Not everyone can fell everyone's pain,
Heart only fells the heart's pain,
Something happens to my heart,
When you are in pain or get hurt.

Your tear is like a  deep ocean,
when tear drops from your eye,
I feel like i am drowning,
In a deep ocean of painful tear,

My eyes smiles, when you smile,
My heart cries,when you cry,
For me your tear is like hell,
your smile gives me pleasure of  heaven.

your smile is weaker than your tear,
your smile can't hide your tear,
Not everyone can see pain behind smile,
the one who loves you truly can see.

If anyone ask me "what is hell"
I will tell about your tears,
If anyone ask me "what is heaven"
i will tell about your smile.

I know you more,
than you know about yourself,
I think about you more,
than you think about yourself,
I love you more ,
than you love yourself.

Big, into this
big awesome world
is there a little hole?
For a man to
hide a teardrop?

Lost in the illusion
Of this painting they called life,
A small girls sits shivering
In the corner of her bathroom floor
Inside of this masterpiece
The girl paints more of just that,
Her tears watercolors on the canvas
Of the tiles lining the bathroom floor
These tiles now cold and hard
Eating away like acid on her cool flesh,
The comfort of the childhood memories
All washed away from within the walls
That once gave her peace of mind.
Bubble baths turned to bloody ones
As she brings her art to life
The words thrown at her
Outside of the world in her bathroom
Now painted red in bold font
Inside a canvas unseen
By anyone but the bitter ghost
Left to rot in the corners of the stone walls
Under the bubbles of the water
That ate away at her crimson tainted flesh
The tears stop falling
While the water still runs
Over her treacherous heartbeat,
Down the curves of her spine
As she desperately attempts
To wash away her sins
Not knowing the paint was permanent
Forever etched into her skin
Burning demons into her own canvas
Years later,
After many hidden portraits..

Her fragile body aches
As she paints one more masterpiece
To tie the rest of her canvases together.
And with a final stroke of her brush
A tear slips down her face
Rejoicing in how long her art lived
In secrecy before she ran out of paint
  She finally paints her signature
  Onto the tiles of her bathroom floor
  Her legacy or a warning to those stuck like her
  The world won't ever come to know
  All they knew was her heart ran out
  Of words to say and canvases to paint
  As she took her last breath and spelled out

           Mise en Abyme

Pieces of another dark poem found in the archives written officially on this date 7 years ago... and yet what inspired this or rather who still remains much of a mystery ~BM
Zeeshan Nov 26

Tears, in her eyes
Only phobia I ever had,

Tears, in her eyes
Only thing i'll ever crave.

Rebel Heart Nov 26

We all know the story of the tooth fairy..
She'd leave a gift under your pillow
In exchange for taking your lost tooth
A perfect trade, A perfect dream, A perfect fantasy
My first lost tooth?- Not so perfect

You see I never saw your fist hurling towards my face
The hands that held me so close as a baby
Now became a tool of your aggression.
I just wanted to tell you good night...
To tell you everything would be okay

Because through your silent glares and late night yells,
I saw the tear of despair roll down your face...
I saw how broken you must've been
Underneath the weight of the world
Drowning your stress in bottles
Of what you called "your medicine"

All I ever wanted was to make sure you knew
How much I still loved you
Despite how many times you hurt mommy
All I ever wanted was to make sure you knew
How much I still cared
And that you were going to be okay...
We would be okay.

We could take our bikes out again
Ride down the street and dance in the rain
You could take me to our favorite park
Where I would be the superhero and save you
From the sand monster in the sand box
Then we'd go get some pizza
And watch the sun dip below the waves
The angels, you said, would paint the sky for us
And we'd ride our bikes back to the place we called home
You and mommy would tuck me in at night
And kiss me on the forehead to tell me
That I'd always be loved...
That it would all be okay

I went in for a hug
And you punched me in my face.
Punched Me
In my face
The one person I ever trusted
The one person I ever loved
Was the reason I had blood on my lips
For the first time I could rememeber

You didn't flinch
So I didn't cry
But seven years later
I'm still stuck wondering why
You took away the happiness I was supposed to feel
When I lost my first tooth
And replaced it with this monstrous nightmare of you

Because the next morning I woke up and realized
The tooth fairy never came
To grant my one wish of being happy with you
And every morning after that I woke to realize
The tooth fairy was a fantasy
And so was my childhood happiness with you

-To: Dad

Not a poem but a gem I found hiding in the files back from 2010... The writing prompt this was born from was interesting and so reading this 'response' was a little surprising and interesting. I doubt this was shared then but I teared up reading it so enjoy because I'm sharing it for RH now! It wasn't given a title so if you could suggest one it would be appreciated ~BM
Samreen Nov 26

It fell into my hand,
Small and shining it was,
A round sparkling droplet
Of her tear, it was.

Her silent sobs let out,
Into the equally silent night.
Her mouth as if she wanted to shout,
But her tears so hard she was trying to fight.

Her face red, her eyes watery,
Her nose bloated, red like a cherry.
Under the sky, below the stars,
Far away on the street, honked the cars.

Sounds of the water hitting the rocks
Watching the waves reaching the shore.
Her expressive eyes, told so much
Maybe she thought, "life wasn't like this before."

Gentle breeze blew, her long hair flying,
Tickling my face, her beautiful essence...
I stood there, a silent spectator,
Totally unaware she was, of my presence.

The moon above, round, shining bright,
I touched her shoulder, "Are you alright?"
She turned to me with frightened eyes and walked away in fear,
Leaving behind in my hand, that droplet of her tear.

isabel Nov 26

someday we will be given more

someday i won't wake up crying because of how much I miss you

someday I won't constantly question why everyone continuously proves to let me down when every word I dictate and every action I muster is to make every person in my life happier than they were

someday my parents will recognize the grin I plaster on my face everyday is fake and that hidden behind are shadows of loneliness and regret

someday ill be happy when the sunrises because it means I've been granted another day and when the gentle whispers of dusk emerge ill be grateful for the stars that glimmer among the blackness

someday we will be given what we deserve

someday I will no longer be in a broken home filled with ugly words spewed at each other and twisted lies coursing through each room, poisoning relationships and love

someday all the hours of hard work and those sleepless nights and days spent listening to the rain patter on the windows because that was the only solace to my pain will pay off

someday the tunnel of blackness and the cloak of unhappiness with lift

the days will feel longer and the sunlight will wash over you, succumbing you with the warmth

the nights will be an endless stream of dreams of opportunity and friendship and laughter

the future will be full of new discoveries and relationships

someday you will recognize your own beauty to be the eighth wonder of the world

we will always hope for someday,

wait for someday,

lust for someday,

someday, will one day be today.

Scarlett Nov 23

The monster boy ATE her soul

And tore her I  n  t  o


Irina BBota Nov 11

You will look for me when the sun will dry your tear
and passenger lovers will accuse your pain,
when you escape from the world's horror and fear,
when the gentle breeze's music will fall down as rain.
Or not...

You'll look for me when your excuses will be drowned
and your warm, ruby glance ​​will look for an answer,
when my laugh will have a contagious sound,
when you meet me on the street, in the arms of a dancer.
Or not...

You're going to look for me, grumpy and full of hesitation,
when the thighs of the nights will be closer than yesterday,
when I'll not look back for a long time from love's station,
when rhymes will be written on violin accords, in my holiday.
Or not...

You're going to look for me and ask me with your sight
if red rose petals of romance had fallen over my life,
but I will not let the flame burn me anymore, in the night,
even if your memory I will let it go, without a strife.
Or not...

Machel Yvan Nov 4

Will you be sad once I turn my back?
Will you shed a tear knowing we'll be apart?

Will your heart break with the thought we'll never see each other?
Will you miss the times when we're together?

Will you write me letters saying it's me you miss?
Will you buy gifts like I'm still in your Christmas list?

Of all these things I ask of you,
I know I will, I do
but, WILL YOU?

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