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Erian Jun 3
No matter how far we fade apart
It doesn't mean we fade away
Erian May 30
When the story ends,
In a vigilant light,
Just know it won't be over,
By the time Dawn meets Night.
Erian May 27
You makin' me go
no no no no no
Erian May 13
All I see
Are our frail memories...
Erian May 10
You make me wish I could travel back in time..
Erian May 9
He'd sing along to the midnight songs.
She'd turn the other way.
He'd run and run to get away.
She'd stay.
Time would fly in their eyes, both dreaming up at the night sky.
All it takes is one day to change a world of what they see.
When they both come to meet under the blue umbrella.
Erian May 8
He sang along to the trumpets in his head,
as the radio once did.
"I'll always be there for you,"
He stuttered past his heart.
The coldness locking his beath
in a frozen cloud of smoke
intertwining in the frosted skies,
"Then you told me no,"
His hands quivered in his sleeves where scars left no marks,
while his voice was breaking like broken bones.
He never finishes his dying lyrics,
with the notes dangling in the air,
for someone else to pair.
And an iris left at the stairs.
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