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riri 27m
oh but you lied
i guess the spark was never there for you all along
i saw what you said to her
it's been her all along hasn't it?
not the first time it's happened to me
i really thought you were different, but i guess not.
Unravel me.
Plunge your fingers into the depths
of my anatomy-
wade into my rufescent flesh,
strum my fibers,
find me in the fissures
of my ivory bones---
then come back to the surface,
cling to the brims of my clavicles,
and tell me how
beautiful I am.
The night washing over our heaving, fleshy carcasses. Like two crayfish in a current.

So you are telling me.
We ****** in a whirlpool of sound. In a dilapidated guest room.

There. Moaning into you with my eyes, I ravenously endowed our fevers.
And you make it into pretty words.
Prettier than I could ever polish my sprawling lobster legs into sounding.

Who talks like that.
A poet’s muse does it seems.
Golden halo, crown of gold- rings as you call,
Golden halo, heart so bold- yes and yes to all-
yet all the time that falls off the leaves after rain,
dry up too soon in the mid-morning sun’s heat

Golden halo, not of gold- just as ever blinding,
Golden halo, made of light- slowly ever fading-
the sky is clear, buts its clouds uncertain to cry,
Sit and wait, sit and wait and talk- golden halo

I hear your whispers, golden halo- loud and soft
echoing from the fleets of galleon clouds
and crashing nimbus waves
blaring through soft torrents of gale and gusts,
dodging the lighthouse of heavenly fire

I hear your secrets, golden halo- safe and sound
safe in me, golden halo, deep in locked chains
safe in me, high above the clouds,
the key, broken- its pieces, heavens apart
the lock molten shut

golden halo, golden light
golden secret, lips sealed tight
and when you bite your lip when you concentrate.
and when you put your hair behind your ears.
and when you dress warm when the trees are bare.
Is that my sweater?
and when you tilt your head when you talk.
I wasn't paying attention to what you were saying.
and and when you blush when you smile.
and when you walk gracefully through the hallways.
standing out of the crowd.
and when we talk under the stars on a summer night.
and when we play the piano together.
our hands in rhythm.
and when we feed each other ice cream.
and when you fall asleep in my arms.
with my chin on your head.
and when your eyes adjust to the daylight.
while mine stargaze in your eyes.
and when you age with me.
our faces slowly tasting time,
In our last moments.
Take your hand in mine
As I lead you through time
I hoped you’d be here for this
This is not something you’re  gonna wanna miss
Let’s reminisce about how we first met
We were at the coffee shop you hadn’t ordered yet
You looked at me with those beautiful green eyes.
I swear my heart melted on sight.
You asked me for my name. I swear you felt it too.
That we would be together, our singleness was through.
We talked, we had a lot in common.
I knew it was a good omen.
Then I got brave and asked you out for a date.
And the rest is history… My life with you is great.
I spent all those years
painting achromatic smiles
on my sad muses.
Seems like a lifetime ago.
Or maybe yesterday.
When I think of you,
time stands still.

Oh, how I wish
I could tell you
just how I felt.
Those days when
you held my hand
would stop my heart.

I know I was silent
'cause I just couldn't speak.
Now I have my voice,
and it's only you I seek.

You were older, wiser,
bigger, braver.
You were everything to me
and more.

Oh, how I wish
you spoke when
you had the chance.
Those days when
you smiled at me
would light the stars.

I know I was silent
'cause I just couldn't speak.
Now I have my voice,
and it's only you I seek.

Too late.
That's all I hear,
it's too late.
You're a million miles away.
It was just fate
that said you'd be
a memory.

I know I was silent
'cause I just couldn't speak.
Now I have my voice,
and it's only you I seek.

It's only you I seek.
Yamini 1d
Giving up is easy
excuses are easier
hard is to stay
and make them work is harder

Our archives were
who invested as
and results weren't flying along colours
and so discarded

Appreciation lies in their patience
Compassionate was their love
Beautiful was their compatibility
Love was theirs
and lovers were they

Options were lame
they wanted long answer type questions
luck wasn't in their list
but she was his destiny

All that never goes
that is preserved prestigious
in our small boxes of memories
that we would never allow to flee
these boxes are ours
and our heart soul all inherited
from him......
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