mythie 39m

A tall, elegant wallflower.
Her orchid eyes tell a million tales.
An expressionless face.
A contagious smile.

She's easily flushed, and often hides away.
I love when she talks, her voice is melodic.
Her laugh causes my heart to ache.
Her small hands cradling a book.

Everything about her makes my heart pound.
The curving of her lips.
The way she blinks.
Her methodical way of thought.

I love it all.
She's a little messed up, but that's alright.
I help her as much as I can.
She's scarred, and in pain, but that's okay.

She opened up, little by little.
Making me proud, and a little flustered.
When she brandishes her knife, I feel a sense of fright.
But I know that everything will be okay.

She's timid, polite and talks quietly.
I'm patient with her, she means the world to me.
Whenever we touch, my face turns red.
But it's okay, because hers does too.

I'm truly grateful
For knowing and loving you
You're magnificent


thank you for being in my life, ljh
and it's your special day tomorrow i'm excited for that

You are so precious
Words can't easily express
What I feel for you


ljh, you're effortlessly beautiful inside and out that it leaves me speechless.

In every artwork
She is reminded of him
Her wonderful muse


paraluman (n.)
a muse that inspires artistically

You do have this smile
Soft like the cherry blossoms
And sweet like ice cream


with just one smile from you, my heart flutters like the cherry blossoms ♡

You've been through so much.
Them boys lost all your trust.
Let me be your 'pick me up'.
I'll try my hardest not to rush.

Your eyes show me all your shame, your pain.
Your words show me all your pain, your shame.
Your heart wasn't there cuz its broke, so broke.
I can fix that, I will fix that, let me fix the broken pieces babe.

If I have ever gave you a reason to doubt.
Let me show you How loud my heart can honestly shout.
Cuz when im around you that's all it'll ever do.
I knew from the very first day I'd only want you.

You are so strong.
But around me you get so weak.
Took a peek in your soul.
All i could see was gold.

But your eyes are filled with shame, your pain.
And your words are filled with pain, your shame.
I have found your heart, its fixed so fixed.
Told you I'd do it, yes I did it, yes I did it, did it all for you.

If I have ever gave you a reason to doubt.
Let me show you How loud my heart can honestly shout.
Cuz when im around you that's all it'll ever do.
I knew from the very first day I'd only want you.

Reaching deeper into my heart I managed to find this gem and put it to paper. Now I am sharing it with you all, another chapter in my life.
mythie 22h

I hate you.
I hate everything that you do.
I hate your smile and your starry eyes.
I hate when I'm with you, time just flies.

I hate how you're never here.
I hate how you always seem to disappear.
I hate your toothy grin.
I hate when I'm with you my head starts to spin.

I hate how you yell and smash bottles all night.
I hate when I wake up covered in love-bites.
I hate how you tease me and tell me you love me.
I hate when you can't calm down and it takes more than just a plea.

I hate how you're violent and stay up for hours.
I hate when you kiss me and cuddle me during showers.
I hate when we play board games and I'd always win.
I hate how you're covered head-to-toe in sin.

I hate when you touch me and my heart starts to pound.
I hate when we dance and you spin me right round.
I hate when you laugh and tickle my ears.
I hate the fact that it's been like this for years.

I hate when you hit me and tell me you're sorry.
I hate when you do it the next day without a single worry.
I hate when we kiss and it makes me feel alive.
I hate when our love dies and it suddenly revives.

I hate you with every fibre of my being.
I hate when you pretend to care about my wellbeing.
But most of all I hate myself.
I hate how I take your love right off of the shelf.

I hate how I love kissing you.
I hate how I love everything you do.
I hate when you hit me and choke me and bruise me.
But I hate the fact that I can't even flee.

I love you, I do.
I really, really love you.
I know I'm dying, slowly but surely.
But I promise, 'till my last dying breath, that I will love you purely.

labios carnosos–
la fruta prohibida
que no probaré

Fleshy lips:
forbidden fruit
I won't taste.

mythie 23h

I'm hot-headed, and I rush into things.
I'm strategic and tough.
Yet, this is all a mere coverup for the scars of my past.

You're cool, suave and charismatic.
You're a good aim and goofy.
Yet, I can tell you're hurting deep inside.

Why won't you let me hold you?
Let us kiss under a sparkling twilight.
Then, our two worlds can collide.
And we can become a lilac sky.

His trim and beautiful body laid out on the floor,
Chest rising and falling,
She watches silently from the door,
The voices are calling.
Whispers in her ears,
Eyes glazed in a trance,
He could allay her fears,
with an immodest dance.

Her loins are burning,
Pain would sooth her yearning.

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