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PMc Sep 2
Run away with me like we wanted to
when were twelve
toss it all to join my circus
we’ll see the world through rose coloured glasses
we bought from the dollar store
on our way past the thrift shop

Steal away my time, like you have
in my dreams
necking near the water’s edge
making love in hotel rooms vacated by vagrants
with ***** linen
and empty plastic mickey bottles

Spend a day with me, unplanned, uncharted
we’ll *** cigarettes to pretend we smoke
dine in a fancy establishment and spend the last
of our sixty-four dollars and twelve cents
tax and tip included
reminding each other what it’s like to just enjoy
enjoy the day free of what freedom takes away when
freedom isn’t free

Take a moment with me, breathe in fresh new friendships
hug one another like we mean it
look into one-another’s eyes for so long, it reminds us that we have
but this moment.
Spent a summer with a terrific woman who had the *****, sense of humour and drive I had ever hoped for.  Our lives got in the way but - for those brief moments on that warm summer afternoon........aahhhh....
Johnny walker Jun 21
And although summers have come and gone and the winters far to cold without my sweetheart In my arms far to cold are winters but I still smell her perfume as If she still
And although summers come and go and the Winters far to
cold but taste of her tender lips such passionate kissing that warm my winter days it was good to be
And the summers that turn to winters for they come and go
but the memories of my sweetheart will long live on In my memories for the love we had was far to strong and I know our love will never  
Donna May 25
It rained this morning
Then the warm sun blew a kiss
And earth fell in love
Beautiful summers day today we had a little rain this morn then the sun came out so me and dean mowed our grass outside chalet it was so over grown , now it looks lovely and neat and we can now see our dogs again lol :-) *** ❤️
IncholPoem Jan 11
Supreme  things
are  extremely
when  you  are
in  anti-social
activity  circle.­

   Super  power  concepts
are  more
interesting  while
  a  world  war.

   Super  natural  fats
are  less  impact full  
when  these  are
summer's  coldness
and  white's  foolishn­ess
will  come  by  talking
negative  discussions.
Samreena Lodhi Dec 2018
I wish there was magic in life
a little spark from a wand
with some spells out of a mouth
for good ones specials around
for bad ones only the drought
a little bit of magic dust
raising you to infinite heights
some Alvens and Ashrays
to play with, in summers heat
salamanders creeping in hallway
helping to keep the house warm
some pixies for autumns and springs
making garlands to beautify everything
Bryce Oct 2018
Awake, the empty chamber of my mind
Calls out to paired and endless sky
The thought of you, a galloped course
The heels of your palm, struck with force
I cannot claim the earth as mine,
Just as she do flee the pick of eye
To wallow in sorrows of course divine
Calls out my heart, with verses hoarse.

I have but land to wander soon,
My passions held in heaven's sent
The ancient glass of sky full hue
The earth's embrace a lover's swoon
The soft edges of aluminium bent
These are the ways I'll remember you.
Elizabeth Zenk Aug 2018
Disdain still fresh from June's joylessness.
Four people surround me.
Warming me.
Distracting me from my chaotic mind.
Make me feel human again.
For at least these moments I can forget him,
I can feel real joy.
Even when watching him live on without a single thought of me I can smile,
because they make me feel wanted.
( Sequel to Joyless )
Steven Gosling Mar 2018
I lay back one summer’s afternoon,
and gazed up at the sky,
in a sunny meadow all flower strewn,
and watched the clouds go by.

I pondered life and other things,
a chance to contemplate,
growing old and all it brings,
and one’s impending fate.

What better way to clear your mind,
and keep your woes at bay,
and ponder on the things you find,
and while away the day.
Tkpoet Mar 2018
We see everything but we bearly feel anything
Take a deep breath and sit under a tree
Welcome the summer's that bring something
Late night you keep yourself alive
Embrace different bodies in one day
As you see the sun ,you know it's five
Your heart beats are waiting for something
Even the angels bow their head's
Just close your eyes and think about nothing
You always find a comely face
To connect with you deeply
It's in your nature to run in every race
You listen what they said
Did They ever listened to you
Put this lesson into your head
The more you try for something
Just wait for the change
The more you have hope for something
I wrote it.. for summer's , I'm not over yet
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