Styles 1h

He felt
great pleasure
watching her
his desires bloom
staring at her two lips
the rarest of all flowers
pedals spread
breathing life into his desires
stiffening a hard stem
as their bodies take root
folding together like a hem
pumping seed into her cavity
baring the juices of a fruit
into a fountain
that will never end

Mr Uku 15h

I thought you should know
In case you were wondering
Because I thought you might be
And I'd hate if you didn't find out
Because I never got round to telling you
And I really think you should hear it
Because I'd want to if I were you
And under the circumstances
I'd like to inform you
And get it off my chest
Once and for all
And all that
That the fact of the matter is
When all's said and done
When it all comes down to it
In case you wanted to know
So you can't say I never told you
That I really really
Really really really
Like your face.

DJColzz 17h

I see the pain behind your eyes
Drowning your hopes for tomorrow
Love will wear many a disguise
To find a way through your sorrow
You feel you’re lonely everywhere
The world to you seems so unkind
All this time no one seemed to care
Your heart will show the light, you’ll find

The truth of your soul comes your way
The mind will only deceive you
Just when it seems you’ve gone astray
You know your troubles will leave you
Call my name I’ll be there somehow
Remember the love you found here
Every day when you need me now
Through the spirit, we are bound here

Falling like a star from the sky
Falling like an autumn leaf does
By your side, till the day I die
This is how falling for you was
You can hold me deep in your heart
You will remember true love’s place
When your world seems to fall apart
Think of me just stroking your face
Our true love is deeper than deep
It takes you from the burning pyre
With a little work, you can keep
The truest love you most desire

Luna Marie 12h

When two souls fall in love,
There is nothing that can get in between them.
They can power through anything,
Even through all the mayhem.

The feeling of being held,
Conquers the feeling of anger.
They don't know the concept of time or distance.
All they want is to be together.

When they look into each other's eyes,
Everything that they need is what they see.
So I'm jumping into the unknown,
Hoping that you will be the one to catch me.

I didn't want to tell her
That her cooking
Was no good,
'Cause I knew
That she was really trying
To please me.
She wanted me to be strong and energetic
For our lovemaking
Later that night.
She was the sweetest girl
One could possibly imagine
But there was some sort of
Unsavory ingredient
In that concoction she made.....
Something rotten,
Or dead.
There might have been
Some sort of bizarrely exotic spice
I couldn't handle
In that meal
She cooked for me.
When she smiled seductively at me,
I smiled back.
I didn't want her to know
What was wrong with me.
I knew she wanted to feel proud
Of her culinary skills,
Despite my best efforts
To hold it all  down,
I was starting to feel
As if I was gonna'

This poem was drafted today at Denver's Cherry Creek Mall after purchasing a White Tea from Alissa at Capitol Tea which did NOT have this effect!
angie 2d

its funny how we don't talk at school
and we still end up dating

its painful to hear what others has to say
about our relationship just because they want you

its frustrating when you ignore my texts
because you were playing games with others

its blissful when we argued about
who loved who more

its funny how we didn't break up
because of all the trouble we've been through

my relationship in a nutshell
PrttyBrd 2d

Peaceful pools of liquid love
glide over me from across the room
as I fall deeper into you each passing second
You beckon me with a throaty exhale
that permeates the air with passion
Drawn to you
I'm there without a word
Lost, ensconced in the warmth of you
in the ravenous joy
that consumes us equally
forcing a smile to shine through past tears
It's a joy found only in the union of us
In the truth that we have always been one


She bestowed upon me her lacy favour,
     tying it about my lance,
     so my fortitude should not waver,
     and doubt lead me a merry dance.

She crowned me with a kiss as blessing,
     sealing it to my lips,
     with grace so soft and caressing,
     like a breeze touches sailing ships.

She gave to me her most cherished gift,
     surrendering up her chastity,
     with joy I feel my spirits lift,
     at the thought of her next to me.

She anointed her wish on my beating heart,
     so gently as to sleep,
     her private desires locked deep within,
     and secrets for me to keep.

© Pagan Paul (01/08/16)


I know what’s come over me
Yes, I know it’s true
I know what’s come over me
Yes, it is you
You, who changed my life
You, my living dream
You’re really the bomb
You always make the scene
I could go on and on
Life is very simple when sliced to the core
We all just need a love
That is how success you score
There’s really nothing more
It’s love and kindness
That’s what we have
What living is for
So, dear one, we shall carry on
Dance our days away
Entwined in each other’s arms
Always shall we say
How happy we are
How lucky every day
For that is what has come over me
Ever since you came my way

One fact about me is this: I'm not very good at "breaking the ice"
You can hold as many "icebreakers" as you want but know that nothing can break the ice I'm frozen in.
You can try all the ice-picks, sledgehammers, crowbars, or even dropping me from all the skyscrapers in the world but you can never see as much as even a crack surface on my cold, hard self.
And when you have given up, know that you made this happen.
You threw me into the depths of hell so hot that I had to form a thick layer of ice around me to protect myself from it over the years.
In fact, it's been frozen so long it's no longer ice but a kind of blood diamond.
But fear not for this blood diamond can be permeated by a special kind of powder in order to reach the heart that lies within.
And that powder is none other than...
...the one I penned this for

for my new boyfriend
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