"if you want angry, blackout drunk fueled fights with strangers,
that's what he'll give you.

if you want nostalgic, sugar-filled summer sunsets,
he'll give it to you.

if you want to sleep into the late afternoon and whisper during breakfast,
that's what he'll give you.

if you want police knocking on the door at 2 am after an assault report,
he'll give it to you.

but if you want him to choke you, shove you, even strike you,
he won't.

because the last thing he'd ever want on this planet is to hurt you.

but he'd definitely hurt anyone that'd try to hurt you."

"Bent" 2017

Each night when I am dreaming
I tenderly think of loving you
Embracing every joyful moment
For I love everything you do

My nightly dreams are very serene
As my heart drinks of tender bliss
Finding my mind easily swept away
During the times we share a kiss

It is such a very beautiful moment
Each night my mind begins to dream
Of your lovely image alive within
Reminding me you are my everything

And with the new day's dawning
I'm never sad as my dream fades
Because I know as I open my eyes
Your love's reality always stays.

A poem for my wife!

I lick the salt off my lips,
Pinpricked with vinegar.

I can feel the current
Smooth its navy hands,
Along my curved spine.

I am swallowed whole by you
And wrapped in silence.
You are a breath of fresh air.

Beautiful, fierce, sassy, goofy, cool, and sweet
Breezy toughness, that's my girl complete
She captured me, I just live in her world
My antidote, it's a whirl
Keeping up with her until we curl up
Her head on my shoulder when the day is done
"What a day we've had," we usually say
"Yes, my dear, now wasn't it fun?"
I'm along for the ride, right by her side
Through snow, turmoil and choppy seas
We can be subtle where there is trouble
We know where to stand when the cold wind blows
She my island of sanity when I need to go deep
When fear tries to get in my way
My inamorata, you know she's gotta
Protect me in every way
My best friend and pal
A true double wow
Indescribably neat

The Hippy Life,  
I tried it twice.  
It was peaceful,  
it was nice.  
But I couldn’t help feeling
I was wasting my time,  
sitting in fields
and making up rhymes.  
I tried to be free
in spirit and love,  
and to give myself over
to the fairies above.  
But what was the point?  
What point could there be?
When you didn’t have
any free love for me.

The Hippy Life
I tried it twice.

His touch like silk
His eyes as deep as oceans
Voice like a thousand breaths.
If Music was a man.

I would feel what he felt,
Feel it course through my bones
And rock my body with the symphonies.

He wouldn't have to speak, all he'd need to do was let out melodies
and I could tell what he felt.
What he cried about.
What he held close.

If music was man, the way we would love,
well, people would talk about it for centuries.
My body would breathe with the notes.
Soak in the sound of his rough violin chords.

If Music was a Man

blue 3d

i want to inhale the rosemary of your aura until it settles into my veins. i want to bathe in the honey that sits in your voice. I want to drink you in/breathe your air until the two of us blend into one person, until your breath is mine.

god, i love you. i love you and i want to give you all of my good moments while still letting you into the bad. i just want to share my life with you.

one day i will memorize your skin and when i close my eyes, i will feel what it's like to be near you even though i am not. i don't know who i am, but next to you i like myself.

i want to tell you to close your eyes. i'll trace your eyelids with my thumbs, put your bottom lip in between my lips, and kiss you like you are an angel, because in some way you are.

i'm fucking glowing, like fireflies and faerie lights, i'm the sparkle in your eyes when you glance at me when you think i'm not looking. you're everything i can't remember, but i know.

i want a slow dance in october, i want whatever love that lies inside of your chest until you cave in. and i'll still love you when you're fragile.

this is bad
maudy 3d

if i look at you
with movingly stare
would you stay still
in this emptiness i can't fill

as i reach the needle
stuck in this chest you adore
with the heavy sound of sighs
slipping through your lovely thick lips

you said you love me
but dear
do you believe that
we are in love.

I want moon,
and patience in my soul,
it's been a while since
they were last together in me!

By: Nida Mahmoed.

Amanda 3d

Honestly, I never knew that you,
Would ever mean this much to me,
I never imagined that one day,
This was how things were going to be.

I never thought that i would hold you,
Or miss your voice, your smile, your touch,
I guess I should have known that you,
Would make me care about you too much.

I cant get you out of my head,
Im always hoping youll text or call,
Im losing my mind and i love it,
Im scared but i crave the rush of the fall.

It's been so long since I've felt like this,
Excited to wake up every day,
I wish I could spend each moment with you,
When were apart i ponder words you say.

When we were young i never thought,
That I would come to love your eyes so blue,
I never knew that I could feel this way,
About you, but im glad that I do.

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