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Malia Mar 4
Hello yellow
Daffodil, as you scatter
Like the sun.
I see you spread
Your daylight ‘round
But still, your petals
Fall to the ground,
And I think to myself,
“I wish I were you,
I wish I were you but happy.”
we all have that person don’t we
Nat Lipstadt Jul 2023
early daylight across my face sweeping,
gingerly ginger-yellow heated by the low-
risen sun, it confirms what my beating heart
yet signals, granted us, a new twenty and four,

but no more,

for certainty is not a human condition, so we cover
our eyes, not from the sun-rays, but in deference and
thankfulness and  gratitude, that we have one more chance
to the world distribute, blessed human loving kindness, unique,
the greatest gift most excellent we human possess to give away freely!

Jewely 23, Twenty Twenty Three
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2022
Rolling out from blue lotus
off the sky
nymphs in tangerine bright
all colours
tuck into disappearing
rainbow slides.
Ah, fragrance
of the broad daylight
a day in summery August
is still heady
weaving blue butterflies!
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2022
The wee hours late night
in a blink of an eye
blows her Niqab (veil) away.
Oh, that folds springs in style
in the chalice of rose flower
never gone with the rainbow
splash of the first light!

Stunned broad daylight
rather looses for words
punting in sleek brook of twilight
scurries back into the night.
Strying Jan 2022
the darkness holds so many secrets
that daylight doesn't dare to ask about.
hidden underground,
ignored and concealed;
the light does not always illuminate the truth.
✰hi everyone✰
✰it's very dark in my room right now✰
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2021
Couldn't catch it
in the broad daylight.
But got the flame
in the pitch dark night.
Ira Desmond Oct 2021
Seasons change
and daylight burns
and shadows move
across the world,

and if you yourself
don't move as well,
those shadows may
pass over you.

If you yourself
don't move as well,
those shadows may
pass over you.
As the sun got off duty
The reddish sky hid itself behind a black curtain
Stitched with several shiny pearls
And twinkling diamonds

Some magic happened...
A strange round bright object
Appeared on that curtain
And illuminated the whole surrounding

Trees on the earth
Started dressing theirselves in blackish green
It was something weird
Because some flowers too, started blooming

As the nature started singing the song of peace and silence
Everyone overcame their plight
They slept under that black curtain, very relaxed  
To which they called the lovely NIGHT...
What is this??
Actually, I too, don't know what's this? 😅But 'd written it earlier and now sharing it here...
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