She found him there half wounded
Blood bleeding from his head
She wrapped him in her arms and warmth
and this is what he said

"Your care is like the sunrise
Your warmth like welcomed air"
And with his words she lost her lips
upon his mouth so fair

She, astonished at her impulse
He, surprised by how sweet and swift
His eyes so gently yearning
"To what do I owe this gift?"

"Like oil to a door hinge" she replied
"Each entrance deserves a kiss,
where words flow with kindness"
as she continued caressing his lips

"your lips are as smooth as oil" he charmed
"your kiss more than I deserve,
and if it only be, where poems grow
then my dear, caress my every curve”

“Oh, but no” she whispered
“A kiss on the lips will suffice”
For poetry may bleed from the heart
But a broken head may speak lies.
Pray excuse me Lady, I do beg thy pardon,

but I saw thee walking in the lonely garden,

chestnut hair falling over a long white gown,

and sadness deep in eyes of almond brown.

Forgive mine intrusion, please take a glance,

agree to accompany me to the lovers dance,

for thy loneliness to mine open heart screams,

so take mine hand and show me thy dreams.

© Pagan Paul (16/06/18)
Lord of Green series, Poem 16.
Jo Barber 21h
I fell in love
down by the shore,
where the water was sweet,
and the air even more.

A field of sunflowers
stretched out before us.
You plucked one
and placed it in my hair.
You said I was beautiful,
and I believed you.

Lazy days of smoking joints
and drinking too much
made me melt like butter.
I was lost and now I'm found.
I was alone and now I'm not.

I found myself at the end of myself
and forever continue to do so.
I stole the ending from a previous poem of mine, but I think that it works better here. Thoughts? It still needs some work, but I think the bones of it may have potential..?
Sam 1d
The love we used to share
Both of us caught within it's snare
Nights we'd spend together
Counting the endless flow of stars in the sky
Writing out our dreams
Only to share them with one another
But I guess those times were fleeting
My heart still hopelessly beats for you
As I flutter like a crane fly
Aimlessly through this life
when I met you, your hair was blue.
I couldn’t help, but fall in love with you.
My words were calm and aesthetic,
Yours frantic, but still poetic.
Your eyes broken,
My scars completely open.
My eyes full of empathy,
my words spilled out sympathy.

When I met you, your hair was blue.
Lighting up my word, I fell in love with you.
Though nothing was rushed,
Our hearts young and crushed.
My eyes are of emeralds,
Yours of the unknown.
I always thought you were unique...
It all turned out, you were what I seeked.

For the longest time, I always felt weak.
But when I met you, your hair was blue.
And it all ended up with a simple,
“I love you.”
Enjoy. This is written for someone special in my life. They helped me through so much and I thought that it was needed to be said in a special poem.
I was thousand kilometers away from you,
when a stranger bumped into me
he asked me where I was heading off
he asked me if I'm lost between the streets

I remember answering that I'm good,
that I used to go solo and travel alone
'though he offered me help, I refused
it's the kind of kindness I can never repay

Years passed by until it comes to my senses,
how could I ever grasp his helping hand
while your fingerprints are still all over my skin?
while your voice still resonates down to my toes?

Youth was all we ever had, and
no matter how far I've come to walk away
every time I wander it goes directly to you
—I am running in circle
We lived on two islands.
Stood by the ocean, always within sight,
But never in reach.
So, for years we just looked on.
Wondering what could have been.
If not for the water, and the danger it screams.

Yet one day I could take it no more.
Dived in - head first, determined to reach your shore.
Barely half way and my legs giving in
I wondered just how much a fool I had been.

But then I see you once more,
But not on the beach? You’re here, you’re in front of me. I was so happy I swore.  
As we embraced one another,
The sea took its prize.
We fell under the waves and I began to realise.

That this was the end,
The end of our lives.
Yet I’d never been as happy as now – looking into your eyes.
As we hit the seafloor,
I don’t feel regret.
I just hold on to your hands,
Knowing our love will live on – forevermore.
Xyns 1d
I’ve been scared of what’s intimate

A little paranoid
Noticing love never seems to be infinite

I’m dodging questions
This guilt can’t answer shit

And I’m binging
Meanwhile, I’m saying I should quit

Never again
Will I taste innocence
Her soft, silk like skin
Entangled my eyes.
Her vibrant, red lips
Curved into that amazing smile
Complimented those vibrant eyes
More than any jewelry could.
I was too busy watching,
And fantasizing
To notice just how many seams she cut.
I didn't notice the knife in her hand
Aimed for any and all blood.
She tore into me
Leaving me with nothing but
Memories of beauty
And an amazing last view
In my final moments.
Trace the curves
Silhouetted hips
Soft swollen breasts
Touch me
At my hidden crevices
Dripping nectar
Begging to be explored
By your glazed fingers
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