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Steve Page Mar 17
The paper weight will hold
my ink down
in a way my fluidity never could.

No matter how violent
my metaphor, how heady
my imagery, how blistering
my narrative - it will hold
the reader's attention,
ensuring my thoughts reach
each reader's own resolution
a little before the weight shifts
and the burden of their eyes falls
heavy on the turn
of the page

and then their eyes will lift,
burdened with new meaning.
I started with the concept of a paper weight, and went from there.
Zeth Feb 7
Misty mem’ries down murky highways
Of sinking ships down dark alley drains
There dreams there too have sadly sunken
With hopes of life obscurely ashen.

May these paper boats find their way out
To flow back in endless paradise
Then I’ll surely know without a doubt
I’ve set my heart there again to rise.

Though we may cross a different path
Or flow on different waterways
Please know we’ll meet there a moment too
When rivers meet at the vast blue space.
To those who have once lost themselves and their dreams
Aindri Jan 25
I'm just a paper flower.
Made for its beauty,
And torn,
For its fragility.

Only some more time now...
Have been reading this book, and getting this feeling from the character.
Hope you like it :)
and we see a paper ****
and words are decorations on her body
and poems are pretty clothes for her
and this feeling is for you
and we see a paper ****
and a pen lying on the table
and you're the one
who's been silent
waiting for love to air
and the poet reads it
Indonesia, 6th January 2022
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
I fold myself
Into beautiful shapes
And when I can't
Seem to unfurl
I tear myself apart

Sometimes it's just easier
To pick up a new piece of paper
White as freshly fallen snow
Something else to bend

They cut down the trees and then urge the young to plant them again, about how life goes, as if age is just a number, and we no longer believe in power.

They cut down the trees, clear land,
make production, then shop spree for a vision and mission because life only once and needs to be enjoyed, wrapped in a paper bag and then thrown away and become a homeless person's sleeping mat in front of the overhang of shops.
Indonesia, 19th October 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Anais Vionet Oct 2021
We have to write a lot of essays
and I love it - the twisting of words,
the molding of nouns and verbs until
thoughts are clear and paragraphs
sit symmetrical and idealized.

I’ll write a paper, and scowling,
write another version and another
- lavishing them with attention
until every word is perfect.

I miss handing in papers though
- paper is substantial, not virtual
and even if a paper wasn’t well received
at least you took a tree down with you.
“You have to hand in an essay each weak, 2000 words” the professors say.
The class groans, but I smile.
aspen wilde Oct 2021
would i even recognise myself
without all these accessories,
layers upon layers of mere tissue paper
that crumples under the softest touch
am i a bad person for dressing up, and wearing rings, and caring what others think of me
is the real reason i do it all just for attention
am i an attention seeker??
things are so hard to do
because we never try to start.
are always important
for finding patterns.
Like writing poetry.
I have sat alone
in front of  the paper
on the table
many times
with a pen.
I thought about
what I really needed to do first;
beautiful words with parables.
I've been sitting for hours,
walking here and there,
then sit back down again
to finish composing a poem.
But I've never finished it
until now.
Indonesia, 5th September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Cathy Devan Jul 2021
She wishes she was a cave,
So she could echo back,
Her poetry,
On paper,
Or maybe leprechaun,
Could summon her writer spirit,
And she would bleed,
On paper,
Like before,
When she felt weightless,
Like paper,
And free like the wind.
©Cathy Devan
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