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8M Dec 9
Waiting for you
Finding our way always
Universes explode in passion
Good night
Azulverde Dec 7
Nice to meet you.
- No, nice to meet you.
- Who invited you?
- The Crow.
- And you?
- My boss.
- Hmmm...
- Why?
- I was just wondering if,
by any chance,
you knew how to hunt rabbits.
- No, but I know how to follow orders
and shut up.
- Well, good for you!
I'll rather be black and fear the light,
then blue and having nothing to do.
- What?
- I was just talking about colors.
What is your favorite color?
- Grey.
- I thought so...
- Why?
- Because you're wearing pants.
- !?
You are not making any sense!
- I  know.

Goodnight said the bird of pray
before disappearing behind the shiny yellow curtain.
Marina Nov 18
I missed that feeling,
And the energy of lightness.
This feels like when I met my first love,
Now she's sadly gone
But the universe gave me better.
More happy, healthier, and playful;

Here, we feel the feelings of good emotions
Back in 2016 that I adore and kept safe
For someone to create with me,
Here in 2018. A new love, that I love
Inspiration: let's be birds by Jacob whitesides

(Loved his songs, back in the day's)
toleomato Nov 4
He turns to look for her in bed
And does not find her there
He rushes to the barnhouse shed
To find a toppled chair

And hanging from the ceiling beam
He finds two longing eyes
Two eyes too young to yell and scream;
Two eyes that did not cry.

Not stunned nor torn, the boy walked forth
To cleanly cut the rope
And brought her gently down to earth
To clean her off with soap.

Not here to dwell, not anymore
The boy had said aloud
With her on back he closed the door
Without making a sound.
Finally, she made it home... Exhausted both mentally and physically
from the long, hot days before.... Exhausted...
Too worn out to take anything out of her car,
she drags herself
and her purse
inside her house, down her hallway to her bedroom door.
She can't see anything, because the change from beautiful, bright, life-giving sunlight to cold and hollow darkness
is sudden and drastic.
Somehow she manages to unlock her door....

Everything is in order,
the way she left it.
His picture
still hanging above her bed.
The one she knew she could get lost in...
She drops her bag onto her bed, steps up on the stepping stool and then drops herself down next to it..

She turns to face her wall..
To see him...
His smile...
His eyes....
His beautiful soul still shining through....
Even in a picture...
She smiles.
Grateful and happy that he's smiling and she can see it...
It didn't matter that he was no longer physically in her life.....

In this moment..
He was there...
And she felt safe in this moment...
The last thing she seen before she closed her eyes...
Was his smiling face.....
As she drifted off, she kept his smile vivid in her mind's eye...
And in the precise moment before his image faded into the dark abyss..
she heard him say,
"Goodnight babe. I love you."

..... And that was ALL that she wanted.
One day I got home from work so tired! I had been neglecting sleep for far too long at that point... Jorge and I were broken up for close to 2 months at that point... I wrote most of this as I layed there thinking about every thing going on in My life at that time... But, really.. none of it mattered... I just wanted SO BAAD to hear him tell me he loved me and goodnight... And I know it might sound crazy... But as I was drifting off - I clearly heard him say it.... I wrote the end as soon as I woke up....
Pastelblitz Oct 23
I sat on the edge of his bed
Softly played with his hair
His small hand reached out
“Can I whisper something in your ear?”
His sleepy voice questioned

I bent down
And he held my cheeks
And with the softest
He said

“I love you to the moon and the stars and with all of my big ole heart!”

My heart warmed up
And I grinned

“I love you too bud”

He kissed my cheek
And hugged my neck
His tiny arms holding me

I tucked him in

Turned off the light

And said

“Goodnight sweetheart”
I love being a nanny so much like,,, my heart is full!!! Goodness I love these kids
wrap me up in your warmth
and sing me to sleep
Idiosyncrasy Oct 16
I went straight home speeding and brought another blanket in
But you said the pain is enough to warm your skin.

I said the sun found another reason to leave at dusk
And the moon asks for praise for saving us.

Maybe they should have let the stars shine brighter in the day
So the city lights, come dark, could lead the way.

Across cities, you have listened to my lullabies
Should I sing to you one more time or would you be the one to say goodnight?

Tuck me in and say goodbye
This time
PrttyBrd Oct 14
Cradle me in your arms
and sing me into peace
drifting into lyrics and flat B's
love never sounded so safe

Invited into Dreamland
with love stories serenaded
in tunes familiar
connected through time

Lost in times gone by
begging another with restless moans
soothed into slumber
by music that still makes me smile
54w ©
Aditya Roy Oct 10
Do you drive past her place
At night
In that isolated town
Where the streetlights don't light up
Do you walk past her window
Whilst staring at your shadow
Wondering how things ever got so out of hand
Do you cycle with your friends past her fences
Wondering why she never comes out anymore
Getting tired of the suspense?
As your friends keep asking
Whether she sneaks out
Because she is grounded
Or she doesn't want to be seen by you
And they chuckle
At the thought of this

She's a small town girl
Give her some time and she'll get around
After all she is vulnerable in your arms
Just like all the other girls
Old draft for my zaftig ex
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