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Your crescent moon shape
fits so seamless around me

Nighttime falls and I seek
the boney knuckle wrapped
around my chest

In the silvery cityscape, silence
permeates and I basque in
your peace and sleep talk

Your power over me in passivity
absorbed in the perceived
desire you have for me

Dark, starry nights, early mornings
in which your body, once pressed
with such urgency against mine

became lost in the sensation of
a nervous, covetous warmth

There no longer exists this
sensation, as persistent waning
sent once thunderous waves
into soft rippling and retreat.
You had many lovers before me.
Perhaps some were just
passersby, meant but
for a cheap night of carnal pleasure.

Still, many others stroked your skin
as I now do, your cheeks supple
yet rough against my fingers.
Many others laughed in your arms
as you held them
much like you hold me now.
Maybe a few of them even loved you,
or thought they could love you,
as I do now.

Maybe you lost yourself
in their gentle eyes
and easy smiles,
and found love in them, too.

Yet, when it is you and I
alone in bed,
our bodies pressed
into the shape of one,
our laughs quivering together,
I feel no other lover.
I feel only you in all our delight.
My head is a snow globe recently shaken
A flurry of thoughts that would best be forsaken
My mouth is an envelope sealed tightly shut
Attempting to hold back butterflies from my gut
But utter my feelings I must finally do
And when laid out bare, my thoughts are of you
Your smile, your laugh, the way that you move
Your soul etched in matter, like a record’s vinyl groove
My whole sketch is splattered with emotion and sparks
But the painting in my mind’s eye comes straight from the heart
And as soon as my lips finally do part
Your name will be the ending, the middle, and the start
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In Limerance
Longing lust lingers
A compulsion
Stroking your skin with my fingers
A sensation
As my body wells with more than just emotion
An impulse
Leading to slow soothing motion
I'm helpless
Against your irresistible body
None of it remains untouched
Expect the parts the animal in me wants so much
Soothing turns
Gasping breaths
Breathing and heaving in unison as I hold you in my clutch

Your whispers
Longing desires of the night
Our breath
Heavier by the minute, we can't control try as we might
The intensity
Heightened with rustling clothes and locked lips
Our clothes
Light thuds as they fall to the floor
A soft moan
Letting you know I want more
Your body over me, the most glorious sight
As I gasp for air and sigh loudly with delight
Our movements make the bed creak and crack
Slow thrusts
Arched backs
I feel you throbbing strongly, as you fill me up with a part of you

The sound of us in ecstasy.
This is where we create,
Our own ****** symphony.
A piece written for and dedicated to the love of my life, Steven.
Kayla Oct 9
Have you ever felt a flame?
Have you ever seen something hot enough to melt the bitter ice block you call your heart. It’s scalding.
Sensual ****** flames that kiss your lonely corners and make you wonder how the fire department isn’t on stand by. Have you ever felt desire burn so deep in your bones you taste magma and blood?

What does that yearning bring you?

Why havnt the got **** fire alarms gone off yet? Do you wish for release? Or do you beg the embers to dance a little longer on your skin.
Is hot a temperature? Or does heat echo in your sweat and pores everytime you hear me? **** the ******* extinguisher. Set me ablaze! Light me up everytime you combust.  I just want to feel fire.
Our Love
Has been forged
From the hottest hardships
From the strongest materials
Of faith, trust, hope, and joy
We are now
The strongest item
That no sword can pierce
No ram can batter
Come what may
Our love forged
Will stand strong
To have chosen
to be broken,
and be frozen
while awoken,

To live the pain
to love too much,
and never gain
the needed touch,

To want to feel
a broken heart,
when only real
is torn apart,

To want to live
in spite of this,
so she might give
me just one kiss.
S Smoothie Oct 8
She recognized him by touch and heat
a sudden rise and wince,
a memory bitter sweet
When he played his beat upon her heart
her soul fell into pieces at her feet
called from her depths
pain washed through her as she wept
rising under feminine heat
the ghost of love remained
torture in vain, nothing to gain
the pieces of her soul fell to his beat
like the tapping of the sweet rain
only memories remain
Sometimes it’s just not over. Ever!
Jasmine Oct 8
I long for
Wait give me a chance to settle in….
A night in with the four walls staring at us not making a squeak,  
Maybe good music playing in the background to set the mood
How about a high mood to set the company just right
How about the exchange of thoughts to get conversation just going right
Haha, is that really what you thinking?
How about I tell you what I’ve been thinking…
Well, let me enlighten you, I think of
Every single second of every minute
You are running a marathon of memories in my mind
Oh, where do I start?
No let me begin from the beginning when the walls were staring at the both of us
You settle me in just right, under your arms, in your bed, while the music is just doing the most in the back
Oh no we had more than enough to talk about cause our thoughts kept popping like pop ups on an internet site
Can I be granted the permission to share the moment when you kissed me and how it felt like the first but instead it was our fourth
The kiss may have been our fourth but what came after that mmh
Our first….
You handled me like a woman you’ve known for months (sigh), more like you studied every curve on my body
Every turn, every pleasurable moment felt like moments I was never going to feel again
My breath felt like it was my last
Your breath against my neck felt breathtakingly
When you reached your utmost pleasurable moment, with my nails engraved in your back, that kiss you planted on my forehead, just had to have a skip a beat in my heart
Oh no I think I’ve shared enough to describe my desirable craving
Which is YOU!
i wrote this poem missing my ex
Each morning
When I get up
After I wash my face.
I look at myself in the mirror.
I asked myself
Who am I
Am I fake and rude
Then I actually look within
My inner self.
Nope, I’m a woman
Who’s live life with no rules
I’m a woman who makes
Her own rules.
only I could make my own
Decision how I want to live
My life.
I’m a woman with warmth heart
And a loving soul.
I’m a successful woman
Who knows what I want
In life.
I’m a 100% real woman
Either take it or you don’t.
That’s life
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