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As the sun got off duty
The reddish sky hid itself behind a black curtain
Stitched with several shiny pearls
And twinkling diamonds

Some magic happened...
A strange round bright object
Appeared on that curtain
And illuminated the whole surrounding

Trees on the earth
Started dressing theirselves in blackish green
It was something weird
Because some flowers too, started blooming

As the nature started singing the song of peace and silence
Everyone overcame their plight
They slept under that black curtain, very relaxed  
To which they called the lovely NIGHT...
What is this??
Actually, I too, don't know what's this? 😅But 'd written it earlier and now sharing it here...
A grey blanket wrapped the sunlight,
Soon, the daylight turned into dark night.
Black clouds captured the blue sky,
Dusty ѕtorm covered the whole surrounding, before my eyes.

The sky roared and clouds clashed,
Environment trembled when thunderbolts flashed.
Happiness engulfed, when it drizzled some raindrops,
And from then, it rained... it rained nonstop!
Raining, Raining and Raining....
Sweet Rain Jun 15
Summer sky, life bursting open under its opaque blue
Too vivid for that cold dream of days lit by moonlight to be true
Sweet citrus colors flow into cool wet air blooming wide
As the moon slips through the surface from worlds swirling outside
Summer twilight, dreams drifting with echoing blue-violet waves
Summer night, a timeless world of sparkling secrets and ancient caves
Summer dawn is its magic, an enchanting rhythm lifting the sun  
In a summer sky of yin and yang, too perfect for just one
A description of a northern summer in a wet temperate climate, inspired by the other art forms I've been doing: writing prose, listening to music, even creating a visual art piece. Hope you enjoy :D
Erian Rose May 16
Autumn mornings filtered
gentle daylight on sunbeams
across cityways
and warm-tinted sidewalks,
upbeat lofi humming
with the dove's sorrowful song,
while weaving past
the struggles days bring.
Hi everyone! I finally got down to creating that lit magazine :) The Instagram is @autumnmorn.mag
It's still a work in progress, with an official website, logo, and application/submission forms in the process, but within a few months it should be up and running!

A beautiful day is nothang but life, for a beautiful soul makes a beautiful morning. As the daylight appears it make obvious how beautiful and ravishing you're. The light in your eye is as bright as the sunlight  sunlight. Wishing you a stunning morning as you really are. Good morning honey. Thinking about you.
J Apr 1
blaring down at me
sinking me with fired density
the Sun
against watercolored galaxies
I lift a hand
to keep me afloat?
To block out the rays.
I stare up into the cup of my fingers
the background makes it as though I
left fingerprint molds into the view
I lower my hand to admire the work
but it is not my hand, only birds
scattering in uniform
soft raven and charcoal against ripped blue paper
broad of daylight, I
stand in the middle of the world
every inch of skin
goosebumps rise
to greet the warmth with a kiss.
Tonight will fill

With the bitterness

Your tragedies spill.

& you hate this.

This endless, lonely night.

Empty minds

With their empty,

Lonely lives.

Some days you will fill

With some old vice.


It will never be enough

To ****.

& the night will always define the daylight.

& empty always defines your heart.

I don't think this will change.

I think you're just built this way.

Tonight will fill

With the darkness

You've started calling home.

Cigarettes will go by the name


& you'll spend your night wondering

Whether any of this

Will ever end.
Turn out the lights
catch the night’s bequest

Train your eyes on the horizon
sunrise is approaching

Notice how blue is shading
from deep to pale

There are no shadows
Cast by the moon
Hiding behind the clouds

Sounds reverberate from
an airplane drifting
to a landing

Morning’s quiet
regains the stage

Until a Robin chirps
a wake-up call

Sunrise is approaching
advancing from east to west
lighting the sky

Rocks whiten to become obvious
against the pallid grass of winter
robbed of nutrition by the cold of January

No orb announces today
the sun is rising although hidden
behind dense condensation

The orange orb of the sun
will not flood the skyline

The fever of night
has become the pale of the day
Gossamer draperies swell
with heat, eastern winds
push daylight
over tangled bodies.

Fingers travel up
and down your naked torso,
my hand caught suddenly
in yours as you stir,
a sleepy god awakened
by the warmth of morning.

Your body, a sundial,
keeps perfect time with mine;
two lovers cached in silken strands,
our sacred place now fully lit
with the hunger of summer.

The solstice lingers past its prime,
drifting over equator
and into southern skies
as autumn patiently waits
outside the bedroom door.
Shelby Majaiya Nov 2020
The fang of a vampire sinks in deep
Blood of the body against her teeth
That piercing sensation as she drains
The collar of my shirt soaked in blood stains
That weakened feeling I feel stumbling around
With the world around me swirling around
My hunger has altered into a crave
The old me has met an early grave
I can hear the hearts pulsing and pounding
The smell of fresh bait in the surrounding
I can't escape the hunger pains
As thirst for blood runs deep in my viens
I no longer use a fork when I eat
Because the blood of another taste so sweet
I've slept through the day I must feed tonight
But I must resume my slumber when the sun beams bright
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