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cleobug 1d
hand on the divine
your curves, like italian marble
body as a work of art

not just a woman but a goddess
and i'm down on my knees

watermelon lingering on your tongue
i lap it up in waves
Hera 1d
I just want to watch
the stars with you.
Shall we?
Hera 1d
I want to be alone,
alone with you.
What's wrong with me?
Weird :'))))
Summer’s gone
You went away
Hoped to stay friends
To stay in touch

We do still talk
But not as much
It’s not the same
Oh not at all

Summer’s gone
You went away
I hate it now
It’s not the same
I wish the circumstances were different
Holding your soft hands and dancing through sunrays around in circles as we smile and cherish each other's comfort through the loneliness in our hearts.
Golden hour peaks and you sing through my treasure chest filled with open treasures of golden honey, and that honey drips down the surface of my fingertips as we kiss each other in a warm gleam of freedom and surpass realms of stars and dreams.
The honey trickles our kisses and makes a sticky hot mess under the steaming sun as it begins to set through white fluffy clouds.
Feeling high like cloud 9
I want to feel your chest pressed against mine, forever and key it into a lock that cannot ever be undone.
I love you.

The memories we make feel like a never ending escape through Alcatraz.
A portal so clean and pure.
Being in love, feels like you're high.
p.s: I never been high, only high on love.
MB 4d
Oh all the words left unsaid-
All the fits of anger,  
   I twisted away under a bitten tongue.
All the tears i didn't cry,
  stored in a vault in my heart.
And yet we crammed all the 'what ifs' into a single,

Yet, when he puts his hand on my waist,
and pulls me in
for the last fiery kiss
I hold my breath for just a second-
as if i could bottle this moment up
into a single memory,
and I could live there forever
floating in his arms.

And I'll wonder if he thinks of me
as the girl he could have loved all his life,
or just a chapter of many lovers
that he left unread.
I guess we will never know
Diesel 5d
Who cares if they watch our love?
— Fact they rather'd see:
It matters not in this cove,
In this sprawl of love and sweep:

Re-lose those eyes in this rime,
Then folds will lay and swap:
Then pink and red would stain our skin,
And fight we would to stay on top:

And whites of eyes will sil'ly appear,
Too busy we are enveloped in we:
In all this thing of our love,
Of kiss, and rush, and kiss, and flee.
'sil'ly' is an attempt to remove the "ent" in "silently."
Can I ask for love
Without the romance
Without the slow dance
Without the holding of hands
Give the kiss, a miss
necklace and jewelries
without the emotional abuse
The manipulation we use
like flowers or presents
The chocolate selections
The dinner pretension
The relational misuse
and the facade we choose
When love in truth
is the exception
Nada Syafira Sep 8
I would love you
A million times more
If you let me,
If you want me to.
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