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TomDoubty May 6
Before, I couldn’t see you.
I would have written about your eyes
Your smile
Or your hair.
All cliche, all flat.
I couldn’t write. I tried.
Now I see you.

I see a green mantis
I see your freckled patina in that photo with the perfect light
I see you engaging the waiter in conversation
I see your long limbs loosely crossed,
Cradling your herbal tea and segmenting your orange.

The soft nape of your neck is in my dreams

I see you swimming ahead in the river,
I see your joy in that, and remember me needing to turn back.
I see us crouched on the railway sleeper,
the last of the sun crossing us
While the washing up waits,
We sit looking back at your home.

I see the young and sexless person you told me about
your nose in a book on the family holiday.

I see the flicker of self-doubt
the slow rising tear that doesn’t spill over
being all things,
mother, worker,
friend, lover.

I see all the things you are not
that I projected onto you
Now I see you.
Simona Apr 10
¶Slowly, slowly
On my face
Tears are running out in space

Tearless, lonely
In my bed
Singing sad songs in my head

Hoping for a tear to shed
**** me, not my heart instead¶
I got a thing for you
And I’m pretty sure you know it
I regret yesterday
For I let my feelings show it

Ever wonder why
The skies weep from above?
It’s to hide the tears
Of the dejected from rejection
There’s no objection
To my explanation
Pardon my lack of discretion

We do it all for love
We do it all for hate
There’s no neutral territory
There no time for explanation
There’s no time to set my mind straight

If only you could fall in love with me
Then we do it all
For the possible chance
That our one true slice of heaven
Will be sweeter than,
All our past miscalculations
Alina Mar 21
What do you when you start to feel like you can’t breathe again? Your chest gets heavy, and a simple inhale hurts so bad a tear twinges at your eyes. My chest, my lungs heaving as if I ran ten miles, but here I am sitting on my bed in the dark grasping at my chest, the burning of a decade of cigarettes beating me down to the point of where if I try to stand my knees would give and I would lay an empty puddle on the cold hard floor.

Payton Feb 24
Sometimes, I am afraid of falling so totally and completely in love with you.
I know you wouldn't hurt a hair on my head and you wouldn't dare tear apart my feelings.
But I am afraid of loosing you and that fear, alone is far stronger than any magic you can do to ignite this flame inside of me.
This poem was written in 2016.
chang cosido Feb 22
You know, the sun
could burn so hot,
but it never tells you
how it hurts when it
burns so low instead.
Once, you've said,
I'm like a bottle of sunshine
you sip on cloudy days.
That my smile
parallels a sun
for how it could
light up a room
or warm a heart.
But you could not
tear open a sun
and touch something cold inside.
I have known millions
of smiles similar to mine.
Under cloudy skies,
just millions of burning suns.
Cae Feb 21
are something that I have learned to hide.
Seen as a weakness to my parents, seen as too sensitive.
Grow up, you aren't a baby anymore.
Stop crying, you have everything.

Bottled up inside me I learned to control them.
I learned to ignore them
every time they threatened to burst.
Tears are a luxury we all take for granted.

I've grown to accept this part of me,
grown to accept that tears aren't the enemy.
A part of me will always whisper to myself,
grow up, stop being a baby.

But in the end, we all shed some tears.
Elymaïs Jan 30
A tiny flower swayed silently in the wind.

He knelt and cupped the blue petal in his hand.

A voice he didn't recognise echoed in his ear.

A tear fell from his eye, but he didn't know why.
this is a legend of zelda fanwork lol
Ainsley Jan 17
sat by the windowsill
staring at the polaroid still
black and white
making memories crystal bright
profound tears rolling
with the hail hitting the casement frame synchronizing
there on the table by
was laying the old wooden box
with a tearful sigh
thank you so much for reading
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