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Nerves fulminate, fissuring skin
As bones crackle, to weary tear,
Volcanic face, pooling hot tears,
Gaia weeps, her world despairs,
All of land's flora, and all of seas,
Erupt, displeasure at man's villainy.
Tear drops falling on my pillow,
Tear drops falling making a silhouette,
Tear drops of something I won't forget,
"Sometimes I go to call you", but right now you won't be there,
I'm sorry,
Now aren't you?
I would stop crying if it weren't for you,
But I just keep trying,
Holding on,
Tear drops,
an artists palette,
of paints creating a silhouette,
on my pillowed canvas,
Never heard sorry cross you lips,
Tear drops rolling down my finger tips,
I cover my eyes waiting 'till dawn,
Wish the tears rolling down my face,
were replaced,
with your loving kiss,
Haven't felt that love since I was an infant,
This is something I sure do miss,
Am I really that insignificant?
Is it really that hard to say the word that I longed?
"I'm sorry"
Work in progress, got in fight with mom...
Fears were near
While you were so far away

I had to stand the tears
I could never tolerate
It’s in my soil that maybe only
a patch of mundane dust.
But the water within it
must not come close to tear
or else no rock from space
will hit the one and only
finest cut the polished earth.
But it can no longer hold
onto its lubricating drop
of water at its very heart.
Losing it to some
one’s harrowing cry!
Haylin Nov 30
Just a cut
Just a scratch
"What's that mark?"
"It was just the cat"

Just an excuse
Just another lie
"What's with all the bracelets?"
"Just fashion, why?"

Just a tear
Just a scream
"Why were you crying?"
"Just a bad dream"

But it's not just a cut
Or a tear or a lie
It' always 'just one more'
Until you die
my ankle doesn't seem to hurt anymore
i think it's because I stopped running after you
but i haven't tried it out yet
maybe I shouldn't? just in case it might still hurt.
i won't
The bright glow from the phone illuminated her face,
Tears forming,
Lips parted,
Eyebrows furrowed.
Her grip tightened on the phone,
her only crutch keeping her sane,
and to cope with the sadness.

Keep it together.
Don't cry.
Don't let them see you like this.

Her head falls and the glow disappears,
leaving her in darkness, defeated.

Everything we have worked for,
Every **** hour spent,
And this is how it ends.
Don't let them see you like this.
Don't cry.
Keep it together.

A tear rolls down her porcelain cheek,
and it is too late.
She's been spotted.
I wrote this because I do One Acts (Competitive Theater), and we had districts today. There were Eight schools in this competition, and we got our results in the end: Dead last. It wasn't the actors or plot, it was the time! Truly, this was our very best performance, everyone thought so! It was just that we had two minutes over the time limit. 30 minutes is the limit, and well, we had 32. The problem was that the coaches tried added more ensemble parts the day before. The parts were good, I had liked them, they just sent us over the limit. I only ever write poetry when I'm sad, or angry, or simply upset, and this is one of those times. that poem explaims that we had worked hard and put our heart and souls into this, yet this is the end. This  was the very last performance for this One Acts season. I'm just sad it's ending, it feels too soon. I'll get over this eventually, yet that doesn't mean I'm not sad about this.
If my heart was a book
It would contain torn pages only

If my eyes wrote
Letters would be blurred by tear drops

If my blood turned into an ink
My nerves would run dry

If my mind tried to narrate
It would be stop after every phrase
Dess Ander Nov 16
Commiting unknown errors and unknown sins
Reasoning that I could have handled situations better
Yesterday never seems to disappear.
I left when you stomped, sat, and spit on my heart.
But cried for you to come back because i had forgotten what you did.
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