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I wake up, I wake up, and only in the morning do I regret the nights leaving in silence, the screaming ravens wisely watching the hellishness of owls as they warn of the vulnerability of Existence! And I have to look enviously at how I smile and shine at the rays of the bombarding sunbeam on my face: Even the natural antidote to a hangover! I must be up in the face of a radiant radiance, a bitterly wrinkled World, and in it the compromising Man who proclaimed himself a wise man who knows all things!

And suddenly in my heart the executed despair, the ongoing anger, the instinct itself move: Eternity every day without an immortal sweetheart - and meanwhile even those with cowardly ant-zeal live on the ground with me! - Man always asks for things, favors, and obligations: he deserves more, and yet less than he deserves.

your own morals are worth it! Man, as a free prey projected on a truly humiliated Adam costume, is forced to face death, gnashing his teeth. The defeated thread of its existence can soon be cut off by the molecular organism of mortal biologies! - Thinking through connections perpetuates everyone - and we don't know the true meaning: Whether they were determined in our case by superior "powers, executioners"

"And as dying grains of dust, they become one with the tears that wounded our face, which was destroyed in mourning!" - The nothing that is permanently destroyed, isn't it approaching ?! "You are cracking yawning bones there, that there used to be an eternal bang!"
Hey, why can you hear and not see?
When the sun stopped by a locked window

If there was a choice in the way we could chant
To the way we strut on our feet.

If there were choices how we touch,
To beyond our dreams.

If there was a choice in the ways we meet,
And how we leave behind the people we greet.

She sees there is a choice in their actions,
intentionally, the way they react to 
over reactions.

There is a choice in the way we treat,
Important not to repeat in the 
Explosions which create disease and confusion

If there was a choice in how we raise our 
To apologies and resent for the 
White noise that were not meant.

If there was a choice to be free,
To move away from ever going 

We knew the choices where we can leave,
To create a life to breathe,
Out of moon, No shadows but shine.

As you knew her choice
Unreasonable demand, will
Not to be dictated forever by 
our secret happy path
By Angel.XJ / 24/05/2020;
Hong Kong protesters flee tear gas during rally against China's draft security law
Never leave yourself alone
Where you look outside the window
Someone hails you through back:
I had walked a dreadful numbers of Footsteps
But while they cross yours
My knees feel like falling into the only Place you've settled in
You need someone denying your fears
You call me
When you need me to remove your tears
Then I know
Tears would land in somewhere same
On my dog_eared note book
Love feeds better than the fortune you Took
It's a window
It's free to look!
A poem when I miss my best friends!
Lara May 5
Every tear stands for a memory

You can either cry about memories or you can let them go.

Let them fly away like a bird.

You are able to show your feelings.

With every tear that runs down your face you can make a memory come alive or disappear.

You need to be aware of your feelings.

How are you gonna show you feelings?
Which memories do you want to keep and which do you want to get rid of.

Memories for life or for the moment?

Eitherway tears come streaming down your face.
vern May 5
they sat up on their bed
staring at the empty wall ahead
what was once covered with pictures and art
beautiful memories and dreams
was now empty with chipped paint and tape residue
a soft spirit walked in and held their hand
“what’s wrong?” she asked
they didn’t speak for the words could barely escape their tongue
they stared at the barren wall
“won’t you tell me what’s wrong?”
they opened their mouth
a single tear slid down their stained cheeks
they could barely speak
but they could get out one word
again idk what I’m doing
Erian Rose Apr 25
goodnight, to the pounding rain
and tear stained skin
everlasting dreams left paper-thin
Amanda Apr 19
I think worst part of this
That it is so hard to pretend
You are meaningless
Nothing above a friend

My feelings did not ever end
Or begin to fade
Acted like my love disappeared
All along was a charade

My heart never quit yearning
To again be by your side
Just stifled the urges with cheap replicas
Emotions beneath a thick layer of pride

I want you knowing how much you mean
But worry you'll tear me in half
I am different now
Ghost of the girl in that old photograph
Just don't call Ghostbusters on me please haha
I'm breaking like glass in my eyes.
Red painful barriers and flickering sight.
How much longer till my body will have dry bones?
Zombie walking, alien clown.
I'm still travelling.

I can't push myself through the pressure.
If I do, I will definetely break my eye.
So I stay up staring.
Maybe I will just float away.
I'll pray for it as I push my fist against my chest.
Gently touching the parts that are still intact.
Hoping it will be worth it.
Let's stay in this trance.

Let's walk
Let's float.
I will go on and find you.
And everything else will find me.
Cause it has to push deep inside.
Tear me open.
Break Time
by Michael R. Burch

for those who lost loved ones on 9-11

Intrude upon my grief; sit; take a spot
of milk to cloud the blackness that you feel;
add artificial sweeteners to conceal
the bitter aftertaste of loss. You’ll heal
if I do not. The coffee’s hot. You speak:
of bundt cakes, polls, the price of eggs. You glance
twice at your watch, cough, look at me askance.
The TV drones oeuvres of high romance
in syncopated lip-synch. Should I feel
the underbelly of Love’s warm Ideal,
its fuzzy-wuzzy tummy, and not reel
toward some dark conclusion? Disappear
to pale, dissolving atoms. Were you here?
I brush you off: like saccharine, like a tear.

Keywords/Tags: 911, victims, survivors, grief, loss, heal, healing, tear, tears, coffee, break, time, milk, artificial, sweeteners
J J Mar 31
I misplaced a tear drop
                                     in a jar full of collected rain.
Cloudy thoughts sway me forward to face the day
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