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frog 3d
I fall too fast
I fall for friends
I fall for anyone
I fall for everyone

I fall in love
I fall in love too fast
I fall in love too hard

I fall in love a bit with everyone
I fall in love a bit with everything
I fall in love a bit with all my friends

and I wish I didn't
So many things happened
So many years ago.
You hitch-hiked to have tea with Mammy;
But not me.

You scaled the Mount to succeed;
Without me.

We slid the Fiat into a Rambler,
Before your big night.
The front got bent out of shape,
But we still went,
Drinking whiskey from the bottle.
Nothing stopped us. We couldn't bother.

We stayed at Sean's,
Or various friends,
At Inns, or canvas tents;
All were means to our ends.

It was fifty years ago...
Half a century of years;
Decades of joyous laughter,
With shared tears...
And decades more to come.
leolewin Sep 25
There were 2 chairs,
But I'd rather share 1 with you.
Love 2 my Say
Were you to ask it
query it
seek it
the answer to my heart
is there shade on the eve of love
indeed, there is
a shade like mountain's umbra
a gloom cast from the deep
a shadow that cloisters
croons in one's ear
sorrow of the like one wishes experience only once
if at all

There is a time to be glad,
but not on this eve...

Today, we experience love's eclipse
a respite from charm and wonder
a delay of inevitable passion
a somber
into a chasm of finite eternity
where seconds last years
and moments are lifetimes
but not cherished times
not a calm before the storm
it is despair before victory
the long sigh of anticipation
as one is disemboweled
waiting for death's promise
a metaphorical death of
all our hopes and dreams
as the queen of night
suffocates our sun on high
we dream a waking nightmare
but know
it only lasts the night

And suddenly
like the snapping of a finger
it appears
not sound
but light
a pinprick
though small
it envelopes one's whole mind
a shard of light
like a rope of hope
penetrating your soul
you know it
the eclipse draws to an end

A sliver of its radiant face
the sun peeks round the corner of doom
smiling wanly at first
but as the eclipse abates
you know the warmth
the curling of fingers around fingers
eyes connected
you see them
as if having waited centuries to see them, despite it being first sight
embracing, you are taken adrift
into a flight so free that wings are an inconvenience
arm in arm with your lover
you cascade out into reality
up and down and down and up
the eclipse is no more
love is free
a breeze so firm and sweet that
your lungs feel brand new
your chest swells with pride
you're found
and you have found
you and your lover,
ascend heaven's heights
and dream of eclipses no more

Bound in freedom
free in mind and soul
hearts as one
under the sun
no longer takes its toll...
I recently helped someone grow past a particularly frustrating relationship experience they were having, with nothing but my perspective and some advice. They were moved to tears as they were able to recognize their faults and strategize a way to grow closer to their partner.

And with that, I felt inspired to write this poem about how, sometimes, life looks darkest before sunrise.

I hope this poem was able to move you.


Jay Sep 20
Today is a day that I want to feel
Will you be the reason I do?

Tomorrow is a day I hope to feel
Will you be the reason I do?

And when I feel I am ready

to feel happy and love

for the rest our crazy existence

you will be the reason

I do.
I do.
AlexTheAsian Sep 7
Here it goes, again at last,
A letter for the girl, who makes me beat fast,
What letter would I pick, none other than you,
Tell me whatever, and that’s what I’ll do,
To win your heart, I’ll sacrifice and bleed,
It’ll be my goal, to fulfill your every need,
I’ll put in my best, but I’ll ask for the same,
We’ll try harder this time, and not point or blame,
Here it goes, again or so I hope,
Why is love, such a slippery *****,
You hurt me before, I did the same to you,
I pray we can start over, and begin anew,
Think about the joyful times, the ones without fear,
Think about the future, and paint it real clear,
I want us to have vision, of love and God,
But please don’t make me beg, or poke or ****,
I want to know, may I call you my dear,
Because I must know, Where do we go from here?
Ira Sosa May 7
See, C sea.
See the sea through the eyes of C.
C the great,
Sea’s first mate,
See the seas C,
The sea of me and C.

C sea, see.
C is a sea of see.
Seeing a sea is quite the treat,
Seeing C is also so sweet,
So if C sees the sea,
Will she ever see me?

C, see sea?
C is my sea to see.
The sea to C just can’t compare,
For C to sea is just too unfair,
For when I look at C,
She’s all I care to see.
To C
This nameless potted specimen
appears about to die.
Perhaps the wilted, browning stem
(thank God it cannot cry)

is starving for a richer soil
or just a larger ***.
(A plant needs little room to toil,
but even less to rot.)

Perhaps the shriveled leaves need light
uncut by mini-blinds
and air that’s not conditioned quite
so centrally by minds

averse to nature’s crude extremes
(the spice of a plant’s life).
And what bird’s song, like human screams,
cuts through roots like a knife?
Don't wanna be
Ain’t gonna be
Don't wanna be
I’ll never be a house plant
Don’t wanna be wanna be
I’ll never be a house plant

Hear the song on SoundCloud:
sofolo Sep 2
We met in kindergarten
Miss Wolfe’s class
Into an ear I whisper
A shy boy’s bargain

I knock on your door
Pray the dog
Doesn’t **** me
Seems like a metaphor

Laughter and chasing geese
Stealing glances
And prances in the woods
Sprained ankles in the creek

Your moon-drenched family room
And our primal need
Bodies glide
Into foreign feelings
I concede

We’re both shaving now
Not children
Yet not men
In between and fooling around

In my attic bedroom
Space Jam soundtrack
Hoping my mom doesn’t hear us
My hands on your back

Then moving down
Committing little sins
Don’t make a sound

Then the bed of my dad’s truck
Some hand stuff
Never a ****
Never enough

You get up and leave
I want you to stay
I play the radio
97 ZOK

Meredith Brooks
And I hate the world today
Because I’m a *****
But I like me this way

Fifteen and fevered
Down Mix Street
I rollerblade
Turn right on Worth
My love for you
Is such a sad parade

Remember when
We camped on the lawn
Quiet light and secrets
Then that wicked dawn

Dragging us back
Into a world
Where our desires
Don’t belong

We are strangers now
With a little bit of everything
All rolled into memory
Like a sacred vow

I’m your hell
I’m your dream
Do you remember anything?

I recall it all
Your tousled hair
And my forbidden grin
I think you live in Wisconsin
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