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thought I was better...
clearly not. I am Tender
Scabs scraped off by time
Haiku on healing and realizing poorly made stitches rip at the slightest tug
jihan kim Jan 14
is complicated
and happy
and sad
and relaxing
and anxious
all at the same time

do you even love me
why do you love me?
how can you love me
when i'm so broken
when i'm so ruined
when i'm so ugly
how messed up i am

i can't even tell you how i feel properly
and i'm vomiting out the words on pages of letters
i will never send
you will never read
my depression?
you don't need to know

your girl
is perfectly fine
she's whole
and not broken
and not bruised
and not hurt

i love you baby
i love you
you are the stars in my sky
you're a whole constellation
and this is love
this is love
this is love
is this love?

can you call this love
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2022
Maybe just maybe
that a split-second mo
is far no more.

Finally, the moon into the sea
takes the jump for sure
only to see abyss water is no more.

Capturing the moments of stories
woven in billows and waves
all a jiffy in a split second is gone
but a drop of tear at the bottom.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2022
A man maybe
a giant.
Maybe a joy
or pain.
Truth is
a tear!
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2022
If you constantly
Pile your emotions
Layer by layer
One day
It will gravitate
Being a tear

Genre: Observational
Theme: Open Up
Author's Note: Have you ever felt like this? Healing comes in a different way, not just that **** medicine.
A reminder,
that even those of us who soar above the rest,
can sometimes fall to the ground,
in a drop of full of pain.
Mathieu Jan 2022

Life had a story for you, from the first page you started.

Please, don't shed a tear, it's not your fault you departed.

Fate had a hand to play in the bed that you lay.

He tore us away in a moment of grace.

In rebellion, that smile not once, left your beautiful face.

Clea, visit me, please?

When I'm curled up in bed,
asleep, let your spirit rest on my chest.

Gently let me know, that I'm not alone.

That there is something left?
Odd Odyssey Poet Nov 2021
Seem            warm,
thinking      all      about me.
Run in the endless snow as, our
noses both love to do the running too.
Lets both be going down the cold mountain
of life' valley of fate & dreams. Darling, we then
would go riding down the valley' despair and ski.
Kept warm by a kiss  of flames under my breath.
The  sun  is  covered by  clouds,  but  a  son like,
me, can take up the work. Only put me on; and;
consider my warmth. As  in  winter;  humbled
warm words fill you up with warm worth.
I'll be your frozen tear drop of joy.
Alina Sep 2021
a missed call notification lingers on my phone, taunting me in the small moments, reminding me of opportunities lost. A single minute voicemail replayed a hundred times. Your voice seeping into my marrow growing cold as it lingers. It's all I have left, all of you that remains. A notification, a reminder, a promise that just hours before it all, I was what occupied your mind.

Yashika Aug 2021
Today when you are gone
My eyes are in dew
The heart has completely shattered
My mind argues for you....

In the crowd of millions
I find myself alone...
with whom do i share my feelings with....
you left me in a stage of bemoan...

i wish the rain never stops
like the tears that flows
i could cry endlessly
to cleanse the pain that grows...
a very touchy poem for the ones who lost their loved ones
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