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Man Jul 2023
You can describe
The awe inducing beauty
Of a sun kissed morn
Or of the towering, starry night sky
And never realize it's value
Erian Rose Sep 2020
A brink of clouded moonlight
amongst oranges and blood-kissed red tucked away between headstones
with stories longing to tell
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Sweet Centerless Sixteen
by Michael R. Burch

Inconsolable as “love” had left your heart,
you woke this morning eager to pursue
warm lips again, or something “really cool”
on which to press your lips and leave their mark.

As breath upon a windowpane at dawn
soon glows, a spreading halo full of sun,
your thought of love blinks wildly—on and on ...
then fizzles at the center, and is gone.

Keywords/Tags: humor, light verse, sweet, sixteen, never, kissed, lips, lipstick, puppy, love, infatuation, flirt, flirting, short attention span
Poetic T Mar 2020
I want the kiss,

                      but the venom

you craved, dam I'm addictive...

And when we French kissed it wasn't

            the beauty you wanted..

But the thrill of the poison passing

thorough the movements of your exhilaration...

I died every time you kissed me..

but when your palms touched

                  upon my face...

I was revived...

Your my sarcophagus of resurrection..

And every time I open my eyes,

I say

               "I love you now more then my last breath,
angel dust Jan 2020
breathing is shallow
my lips found you in the dark
waiting to be kissed
You taste and smell exactly what 
I thought heaven 
would taste and smell like.

You kissed me
after you 
climaxed; sampling
your sweet wild honey
and agreed.

I went for seconds and thirds 
and developed an
insatiable sweet tooth.

I love giving you oral ***.
Ackerrman Oct 2019
Sun on Shoulders,
Tingling sensation smoulders,
Sinks into skin,
Golden glare- Serendipitous sin.
Rippling rays-
Meanders, and plays
On waves of melody-
Moves on water like electricity.
Switched on.
Winter is gone.
Raa has control
Straight thinking on school-
To teach the waves to lap
Lazily and playfully, map
The ebb and flow
Of breezes that blow
The ship to the middle,
Raise anchor and kindle
Magic, eternally
Float majestically

To sun kissed Golden shores.
Wrote this while sitting by the side of the pool in Ibiza- beautiful day in November
Kale Oct 2019
The sun kissed ocean
Among the precious
Who sing songs of
They have no worries
Just each other
annh Oct 2019
Robert told Olive
And Olive told Dee
That Emma likes Peter
But Peter likes me.

And Stephen saw Jamie
Tell Anna and George
That Vicky kissed Edward
And Clarence kissed Maude.

But Peter told Edward
And Edward told me
That Vicky saw Stephen
Tell Clarence and Dee

That Robert kissed Emma
So Anna told George
That Olive likes Jamie
But Jamie likes Maude
‘I never gossip. I observe. And then relay my observations to practically everyone.’
- Gail Carriger, Timeless
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