I can feel insanity stroking my head \ And holding me tighter than you ever did \ I swear \ I feel it \ Walking talking looking around \ Softly wrapping around me \ Tearing me apart \ Hiding me in places I do not know how to find \ Stroking my head even harder

and taking over my life-

for every tear
that slides across my face
a smile is preparing
to bloom in it’s place.

© Copywrite Rosa Lía Elías
Tear Drop Aug 8

OMG: I think I like you.
ILY: I love you.
WTF: Why did you cheat on me?
KMS: I'm killing myself, bye.

Batool Aug 7

"What hurts the most ?"
he asked.
"autumn touched heart
in the midst of spring."
she said.

I gave you my love
My soul - my heart
But the words you speak
Seem to tear me apart.

How much easier it would be, to be
Or so at least I like to think
When my mind runs away from the building of me
Like a brick I fall
Like a block I sink
Hopefully back into place
But if it's not for me
Would you tear me apart God brick by brick?
And build me as I was meant to be?

Not all that I do...is rooted in truth or humility. RIP.
Elin Roberts Jul 26

my heart feels what the soul doesn’t

reading words bled into paper

written by a hand that’s forgotten what happiness feels like

eyes wander, palms feel cold like metal

similar to the blade you use to remember how to feel

whilst smirking mouths judge you from across crowded rooms

false accusations and lies

hatred cold like their ice hearts

and all the while

you’re the victim but feel the villain

don’t know how to reach for an outstretched hand that isn’t there

because in reality

people don’t care when it becomes too much to handle

don’t see that you’re drowning in the wake of your unhappiness

forgetting how to breathe

forgetting how to feel

forgetting how to be the human you once were

and shards of this broken heart ricochet and the splinters, yes, they crack

shattering the glass you’ve built between reality and the lie you feel your life has become

the lie that is all you are

and all the while

escapism is a far off dream and you don’t know how to be

co-existing is pain

when your heart wants only for the soul to be free

when for a fleeting moment you forget

that happiness is an illusion of the brain

and all you feel is hollow and bent

misplaced and out of shape in a world that never really cared for the words

written on your tear stained cheeks

this is relevant

I wonder,
even when
i am drinking tears,
why my lips and throat
are drying of

Rebecca Kinga Jul 14

Your love is just a temporary oxygen
Killing permanently as you leave

You may made me feel alive
But I could no longer survive
As you left my heart wasn't beating
These lungs were no longer breathing

For the last time I breathed then suffocated
I faced a truth not so complicated
Even my soul left as you were gone
I wanted to chase but couldn't run

My hands got cold just like your heart
As the closest one became so apart
I slept like a kid who has heard a lullaby
As the reason of life left without goodbye

I attempted to survive, I only wheezed
Nothing felt good, nothing even eased
Scene was dark, but brighter than ever
As I closed my eyes to open them never

Stories & even more faced an end
With a loss that nothing could ever mend
And nothing was more painful
Than last image I saw...

A H S Jul 13

I lost it
I can't remember

I lost

One day it
Just left me

One stupid
Green pill

Took away

My joy and sadness

All for what

To turn me into
A robot

I am a fake

Everyday my body
Gets abused
By the stupid
Green pill

Which caused more
Pain than it took

I cried for weeks

For no reason at all

Just a lack of emotion

The shitty effects of anti depressants. When a family member dies and you can't feel anything. Looks of disappointment and disgust attack my face
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