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Grace Haak Sep 4
Live on.
And find ways to crack
Ankita Gupta Aug 1
I might run for pages, go out of line
Might write with broken nib, words that fight
Some twisted feels, come taste the lime
I might scribble tales, none held by daylight
Sunlight mist
Light a spliff
Lay down
Learn to drift
go enjoy the summer
Erian Apr 1
Till time slows
Or if the last of the
Stars drift away
I'll love you
I wish I could see you
Face to face
We could talk the day away
And in the dark of the daylight
We can fix our broken pieces
I'll love you
Only forever
You're always on my mind
When I'm with a friend
Or a stranger
In the end
I'll always remember
The times we spent together
I'll love you
Only forever
As I stare into the void,
Of a world I cannot hold.
I Escape now from that world,
From the world of feeling.
There is nowhere I can turn,
There is nowhere to go on.
Want to be the one,
To speak her name as mine.
Stars in the daylight.
Sun in the moonlight.
If Only.
I'm writing a small poem every day about how I feel or the world around me. This is #11
Johnny walker Jan 22
Darkness starting to descend on another somewhat depressing
day from the darkness at
night to early morning
The way I'm feeling at
this present time see
very little daylight between the darkening
Sleeping away the daylight
hours In hope the dark clouds will pass to a brighter day but perhaps that's asking
For seeing on the news snow In Brussels probably making Its way hear not a very good prospect so I think I'll sleep a little more daylight
A few thoughts while a bit depressed today
Suppose there is a reason,
After all,
For why I grumble at dawn
Yet fall short to day-ify
The night

My mom never forgot
The time I was born:
12:48 pm.
I was born into daylight...
On the outside walls, of course.

I don't usually think about
My birthtime too often;
If I happen to catch this minute by sight,
I know then I am well alive!
My mom has told me the story of how the doctor almost recorded my birthtime as 12:49 pm but my mom knows it to be 12:48 pm.  Glad to be a noontide birth!
Red Brush Jan 10
The day from sunrise
Cuts sharply with light.

The night in dark guise
Hides all from the sight.

Between them but lies
The gilded lie, twilight.
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