Saw him at the counter
Before my first sip
Instantly caffeinated
When he smiled at me

©LadyofRavenhill 2017

I tore myself open
so that you cloud see how broken I was,
And instead of running away;
You stayed.
You stayed and you healed my heart
with parts of yours.

Jen 5h

They came to each other
With a scent of likeness
Dancing in moonlight's brightness
As they kissed away with a love license

Culprits of love blindness
They are affectionate Highnesses
Which are bound by all lessons
Of the significance of togetherness

One thought suffices
And one touch recognizes
The relishing of both synchronizes
In the absence of evil alliances

Only eyes bat
and ears to lean
that both could easily glean
on each other's means

Hugs are for breakfast
Kisses for every meal
strokes for occasional deals
when the feelings get more real

He is the courageous explorer
while she his loyal supporter
As she holds her pen of wander
He becomes her faithful defender

They only are meant for one another
As all things around falter and wither
Only be stronger together
as the times grow better

Dedicated to my beloved for being here in this sphere and ready to devote all of himself to me to share a living together.

Sitting together hand in hand
under an old oak tree,
sweet spicy scents fill the air
wild roses, heliotrope and lilies.

The bright colors of foxglove
growing on the banks of a stream,
lovely is the glow of water
casted by sunlit beams.

A quiet whisper of love
so soft within my ear,
touches my heart tenderly
of love you speak so dear.

The lightest of a finger trace
a skim of knuckles over skin,
leaving a burning trail of desire
shivers my soul deep within.

Together hand in hand
under triumphant blooming trees,
scents of sweet and sweeps of color
wild roses, heliotrope and lilies…..

© 2017 Brianna Love/SA/DBMA

She walks among the trees
in the deep of night
as fireflies light a trail
and the moon shines his light.

She lets her heart wander
through the brush and pine
up and over the tree tops
always searching, looking for a sign.

It’s in the sounds of the night
a sweet melody she hears
one that holds her close
one that knows her fears.

There’s a caress to her cheek
a gift, upon a soft breeze
leaving her completely breathless
she drops down to her knees.

She walks among the trees
each and every night
waiting for his one touch
as the moon shines his light…

© 2017 Brianna Love/SA/DBMA

Sam 14h

Hand in hand, walking fields of snow. Pail and pure, as if flake fallen from the full moon above. The way her hand fits in mine, sends my heart glissading into the idea of forever. As she turns to look at me, fresh snow clinging to her hair, the term "snow angel" takes on a whole new meaning. For the first time in a long time, my heart begins to feel... whole.

James 18h

Something bright entered my eyes
I thought it's sunlight but not
It's you

Your lips are a miracle
They can create the greatest waves
Yet able to calm the smallest ripples
In my life

Your eyes are a mystery
They can excite the most peaceful beats
Yet able to pacify the wildest beast
In my heart

Baby you are everything
I care
I love
I want
I adore

Sandoval 18h

His lips tasted of burnt

and broken

The perfect combination
for prolonged


Unrequited love hurts most in the sacred,
in the spaces between us
I just couldn't fill.
I would have done anything for you,
I broke like the ocean on your shore
and with each tide
you gave me enough hope
to follow the moon back out
and break again.
I'm not angry,
If, in a century, you would have loved me,
I would have waited.

Sandoval 19h

Time always

but never

And if you ask me,
what you were to me.

you were a watch on my


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