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Abigail Hobbs Sep 13
My awakening broke the dawn
And my eyes lifted the sun
And the moon lowered to the dirt
in a sorrow of goodbyes
And up lifted my spirits
in anticipation of dawn breaking into common daylight
And all is even on the horizon
Like stars at night, you just shine
I am morning light stealing night time
No matter how hard I try killing the light
Still you you come back blazing like fire

Will you be my forever light?
Not only at night but until daylight
Would that be possible in my skies?
Or am I wasting time dreaming for the light

Will you fade?
For I am hurting
Will you shine?
For I am waiting
KM Hanslik Aug 7
Days are just days
slipping heavy gentle into one another
days are just days here but they're
growing on me like how bruises grow
under my skin
we are past ready for this summer to be over,
we are ready for new things to begin
and we are wearing our
long sleeves now to keep
our hearts warm, don't put
them back inside our chests yet
we've missed so many chances that it feels
like coming home when the wind blows colder,
and we walk around with paper clips trying to signal safety with our
soft soft hearts and our
broken-link eyes,
keeping track of who wore it best
looking up the road trying to find out
where we're headed, take a backseat
put your skeletons away for me
days are just days here, but some days are soft
some days spill over into seasons and you smile and I know,
I am going to be here forever,
and some days, forever doesnt feel
like very long at all.
V Exeter Jul 30
Give me a heart, will you?
I'll show you what I'll do with it.

Give me a mind, will you?
I'll find you a soul in nothing.

Fridge & contents,
will you kiss my lips?
Daylight implies
no sweetness,
I need you at night.
I hunger.
I hunger.

Give me a tongue,
will you

Imbue standing stone,
arcana in hand,
waking promised land.

Imbue ash with water,
what will become of it?
Dare ask the alkahest,

I'll show you how to find

a soul, in nothing.
Philip V Jul 12
Heaven floats in black paint
Stars shine and the night wanes
And then the snow falls to bring the day
Haiku Donna May 19
Peace and quietness
Early hours this morning
Best time of the day
Me and Dean down Chalet we were up early taking dogs for walk :)
Inspired x
Laina May 4
The room sleeps
As I lay awake
And as the sun rises
I want to reach out the window,
shove it back down and
Give myself a few more hours
With the calm rise and fall of your chest.

I don’t exist outside of here,
Only between the posts of your bed.
Needing constant validation
From your touch.
And if the morning never comes,
You’ll stay here
And I can pretend to be
What you need.

If time runs
Then I should be able to dam it up
Like a river
Stop it from flowing
Freeze it in place.

But time is greedy.
The moon is too weak
To stick around.

When light fills the room
And wakes it from delirium
The dreamer stirs
And I disappear.
Am I just a dream?

When I’m gone there is nothing.
Just time.

One word from your lips
And my body reanimates
Dances, breathes
then lies still again.
Finally awake.
But alive? Real?
The room only knows.
Poetic T Apr 29
Daylight is over rated,
showing the weakness
         that caresses  the darkness.

Where strength is whoever walks,
                      when the sunrise knifes
                      at every vein of existence.

Haemorrhaging the beauty of silence,
                  daylight is the noise of an
                  awaking purgatory on life.
Cora Lorraine Mar 17
As sunlight spread across the floor
and crawled over the rustled sheets
that you hid beneath,
your heart swelled
and your mind emptied
to accommodate the possibilities of the day.
Your fingers started walking toward the door,
taking your cover with them.
Upright your frame sat, then
through the doorway your eager feet danced.
Into the invigorating sunlight,
over the liberating grass that had grown
to comfort the soft skin of your toes as you
chase down the daylight
and gave new meaning to the word
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