Blois Oct 9

Oh love, you come in a better disguise
this time. Let me tell you now that
you've improved both in loveliness
and in material impossibility.
For all I'm concerned, this has been
your finest hour, which coincides
with my weakest and darkest,
not related to your coming (you insist),
but I know better. And even when I know
what you'll do, I was hoping to see you
again. And this is already going wrong.
For those of us who, foolishly, are still
looking for the happily ever after,
it is always a walk in the park under
gray skies and falling leaves to have you
back, love. There will always be a space
for you to fill in this heart. If only
you could stay still for a second.

But wait a second; no, not you.
Wait a second longer; yes, me.
Weren't you just about to fall sleep?
Wait a second. You're not loosing her.
Hold the tear in, close your eyes and
drift away. There she'll be too,
in the dream, waiting in a better disguise.
And this time it'll maybe be real.

Seema Oct 4

Now, I'll just tear the pages,
Rip every bit apart
Lock my thoughts in cages
And exile my own heart

I'll savage my feelings  
And blindfold my visions
Coz, I am done with the killings,
Of my naive emotions

I am not the crazy one here
Neither was my love
You wouldn't mind counting my tear
As the sky shatters from above

The state of my mind
Is not, even near to insanity
I have put everything behind
Coz, I am not greedy for eternity

Letting ooze out the filth
That's clogging my entire body
So I don't feel the guilts
And put blame on somebody

Inking with bright red
For every mistake I've made
Never shall I be sad
For I'll soon be laid

In the soft mud, hugging the ground
The underground creatures my friend
With whom I shall surround
As my breath has come to an end

Be happy, unlike my depression
Killing me rather softly
But don't kneel to this depression
Coz, you'll also die slowly...


Depression, slowly kills. It's the new disease that self invites itself.
Fictional write.
Seema Oct 2

There is no Us nor We
Divided us, was she
There is no You nor I
Just my tears seem to spy
Don't you wonder why I cry?
Why these tears won't dry?
Helplessly tired whenever I try
Do you even care?
Or busy with your new pair
Life's never been fair
All I do now is just sit and stare
At the pictures we share
It's becoming too much to bear
Hovering chest pain seems to tear,
My heart out from its layer
You've been a great player
Not my prince but a slayer
This beating heart will soon slow
As I close my eyes and end the show
Don't beg at my feet then, O' No!
Life is beautiful
You are free to go...


Once Upon A Time...
Marya123 Oct 2

If I had more tears left to cry
They'd roll down without care
Hurricanes from my eyes
Glorious storms of despair.

They'd speak volumes without a word
I wouldn't have to explain
They'd flow till my vision is blurred
So I needn't see through the pain.

Alexander Sep 26

I am a rapist.
I force myself onto my poetry,
Even when it wants to be left alone.
I say no, to her no.

She’s the one who’s asking for it.
Walking all pretty, all alone,
Basically begging me to tear her clothes off.
I don’t need her permission.

After I do it, I cry.
I look myself in the mirror and wonder
Why do I do this, why?
I guess I’m just another monster.

The sad thing is
She always comes back for more.
She trusts me more than I do myself.
I don’t get why she does this to herself.

Seema Sep 18

The winds whistle my name
As I walk on this lonely path
Everything looks almost the same
Except the monuments ruined art

The heart was stained red
Tear marks on it's face I saw
The monument looked sad
On this bright day, it refused to glow

As I looked closer, I felt drips of water
Over my shoulder, as I stood near
A feeling of a mother, missing her daughter
In those still eyes, sipping out was its tear

I never thought stones could really cry
Crafted by men, a persona beautiful art
Even if I wipe out its tears to dry
I wouldn't feel the pain it bears in its heart...


Mono Sep 10

I don’t know what to say anymore when you said those eight words and three letters

Suddenly my heart stopped beating and I said with tears in my eyes. “I hate you too”

and then I whispered
“but it’s the opposite…”

Eya Sep 6

fall endlessly like raindrops to the ocean;
Like little soldiers, one after the other,
They fall just as the enemy targets them.

Why am I here?
Why do I tell you this?
Why do these fall in my face when my insides feel nothing?

Then again, what is a smile with happiness in it?

Seema Sep 3

...and the heavens will open
To let the angels fall
The myths will again be spoken
When people would raise their hands to call
The GENERATOR of this entire universe
Please rewind and reverse
The OPERATOR of this entire universe
Please remove this curse
The DESTROYER of this entire universe
Please have mercy as I chant your name in a verse
Dear GOD, don't let the angels perish,
And have the humans die
Why has this day come?, tell me this is a lie
If this is a dream, I shall pinch myself to scream
But as I look up towards the sky,
I see grinning clouds and a hollow rim
Almost like as if I can spy into the heavens gate
I sense the rush of crowds to their deadly fate
I've lost being a sane, everything looks so plain
In pain, many slain, people cry and claim
The remains of their loved one's on the ground
Why am I spared to witness such a havoc surround?
Why am I not dead? , what has led me here?
As I stumbled over a skeletal remains laying near
A gist of feel, a terrible outcry of fear
I've been dead, seems almost a year
Now, few things I see quite clear
End of this world is near
Soon no one will be left to even shed a tear...


Global warming, weaponry tests, wars, scavengers.
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