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Siti Asmida Sep 24
TEARS. Things that always happen to others including me.

Every one can cry, I too can cry. But when my tears dry. I can only make out the sound and no more tears.

Cry can make you stress. No! Cry can make you feel better. Witch one is true? The answer is, "everybody has different opinions," yes. It seems so.

Alraight! We just have to CRY! CRY untill the tears DRY!!

By Siti Asmida
8 Sep. 2019
Self Important: Tears.
If you have something that you cannot express it from mouth.. You should drawing something.
Anastasia Sep 19
the shadows of stars
sparkle on your face
with your tears
i want to kiss your cheeks
and tell you it's alright
and we whisper to each other
in the pale moonlight
Andra Sep 11
let me

i want to be

me and you

stay the heck
and stop making me be afraid
that with every day that goes
you go as well.

i only want to trace itineraries on your forehead
and lose my dreams in your arms
and exhale wishes on the steamy window of your car
and cry green tears tasting of gin and tonic
which you will hold in the palms of your hands
and when you have no more room
you will hide them in jars
in the room at the back where there's always cold
because the heater doesn't work

i can't be like this if you are not here
and my cheeks tremble only when i feel your presence in the room

if you need the certainty
that i will be here when you come back
well then,
just so you know,
i will be
at our place
especially at 9.36am
and i will think about
how lovely would have been for you to kiss me then
but i will smile because
you were so
that you didn't know what to do

stay here
don't make me ask you
I have written this years ago and have just re-discovered it... Funny how you learn from your old self.
m h John Sep 5
i am jealous of how
they are able to grow & find themselves
before i am able to
find enough comfort
to look in a mirror

i envy how
they can hide in a home
isolated by fear and danger
and still find the strength
to spread their colorful wings
to fly off into the moonlight

i treat their wings
as if i were you and they were me

i tear them apart
Anastasia Aug 30
don't you hate it
when you want to cry
but you can't
because your eyes are too dry
Carmen Jane Aug 29
Clearing  up the lenses,
I take another look
And I see you,
As beautiful as ever,
Smiling and seductive,
Beckoning me
In the woods
Where owls hoot
I want to follow
Every step you take
I know you'll show me
Castles and magical worlds.
You'll teach me
How to fly the clouds,
How to reach all paths
Of possible turnouts,
How to choose
The right perfume,
That transcends me
Into epiphanies
Oh,how I adore you!
As I travel with you,
You always hold my hand
And to you I always can vent
You'll take my tear
And you'd whip it into a river
Where crocodiles swim,
Slaloming white lilies
You'll take my frown,
And you'd make a hammock
For you and I
And we'd swing
Feeling the summer breeze,
And always if I need to go
You would wait for me...
Seanathon Aug 27
We love the rain
Not because we can hear the sky
But that we can see her thoughts
Tearful rain - an honest series
Chris Aug 25
Have me get drawn and quartered
Tear my attention span shorter.
Go and tear me limb from limb
My weeping smile from cheek to cheek.

Mutilate my childish mind
Creativity left behind.
Beat me into submission
Misery; your only mission.

**** me and tell me I'm wrong
Hide and whine your pathetic song.
Father's your supposed name
He who ignores his growing shame.

Forgive him is what they say
Unaware of what's given way.
Tear me open for all to see
Dismember my will to be.
This is about my garbage family and ******* stepdad. Enjoy.
Alyan Khan Aug 25
I ran out of tears
I greeted all my fears

I wish they live a life,
that's full;
without the care
without the worry
of the world,
and of me

I will be here though
wishing your problems go away
that happiness touches your frey
hoping that someday,
you miss me, too.
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