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Anji 4h
In my darkness, you are a shining beacon of light.
A lamp post, street side in the darkest night.
When all of the stars, and even the moon
Decide to depart from the sky -
I’m still drawn to your fire.
Seeking warmth and comfort like a moth
Against the soft-framed glass panes of your life.

Because - MY GOD!  -
In deep darkness, how brilliantly you shine! And
In the crucible of my life
When all things burnt out, blackened, and
All I loved had withered and died -
There in the ashes, among the wreckage
I saw a diamond sparkling, so these hesitant fingers pried it apart
And now...

Here you are. Standing by my side,
Singing back to me my very own pain.
Killing me, so softly
With the way that you sing.

Oh, my darling. For you,
I would burn down anything.
And only for You...
Beautiful Diamond Of Mine.
poetry, bitches.
You're a firework
a momentary thing of beauty
on cold nights
under amber city lights

You're a leaving train
when you're already running late
and endlesly frustrating

You're an alarm
on a Sunday morning
with the cold side of the pillow
putting the day on snooze

You're rain
with a forecast for summer
or the cup of tea
and you're feet up
at the end of it all

You're everything wonderful
but terrible all the same
A Poem a Day
My favourite times with you were the ones well after twelve. Long after the clock had sung its midnight song. Eyes sticky with sleep, heavy from dreaming and the naked truth inviting us in. We found ourselves daring to walk into darkness. No trace of fear lingering onto our unmarked skin. It was you and me, two strangers, against the world. Together found, and for a sliver of time, happiness no longer seemed an eternity away. Love can exist for infinite times but sometimes that means not together but apart. Memories and warm hearts trapped inside the protection of a delicate glass world. Turned upside down and waking up, forgetting we ever said farewell at all. Snow starts falling, each and every time I whisper goodbye, to the ghost of our winter love. Stuck, forever, reliving  memories inside the snow globe of my mind.
As she took my hand
We split down the stream
As choruses of angels had sung
Above our heads, we hung
Looking down at the dream
For our dalliance was marked
Each second shorter than the last

For every sunrise, another had set
And with the birth of a child
A man had passed
Each second shorter than the last

And just like that
Our future had become the past
one night you asked me if I remembered what it was like to be in love with you
I laughed to myself because
how could I forget?
you standing there, hands in your pockets
the smile whenever you laid your eyes on me
the t-shirt you wore under your clothes, everyday,
because it was once your fathers
the scar behind your left ear
that appeared after fighting for your sister
How could I forget?
dancing barefoot on the cold kitchen tiles
laughing so hard we could feel it in our hearts
smoking in your car, blasting music
making future plans to run away
I knew then I had it all
I know now, forgetting will never be an option for us
How could I forget you?
I could've sworn you put the sun in the sky and the stars in my eyes
there's no forgetting a love like ours
I was kissed in the September chill

Half a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc abandoned

by our drunken embrace

Towering over me, shining eyes laugh as

you suggest we walk to the ferry, since

big wave could have you drenched

Sitting on your lap on the public transport
so silly

there were so many seats open

I don't remember most of the trip home

I remember the warmth that filled my heart when you

Cupped my cheek and kissed me. . .
M 1d
I took a step forward,
I was so nervous.
But now we're friends,
because I decided
I was done
with not living my life
to the fullest.
I was taught i would know
To whom i would go
When my fingers would fit between theirs

So i held many hands
But none fit so then
I let go and began to despair

So when i held yours first
In my sad mind i cursed
Cause the answer proved same as before

But when i pulled away
You held on and you said
You believed that we could be much more

Then I felt your hands change
Fingers start to arrange
Soon enough mine too had done the same

And before my own eyes
I saw my precious prize
For enduring and winning this game

Your fingers and mine
Fit together just fine
And to this day with you i remain
Love is hard work and not perfect from the start
Ms Noma 1d
Fly me to the moon
Fly me to the sun
I want to travel soon
I want to have some fun

Take me to the sea
Take me to the lake
Won’t you sing to me?
And dance till our feet ache?

Show me bright pink birds
Show me some big cats
Let’s eat seconds and thirds
Fill our bellies with fats

Walk me to the beach
Walk me to the trees
Bite me like a peach
And drop me to my knees

Stop my heartbeat quick
Stop me with a kiss
Caress me with a lick
Entice me with a hiss

Now that you have done
Each task that I have asked
My brave prince, you’ve won
I’m forever yours at last

Now don’t you mess this up
We’ve put in too much work
I’ve loved you like a pup
If you go, I’ll turn berserk!

Why is every man
A tease that doesn’t last?
Soon as you start to plan
He runs away so fast?

Yet at the very start
‘Twas he that wanted her
Could barely keep apart
Brought gifts of gold and myrrh.
I am selfish;
I want to see you every night
Until the darkness is no more.
My nights can never be too full
of the stars that you are.
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