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annh Oct 12
Robert told Olive
And Olive told Dee
That Emma likes Peter
But Peter likes me.

And Stephen saw Jamie
Tell Anna and George
That Vicky kissed Edward
And Clarence kissed Maude.

But Peter told Edward
And Edward told me
That Vicky saw Stephen
Tell Clarence and Dee

That Robert kissed Emma
So Anna told George
That Olive likes Jamie
But Jamie likes Maude
Just nonsense!
‘I never gossip. I observe. And then relay my observations to practically everyone.’
- Gail Carriger, Timeless
Seanathon Sep 24
The rain unsettling shakes more than me
It shakes the summer out of the pensive trees
The quiet out of the evening still
The confidence out of the newfound skill
And more so than the colored leaves
Which newly rest on dampened ground
As the sorting of the rain gives way
Resulting in a plethora of familiar sounds
All merging beneath and moving fast
Like a symphony of cicadas in the summers past
Known only to one in time as the same  
As the parting whisper of trees in the rain
Written on a whim tonight, when I first heard the rain greet the evening trees and their fading leaves. True story, the idea behind this is that the trees part ways with their leaves, just as we human beings will one day have to part ways with our children. Slowly, steadily and with a whisper.

making love with no love
(kissed her with his freedom)


a new person in an overnight stay in a strange,
aptly named,
bed and breakfast


you do all the same things that just feel good, careless loving
that comes from practiced renewable remembering,
kiss her neck for hours, drink in her crescendoing cooing

rename her Appalachia, bemused, wondering why,
she gasp-asks, when your tongue traces her odyssey body
from her Georgia to her Maine, then no need to explain

it all feels familiarly strange, imbalanced, shaky, loving the thrill
of your first solo bike ride, an invisible hand letting go,
the wow of walking the line of new freedom and
old responsibility that you have walked on both coasts

carry on, love is coming to us all lyric, enacted-recalled,
loving yet another
long cool woman in a black dress with unquestioning

how to explain to her, how to yourself, loving with no loving,
and the best you can stammer is it is like writing a poem
with too many commas or none at all

she laughs you up with one mouth lingering,
then one amazing kiss on your heart
and nose,
grabs a piece of toast and gone girl,
then you are returned to alone, to the dreams that
may or may not have occurred and two hands overflowing with
too many commas
and none to keep

11-18–17 2:54am, somewhere
“kissed her with his freedom”
Cactus Tree by J. Mitchell
11/18/17 2:54am
lila Feb 21
mon ange,
what a lovely collection of paradoxes
darling, you’re absolutely celestial

kisses imitate the taste of fresh vanilla
and those eyes
twinkling divinely
as deep as the galaxies
in which they reside

your voice is heavenly
like waves crashing on moonlit shores
and that laugh
i swear it sounds just like
a light bell chiming
music to my ears

your graces blinding rays
shine their golden light
upon sun kissed cheeks

mon ange,
you are a symphony to my senses
Johnny walker Feb 20
Lost In sweet thoughts of Helen today swept away
to beautiful summer days
blown away on a breeze
of beautiful
To walk again those fields lanes that I also walked as a child but now a pretty wife by my side those eyes  I've never got over her eyes of blue a love so
Oh so proud I was to be walking with a pretty lady at my side that of my wife
on fantastic days of summer to be kissing and cuddling under the warming eye of the bright yellow sun silently watching my lover
and I
It's so generous warmth kissing our bodies with a beautiful glow oh those days of summer thought never to end but sadly end they did, but shall never forget those beautiful days and to the very first summer we both became
Sweet thought today of Helen and the summer we became lovers days thought never to end
cryingforhelp Feb 16
You kissed me so tenderly
You held my face
Your lips so soft
Your saliva leaving a trace

On my lips that trembled
As a result of emotion
My heart beat fast
My hands began to sweat

When I opened my eyes
Yours were not closed
You kissed me so tenderly
In such a pose
Nathalie Dec 2018
When you are kissed by love

In its sacred form

You can no longer shroud, behind

Any other kind of devotion

You are instantaneously transformed

By the pure sparkle of it

When love draws you out

Its creativity knows no bounds

Your imagination awakens

To the reality that lives

Inside the temple

Of flesh in which you reside

When attraction sees its

Mirror image in another

Where two souls remember

Their shine and purpose

True beauty emerges

And grace is born

When both hearts are open

The energy flows

In peace and harmony

Marvels are everywhere

Clarity becomes crystal clear

And intuition becomes one’s guru

When this new awareness

Is sealed in gratitude

A narration through

The nature of spirit

Unfolds, and through

This seedling, the blossoming occurs.

Era Dec 2018
You've been on my mind,
Since a very long time.
You've got no clue,
How much I'd loved you.

But then, last night
When I saw you;
I saw you with
Someone new.

You were with her,
Almost all the time.
Oh, I thought
I would lose my mind.

I saw her leanin' on you;
As if you were  h e r  boo.

And slowly as you kissed her,
I unlearned your name;
And now it's all a blur.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
First time I met her to the first time I held her hand the first time I kissed her was the time I
knew that I loved her, just wanted to marry her wanted to make love to her wanted her to have my baby, just proud of being her husband to be man and wife for the rest of our lives
The time ever I saw her It was then I knew that I loved her
She looked at me with a whisper, a whisper of impossible tonics kissed by error and wrapped in something her very own: a cobblestone alleyway with gas lamps.

She whispered through centuries and languages, from unintelligible crude rocks to dashes and swoops of a corset. Through blue eyes and clouds, through dizzy spells of humanity’s uproar and endorphins fueled by alcohol.

She whispered and yelled and then she screamed, with the power of an open heartbroken and men fallen, up through the air and down through roots long faltered.

She screamed and screamed and nothing came out like it did from her whisper. She fell quiet. For she was nothing without the lilt of a tongue when greeting the one vitality she couldn’t make tangible.
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