Gail 2h
If you were ugly, I’d be blind
If you were a poor man, I’d be your sugar mama
If you were a sickness, I’d be the cure
If you were a poison, I’d be the antidote
If you were mine, I’d be whole
If you were here, I’d be safe
If you were me, I’d be you
Because we only make sense together
Just a silly, lighthearted thing I wrote
This is for each time
They told me I was only good with words.
Maybe I did spent too much time discovering words
That I no longer know how to put into good use.

This is for each time
My skin yearned for yours
Your memory etched into the prints of my fingers
It was the first time I thought being alive wasn’t bad after all
But I left before you realize I wasn’t worth falling for.

This is for each time
Your words converted me into a ghost
Floating while screaming, “What is this emptiness?”
Each spoon of salt poured unto my wounds
Became the only confirmation that I was still human.

This is for each time
My best wasn’t bubbling to the brim,
Not enough to let it flow out of my mouth gracefully, effortlessly
This is for each moment
I choked, pushed, and pulled it out of me
Until I was left with a sour tongue & shaky fingers
But at least I can be of service with whatever spills out.
Amanda 19h
I do not want to get too attached
Latched onto this idea that you won't go
It seems my heart you've already patched
We're a perfect match, don't you think so?

You've emptied out the grief in my heart
I found a lost part of my soul
I'm embracing this brand new start
If you leave I'm afraid I won't be whole.

It's your companionship I crave
This relationship is what I need
Your kiss is the only one that can save
My lips from crying out with greed.

I want everything, the good and bad
And the grey area in between
I would try my hardest not to be sad
If for once you'd just say what you mean.

I'm in the process of being repaired
Filtering out what was once broken
I don't want my anxiety bared
Or my messed up past awoken.

Sleeping dogs are better off dreaming
There's no need to open their eyes
Since you've arrived my heads been teeming
With thoughts that buzz like wounded flies.

My only anchor is your voice
Tying me to the universe
With you it seems i have no choice
But to succumb to this wicked curse.

This fear withers my state of mind
Leaves me paralyzed with wonder
Until I'm left with no hope to find
And all my dreams are torn asunder.

I love the way your touch makes me tremble
Excites the atoms under my skin
I'm shattered, but you reassemble
The pieces of me that I'm living in.

You're my armor, my stability
The guard that keeps my demons at bay
Only you have the ability
To make every problem go away.
Written 2/6/12

I do like how this flows, and how I can still relate to it but for a different person.
Kevin 20h
you asked me what my dream house

would be and all i could think of

was the beating in your chest.
Kevin 20h
i wake up at 5 am every day, on the dot. i don’t use the alarm clock you gave me anymore, though. the heavy feeling in my chest is just enough to pull me from my dreams. it always takes a while before i finally start to move. strange, isn’t it… it’s almost like i don’t want to get out of bed.

after dragging myself across the hall and into the bathroom, i start my daily staring contest with my own reflection in the little mirror above the sink. i wonder if it knows how empty the real me is feeling. i always have long repetitive conversations with my shower head about you. it tells me to move on. i tell it to go fuck itself. we’ve become very good friends.

it’s almost 6:30 am at this point. after getting dressed, i start a quiet discussion with myself about what kind of alcohol would serve as the best substitute for your lips that day. the answer is rum. it’s always rum. i’m actually allergic and get really bad stomach aches. but hey, i might as well feel something, right?

i watch the sunrise from my living room couch and wonder if you’re doing the same. a half-eaten sandwich in one hand and my heart in the other. i can never bring myself to put it back between my ribs, because i’m afraid i might start to move on.

as i leave the house, i hear my bed calling my name. i do my best to ignore it and lock the door behind me. still, i can’t stop myself from wishing this voice belonged to you. i take a moment to listen to the sound of the wind rushing through the leaves, as if to convince myself that there is more to life than this pain. i know though, that when i come back home tonight, it will still hurt just the same.
Feelings won't die memories won't fade love won't turn into hate. This pain is to much its been months since we broke up and it still hurts i can't move on I'm still in love even though you don't believe me

You think I'm fine without you but truth is I'm not I feel like s* because you were the missing puzzle piece in my puzzle now without her. My life feels incomplete. It's hard to sleep

Dreaming about being with her damn that use to be a reality it's hard to face the reality of us being done I understand every story does not have a happy ending but this isn't the ending I intended for us to have

How you go from loving me saying you will never hurt me to us no longer speaking its like we're strangers now but I still have your number saved in case you change your mind
BW 21h
First date. Bistrot Pierre.
Your mother rang you up
"She doesn't want me to hoe around, you know what, I will."
I choked on my wine.
Your eyes glittered, your lips curving
into a deliciously wicked cheeky smile

Second Date. Franca Manco.
You went to the bathroom
took your hoodie off to reveal a half sheer top
The pizza or you? I hesitated for the first time
You bit your lips, lashes curled
the blush on you dainty and delicate

Third date. My shower
You massaged my hair while laughing
"We are the weirdest couple ever"
bare lips, wet hair, your body on mine
You made me sober yet fearless as a drunkard
You made a marriagephobic crave for love
"Let's get married."

Your jaw dropped
a true poem haha
zero 21h
Loving you was the best
It's a shame I'm not the
one for you,
but you're at one
with me.
The stars up above blind
us with smiles,
but your eyes are twisted,
with the hopes of yesterday.
This isn't about you,
it's about your sister.

anon 1d
quite an interesting day
was that day
everything started
then i saw
uniquely fitting in yet standing out
i came closer
offering you my name
proposing a future neither of us could know

and i knew then that you were
someone i would want to know
dangerous propositions---
finding another to
guide you through your own life
his life
joined lives
keeping a hand to hold
light for your life

zany things
experiences so random and sure
very few times have i met anyone
better than you
none to be exact
maybe you could feel the same

you changed that day
and every day
so much so
i'd go through the whole alphabet
again and again
just to tell you
I want to pull you into a corner and taste your lips just because i want them. You look like a kiss that would dance in perfect sync with mine. Riding the waves of electricity as it passes back and fourth between us at the speed of light. Time becomes completely obsolete and the world around us goes dark. Could this feeling last forever? I hope this feeling would last forever. Let's dance forever in the dark and light up the sky with our kisses. Hold me close, sweet love, so i can feel every part of you at once. Keep me close sweet love, this is the last love we will ever know. It's you and i now, sweet love; wherever you go, i go.
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