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brooke 12m
you said that i manipulate
but i've been in those in the past
i didn't even know that they were doing it
so tell me what i did, tell me why you think i did that
i trusted you and you threw it away and i can't trust anyone anymore
you said you loved me was it all a lie you wanted it to last forever
you wanted to get married and i had it all planned out  
you had the ring coming and then you listened to everyone
who was against me and hated me for a ****** thing i said
i wanted to marry you, i still do but you don't believe in me
even if you hate me now i still care for your health
i still love you and everything you do
but i want you to life and not die
you are still my friend even if i'm not your's
Serena 3h
Take my hand
Let’s go
Make haste with your feet
The sun does not wait
In my mind is a picture,
Of you and your dazzling features,
Of you,
A creature out of this universe,
Could describe you angel in a million verses,
No flaws,
Everything in smooth flow.
I stood still,
Waiting for that which I almost feared,
And on new year,
You became my first kiss.
When the world throws stones at you,
I'll shield you,
I'll want to die with you,
The heavens will await us,
We will rise to glory and never fall.
She says
that my shyness
is pretty
and my anxiousness
is attractive,

but she hasn't seen
or felt
the waking moments
of being wrapped
in panic.

that every second
is empty of reason,
and I'm scrambling
to fill myself with

If only I could  just keep talking
I can prevent all this thinking
and then
I won't have to feel--
that I can't escape
from the one thing holding me hostage,
which is myself.  

She thinks,
I am adorable
but they haven't seen
me at the grocery store
and had to hold my hand
as I struggled to pick
which type of hot sauce
I want to try tonight.

She thinks,
they could fall in love with me
but she hasn't noticed
we stopped eating
at the restaurant by my house,
because I think the workers
will remember me,
and they'll be like
"wasn't that the guy
who couldn't decide
on what type of meat
to have on his sandwich".

I am eggshells
but they're not something
anyone has to walk on,
because it's all inside me
the eggs
and it's not the shells breaking
it's me.

My insides
are shells
and with each moment
she giggles at my indecision;
I struggle and force a smile
so she won't see
how fragile
I truly am these days.
I met a girl for the first time in a very long time that I actually want to like, but every second my mind is telling me I am wasting her time, I am worthless, and I am nothing to her.
alex 8h
i don’t think you know how i feel about you
i sent a text to my friend
explaining what i love about you
but it turned into less of an explanation
and more of a desperate outpouring of finally
thank *** someone finally asked me to talk about you
i have so many things to say
i had a little too much wine
and you drank too much of a terrible-tasting beer
and you giggled and your cheeks got rosy
and i just wanted your hand on my knee
but i was satisfied with elbows.

i think about that time you spoke in honey
it was sweet before i knew i liked the sugar
but your jacket smelled like a familiar cinnamon
that i hadn’t yet realized i recognized
it was the same when you curled into me
my limbs were stiff and sore and the bed was far too small
and i was covered in a sheen of sweat
because our body heat was creating wildfires
but i still dream about it sometimes.

i can talk to you first thing in the morning
your timing has talked me out of the spiral
i love being your friend more than i have ever loved being anyone else’s
i know you worry
but you really don’t have to.
it’s not the glamour that we keep
it’s the gold.
jcl. you’re my soulmate, be it romantic or platonic. you make me better. i feel at home wherever you are.
I could have held onto you,
and I should have.
But I was worried,
no, worried isn't the word,
I was petrified.
Petrified that you would want me gone,
like a dog wants rid of its fleas.
I felt just like that flea, the itch on your back;
all you needed were the correct drops and I would die off.
So I replaced you before you could replace me.

Someone passed me by wearing the same cologne you once did,
and it got me thinking...

Maybe you never wanted me gone at all.
Scared. The
Only comfort I get is from knowing
He’s always there.
(Your love keeps me
Warm and

Ready to cut
These walls wide open.
Stop them ******* staring at me.
I think they
Mock me because they have
Adjacency, they have
Friends. I sit, looking
At them. They
Watch me-
(I escape and find peace in thoughts of
You and I)
My love helps me through everything; he is the guiding light of my life.
julianna 15h
I have phone habits
Are they the same as yours?
How do you talk when you’re nervous?
How do you act when you’re bored?
I want to see how you’ll move
When together, we’re alone
Do you touch skin to skin
Or peel back bone to bone?
What kind of cook are you,
The type that stresses out?
Can you relax in tense moments
Or do you freak out?
Will you be my rock
And will I be your stone?
One day we’ll wrote the story that, for now, remains untold.
In general, I am so intrigued by people and how they handle even mundane things, like phone habits. Do they wait until it is low battery to charge it? Do they charge it intermittently all day? Small things like that are interesting to me. This poem, though, is written from a romantic standpoint, as if I were speaking to my romantic interest. It’s about learning the little things that make them who they are and how they interact with you.
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