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They say grief comes in waves
varying in size and intensity;
some start small, moving silently,
might seem harmless but engulf
me within no time and I
was never taught how to swim.

Thrashing and flailing in the water
I find it difficult to breathe.
The seas of sadness pull me far
into their abyss where there is no
light or hope to get out of the misery;
sometimes even that feels enticing and comforting.

On other days these waves come
roaring loud in the ears, threatening
to steal my ground away from me, often
I brave to surf over them with the
help of distractions and they
recede, scheming to gulp me down later.

Wonder how I end up on these shores every time
while on a train or on my bed, in a
classroom or in a conference hall, amongst
the crowded streets and when alone,
memories of yesterday strewn like sea shells
lead me to the waters and I can always hear their elegies.

And when the moon shines its brightest
on them, you get to see the scene of tranquillity
but deep inside my heart there is
a storm brewing slowly that takes
various names every season, maybe there is
one named after you too, who knows.

Do you want to come with me down
to the ocean of tears? We could let
those waves kiss our feet while we watch
the sunset together, I will tell you
all my stories and you could share yours too.
I hope you know how to swim.
Isaace May 5
I never saw the scarp begin,
Nor the haunted plains of gold;
Forlorn, I watched the waves move in—
How their snow-laden peaks enfold!
And without the call of tri-formed reefs—
Echoing: mosaic-to-mosaic shore—
I would not have seen the heart therein,
Nor the light henceforth bestowed.
Exosphere Mar 13
I rarely cry
really, almost never
I can count on one hand
the last five

it takes significant stimulus
third party perspectives and


but eventually

it happens

like a dream
sweet, sweet relief
waterfalls of relief

it’s just

I can’t

Melody Mann Jan 7
To sit with myself and the mayhem that lies within,
listening to the inner voice that was silenced by ridicule and speculation,
to understand the longing hidden in the whispers of my mind's scape,
I choose peace,
for the stagnant waters that once frighten me welcome my decision wholeheartedly,
I am not afraid anymore,
drawing boundaries and barriers to my spirit,
dimming my outer appeal and channeling my intuition inward,
I choose peace.
AE May 2022
Fireflies float in lightless rooms,
Spelling out words with fluid constellations
And my heart still tender from afternoon
Drugged up and fussed with the want of rain
Interprets these flecks of dancing
as love letters to pain

I think of dreaming and I think of you
Somewhere basking in summer rain
While I fall for foolish stories
written on the windows of a midnight train
These conversations that go nowhere
heavily soaked in honey stick to my tongue

These whisperings float in pools of ink
Like the daunting midnight sea,
But i'm too far gone into this dream state
Yet ready to drown, before I can hesitate,
In this ocean that you call home
theladyeve Apr 2022
i dream of oceans and half moons;
lips against my ear, whispering empty promises;
hidden power dripping between the scars;
forever tattooed on my body;

in the end, i sigh as i finally, finally fully bloom;
no longer a mystery.
Madame Vai Mar 2022
Kiss me
Touch me
Love me
Into your view

Delicious scarlet hues

Lets make promises
we won't keep
Smothered together
tangled in sheets

Paint upon my body
a canvas
decorated with tears

Fiery Red
Chilling Blue

A piece of me
silence from you
Dave Robertson Mar 2022
Sometimes, tides behind teeth get stuck
as if the moon, distracted,
looses its inexorable pull

then all the weight of water
sits stagnant
while each pescatarian thought
from the zipping, inconsequential minnow
to the ponderous whale bulk
sulks, sick and stuck

If you see these green gills,
or the overspill in the eyes of those
you know
maybe sit awhile, harbour side
and cast a line or two
Miles Nov 2021
just to spite you
i hope the angels
rain down on you
all the joy and love
one could possibly take
in this life
enough is never enough
for you
deserve the world
ten times over
if all the oceans
transform into pure
bliss and
emptied themselves
on your spirit
i hope it won’t
make a difference.
Brett Aug 2021
A Thought:
                 Maybe there is no grand crescendo to the human symphony
Maybe life ends, and begins, on a prolonged refrain
A steady, repeating, fading rhythm
The only flourish of a lonely universe
Trying desperately, in its way, to find a dance partner for the darkness
Eternity; our veiled mistress waiting past the mist
For the light to outrun an endlessly unfurling landscape of black
The space between
The mimicry of a photograph, and the true shape of the memory
That a frame can never quite squeeze
Those lost edges lie in wait
Just beyond a waking moment, and the closing scene of our final dream
A place not lost, but yet to be found
That is all,
For now.
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