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Erian Rose May 2023
Where Oceans Meet
We Last Were Home-bound
Anchored Forest
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Erian Rose Dec 2021
To you,
Where your smile meets the gaze
Of blizzard-still byways -
I'm scared of losing you somewhere along the lines.

To you,
Buried barriers trickle moonflower skies
Two years apart from being miles away -
I'm scared we'll fall when it's too late.

To you, From me,
A friend who wishes the very least,
To spend a little more chapters in your life.
I'm scared we'll be over before we even start.
Erian Rose Dec 2021
I listen to your heart
Beat in rhythm to the rain
Pouring out somber melodies.
The world drapes silent,
Where your eyes sing
Meteor shower wonders.
It feels too much to grasp,
Tied to an endless
Invisible string around my palm.
Erian Rose Nov 2021
you caught me by surprise
an entwined mess of pulsing spotlights  

you caught me by surprise
speechless at the hands of your smile

you caught me by surprise
drowned by shores of ovation

you caught me by surprise
over and over and over again
till when our realities cease to exist
Erian Rose Nov 2021
Last summer
our days sped by us
like Faris wheel highs
swept beneath sidewalk alleyways.
We traveled the world
in our little neighborhood of dreams;
a hand to hold so close
yet miles away in words.
We found the best
out of emptiness,
heartening our comfortable silence.

We found each other on accident
two summers ago from June,
hopscotched in one-night walks
on a bus going nowhere fast.
By then, we barely knew
how far the universe would take us
in a matter of months.
Now, all I can think about
is how to comprise your heart flutter
the same way your smile and cosmos
composed mine.
Erian Rose Nov 2021
mid-afternoon sunrays beam
against the blanketed city snow,
your miles away this December
wishing on the same falling stars.

Saturday trains murmur dusk-cascaded gleam
you're across the Atlantic shore
seasonal depression combating
last-second windswept bliss

unfinished song-writes seem
inkless on half-folded paper airplanes
for hidden chances and empty truths
lone twilight in streetlights mold
Erian Rose Jun 2021
As the days grow long
And nights shrivel to hours
The feeling of little sunflowers
In the eversinking sunlight
Bloom softly among
Lonely, setting summer skies
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