Sandoval 2d

Your silence is sailing me to new shores. My

anchor no longer lingers on your deck.

Quite a sad story our love, having had tall, wooden ships,

we settled for paper boats.

Maria Etre Apr 12

My paper
ached to feel stories of you
on its pages

yearned to taste the adventures
you had with my heart with every
curve of a letter

and craved to vicariously
enjoy the pressures of pleasures
on it's blank slate
every time
you trace bedtimes
stories up and
down my spine


dear paper..
don't you ever think?
it's not easy as I draw a line or dot
it's more complicated than coil of rope
I even can't sketch it
but I note word by word
it's all my dream

Glass Apr 3

I wrote a biography about the rib - cage prisoner
but not about the phrase of exposure or wildflower excerpts
perhaps in a way that "blood oranges
were cardinal raspberry ivory ribs"
like skeleton paper crane throats are
curvature nonpareil siege, diaspora adamantine psyche - delicate
crimson because I am opaquely asphyxiate to
unorthodox relativity , despite the pastry butter cream
merciful to "nightingales blooming texture in the rain"
as if cumulus is a third chance recurrent
14 seconds away from

- G
I will feel every inch of you, despite the fact that at times I may be blind
maxime Apr 3

i feel warm and you'd think that'd be comforting,
but the heat makes me sweat and my stomach twists.
the tips of flames strike the edge of the paper,
as i hold it over the flame of a candle.
they darken and curl, retreating from the fire in pain.
ink fades and disintegrates from view.
i watch as my biography burns to ash.
i can't bring myself to shed a single tear.

We are the written ammunition of this literary military.

~April 1st, 2017~

I have an arsenal of pens and paper for eternity.
Timothy hill Mar 31

Day of sheets you muse my memory, running threw my head.

180 naps and interesting facts left unknow.

Our pe class was fited with classical clothes.

Mythology, history math and English are your favorites.

Seriously, you are so nice many would find your style as hippy.

Picked at last for volley ball, as other's strick poses so deliciously.

Joking as planets are always figuring and plotting.

The graph is made of tiny boxes as a pyramid is a corner of it.

Retention, is irony of a elegant mirage, likely a dizzy superstition, of snow.

School of visions calculator of success

School days.

My juicy cheeseburger,
my steamy cheeseburger,
as I open my wrapper I plainly can see. How I am going to scrape off all that delicious cheese?
All my friends watch in amazement and horror as I shove that cheese paper in even more and I tossed my cheeseburger away from my tray.
It takes time you see to work off this delicious buffet.
As I scraped my teeth over that wonderful cheese, I look up and soon see my cheeseburger has been pilfered from me.
So I scream and I rave and I steal her cheese paper right off of her tray. Then I start all over again, much to my friends' dismay.

Copyright 2017 Michael Robert Triska
Don't take my cheese paper!
Ritika Dev Mar 23

Sliced clean
The death of a being
The birth of me
Clean and bleak
Used and bold

White and fiber rich
A landscape
A face
Flowers free
What will it be?

A gloomy face
A glowing city
Infinite possibilities

Etching into me
Swirly, loopy, straight, and wavy
Magnificent lines
Leaping from white
A new power
Endless expression

Unleashed power roams free
Forever on me
I am but one
Piece of paper

Timothy hill Mar 27

You are white grace of holes.

Schools thank you for your texture.

Pen and pencil, of muse bring him to life what you right is his view.

Logic of word.
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