Amanda 1h
You are my dependable escape from this desolate planet
Arms a sanctuary for my frame
You supply shelter with reliable dreams
Comfort with your realized name

I am lucky to call you my friend
You are much more than company
Only a true lover can constantly provide
A refuge tucked away from circles I flee

I swear you are responsibly superhuman
You never seem to slow or drag your feet
I believe you could tear down the painful sky
Conquer each deadly setback you are forced to meet

I am not completely right, not completely wrong
You are merely mortal but carry strength of a god
Hurry up so you finish necessary tasks
When too exhausted to smile or nod

I watch you push sore muscles til they sting
Never complaining about rusty blades in your resolve
You work hard daily, hold us down to Earth
When life's puzzles grow too challenging to solve

I do not know how you manage to
Stand unwavering, anyone else would fall
I do know that on this royal journey of life
United love will conquer all
The ending feels a little sloppy to me, what do you think?
Leah 2h
Get lost with me
Let's disappear together
Let's stray so far that we are all we see
Let's forget how to get home
And let's let ourselves be free
Get lost in my eyes
Give yourself to the earth
Give yourself to me
For this moment nothing else exists
For this moment the past and the future don't matter
Let's live in the moment
Let's live by the touch of our hands
Let's live by the gentle breeze
And let's let it carry us away
Get lost with me
The Silence is louder than anything.
It drowns out my thoughts,
holds me hostage until I can only see you.
You're not one for words,
expecting me to know how you feel while you brood.
I'm exhausted.
Every time I open my mouth, all I hear is white noise.
I swear to God I heard your name in the feedback.
Please come back,
i'll sit in Silence if it makes you happy.
Now what's with this rain and romance?
I could really hear all those drops,
One by one reminding me of all,
That I have all over me.
The dim lighted sky almost lit my long dark times.

You promised me a walk in the rain,
And I'm waiting here all alone.
I know for sure,
That those drops had already reminded you of me.

Think of me now,
And don't forget to touch those drops
Don't forget the promise you made!
There's something between this rain and love. Its always been inseparable. Especially the rainy nights!
Jo Barber 17h
The stars,
the moon,
the never-ending,

Two lovers joined
in ecstasy,
their arms wrapped,
legs wrapped,
hearts wrapped.

If one burns up,
the other burns with them.
Rj 18h
It's her hands in yours that makes the world turn
Her bright smile in the dark that sends your head reeling
She leaves you gasping for breath
And you love every second of it
You drown in her eyes
Fall victim to the way she carries herself
Like she is the queen and the universe is her kingdom
She holds the world in her hand,
Spins it on her finger
She is the delicate balance of chaos and order
The precarious equilibrium of good and evil
She toes the fine line between love and hate
She is a whirlwind,
An unstoppable hurricane
You stand, stock still in the eye of the hurricane
Chest tight and heart beating fast
You breathe in,
She fills your lungs,
You breathe out,
And she is gone.
This poem has 0 things to do with me I was listening to a song n BOOM
I would tell you that your smile shines
like sunrise in the east.
But alas, they just cannot compare
When you shine twice as bright, at least.
I prepared my kingdom
With the best of weapons
I’m pretty sure.

I built up my fences,
With the finest kind of concrete
I’m sure.

I prayed for my inner strength,
Hard enough I’m pretty sure.

To fight you
The enemy
The villain.

Then you came along
Not as the enemy
But rather
The ally.

Peace you promised
I let my guards down
I threw them all weapons
I destroyed them all fences
I stopped praying.

How my kingdom weeped
For the destruction
The Queen has made
For the destruction
I have made.
Haleigh 1d
Dear, let me startle you by slinking my hand into
your smart, ethical decisions while I touch
quite gently
ripping to shreds
your photon ends.

Dear, let me caress your supple virtues and vows
until they blow out of proportion
merging your interests with mine
like the longing of eyes
uncanny in its distortion.

Dear, let me rip off your clothes as I grip your tight notions
ideas slipping carefully into place
like a sterile, unflinching blank slate
inching towards computed devotion.

Dear, let me carry out some foreplay
as long as you bend, not break,
delightfully stroking the edge of your plate.

Dear, let me come so close to your face
so close that it becomes blurry.

Where are my glasses in all this flurry?

Of feelings resembling photo reels on fire
shooting flames out the window
beyond everything you’ve ever known;
beyond anything you desire.

Dear, let me kiss you to submission,
your brain waves in motion
as I twist and slip into them
hormones ablaze
lighting up for days
your synapses recapturing
in a binocular haze.

Dear, let me flop on top of you
like a floppy disk, uploading your lips
into my hardrive.

Do I make you hard as fire?

Slowing burning
my hot fingers curling
up your robust spine
cracking it into
chiropractor sublime.

Massaging your tired broad shoulders
like large sofa ends.

Is this keyboard only
made for pretend?

Dear, let me mind fuck you
take you and light you
brighten your screen
uphold and unseen
neurons fighting as I whisper dirty words
directly into the folds of your tulip ears
too large to hear, and

Dear, let me engage my rage
into a productive haze
bolting out words, unheard of for days.

Dear, let us become undone together
like the battery of a computer
rebooting after a hectic hardware phase.

Dear, let us breathe and walk through this maze.
Amanda 1d
I have wasted an eternity
Figuring a way to change my heart
Now I see that all I needed
Was you to keep me from ripping apart

If I counted the healing ways
You hold me together better than glue
I think you would be surprised to find
It is a lot more than just a few

Day after day you patch the holes
Sew the tears in my heart and my mind
With your love I stay alive and well
You are just the healthy choice I've been hoping to find
This is one from 2012, i added the third stanza today though, it just didnt seem like a good spot to end it.
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