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vera 12h
the rose, scented and floating across from me
its thorns were prominent and sharp
a means of protection for the delicate creature
red pigment screamed to the sun
wishing to meet the sun´s eyes
the petals stretched and reached with the leaves

he stayed perched up in the skin
blinding those who got too near to him
the sun never took notice of the bleak rose
he was busy shining for the world around,
drying children off as they played in the cold ocean waves
deepening the nutmeg color in the skin of those who let him

so the rose whined, and reached endlessly for what she could never grasp
and the sun continued to do his job, never realizing the fulfillment he would've had,
if only he took a chance
- the story of my lover and i
Emily 21h
we began from the way
you looked at me.
familiarity became the way
you breathed,
heavy under my sheets.
please remember
your heart beat.
KDFr 1d
No-one will ever know
hiding behind a wall of lies is a weeping brother trying to sew the torn peices of his broken soul back together.
No-one will ever know
he's withering inside but still still trying to grow,
stretching his limbs for help but does anybody notice him there? No.

No-one will ever know
that screaming from behind a veil of make-up is a girl's dying soul.
Wrapped in pretty clothes
she's trying to break free of the hurt she feels inside
but they don't know.
No-one will ever know she's been tormented by her imperfections and failures
and although she tries not to let it show, it does
but does anybody pay attention? No.

No-one really cares
and they all do a good job at pretending not to see or not to know.
Instead of stopping to help
they turn a blind eye on conviction
and they just go.
mythie 3d
Lying in a field of flowers.
I’m plucked by a needle.

Something sharp that was hidden.
Nothing I suspected.

Oozing with blood, the field stains red.
A reminder of the pain I went through.

I can’t look at daisies.
Without thinking of you.

Is this the curse I must bear?

I see your name in flashing lights.
Your face in the streets.

Every place we used to meet.
I drop down to my knees.

The agonising needle that pierced my back.
Corrupts my once pure heart.

Giving me chest pains.
I cannot endure.

I never knew death could taste so sweet.

As I lay here in pain.
I reminisce, my dear.

About the memories we shared.
The life we lived.

And as I hold your warm hand.
Within my frozen fingertips.

The needle falls.
On a bloodied bed.
It's getting dark
I'm tired
Just... need to close... my eyes
Rest for a moment
It's... peaceful
I... love you
i could **** myself tonight
but the sun would still rise tomorrow
nothing is alright
there wouldn‘t be sorrow

because nobody cares
nobody gives a ****
and there wouldn‘t be tears
i feel like i‘m stuck

stuck between life and death
i don’t want to waste
another useless breath
somebody like me is quickly replaced

and i‘m sorry
sorry for being disappointing
please don’t worry
i‘m just not good at enjoying

because enjoying life isn’t easy you know
when everything is ****** up
it is going way too slow
can’t it just speed up
I'm tired of lies.
I'm so **** confused.
Are you real or
am I being used?

Hope shouted out
with joy from the shrine.
Believe in Him,
leave fear behind.

Entrust your faith
and you shall recieve,
everything we've taught
our flock to believe.

Except for those
who go above and beyond.
Rather, in pain
their lives shall be donned.
Allison Wonder 2019
If only had one chance to a say farewell to you my darling but knowing now what I didn't a year
That you were dying and this was to be the very last farewell I would held you my arms and never to let you
go kissed your sweet and tender lips and begged to
never leave me for I was frightened to face life all alone
And wish I could have gone with you my love so I didn't have remain In this life here all alone one last farewell to my
But know this will n
  ever be, but It will never stop me from dreaming to where I hope I'll say my last and final farewell to
you there
Having never got to say my final farewell hope at least to
dream of you to where I can say my final farewell
A Pollution that has now contaminated our very souls from the everyday
pollution that being pump
Into our atmosphere probably reaching far Into
Given time we'll probably **** that too, just about killed everything else why not but the biggest tragedy of all this
We have killed the world
our children there children
for we leave them nothing but a dying
The Pollution we have caused thoughout our lives leaves nothing for our children but a dying world
if pictures are worth thousands of words
then I have read I library
my eyes roll
with the constant scroll
of social media staring
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