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Clovers in the cold autumn air -
Alive for now and unaware
Of winter on its way.
No four-leaved luck
Can keep the muck
Of rainy days at bay.
I envy them, their mindless bloom,
The way they know not of their doom,
Of snow beneath which they'll rest.
For I know my approaching frost,
The summer bliss came with a cost,
And soon the crows will lose their nest.
Your love is far less than I thought,
The press of your lips means naught,
And I remain in this alone.
This cursed knowledge in my chest,
Claws at my soul without rest;
Poisoned veins, flesh, and bone.
The evening wind gives me chills,
Yet I'm impassive as these hills -
The physical can't hurt me now.
For my heartache is much stronger,
Its freezing cold lasts far longer
Than any weather knows how.
I care to deeply - that's my cross -
Then pay dearly for each loss;
My foolish heart cannot quit.
I can only hope to leave a mark
In your memory a tiny spark
Of the fire we once lit.
(for G.)
Even when the gray
Overtakes the day,
Even when the cold gives me chills,
The thought of your embrace
Puts a smile on my face,
Fond and soft - fog over hills.
You are my warmth in the night,
My antidote to frostbite
When life weighs me down.
With you I feel safe, finally at peace;
I pray for the feeling never to cease:
Royal bliss, no need for a crown.
And days will keep flowing,
Like waves that we're rowing,
But we'll pull through the storm.
Whatever life throws our way,
We have our quiet bay,
Just you and I, snuggled up, warm.
(for G)
l i z a 4d
What opportunity you were to me
You were a lesson I thought was luck
Allowed to dip myself into your sweet honey
Not realizing that I would be even more stuck.

The pain I’ve gained by playing your games
Had me come out knowing better, real from fake.
I had been too willing to please you
Wanting you to say “I need you”

Because otherwise how was I to prove I’m worthy
Before I realized you’re not meant to be my trophy.

I felt lucky to have you,
Because it felt good to have something
Until I realized the hurt isn't worth
Losing all of me over simply nothing.

I believed the red flags were tests
To prove myself more capable than the rest
Learned love should not be a battle
With my suffering a requisite
how saddening
is it
to know that
the form of love
we yearn for the most
is something of
equal value
with its other kinds?

how dare
the media
the people
the society
***** my mind
with such lies
that romance
is not all
and whistles
of mankind?
Part I : Prologue.

You go left and I’ll go right
That isn’t right
Let’s go left and then right

Part II : Conflict.

You’re standing on my toes.

Wrong move.

Part III : Rising Action.

Take a step back.
Start again.

one, two, three four-

Why has the music stopped?

I changed the song
but I wasn’t ready ?

It’s over.

Part IV : Falling Action.

We just need a bit of practice
It’s never going to work
but i’m willing to learn

My feet are tired.

Part V : Denouement.

The two step tango of love dances within her sly steps of coordination.
The synchronisation of sensual steps
bringing closeness and intimacy
until the music stops,
by the hand of one
or the wavering string
of Fate.
It takes two
or one
to miss a step.
To break the flow and go
taking their routine, heart and radio
onto the next awaiting dance floor.
Aqilah Zaman Nov 25
Your eyes
didn't remind me of the sun nor the sea,
it's that warm incandescent-
like the golden sheen on honey,
or the soft light under
which I read the greatest literature,
It held the vivid tones in Monet's Water Lily Pond

In your eyes,
I saw the lago di Garda
with the brightest hue,
I found there my repose, my escape
my rendezvous with peace

Your eyes pictured the landscape
of all the good that I've seen
Like that villa in Balbiano-
there, I could see our holy matrimony

In your eyes, our future is written
like the cheesy preamble of our
favourite rom-com
There, I see us at home.
2700k refers to a lightbulb that has a warm tone.
If my sky should fall
as one day I know it will
let mosses stitch my winding sheet
wrap me in a willow shroud
shot through with camomile
bury me in starlight,
six hands deep beneath the trees
for I always was romantic
then let me rest and take my ease
Carlo C Gomez Nov 24
Lift the veil from a grayscale morning. Vividly imagistic. An odalisque no more.

Her shape beneath the gown is a foreign land, a series of quiet revelations. Its pattern manifests as pinpricks of light perforating the shirred fabric of his heart.

The preponderance of dream in her eyes becomes a call and response evoking purely imaginary spaces. The contained chemistry is beautifully insular, monochromatic.

And there her lips. Into claustrophobic kiss. This lower register of love comes in unadorned, subtle colorings like the darkest part of night.

One thousand shades of gray.
One single light of white.
And everything merges in the night.

Here I lie,
Sweetly by your side.
Hands intertwined ,
Melting in your eyes.

Can we stop and
Life is content
When I feel safe.

My mind hushed
By your gentle touch.
Wishing the fire
Would hold our gaze.

Cosy and rosy,
Delicately dozing.
My eyes drift,
Closing for the day.

But in the midst of night,
I wake with a fright.
The chair,
Half empty.

For you have left me.
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