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Mark Toney Nov 2020
equal top billing
Leonids and Taurids show
~fireball duet

Mark Toney © 2020
11/15/2020 - Poetry form: haiku - The Leonid and Taurid meteor showers promise to light up the night sky this week with shooting stars and bright fireballs. During the next two days (November 16 & 17, 2020) the best time to see the meteor showers will be between midnight and dawn on both mornings, wherever you are in the world. The Leonids are caused by dust and debris from the small comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle, which takes 33 years to orbit the sun. Typically, there are between 10 and 15 meteors per hour. The Taurids are caused as the Earth passes through the debris of the comet 2P/Encke each year from September to November. Check online to determine the best time to view in your area of the world. - Mark Toney © 2020
Amanda Hawk Sep 2020
A lonely star
Isolated in space
And I dream
Of planets
Touching their atmospheres
Feeling them
Slip smoothly between fingers
Isn’t that love
To gather fingers
In an embrace
To pull someone close
Into your gravity
Whisper them a lullaby
Absorbing their opulence
Falling away into darkness
Constellations of rendezvouses
And this is how
Comets are made
Wilder Aug 2020
I got
So ******* hung up on you
The highs, the lows
Everything was you

So far
I was completely smitten
Every word was lyrical
Everything was you

And I
I thought I had moved on
From all the pain you left me with
But still I saw
Everything was you

Do you remember, how my friends
Were your friends
And our friends always spoke of how
Great we were

Do you remember, how my friends
Weren't your friends
The second I said it was over

They still say how
I can do so much better then him (you)
I'm a thousand times better then him
(Everything is still you)

But in the aftermath
Before their questions were answered
They still spoke of how
Wonderful we are
We were

So I'm sure they're lying to me
Do your friends lie to you
About me too?
Do you still have friends, after
I took our friends
And made them mine?

I called it a
Mutual ghosting
That neither of us wanted us
But I really thought you wanted us
I still don't know why you let me go
But I said I wanted to let you go

My friends asking me who I like
And I Have moved on from you
Surely I'm done with you by now

I've started seeing girls in the street
God they're beautiful
(Like you were
Two, three years ago?)
Girls are pretty

I thought you were pretty
I thought I was done
I thought I was fine with the way we left us
I still write about you
Surely I'm not done with you

Sometimes I wonder if I ever really liked you
Or if I just wanted to be your friend
And my friends called it affection
I'm not really sure

I know I could've loved you
We were perfect in every way
Except I didn't have any trust or love
Because I was scared of going too fast
We were comets
If we got to close surely we'd collide

I want to be done with you
There's empty pages in front of me
I'm ready to write on them
As soon as your ghost leaves me
Please leave me
I want to be done with you
I want to move on
We were barely an us
How does that warrant this obsession
With how beautiful it was to talk with
A collection of scattered thoughts about the only person I've ever solely written multiple poems about.
Erian Rose May 2020
Summer pondered
in everlasting hands
clasped to rose
watching comets fly
while daydreaming
of Paris
on stardust nights
Erian Rose Apr 2020
his fingers fidgeted with the stars
comets flying like racing cars
when he glanced above, all he hoped
to sing a lullaby to the one
he loves the most
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
Zeus and Amphitrite
edge of the sea
reflecting down
looking up
god or goddess
reflecting the same
draped in gold
Hercules Coronal Borealis Great Wall
superstructure feathered on the shoulders
skyward brilliance reflecting
shaking future stars
comets meteors meteoroids asteroids meteorites
rain down around
deafening sound of the greatest thunder bolt
hear me
hear her
**** this
**** that
roll good times
patience is virtue
zero point
generosity kindness affection pleasantness
waiting on the ecliptic plane
sun and heavens
hummingbirds dragonflies soaring creatures
rise out of the abyss
propelled and lifted
seahorse air bubbles octopuses chant
straight ******* propulsion ****** velocity
magic of the darkness
ready set giddy up
Saint Audrey Apr 2018
Classic trepidation, stationary with the aura of
Coincidence, slit myself and call it skyward thinking
Sinking feelings that argue for a sudden resignation
Conscientiousness, leprous and typesetting

Intimate knowledge that I disclose verbatim cannot, and should not, ever be used against me.
Interest infected through wavelengths, non responsive partly cause of the rupturing that's been running through my dreams.
Scant as fixes to the problems, overblown and oft forgotten, lisping when I speak of this Epiphany.
Taxidermist furnish houses, howling wolves that get devoured, sounds like God and hell and them finally worked out peace.

Just cosmetic, slightly pathetic the ease at which the mind elapses
Classics retconned till nothing's left except the years of influence
Invested in the melancholy, snobs lobbyist and in distant memories
aurora kastanias Oct 2017
Icy clusters of rocks and dust, leftovers
Of extra matter scattered around a star.
Following the orbit guiding a perpetual run,
For seeing creatures to gaze at midnight skies
In search of glistening shooting lights.

Comets, so named by the ancient man,
Enchant humans to strive and understand,
Beholding their subliming approach to the Sun,
Where radiations and winds melt solids to sparkle
Spews of gas. An aura, a coma and a tail.

Nebulosity inclosing the nucleus confers
On the object a misty glow, distinguishing it
Form a star, hiding water in volatile form.
Tails extending to astronomical units lose
Trails of debris at times, visible to the naked eye.

When finally orbital highways cross,
Meteor showers arise. Debris igniting
As falling stars, enter the atmosphere.
Perseids in August begot by Swift-Tuttle
Comet, Orionids in October by Halley's.

Games of splendour to remind us where
We come from and how it all began.
When antediluvian comets did not shy away
From colliding unswervingly with Earth,
Reach its crust. Inundating the planet with H2O,

For us to be here, witness the show.
On stars and comets
Maria Etre Jun 2017
If space and time
were to entwine
I'd loop through
the galaxies
with fantasies
infinite times
in my mind

Over stars and black holes
comets and planets
If only time and space
were to entwine
infinity would turn
into my everyday
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