Heaven floats in black paint
Stars shine and the night wanes
And then the snow falls to bring the day
Haiku Donna May 19
Peace and quietness
Early hours this morning
Best time of the day
Me and Dean down Chalet we were up early taking dogs for walk :)
Inspired x
Laina May 4
The room sleeps
As I lay awake
And as the sun rises
I want to reach out the window,
shove it back down and
Give myself a few more hours
With the calm rise and fall of your chest.

I don’t exist outside of here,
Only between the posts of your bed.
Needing constant validation
From your touch.
And if the morning never comes,
You’ll stay here
And I can pretend to be
What you need.

If time runs
Then I should be able to dam it up
Like a river
Stop it from flowing
Freeze it in place.

But time is greedy.
The moon is too weak
To stick around.

When light fills the room
And wakes it from delirium
The dreamer stirs
And I disappear.
Am I just a dream?

When I’m gone there is nothing.
Just time.

One word from your lips
And my body reanimates
Dances, breathes
then lies still again.
Finally awake.
But alive? Real?
The room only knows.
Poetic T Apr 29
Daylight is over rated,
showing the weakness
         that caresses  the darkness.

Where strength is whoever walks,
                      when the sunrise knifes
                      at every vein of existence.

Haemorrhaging the beauty of silence,
                  daylight is the noise of an
                  awaking purgatory on life.
Cora Lorraine Mar 17
As sunlight spread across the floor
and crawled over the rustled sheets
that you hid beneath,
your heart swelled
and your mind emptied
to accommodate the possibilities of the day.
Your fingers started walking toward the door,
taking your cover with them.
Upright your frame sat, then
through the doorway your eager feet danced.
Into the invigorating sunlight,
over the liberating grass that had grown
to comfort the soft skin of your toes as you
chase down the daylight
and gave new meaning to the word
Cné Mar 12
A new day has dawned, the clocks have changed
Lost an hour sleep, and my body found it strange
Now on daylight savings time
Confused this wee mind of mine
Why not leave it alone, it confuses people's brains?
sophia Feb 16
i miss your scorched daylight that presses underneath the pores of my skin. it is you, the feeling of you that makes me believe that there are hopes of tomorrow. i will write for you, my love. the world will only stop when i can’t anymore.
i miss you. to kjm
Forthright coming, heedless of convenience
Foresight humming, needless of thy grievance
It hints, sheds light on thee
So we might see
That day has risen
With darkness missing,

The Sun has come to be

As it wakes, the clouds do too
Alone, it sweats the sounds of dew
It winks, at first, gleamingly
So we might feel
That day is real
When dreams have fled,

The Sun has come to be

Blindingly, pure with energy
Bound for thee, pouring entropy
It soars atop the heavens
So we might beckon
That day brings with it fortune
To make our sorrows shorten,

The Sun has come to be

And if it rains or when it’s late
When there’s pain and have to wait
It provides for us example
So we might learn to cancel
The bad days with the good
When darkness seems eternal,

The Sun will come to be
Kon Grin Nov 2017
When the world stops for a minute who
Recognises every wrinkle I drew
Where you have laid
Have you laid
But never managed to stay

(When the) night comes for our room
(And the) day drowns in sound of monsoon
You can say
Can you say
What was wrong all this time

(When you) whisper clouds of the might
(And the) sky falls loud to reveal daylight
For your voice breaks
Your voice breaks
All the mess into lines

When the world stops for a minute, will
You seek me in the silence of hills
On mountaintop
In depth of the world
But does it ma-tter still
That is one more song of my band IWALF. It describes the feelings of both composers towards their own separate relationship. The first and the second stanzas I clearly relate to the relationship that was once perfect but now broken, the third and the fourth ones are about unreciprocated feelings. The prompt lines belong to @greatbigcongratulations
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2017
Sometime the day smiles
shows me it’s colour
I feel like I got wings to fly
No the blue harbour
doesn’t look to be far.
But then who would
rather sway away
when a rose
under the nose
flowers a sea of colour?

Openly the all shining punter
dropped down off the sky
painted the broad daylight
and sailed away.
Gone with the rose of the day
before my eyes.
My hands are tied
Missing my butterfly.
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