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MayC Sep 27
you burnt my eyes
so they poured oceans of water
to recover
but that’s ok
you are so proud of your flame
so I really hope that wherever you go
you leave fire behind your footsteps
not realising
that no one will dare
to follow you again.

-May Colde
Careful what you wish for.
Vela Sep 9
There’s a sailor
Sailing oceans that are you
Oceans deep and oceans blue
Depths unseen and fathoms below
You hold mysteries, boundless,
The echo of time resounds
The waters are still

And so are you
And so am I
K Lupus Aug 20
Astounding as the orchestrated rain,
oceans flow from abysmal sacs,
brought about by the emptiness within.
Shorts #1
Trixia Jul 29
you were the most beautiful devil
that hell has sent me
darling you were the best
you were the ******* pain
that i’ll always want
that i’d rather be miserable
than lose you all over again
but now you are gone
and i’m just an angel lost in earth
don’t know where to find your smile
don’t know where to find your voice
your scent, your figure, your laughs
i don’t know where it is anymore
when i walk to the old places i feel cold
when i come back to our conversations
i feel warmth, i feel love
and all sorts of butterfly in my stomach
and if heart is a puzzle, i’d be incomplete
i’d be just a standing piece waiting for you
to complete the voids that you’ve patched up
from the sweet words
to the affectionate gestures
i’ll be honest missing you
is killing me, and letting you go made me die
everyday tears run down my cheeks
sunlights don’t shine anymore
rain hits me, and then
i was strucked by the lightning of sorrows
i kept coming closer to your fire
but where are you?
where the hell am i suppose to look?
should go back?
no one’s going to replace you,
the first pain of thy heart
the first of everything in fifteen,
you were not my regret
but you were my rotten daisy
forever remembered but thrown away in the ocean
but always remember that wherever you are
i always think about how happy we were
but it’s such a loss,
that our fate is parallel,
only strangers that met but never really cross.
—and i’ll wait for you to come back, as long as i can.
Caroline Jul 14
Sometimes I close my eyes,
Just to see the great ocean that rocks inside of me;
The rolling tide filling my chest
Cresting over my heart
Spilling through my eyes
And saturating my upturned palms.
I catch your spirit there,
And sometimes imagined scenes:

You and me,
In the half light of dusk
In the light winds of spring
Alone but for the flutter of wings
That is really my heart,
Beating wildly
Against your chest.
Close enough to feel your breath
Along my neck.
Can you feel my tides rise,
My rhythm quicken?
Always you
Stirring these waves of desire,
Churning my waters
Into fire.

Sometimes I close my eyes
Just to hear the music of the sea birds
Soaring and dipping to the surface,
Which is now like glass
Held motionless by your enveloping warmth
Held still by your unfaltering strength
The waves calmed;
The birdsong of my soul free at last.

This ocean is mine
But you carry its depths in your palms
And when I close my eyes
Only you can release
Its power.
Crash with me like these waves beneath the stars.
Close your eyes now.
I am yours.
Written a few months ago. A testament to love and connection.
San-Pei Lee Jul 5
The sky flower
Awaits the hour
When the trees and clouds meet
And the skies and oceans collide
When all that was shrouded in mist
Will transform to a vernal dawn
By the winged wand
Of the enchantress of our
Dreaming Earth
bakunawa Jun 30
fickle winds
spread across him
with all the strength
of a dying breath

it swallowed him
nearly toppled him

stole from him
whispers, sweet nothings
simply bereft.

it was lifeless a sigh
that was her battlecry
like the once flapped
wings of a butterfly

and so they flutter
and they so try

a heart's sweet
sweet hound

the mutiny to cry.

once, had she
silenced him
and never again—

a whirlwind
a heartbeat
and a teardropped

finger painted
across his chest
lock and key
to way back when—

and a life that's stolen
killed a ghost just
about to begin
still. soulless. slain.

a wreck before
he even rode the train.

feeble breeze,
a warm air
reached his ear

like crashing waves
against a lowly boat

he knew the vastness of the ocean
that anywhere else he'd be in the clear
yet no matter how hard he'd try
away, he just couldn't steer—
water and thirst am i right? what it feels like fighting of your worst primal urge.
thank you for reading~~
Bhill Jun 30
The sun is gone now, where has it been
I wonder if it will ever come back again

The world is changing and we don't know why
Was it that storm that blew out the sky

The rain and winds blew in massive waves
The climate changed in what seemed like days

The ice caps melted so very, very fast
The oceans rose and the water amassed

We are lost and the world is broken today
Warnings were there but we thought it cliche

This could happen, you bet it could
Climate change is here and it's not for the good

Brian Hill - 2019 # 160
What's your opinion?
Kaiden A Ward Jun 22
the reefs that I call home
will become nothing more
than barren graveyards
of memory.
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