I implore you. And may you sleep in comfort and grand respite.
Sleep well everyone!
Lily Apr 4
In the light, I see the faces of people,
And most are happy.
The smiling mouths, the twinkling eyes,
The joyful expressions.
People in the light can breathe freely,
Carelessly, and easily say that
Everything’s fine.
In the light, I see the normal, everyday
Procedures that comprise the world around us,
The world that we always see in the light.
I see the 9-5 workdays, smell the coffee brewing,
Hear the sweet goodnights and feel the fulfilling sleep.
In the light, no one thinks.  
No one is concerned in the light,
Everything is expected, natural, normal, the usual.
Everything’s fine.
But in the dark, I see the faces of people,
And they are tragically beautiful in their chaos,
Because in the dark they can let it go.
In the dark, no one is watching, and no one is pretending.
People in the dark think, people in the dark
Can easily say that everything is tainted,
Stained by human corruption.
In the dark, breathing is difficult,
And trying to calm your trembling takes
Superhuman strength.
The ache seeps through your bones, muscles, and nerves,
But you know the light is coming, where you
Don’t have to think and you can breathe.
But are you real in the light?
Kiss me goodnight
with your
soft, addicting
Caress my hand
with your thumb
while the rest
of our fingers
are intertwined
and holding
like our hands
are sewed together
and we’ll never be able to
let go.
Forget the blankets,
and let’s enjoy
the warmth from
our bodies
pressing up against
each other’s
smooth skin.
Let’s lay in the dark
at 1am,
and tell each other
all the skeletons we have
in the closet.
Or why
your parents
aren’t together anymore,
your biggest fear is,
or about a night
you drank yourself into
Tell me all the
crazy stories
about you
your childhood best friend
causing chaos.
Hold me tighter
in your arms
as our talking ends,
I’ll fall asleep
to you
gently playing
with my hair.
Kiss me goodmorning
with your
soft, addicting
Tell me how beautiful
my eyes look
in the sunlight
beaming through
the window.
Lay with me,
for a few
more moments
so I don’t have to
your arms
that never stopped
holding me
through the night.
Laugh with me,
so I can get
to a sound
I’ll never get
sick of hearing.
Let the words
“I love you”
pour out of your
like the waterfall
that pours
out of me
when you
make me
reach my climax.
Have me
get attached
to every part of you.
Love me,
never step away.

Esriddersi Mar 26
You are the twinkle twinkle in my eye, the moonlit path that connects the sky,
a marvel - a story to be told.
Beauty so astral, a folded celebratory quilt, built to last past
All the shames of the world.
I love you
Good night ~
Send to anyone you think you haven't told this to whom you love. You may not get the chance tomorrow, seize the now.  :3
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