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I paint me a smile

But today my made-up colors smudge

You can see frown visible underneath

And too distorted to hide
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay while
-Adam Levine (from Maroon 5)
Raven Feels May 27
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I don't even know if I am her anymore:\

I am silenced beneath
dropped to rage in peace

I am aloned born
crafted head lonely worn

I am abused again
manipulated in blind to the said

I am saddened depressed
repressed too much till death

I am nightened a lot
mooned in the soul shot

I am painted black
darkened no rainbows seen back

I am cried tears
abandoned for good of fear

selfish no one cares
to see how human small I mere

I'm Free"
Such a con man convincing me that I was so beautiful, his saving grace,
With his hands, he painted my face,
With make-up I would have to retrace,
I would dress pretty just for him,
I kept my body fit and trim,
Though for real, I didn't know it was a messed up,
I tried to be his best partner, his loving wife.
Shocked and and scared every time,
like it was something new, that just began,
He'd beg my forgiveness again & again,
how I always forgave, forgetting all the prior distress,
just to continue day after day.

Pulling my hair, using your fist to paint my lips the color of crimson red, fearing each time I'd die.
It even happened when you weren't full of whiskey,
I'd have moments of reality,
knowing I had to get out for my babies,
You had everyone convinced you were innocent,
I was the one that suffered your vengeance,
like an illusion, everyone took your side,
they all believed every time you lied.

I have no more shame, no more fear,
Never again
Erian Rose Dec 2020
Leave me
Late-night dreaming
On rose-painted canvases
And grayscale prints,
While the rain
Hums a tune of
I'm thinking of creating a non-profit literary journal to give y'all a platform to submit poems for publications.  Would you guys be down for that?
Maja Oct 2020
I was born a blank canvas

Now I’ve been painted with scars

Scars in my mind

Scars in my heart

I was born an empty sheet

Now I’m broken art
I was born, empty like space
meant to be filled with stars
Instead, my skin is littered with scars.
Aŧül Sep 2020
My past is so blotted & blotched,
Yet, I am living this moment.

Painful or not, it'd hardly matter,
Any luck with life, I miss daily,
I miss all my possibilities,
None have I achieved,
To time I put my ode,
Ever so desperately,
Dying will be easier.

Perhaps, I'd wait until my parents,
And then I shall embrace her,
Saying, “Sorry, I kept you longing,”
This time there is no guardian angel.
My HP Poem #1889
©Atul Kaushal
random splashes of cerise
were painted in the eve sky
they predicted a morrow
of beaming sunshine
Cardboard-Jones Jan 2020
This world conforms to me.
Landscapes bursting with hues,
You can almost smell the colors.
Benevolent to my wounds.
Distorted shapes and figures
Blending with one another.
My solace,
My sanctum,
My peace.

My worries,
My pain,
My memories,
None are welcome.
An escape from all that wishes to harm me.
One stroke of my finger
And all my imagination appears.

I hear familiar voices from the outside.
“Come back,” they shout,
“Come back to reality
And face what troubles you.”

“No,” I whisper,
“I think I’ll stay.”
Colm Sep 2019
You strengthen me
Stretch me tall in fond pursuit
And call my waking trees to move with subtle hints

Familiar as the folding sound
Between quiet rustling parchment leaves
Becoming new our newest sounds as an inkwell drawn

Like a sunlit jewel your dulcet glow
Is stumbling down a penciled path of painted memory
Colored by every season anew with the hues of you

Don’t cry when I am no more seen, my felicity
It was always and with you in mind
That you made me want to try
Painted Words Between Distant Mailboxes is built around a song, a sketch, a classic story. Separated by time and space no more. These lovers turn now, to face a new fate, having not been left alone in an empty word. "Through the long and lonely night." We persevere until the dawning bright. Shines back at us with joy.

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