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Monisha 5d
Into the sea,
the choppy waters call me.

Inviting me to run my feet through the sand,
As I walk in holding  the sun in my hands.

Leaving my worries by the shore,
Or washed into the water, till they trouble me no more.

The water warm, oh so warm,
embracing  my  sorrows like a lovers arms.

Reminding me of life’s ups and downs,
Uplifting my spirits, smoothening my frowns.

And without seeking I find my way home,
Though there was many a mile that I intended to roam.

The mellow breeze whispering  that everyone has troubles too,
That’s why the beautiful ocean is blue, oh, so blue...
- MSD June 2021
Melody Mann Jun 9
Bending to the moon forevermore the waves collapse against the shore,
The push and pull a rhythmic tantrum abiding by natural cause,
A sparkling realization to the infinite balance vested beyond our reach,
A tale predestined transcending script and linguistic compression,
Oceans galore.
Beneath the oceans
of silence
and the storms
of endless chatter
you submerged
fathoms below
the bright waters
where I knew
They had
once been here
before, beyond
the light years still
in the calm silence
of the dreamscape
of indigo and blue,
where came the
oceans of hearts
fracturing the
fabric of the
to create
and see none
other than
each other,
in the hour
of the midnight
realm, others
passing by
are silhouettes
in time and
ghosts painted
in their dream
of tidal eyes
upon each
other, wave  
on wave,
skin on skin,  
the breath
of one
into the
voice of
a blue
in soft
from the
on the
in gentle
rising to
the night
sky as
as the
are returning
to the night,
as starseeds
of many,
amidst the
the lovers,
whom are
adrift in
(Little note: I was inspired by the title of Nicola Yoon's book
for my title, it is a book I dearly love.)
Have you seen shell  friend of mine,
How the world has changed?
How they treat  the seas right now.
Nothing beautiful remains.
How all the oceans are full with dirt.

So many plastic things thrown in.
I’m very sad dear friend of mine
What they do is a sin.
All the fish are dying now .
Even turtles are suffocating too.

You’ll see where we’ll end soon.
They are so clever now.
With only brains and no feelings more
Their cleverness reach full circle now
I guess they are dumb again.

When ocean life will be no more.
They all will die slowly too.
Everything on earth will die
It will be the end of planet earth too.
Just hold my hand friend shell of mine we will die together too.

If we don’t change our ways soon it will be the end of planet earth
Payton Feb 24
Loving you is all I want.
Laying on your       chest
with a shaky softness.
The way your electricity collides         with my skin.
Your hands,     gently    exploring.

Your breath comes across my back.
Lovely are     your words,
finding their way to                 my
Your body pressing against
Curving your shoulder,   slightly.

Your fingertips brushing            around my waist, like
waves       washing      over     me.
The feeling of your teeth      soft against       my neck
Tonight we're a sea,          your rocky rhythm       taking
       me down,

Arching my back to        meet your moves.
My     bare      skin singing for       your warmth.
And you savor my     thighs.
Gentle are intentions.
You               trace your tongue       along my hips,
               planting flowers with your

Gripping      cold silk,
your     breath comes
hot against          my neck.
My mind pulses with
the thrilling thought of you
      rolling   over in
sheets of
Skipping        a beat,
gives in.

Leaving       fingerprints       on our      skin
                 like              beestings, and
I have never known a love
as sweet
as this.
This poem was written in 2016.
sea sparkle:
turns out that’s the name of a real thing,
a phenomenon.

i’ll write that down as a note for later poems
but then by mistake,
i let the sheet float away
through a window that i left open
only for it to find its way to the waters
and sink down to the bottom of the ocean
When I love, I love big
You ask for pebbles and I give you mountains
Ask for a match and I will give you a wildfire

When you saw me you asked for my company
I gave you my heart
You A
Asked for a night and I offered you a lifetime

I gave you an ocean when you asked for a puddle and that big problem in that

Is I never asked if you could swim
Erian Rose Dec 2020
as the planets inch closer,
stardust trembles.
lights of green hues
and vibrant blues
dance overhead.
I'll follow the north star
over mountainscapes,
and everything in between
to be with you.
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